MEGA PORK RAMEN Challenge, Tokyo JP | メガ豚野郎ラメン

**Old footage (Feb 15th, 2019) filmed prior to the current global pandemic. Travel not advised right now, stay safe!**
1st of 2 challenges I took on my last trip to Japan!
The Mega Buta Ramen Challenge. Noodles, Pork, Egg, Nori, and Bean Sprouts all piled insanely high!
Been eyeing this challenge for a long time, ever since I saw Abroad In Japan's YT video years ago!
vv Abroad In Japan's Video vv
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie2 oy oldin

    Not currently in Japan! Just some old footage from my last trip to Japan back in 2019 #StayAtHome :)

  2. Orlando Ochoa

    Orlando Ochoa4 kun oldin

    😷 bruh

  3. サクサクパンダ

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  4. David London

    David London6 kun oldin

    Hi narouto

  5. Purge Scope

    Purge Scope13 kun oldin

    Hi matt😁

  6. Jorge Pokemon

    Jorge Pokemon21 kun oldin


  7. Non à la censure

    Non à la censure24 daqiqa oldin

    Man, your face don't look healthy..please take care of yourself

  8. John Hennessey

    John Hennessey10 soat oldin

    Coold Matt beat naruto in a ramen contest?

  9. sae

    sae20 soat oldin


  10. Xtreme 7

    Xtreme 7Kun oldin

    Matt stoni: walks in restaurant:stonks

  11. EIiteSavxge

    EIiteSavxgeKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="305">5:05</a> what did he just say

  12. SmietaN

    SmietaNKun oldin

    Tam już w tamtym roku maseczki nosili :D

  13. Cali Dahvid

    Cali Dahvid2 kun oldin

    Naruto punching the air rn

  14. Turtle Plays65

    Turtle Plays652 kun oldin

    Idk why i watched this now im in for some bomb ramen right now

  15. Zooz Alchichani

    Zooz Alchichani2 kun oldin

    اين قوم العررررب 🔥🔥🔥🔥 دخلت لانو اذكرت ناروتو 🍥 اينننن الاوتاكو 💃🏻🦋


    GAMERS GAME FREE FIRE2 kun oldin

    corona woyy

  17. 에스마엘 ismail

    에스마엘 ismail2 kun oldin

    الي عربي لايك💗👍

  18. Melahat Özer

    Melahat Özer2 kun oldin

    Adam sen yiyene kadar acıktı 😅😅

  19. 渡邉翔

    渡邉翔2 kun oldin


  20. Anime Srbin

    Anime Srbin2 kun oldin

    Naruto watching you....

  21. Nissan gtr

    Nissan gtr2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> Good job my friend

  22. Armando Ybarra

    Armando Ybarra2 kun oldin


  23. Princess Arellano

    Princess Arellano2 kun oldin

    Wait how come he speaks Japanese? Is he by any chance part Japanese?

  24. 薄葉大生

    薄葉大生3 kun oldin


  25. Jlex Josh

    Jlex Josh3 kun oldin

    You should go to Malaysia to try big nasi lemak or roti canai

  26. Hyper OB&Tiko

    Hyper OB&Tiko3 kun oldin

    I suck with chop sticks but dang t

  27. Luchador Hart

    Luchador Hart3 kun oldin

    Goku has some competition

  28. wildchef India

    wildchef India3 kun oldin

    Nice challenge

  29. Christopher L

    Christopher L3 kun oldin

    Ramen ramen ramen

  30. Waie Iskandar

    Waie Iskandar3 kun oldin

    i hate pork

  31. Eddy Sucipto

    Eddy Sucipto4 kun oldin


  32. Nisha Chathery

    Nisha Chathery4 kun oldin

    Adipol i😋😋

  33. Cheng Yong Cephas Lee

    Cheng Yong Cephas Lee4 kun oldin

    Matt walks into a restaurant Owner: omg no, gosh please no

  34. AdventureLight

    AdventureLight4 kun oldin

    How you get all the money from !!!

  35. Jonathan Lopez

    Jonathan Lopez4 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="253">4:13</a> go to 0.25 speed and look at his nose

  36. Orlando Ochoa

    Orlando Ochoa4 kun oldin

    😷 bruh

  37. Muhammad Syuhada

    Muhammad Syuhada4 kun oldin

    Corona 🤣🤣

  38. carl johnson

    carl johnson4 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> hahaha look at the back team panot lol Im a filipino

  39. Joshua Reed

    Joshua Reed4 kun oldin

    Try to eat something healthy

  40. Oguzhan Ized

    Oguzhan Ized4 kun oldin


  41. 果汁グミ100%

    果汁グミ100%5 kun oldin


  42. Harsh Seth

    Harsh Seth5 kun oldin

    Hey #mattstonie I challenge you to come India and finish World's biggest food thali who's made "aaoji khaoji" resturant in pune,India. Go & check out about my challenge...

