MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR 2

Weirdest mukbang food that has gone too far part 2! Just another ASMR eating show with tons of weird food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Part 1 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolfOy oldin

    If we did a mukbang which food should we eat???

  2. Foundtale Adventures

    Foundtale Adventures9 kun oldin

    Giant E E L S (non electrical) ALIVE

  3. Ajwerka 192

    Ajwerka 19217 kun oldin


  4. Jazzy Flamingo

    Jazzy Flamingo17 kun oldin

    Omg hi sniper wolf I LOVE all your vids and tik toks I would LOVE it if you have me a shout out 😀😀😀

  5. Samantha Cash

    Samantha Cash18 kun oldin


  6. Liz Sudol

    Liz Sudol20 kun oldin

    It doesnt matter as long as theres sauce

  7. Christoff Novicio

    Christoff Novicio18 soat oldin

    No that is not a squid sausage its tablea or saltiest chocolates

  8. Chloe Shotwell

    Chloe Shotwell18 soat oldin

    4:27 she cries tears of hate😂😂😭

  9. Waffle Waffle

    Waffle Waffle20 soat oldin

    I ship you and Digital

  10. M Y U J I

    M Y U J IKun oldin

    It's not cookie dough it's pation fruit

  11. Shan Shan

    Shan ShanKun oldin

    Cyber war face and I football why neither wolf I stink drinking or eating I think drinking

  12. Emily R.G.

    Emily R.G.Kun oldin

    Did anyone see that squid plush blink in the back while the dude was eating the mini watermelon pickle

  13. Cara Nelson

    Cara NelsonKun oldin

    ~leaves the video~

  14. Mariel Spychala

    Mariel SpychalaKun oldin

    te swnkck

  15. Aliyah Cardona

    Aliyah CardonaKun oldin

    The "baby watermelon" is a mouse melon

  16. **Hell_ Bound**

    **Hell_ Bound**Kun oldin

    Ok so i am american and i eat ice.... yeah just straight up ice... oh and no brain freezes. It is so satisfying to see people eat like supe thin ice!

  17. x.x.x. yaya

    x.x.x. yaya2 kun oldin


  18. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    Scallop is like a clown it’s like the clams that you see on Arie’s Bra

  19. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    Be careful because sesame seeds can be traced to cocaine like if you take a drug test and you a lot of sesame seeds people might think that you’re doing cocaine

  20. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    I never ate a pinecone before but when I was a kid I used to like holding pinecones in my hand or like cracking them together to hear that awesome sound that I make it’s like a corn and pinecone ASMR so like if you put acorns and pinecones in like a bowl and just mix them around to hear the sound and it’s beautiful and I love it my hands will always get sticky because you know the pinecones would have sap on them

  21. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    That’s a great pun she’s brushing her teeth that was so good

  22. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 8572 kun oldin

    Duck clams look like what would happen if you feel the human dick with water and it blew up like a gigantic swollen sausage

  23. Mikaela Leonard

    Mikaela Leonard2 kun oldin

    SSSniperWolf did you not notice that the black thingy was winking behind the guy eating small watermelons

  24. Mikaela Leonard

    Mikaela Leonard2 kun oldin


  25. XxsweetpotatoxX Star

    XxsweetpotatoxX Star2 kun oldin

    You should eat some crunchy stuff I also subscribe to you I love you videos

  26. Octo XD Corales

    Octo XD Corales2 kun oldin

    I love how she said "bioluminescent". Nice

  27. XxXMidnightQueenXxX Gacha

    XxXMidnightQueenXxX Gacha2 kun oldin

    is it just me or did i see something wink in the backround at 8:33 ish

  28. lee griffin

    lee griffin2 kun oldin

    Like your videos. It helps that you are easy on the eyes also. ;)

  29. Ciungu Narcis

    Ciungu Narcis3 kun oldin


  30. •Gacha Life •

    •Gacha Life •3 kun oldin

    Ok this one I ligit watched the other one and it has the same video of the ice milk 🌽 🌽corn

  31. Mukbang Mermaid

    Mukbang Mermaid3 kun oldin

    🦑🦀🍕This mukbang has my Fins flippin & floppin🦀🦑🍕

  32. Sunnyside rblx YT

    Sunnyside rblx YT3 kun oldin

    It shocks me that people have the guts to eat raw fish so they literally *feel* the people biting them EVIL

