Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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    DEATH BATTLE!3 kun oldin

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

  2. BadWolf GotWeen

    BadWolf GotWeen2 soat oldin

    nobody wants to because the video was fail

  3. Chaos Mimikyu

    Chaos Mimikyu3 soat oldin

    Doomsday vs juggernaut

  4. Harrison Rahming

    Harrison Rahming6 soat oldin

    DEATH BATTLE! RINxYUKIO vs TANJIROxNEZUKO 4WAY BATTLE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME (but everyone knows who the winner would be 🗡🔥)

  5. Harrison Rahming

    Harrison Rahming6 soat oldin

    Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter) vs Izuku Midoriya/All Might (My Hero Academia)

  6. Snehal Dongre

    Snehal Dongre21 daqiqa oldin

    Can you guys stop pixelating the fight? looks like hentai most of the time. Make it simple 2d flat animation!

  7. G B

    G B27 daqiqa oldin

    Absolutely not. That was garbage.

  8. richard johnson

    richard johnson30 daqiqa oldin

    Yoo gotta see blade vs vampire D. Two vamps with swords slashing it up!!!

  9. Dr. Luke

    Dr. LukeSoat oldin

    I literally watched all of mob psycho in preparation for this episode

  10. marlene Ganados

    marlene GanadosSoat oldin

    Mob looks saitama

  11. AshenOne

    AshenOneSoat oldin


  12. AshenOne

    AshenOneSoat oldin

    Man i forgot Mob is this powerful...

  13. Heavy Artillery

    Heavy ArtillerySoat oldin

    Isnt mob like the one punch man of psychic powers thought

  14. mob power Herlambang

    mob power Herlambang2 soat oldin

    This cant be mob can easly won why

  15. mob power Herlambang

    mob power Herlambang2 soat oldin

    Mob is hardly attack why so

  16. Akash Verma

    Akash Verma2 soat oldin

    Mind Blowing!!!.. I love it when I get the math :D Psyche!.. I always get it ;)

  17. iDontFwYou••• NevaCappin

    iDontFwYou••• NevaCappin2 soat oldin

    Tatusumaki vs Saiki or Mob vs Saiki. Saiki is very strong like mob and tatusumaki

  18. jico donut

    jico donut3 soat oldin

    Naraku vs zeref? Sesshomaru vs that guy on demon slayer?

  19. Kingdrago101

    Kingdrago1013 soat oldin

    Yay finally finished mob psycho can watch this now I love mob but baemaki I like her as well 😂

  20. Steven plays

    Steven plays3 soat oldin

    But he has had a lot of experience as well and you've not put that into mind

  21. Steven plays

    Steven plays3 soat oldin

    She got hit in the head multiple times her powers should have been weaker

  22. Steven plays

    Steven plays3 soat oldin

    This is not right at all

  23. Forget2BHuman fuckoff

    Forget2BHuman fuckoff3 soat oldin

    bruh all is takes is mob going 100% and he'd squish the loli. Dont even get started on mobs ???%.... she would be dust in a second

  24. Guage12187 x

    Guage12187 x4 soat oldin

    I was really wondering why Mob was in One Punch Man

  25. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou4 soat oldin

    If Mob was Accelerator, it'd be a VERY different and a VERY quick match

  26. Smoki 77

    Smoki 774 soat oldin

    Winter Solider Vs Red Hood

  27. itsduke

    itsduke5 soat oldin

    Channel 420

  28. samuel white

    samuel white5 soat oldin

    Those were shells not bullets. Once you enter a certain size ie 50 calibur you hit shells.

  29. Daniel Romero

    Daniel Romero6 soat oldin

    Madara(sage) vs Thanos

  30. ItzCoffeeKun

    ItzCoffeeKun6 soat oldin

    Ah hell yes, i loved watching The Mask as a kid, seeing him on death battle is gonna be super epic, especially against deadpool

  31. Christian Jon Lewis

    Christian Jon Lewis6 soat oldin

    Y’all please get this some likes I feel like it would be a perfect death battle katsuki bakugo My hero and Luck Voltia from Black clover!?

  32. Thomas Brannon

    Thomas Brannon6 soat oldin

    deathbattle has all the fights twisted i swear ob should had this lmao

  33. Garett Foley

    Garett Foley6 soat oldin

    Regular Mob's absorption powers aren't even comparable to what they are when he enters ???% mode. Mob when entering that mode was able to absorb the energy in the atmosphere, and lets not forget was capable of absorbing the entire world of mogami who was considered the strongest esper at one point. If mob was at ???% when absorbing the bosses power he'd easily do it, let alone a meteorite. Reg Mob vs. Tatsumaki, Tatsumaki wins, but ???% vs. Tatsumaki Mob wins low diff

  34. TheEXGamemaster

    TheEXGamemaster6 soat oldin

    I'm sorry what?

