My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn't matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried


  1. Bobby C

    Bobby C6 kun oldin

    Hollywood spends millions of dollars on props that get destroyed all the time. How is this any different?

  2. Not Josh

    Not Josh4 soat oldin

    @Greenspark lol its a kid destroying his truck he paid for? just because your broke ass cant afford toilet paper doesnt mean you should get butt hurt over this too lmao

  3. Steve Malinoff

    Steve Malinoff6 soat oldin

    Does everyone forget its his truck he can do whatever he wants to it!! If you dont like it dont watch!!

  4. Pedro Garcia

    Pedro Garcia21 soat oldin

    And I can tell you are not a true car guy

  5. HillBilly

    HillBillyKun oldin

    @Trisha Fricke if you can't afford a car, you can't afford the repair bill on a fully custom SEMA show truck... Donating this truck to a family in need would be insanely stupid. Like that home make over show that ruined families lives

  6. YourFace

    YourFaceKun oldin

    @Cody Mason I can burn 100 dollar Bills in front of the starving and homeless too. But it's my money this right?

  7. Youri Lubbinge

    Youri Lubbinge2 soat oldin


  8. ludwing Cancino

    ludwing Cancino3 soat oldin

    Intermittent Explosive Disorder Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) falls in the category of impulse-control disorders. The condition is characterized by a failure to resist aggressive impulses, resulting in serious assaults, property destruction, or frequent verbal aggression in the form of temper tantrums or tirades. Examples of this behavior include threatening to or actually hurting another person and purposefully breaking or damaging an object of value.

  9. Chris W.

    Chris W.3 soat oldin

    This is so gay.

  10. Reymond Carrillo

    Reymond Carrillo3 soat oldin

    Stupid ass video.

  11. Chris W.

    Chris W.3 soat oldin

    That's a stupid fucking truck anyway, looks so gay with all those mods.

  12. ludwing Cancino

    ludwing Cancino3 soat oldin

    I bet thier house is full of broken apliances

  13. Jason Rosas

    Jason Rosas3 soat oldin

    Theres no point in destroying this thing by hand, HAVE A DEMO DERBY WITH FRANK

  14. ellwoodblooz

    ellwoodblooz3 soat oldin

    I knew your Missis would be a corker. Love your work. Xx Ellwood

  15. Big B's Channel

    Big B's Channel4 soat oldin


  16. Zeke Balm

    Zeke Balm4 soat oldin

    All these people going crazy in the comments y’all still watching the video this shit is gold I love it. I don’t know why I do but it’s great keep pushing that content🤯😎😎😎

  17. Dylan Foster

    Dylan Foster5 soat oldin

    Nooo not the wheels😹

  18. fabbeboii

    fabbeboii5 soat oldin

    I wonder how you can afford so many trucks, 100,000$ is more than alot of people make in 2 years in sweden, either you’re insanely in debt or you make a hell of alot of money😂 I just wish I had enough money to live a life where I dont have to care😅

  19. baniguy

    baniguy5 soat oldin

    Weird ford commercial

  20. Jayden Olivia

    Jayden Olivia5 soat oldin

    Hey man I’m from uk I love these videos they make me laugh I just feel these rages u get every time I go to repair somthing on a car that doesn’t go smoothly 😂.... Let the haters hate as they prob bringing u guys the most views Earning u guys more ££ from there hate 😂

  21. Tina Ramirez

    Tina Ramirez5 soat oldin

    next time you decide to just destroy a $120K truck, donate it to me instead. HAHAHA Ty

  22. Missouri Redneck

    Missouri Redneck6 soat oldin

    I still want that truck

  23. dave keenan

    dave keenan6 soat oldin

    This is very hard to watch...….

  24. abel carreon

    abel carreon6 soat oldin

    What's the purpose of this video?

