My First Date

HI love you so much I hope you are having an amazing day and I hope you enjoy my first ever date haha. Also a huge thank you to Sean for being willing to do this and being a fun first date.
SEAN: seaneil107
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Filmed by Jake Coffey: jakealdacof...
SAGAN: saggyevans
ANDREW: andrewsiwicki
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  1. Morgan Adams

    Morgan Adams20 kun oldin

    Hi just to clarify my friend was there because in the last video I invited her because Sean is her high school friend so I thought it would be less awkward for him if someone he knew was there so he wasn’t just randomly showing up to a house with a bunch of strangers. She’s not flirting with him they have just been friends forever. Okay I hope you enjoy the most awkward video ever. ❤️

  2. ꪖꪻꫝꫀꪀꪖ ƙιꪑ

    ꪖꪻꫝꫀꪀꪖ ƙιꪑ2 kun oldin

    you are awesome! love youu

  3. i purple you

    i purple you2 kun oldin

    I don't know you that well but I just watched Spill's vid and just wanted to say that you are so pretty. 💜💜💜 and I think I relate to you with this whole overthinking. Embrace your awkwardness. If you do you will come across as cute awkward and not bad awkward.

  4. Lisa Cruz

    Lisa Cruz3 kun oldin

    Could people just be kind and don't say others are dum or something else they just had a feeling and Morgan just wanted to make it clear be kind to another

  5. Waterbottleflip Dodah

    Waterbottleflip Dodah4 kun oldin

    Hey Merg.

  6. Riley Montana

    Riley Montana4 kun oldin

    I hope that it worked out between you two. He really seems so down to earth and not at all like most men. Idk him obviously but the way he answered questions with all the lights camera and awkwardness you could tell he was coming from heart. Not many people have these days and you have it beautiful kind Morgan 💕

  7. xoxoKENZIExoxo

    xoxoKENZIExoxo17 daqiqa oldin

    i say that then jeffree talks about disco balls and balls

  8. xoxoKENZIExoxo

    xoxoKENZIExoxo21 daqiqa oldin

    go on another date

  9. Kathleen Munroe

    Kathleen MunroeSoat oldin

    this guy is so awkward omgg i can't stop laughing

  10. Aniu_Snow

    Aniu_SnowSoat oldin

    Oh my Gosh...was the camera man attacked by the moth!?!? 🤣

  11. Fatima Traore

    Fatima TraoreSoat oldin


  12. Neira Udovicic

    Neira UdovicicSoat oldin

    Well, it is always us Aries that get dragged 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  13. Rebecca Anne

    Rebecca Anne2 soat oldin

    So I have a legitimate question. Morgan, this is No SHADE on you AT ALL. I was just thinking, since some UZgors put Gofundme, Patreon, Fansonly or Onlyfans whatever, and now Amazon Wishlists up in their video descriptions, mentioning it in videos. What do you all think about us viewers putting our wishlists in the comments both on UZgo and IG? Everyone struggles in one way or another and we all have our hardships but we all faithfully watch channels' videos and that in turn pays them for entertaining us. Their outreach to a fan base with wishlists and pay only sites is actually asking us for more. In this season of giving, what if we used his platform in the comments to treat each other to something off of our Amazon wishlists,or the youtuber getting random followers one item off of their fans' lists? ng a flood of vlog or livestream video comment response with OUR Amazon Wishlist for the holidays?? Do you all think they will give, actually give back a little to their subs? Not in a giveaway or contest or challenge, actually picking out one gift for a random fan everyday from now until Christmas. What do you think? All we would have to do is leave our Amazon Wish List name here in the comments or on their IG accounts. What do you think? I think I am going to post this on every channel I watch faithfully everyday and see the responses I get. Even if it just turns out to be a test in humanity experiment.