  35. Lichking Mike

    Lichking Mike6 soat oldin

    You messed up that chick can’t pull something from space too far away for her psychic powers all the canon feats showed the force she could lift not the distance from which she could pull things

  36. Jerryberry

    Jerryberry6 soat oldin

    Imma just rant on about how these people just are jackasses and make mob lose

  37. Black Stranger

    Black Stranger7 soat oldin

    Yo who all knows mob won

  38. Tesleem Adamu

    Tesleem Adamu7 soat oldin

    "Awesome power of suck" ⊙_⊙

  39. Dovon Scott

    Dovon Scott7 soat oldin

    He beat her they added balogna at the end for the feminist...

  40. Tesleem Adamu

    Tesleem Adamu7 soat oldin

    The hell? Even ONE himself said when does end know which of them is stronger. And more importantly, Mob should have been able to block that freaking meteor.

  41. Adjustmentz

    Adjustmentz7 soat oldin

    Clint Eastwood vs John Wayne some time?

  42. thatguywhoplayzgamez

    thatguywhoplayzgamez7 soat oldin

    Can't be the only one who wants to see wiz vs boomstick? 😅

  43. Government Official

    Government Official8 soat oldin

    Yes what a great Idea let's send our DNA and let them analize it and bring SOME of it back! Wonderful if only people knew hahahha

  44. Common Dirtbagz

    Common Dirtbagz8 soat oldin

    This is such a stupid battle. Mob would dominate.

  45. Thebes342

    Thebes3428 soat oldin

    Welp, guess the likable hero doesn't always win after all...

  46. omega one

    omega one8 soat oldin

    I recently became a fan of mob psycho 100 AND OH MY GOSH THOS IS WHAT I DESPERATELY WANTED WITHOUT KNOWING

  47. Rich Phigga

    Rich Phigga8 soat oldin

    BS Mob's power is limitless. Tatsumaki cant even attack while defending smh. Everyone knows if ONE would make Tatsumaki vs MOB, MOB will win everytime.

  48. Sherlan Davis

    Sherlan Davis8 soat oldin

    this made no sense she can't defend while attacking I'm confused lmao

  49. Ko Trainer

    Ko Trainer9 soat oldin

    I can't agree with these results based on Mob's abilities.

  50. Jacklyn Blackheart

    Jacklyn Blackheart9 soat oldin

    A good one should be dexter vs jimmy neutron

  51. D-DayGaming

    D-DayGaming9 soat oldin

    Please do All might VS Superman

  52. Cool Anime

    Cool Anime9 soat oldin

    I wanted mob to win

  53. Irvin Mendez

    Irvin Mendez9 soat oldin

    Do Ohma from Kengan Ashura vs Baki from Baki!!!

  54. Brandon Garrett gaming

    Brandon Garrett gaming9 soat oldin

    You guys should do tails vs Luigi for the 200th episode

  55. Wandering Swordsman

    Wandering Swordsman9 soat oldin

    Tatsumaki got a fat booty... I'd do her.

  56. Jack Mensah-Bonsu

    Jack Mensah-Bonsu9 soat oldin

    Score 1 for Saitama's girlfriend.

  57. Rojo Ohos

    Rojo Ohos9 soat oldin

    Killer croc (DC) vs lizard (marvel)

  58. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson9 soat oldin

    I didn’t care much about the match but holy hell. Mask vs Deadpool with be amazing

  59. Give me subs with no vids

    Give me subs with no vids9 soat oldin

    Choke me harder! What? What?

  60. Dylan Wolves

    Dylan Wolves9 soat oldin

    Wanna know who is stronger... saitama

  61. Rob Magana

    Rob Magana10 soat oldin

    That was bull but okay lol

  62. blastvortex

    blastvortex10 soat oldin

    Actually, City A was mostly destroyed while the Hero Association was in meeting, completely out of panel. Although we could presume that the batteries firing those did that, we don't know what attack(s) actually did the damage. Get your facts straight before you actually list them. Just saying....

  63. T. VoidedRevolver

    T. VoidedRevolver10 soat oldin

    Idk I think Mob would win that fight, I don't think they accurately portrayed his ??? form.

  64. blastvortex

    blastvortex10 soat oldin

    Wow. Only $99, now? Yeah, that *is* just a drop in the pond for everyone here, right?

  65. Idk what to say Doesn't

    Idk what to say Doesn't10 soat oldin

    Thank God she won