  25. Tamás Hajós

    Tamás Hajós6 soat oldin


  26. svein arne pladsen

    svein arne pladsen7 soat oldin

    I will never understand this kind of people

  27. benjamin cenan

    benjamin cenan8 soat oldin

    Your so dumb

  28. Lost Marbles Adv

    Lost Marbles Adv9 soat oldin

    This guy is just a rich pretentious asshole. Why do you think these trucks are going to be in the junkyard soon? I see thousands of older built trucks still on the road with very high miles. Sometimes they hold a sentimental value. Or people know they could never afford one again. So they keep it as long as possible.

  29. skytreads

    skytreads10 soat oldin

    What's the idea? ???

  30. Michael Wise

    Michael Wise10 soat oldin

    You're too much. I'd love to make the the trip from Pa to do some sketchy stuff with ya. P.S.- speed and explosives are best.

  31. Fabian Mayo

    Fabian Mayo10 soat oldin

    Stupid for wasting a good truck thinking it’s funny people got nothing better to do with life..

  32. Peyton Smith

    Peyton Smith11 soat oldin


  33. jc s

    jc s12 soat oldin

    This is funny s#*t. He sees it how vehicles really are. Junk and that's it. Will end up in junk yard 20 plus years from now either way. Thanks for the entertainment

  34. Shane Harris

    Shane Harris13 soat oldin

    That takes there piss

  35. Isaac White

    Isaac White13 soat oldin

    I am speechless


    ROTZ LÖFFEL13 soat oldin

    You need to put some mud bog tires on next time. Do jumps and test that suspension

  37. Eddi Nice

    Eddi Nice14 soat oldin

    What model and year is this? Thanks in advance.

  38. Leonid Beryozkin

    Leonid Beryozkin15 soat oldin

    what's the point of this video

  39. ЧунгаЧанга

    ЧунгаЧанга16 soat oldin

    Он даун?

  40. Apple Bag

    Apple Bag17 soat oldin

    this is the most idiotic shit i've ever watched

  41. Premium fuel only

    Premium fuel only19 soat oldin

    With all of this Corona going around, I think that truck needs disinfecting with some gasoline and a match.

  42. X X

    X X19 soat oldin

    word, about time wifey gets in on the action

  43. Kavaль OFF

    Kavaль OFF19 soat oldin

    Cool Girl !!!...

  44. The Reckless Boy T.R.B

    The Reckless Boy T.R.B20 soat oldin

    Hell yes

  45. אתה ברטון

    אתה ברטון20 soat oldin

    These videos are dumb AF...

  46. Venom The Best

    Venom The Best20 soat oldin

    Debile takie auto

  47. Luis Coba

    Luis Coba20 soat oldin

    Nice way to destroy a beautiful truck

  48. Thomas Hamlin

    Thomas Hamlin21 soat oldin

    To the kid whistling diesel. Man I'm 35 single dad. U are a dumbass. A dumbass for letting aome strangers opinion matter enough for u to tear up these awesome trucks. I've dreamt my whole life to have the money to buy a ford f350 à King Ranch and u destroy em. Hell next truck u destroy send to my house. I'd take this ford even after u beat it to hell, cause it's better than what I drive now. Thanks foe helping me out if u do bring it to me

  49. Omar Martinez

    Omar Martinez21 soat oldin


  50. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan Campbell21 soat oldin

    stop destroying it NOW you do even know how much money it is dummy

  51. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan Campbell21 soat oldin

    why is she driving the truck is all ready broken no no no thats my favorite truck on this channel and you had to kill it

  52. Sergio I. Outdoor fun

    Sergio I. Outdoor fun22 soat oldin

    Limited just like how much me and my friends and family like his stupid vids

  53. Sergio I. Outdoor fun

    Sergio I. Outdoor fun22 soat oldin

    You dumb money waster. You break so many trucks and if you reply to me that you bet I can't make a better video, I can because I don't waste good trucks and instead, I teach chicken stuff and explore for videos, not waste trucks and money you could have used on poor people.