  43. ランイCYBR

    ランイCYBR5 kun oldin

    Nothing beats ichiraku ramen 🍜 🍥

  44. Kevin Marques

    Kevin Marques5 kun oldin

    Já da pra competir com o Naruto

  45. Frost Luck

    Frost Luck5 kun oldin

    ok I’m sorry but if you zoom into his nose doe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a>

  46. t k

    t k5 kun oldin


  47. t k

    t k5 kun oldin

    野郎ラーメンか、マットも二郎系の洗礼を受けたんじゃないかな笑 しかし、こうしてマットの様な大物フードファイターが、日本でチャレンジしてくれるのは嬉しい事。

  48. ri ri

    ri ri6 kun oldin

    That "Team Panot" at the back. Only Filipino knows 😂

  49. JbVlogs

    JbVlogs13 soat oldin


  50. 》Kuga 《 》Yuma 《

    》Kuga 《 》Yuma 《7 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> :0 THAT RAMEN, MAKES MY NOSE CRY

  51. りあたそ

    りあたそ7 kun oldin

    らめん❌ ラーメン⭕

  52. games irw

    games irw7 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> watch the nose 🤮

  53. Aakash Patel

    Aakash Patel8 kun oldin

    Wasn't expecting Paul McCartney to be playing when these guys walked into the restaurant 😮😍

  54. Crazy Ninja

    Crazy Ninja8 kun oldin

    This video was made on my birthday cool


    ITSUKU CHAN8 kun oldin

    eat ramen so upset that you could beat naruto as well!

  56. Carlos Cervantes

    Carlos Cervantes8 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> look at big ass booger that came out lmao 🤣

  57. Kayne bentley Grimlakin

    Kayne bentley Grimlakin8 kun oldin

    Morgans so stoned always hahaha

  58. Krishna Kireeti Tata

    Krishna Kireeti Tata8 kun oldin

    I think I'd be faster than Morgan, especially when I'm hungry. I'm a 6 ft eating monster.

  59. Zack Aild

    Zack Aild8 kun oldin

    "Team Panot" that's Filipinos 100%

  60. Ya Yeeety

    Ya Yeeety8 kun oldin

    How does he manage to stay skinny

  61. Mr. God

    Mr. God5 kun oldin

    Ya Yeeety exercise

  62. Gabbywithdasauce

    Gabbywithdasauce9 kun oldin

    Morgan is a whole ass vibe.

  63. Ömer Çınar

    Ömer Çınar9 kun oldin

    C O R O N A

  64. Iren and Tina

    Iren and Tina10 kun oldin

    Akibaharaaaaa aaaaa

  65. Mlg Squeaker

    Mlg Squeaker10 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a> how'd the noodle taste coming out your nose

  66. Gamer boy

    Gamer boy10 kun oldin

    Please never add morgan in challenges

  67. Dev King

    Dev King10 kun oldin

    Wait, if this was filmed before coronavirus. Why is the waitress wearing a mask? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a>

  68. Tim Koller

    Tim Koller8 kun oldin

    People in Japan have been wearing mask since idk. It's common in Japan. I've been there in 2012 and I've seen many wearing them.

  69. ChrisChanVin Gaming

    ChrisChanVin Gaming10 kun oldin

    From panot ahahahahqh

  70. bitch i'm a no name

    bitch i'm a no name10 kun oldin

    The pork isn't pork it's dog

  71. 佐藤ベイ

    佐藤ベイ10 kun oldin


  72. Fauzan Fadhila

    Fauzan Fadhila11 kun oldin

    When you mau hemat kuota,<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a>

  73. Wallace W

    Wallace W11 kun oldin

    more like bean sprouts challenge

  74. King Kong

    King Kong11 kun oldin

    morgan, you need enunciate my guy

  75. Inerys Martimys

    Inerys Martimys11 kun oldin

    Is that "team panot" i see on the background? 😹

  76. James Mitchell

    James Mitchell11 kun oldin

    We shouldn’t eat pork it’s wrong in God’s eyes

  77. MPG

    MPG12 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> sorry but its so fun

  78. Yumi Andrian

    Yumi Andrian12 kun oldin

    What the fuck meeen🤣🤣🤣 coming from your nose matt🤣

  79. James Pryor

    James Pryor12 kun oldin

    Anyone see that snot and/or noodle come out his nose ??

  80. Justin Surratt

    Justin Surratt12 kun oldin

    whos watching this dering COVID 19


    MASTER SWORD12 kun oldin

    But the coronavirus

  82. Bmw 8 series

    Bmw 8 series12 kun oldin

    So exciteeeed

  83. Nomadic Diaries

    Nomadic Diaries13 kun oldin

    How much do you poop after eating soo much food bro? 😂😂Please shout out for me :p I also have a channel :p i love Ur video's bro

  84. 平松かのっぽ

    平松かのっぽ13 kun oldin


  85. Dhadha Gwapito

    Dhadha Gwapito14 kun oldin

    like kung nakita mo yung TEAM PANOT sa likod

  86. Oisín Goddard

    Oisín Goddard14 kun oldin

    Morgan said: Pie eating contest? Nah son, free pie

  87. Malcolm Washer

    Malcolm Washer14 kun oldin

    Morgan did ok consdering

  88. Malcolm Washer

    Malcolm Washer14 kun oldin

    Stonies finshed morgans bowl still full