  33. Dat random Hoe

    Dat random Hoe3 kun oldin

    They called enoki mushrooms I think

  34. Sunflower_ Rxblox

    Sunflower_ Rxblox3 kun oldin

    *The first girl with the clam* *in a soft voice* “Hey stop!” “Stop” *in a deep voice* “I SAID STOP”

  35. Carla Ramirez

    Carla Ramirez3 kun oldin

    i eat ice its hnestly very refreshing i dont get brain freeze

  36. Team Small Group

    Team Small Group3 kun oldin

    F you they are cocmelends

  37. Crystal Kamhuka

    Crystal Kamhuka3 kun oldin

    Why are you always making videos with Diginalnex

  38. Patrick Stoy

    Patrick Stoy4 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf: aRe tHoSe MiNi wAtErMeLoNs? Me: pretty sure that's a cucumber...

  39. BxbyGlxssy

    BxbyGlxssy4 kun oldin

    So no one not gon ask about the girl at 3:03 eating enoki (type of mushroom) in her ice??! Oh okay....

  40. Mapalo Makwebo

    Mapalo Makwebo4 kun oldin

    No the first one is a gooyduck get it right

  41. Neil Zaratan

    Neil Zaratan5 kun oldin

    Those are cuccamelon

  42. Princess Poppy

    Princess Poppy5 kun oldin

    ice and snow im ready to go!

  43. Helloworld 5995

    Helloworld 59955 kun oldin

    8:36 those are watermelon cucumbers.

  44. Ur Mum

    Ur Mum5 kun oldin

    The corn is a frozen candy corn

  45. Lupita Oros

    Lupita Oros5 kun oldin

    In one of the videos there is a black cat and one of the black cat’s aye was moving

  46. A Common player

    A Common player5 kun oldin

    The giant clam or snail as lia called it is mountain oysters and they are not actually oysters they are part of a bull

  47. Chicken Little

    Chicken Little5 kun oldin

    Me I can eat ice bc I’m dr phill

  48. vladimir ivanić

    vladimir ivanić5 kun oldin

    nice video, ps that are not sesamy seeds it's chia seeds

  49. Alice Higginson

    Alice Higginson5 kun oldin

    The melons are called cucamelons they taste like cucumber with a bit of lemon

  50. Briar Bounce

    Briar Bounce6 kun oldin

    I could eat one of em and not get a brain freeze IM thinkin about freezing strawberries in a cup with water in it to see if I get a brainfreeze

  51. D 2TheB503

    D 2TheB5036 kun oldin

    The "Baby watermelons" are called cucamelons. They are a little watermelon but they taste like cucumbers. My aunt has them growing on her farm

  52. Lacey Allen

    Lacey Allen6 kun oldin


  53. Lacey Allen

    Lacey Allen6 kun oldin


  54. Teri

    Teri6 kun oldin

    *watching this video with my bf * She says : wow she eating the blue balls *im dying of laughter while my bf is bright red*

  55. Huynh Đinh Thế Phan

    Huynh Đinh Thế Phan6 kun oldin

    0:43 is a geoduck

  56. Esther Bodine

    Esther Bodine6 kun oldin

    in the video 10:47 look at the back around something is wiking

  57. Maja Antoniak

    Maja Antoniak6 kun oldin

    I get you Lia i love sesame seeds just as much😂😘❤

  58. Idjarmizuan Ibrahim

    Idjarmizuan Ibrahim6 kun oldin

    FUN FACT: all of those people Are catfirshers

  59. metro customer

    metro customer6 kun oldin

    Who else figure out the two eye could blink 8:50

  60. kimberly willis

    kimberly willis6 kun oldin

    She is doing both🤣😂🤣😂

  61. Marilyn Owens

    Marilyn Owens6 kun oldin

    Best friend ship (;

  62. burnt potato chip

    burnt potato chip6 kun oldin

    those mini watermelon things are called Cucamelons.

  63. Sup I am myself

    Sup I am myself6 kun oldin

    My friend can eat a lemon without making a face

  64. christian mesina

    christian mesina6 kun oldin

    It’s not Oreo I cream it’s dragon fruit ice cream I tried drgaon fruit and the seeds look like this

  65. Savannah and Birds And Adventurers!

    Savannah and Birds And Adventurers!6 kun oldin

    Ok is it just me or the woman's long faces reminds me of the....umm......The Flute Lady From IT?!😱

  66. -SunsetTeddyB-

    -SunsetTeddyB-6 kun oldin

    Mukbangers: *eats ice like chips* Also mukbangers: AHHH! MY CHIPS BE TOO COLD!!!