  54. mohammed alarryan

    mohammed alarryan23 soat oldin

    Yo give me the truck

  55. Robert Day

    Robert Day23 soat oldin

    Don’t no who’s the biggest piece of shit you are the truck

  56. pootytang203

    pootytang203Kun oldin

    Your both are idiots you deserve each other and both get the deucebag of the year award 🥇 must be nice to be dumb and have a shit load of money and do dumb shit congratulations such an accomplishment 👍🏽👍🏽

  57. Raul Contreras

    Raul ContrerasKun oldin

    You, your wife and everyone around you are idiots

  58. Conner Bural

    Conner BuralKun oldin

    I watched this I said damn I thought my truck was beat up it has dents I the front by the radiator

  59. French Onion

    French OnionKun oldin

    Just crash it into a wall pussy.

  60. Sascha Schmidt

    Sascha SchmidtKun oldin


  61. Tim Mcdowell

    Tim McdowellKun oldin

    Wow if this ain't the dumbest shit ever, shit I wish I could afford a 100,000 truck n this fool beating up one, what's the point of this? I guess it's cuz he can just go get another one, I'm sure this pisses off alot of people, done with this channel, I see enuff dumb shit around here I don't need to watch him do it.

  62. Doug Cote

    Doug CoteKun oldin

    This video fuckin makes me wanna cry.. But at the same time, where the hell else you gonna see sweet trucks get all fucked up?!. Haha. Only whistling diesel!!

  63. HunterAmanda Majerus

    HunterAmanda MajerusKun oldin

    I think he really loves this truck

  64. Johnny Kovich

    Johnny KovichKun oldin

    Kinda like u, flexin to destroy a nice truck, ur so badass u destroy stuff people want, nobody cares...

  65. Torry Pope

    Torry PopeKun oldin

    Fucktards like you dont deserve to have a truck.You're dumber than your hammer.

  66. Neal Head

    Neal HeadKun oldin

    Whislin dick head bye bye

  67. Neal Head

    Neal HeadKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> will UNSUB...... "ooooh look at me and my $$" fuck off

  68. James Andersen

    James AndersenKun oldin


  69. Bradford Sinclair

    Bradford SinclairKun oldin

    Just sent that fire thing on fire

  70. Nick Martin

    Nick MartinKun oldin

    II see you beat it up your truck with hammers and axes and all that shit all the time I know you live on a farm well get the guns out and start shooting they fucken trucks let's see what a 30-30 wood do if it go through both their doors through that aluminum bed Go get some like 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge shotgun shells and see how big a holes you can put in that aluminum

  71. Explosion 445

    Explosion 445Kun oldin

    Should take off all of the outer skins for a new creation. #powerstrokegokart

  72. Joe M

    Joe MKun oldin

    So what was the purpose in destroying the truck? Just to make a video?

  73. Dr. Who-haa

    Dr. Who-haaKun oldin

    You are bad peoples. Truck abuse 911.

  74. Jarel Medina

    Jarel MedinaKun oldin

    Why do u do this

  75. W D

    W DKun oldin

    It’s his money y’all need to shut the hell up

  76. congaronbo

    congaronboKun oldin


  77. Josh Beatty

    Josh BeattyKun oldin

    I fuckin love this guy.

  78. Paul Smith

    Paul SmithKun oldin

    What are use doing to that poor truck I don't understand

  79. Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro MartinezKun oldin

    Not cool dumbass kids with money can't believe y'all did that to that beautiful truck go to show y'all did not appreciate the hard work that was put into that beautiful truck

  80. Mason Hughes

    Mason HughesKun oldin

    This hurt my soul

  81. Didier Meert

    Didier MeertKun oldin


  82. Angel Martinez

    Angel MartinezKun oldin

    No mames ya quisiera yo una camioneta de esas si supieran como cuido la carcacha de mi gefe como so fuera una de 100000

  83. Zac Moore

    Zac MooreKun oldin

    Did anyone else laugh hella hard when he said “one grit sand paper” 😂

  84. Whitey Powers

    Whitey PowersKun oldin

    They actually make zero sandpaper. One time on a job site I found some laying on the ground. I am not sure what it was used for but it was basically small rocks bonded to paper.

  85. Nick Martin

    Nick MartinKun oldin

    Lol yep

  86. bilalk07

    bilalk07Kun oldin

    Are you dumb

  87. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet SinghKun oldin