  14. C. F.

    C. F.2 soat oldin

    13:04 "he's, hes still alive...he's just shook.." Me after a breakdown tbh

  15. Sleep Deprived Ronnnie

    Sleep Deprived Ronnnie11 soat oldin

    when i heard he was a libra my jaw dropped-

  16. Erika Jenkins

    Erika Jenkins13 soat oldin

    maybe im judgey but he seems douchey lol

  17. Arely Diaz

    Arely Diaz15 soat oldin

    I completely love there vibes when they’re all together ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Princess Kaia

    Princess Kaia16 soat oldin

    imagine going on a first date and you accidentally break a glass and out of fucking nowhere jeffree star comes and cleans up after u and then says "ill be back" while walking out of the room and flipping his ultra queer unicorn hair

  19. Angelica Rose

    Angelica Rose16 soat oldin

    the 2 most awkward people on earth this was incredible

  20. willy Wonka

    willy Wonka16 soat oldin

    I thought this was going to be a bad video because like i never seen people do this but I really liked it and when Jeffery came out and was showing his nails and said " what do you find more attractive short or long ooo wait are mine to game of thrones " I literally start dying because I started coughing when he started that

  21. What Evers on my mind🤪

    What Evers on my mind🤪17 soat oldin

    Straight version of garret 😂🤣🤣

  22. Lillian Ferguson

    Lillian Ferguson19 soat oldin

    Tbh i recently gained about 40 lbs recently also. I think you are gorgeous ASF!!! You are so beautiful.

  23. Talula Schulte

    Talula Schulte19 soat oldin

    Why does this remind me of a low budget Bachelorette one on one date ? 😂

  24. Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown19 soat oldin

    UPLOAD A New video new video need a new one lol

  25. mia magner

    mia magner19 soat oldin

    morgan your fucking stunning !!

  26. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach20 soat oldin

    *she should go on a realll date, no cameras, i think everything would be way less strange* ❤️

  27. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach20 soat oldin

    *i love how jeffree comes outta nowhere* 💀

  28. tiggz R

    tiggz R23 soat oldin

    Hes sketchy AF lol hes definitely not 23. Dont go for it morgan theres something odd about the guy

  29. Santa Maria Ornelas

    Santa Maria Ornelas23 soat oldin

    9:28 I’m an Aries ♈️ 🙃😂

  30. Skyler Dawn

    Skyler DawnKun oldin

    My cat and I went on a date. Next video 😂😂

  31. Alicia Kossler

    Alicia KosslerKun oldin

    I love how everyone’s just there and being there for Morgan I think it’s so sweet and it’s to funny how Jefferee was like I’m Morgan’s big sister

  32. Mia Wallace

    Mia WallaceKun oldin

    Wait... is she openly drinking and driving?

  33. Gabe Reptar

    Gabe ReptarKun oldin

    I would say it's more of a breakfast ensemble lol morgan

  34. Intro Master

    Intro MasterKun oldin

    "Disco balls" hahahaha

  35. Kasmin Guthrie

    Kasmin GuthrieKun oldin

    Oh my god morgan this is so meeeee!!!!!!!!

  36. Arlyn Aviles

    Arlyn AvilesKun oldin

    You're so pretty!

  37. Angelina

    AngelinaKun oldin

    Andrew's date didn't work out, Morgan's didn't work out.....hmm

  38. tianna

    tiannaKun oldin

    i ship bro

  39. kim vu

    kim vuKun oldin

    I know Morgan's personality. She needs someone who is more outgoing, funny, and a goofball. Doesn't seem like they had a real chemistry.

  40. Atomic Magician

    Atomic MagicianKun oldin

    I think he was a good sport considering everything, a lot of guys would have been too nervous to function on a first date having cameras on them and being served by your date's big brother. Looks like he's a big nerd to based on his instagram, which is a great thing. I'm not sure I saw any chemistry unfortunately, but I'd have a little trouble connecting myself in that situation!

  41. breeanna turner

    breeanna turnerKun oldin

    omg i love him

  42. Sarah Welles

    Sarah WellesKun oldin

    i think they were great together and should definately go on another date but alone 😂 they’re cute ☺️☺️

  43. Diana Prince

    Diana PrinceKun oldin

    Morgan how are you so pretty naturally?

  44. Tara L

    Tara LKun oldin

    he really came at aries like that.....still cute doe lololol

  45. nikki smith

    nikki smithKun oldin

    Please do a video of you turning yourself into drew barrymore!!!!!