Mark and Ethan Go Casket Shopping

In yet another step towards preparing for the inevitable end, Mark and Ethan go shopping to find the perfect casket.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
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  1. kyle young

    kyle young6 soat oldin

    When do we get to see ittttt

  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Ryan Hellyer6 soat oldin

    An almost 20 min advertisement for a casket company, lol.

  3. Jasmina Coggins

    Jasmina Coggins6 soat oldin

    But when are we going to see the finished casket

  4. imaginefun

    imaginefun6 soat oldin

    Her accent is music to my ears!

  5. Ice Cream †

    Ice Cream †6 soat oldin

    *_goes quiet, mark pointing the mic at her,_* Her: _"Can you stop it?"_

  6. 2002Gaming Xxx

    2002Gaming Xxx7 soat oldin

    does anyone else think she looks like the women from the incredibles movie this poor women

  7. Lps Angel_ Wolves

    Lps Angel_ Wolves7 soat oldin

    30,000$😑 -Mark

  8. wingodestiny _PJ

    wingodestiny _PJ8 soat oldin

    Just saying, the caskets look hella comfortable

  9. Just _ Cat

    Just _ Cat9 soat oldin

    I know where I'm getting my casket

  10. Nolan Hesse

    Nolan Hesse9 soat oldin

    She looks like she should be designing caskets for super heroes

  11. Tori

    Tori12 soat oldin

    This all beats my dad's plan to be put in a tree when he dies.... Cause that's what he wants....

  12. HalcyonSwift

    HalcyonSwift13 soat oldin

    8:56 Mark: its not something to focus on also Mark: creates entire channel focused on death

  13. Jaydon Demanuele

    Jaydon Demanuele13 soat oldin

    Edna... please tell me someone else heard Edna when she spoke... even kinda looks like her!!!

  14. Armin Walker

    Armin Walker13 soat oldin

    She looks like Edna Mode 😮

  15. Mysterious Hawk

    Mysterious Hawk16 soat oldin

    She is so french

  16. Pauline NS

    Pauline NS17 soat oldin

    She is so sweet, I love her and her accent. Bless her. 😊

  17. Anup M

    Anup M17 soat oldin

    Love how marks the idiot in this one.

  18. yucki

    yucki18 soat oldin

    Why did this woman hold onto Ethan's hand for so long?

  19. Panda lover

    Panda lover18 soat oldin

    How dare you do that lady like that xDD 4:22 18:54

  20. Nick Schroeder

    Nick Schroeder19 soat oldin

    Edna Mode

  21. Bananaman *

    Bananaman *20 soat oldin

    shiny woooooood

  22. Xithexis

    Xithexis20 soat oldin

    I need one of these for my failed test subjects.

  23. Edward Schmidt

    Edward Schmidt20 soat oldin

    The casket industry is a giant money grab the whole funeral industry is a sham.

  24. Izaak Wadle

    Izaak Wadle20 soat oldin

    Is making a Casket different for a movie than for a normal casket? *looks confused * No, if we make a casket we make a casket

  25. Alice Beineke

    Alice Beineke21 soat oldin

    Edna Mode?


    CHICKEN KURRY21 soat oldin

    So she went from designing super suits to selling caskets.

  27. Eric Laguna

    Eric Laguna22 soat oldin

    So wheres the casket?

  28. Lil_Potato

    Lil_Potato22 soat oldin

    this whole video is just "Mark and Ethan harass a lady as she tries to do her job" and im cackling

  29. BekaTayz

    BekaTayz23 soat oldin

    Isabelle: “why a house? the funeral home has to take care of the body” Mark and Ethan: *NERVOUS SWEATING*

  30. BekaTayz

    BekaTayz23 soat oldin

    Isabelle give me Marzia vibes

  31. BekaTayz

    BekaTayz23 soat oldin

    This chick is my spirit animal 😂

  32. rugcutter284

    rugcutter28423 soat oldin

    She looks like the woman from incredibles who sells all of their super suits Where’s My Super Suit!!!

  33. Ryan Pace Bowen

    Ryan Pace BowenKun oldin

    If Edna mode was real but SuperHeros weren’t:

  34. Neil Griffin

    Neil GriffinKun oldin

    wait theres a casket shop right behind a hospital, something doesn't fell right here.

  35. Saxon Byers

    Saxon ByersKun oldin

    Uh oh you made a serious fudgy-wudgy now it’s time to get in the forever box!

  36. Moone Base

    Moone BaseKun oldin

    Wow, this was actually kinda interesting

  37. RDJ'S Biggest fan

    RDJ'S Biggest fanKun oldin

    How about Tonys casket ⚰ in endgame

  38. DRpepsicoIa

    DRpepsicoIaKun oldin

    if it looks like anything it looks like a bunch of driftwood

  39. Golden Nuke

    Golden NukeKun oldin

    I am watching at 4%

  40. Kalevipoeg

    KalevipoegKun oldin

    I 100% get Ethan's velvet aversion. I can't stand it. Something about it - maybe that it feels too dry? I don't know. I just don't like touching it.

  41. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo RodriguezKun oldin

    For my funeral, I don't want anything special. I don't want a fancy casket or lavish burial. Just dig a hole, lay me in (in something somewhat nice at least), say a few words and a pray, then fill the hole. Maybe a cheap gravestone if they're generous. And if I *have* to be in a casket because laws, then get me the cheapest out there. Build one with parts from Home Depot if it's cheaper

  42. Totally Bethany

    Totally BethanyKun oldin

    Salad mohagoni

  43. Üres Üres

    Üres ÜresKun oldin

    OMG, this is absolutely how I imagined my casket.

  44. Gary Something Else

    Gary Something ElseKun oldin

    How could you lie to this old woman just tell her that you wanna see how their made

  45. Brogan Sharp

    Brogan SharpKun oldin

    Did anyone else see the random snap filter reflection in the first casket

  46. Maria Laros

    Maria LarosKun oldin

    I can’t believe Edna Mode sells caskets on the side

  47. David Soyele

    David SoyeleKun oldin

    13:55 I love how mark knew how fucked he was when he realized he had to tell her his idiotic tale.

  48. Marcus Washington

    Marcus WashingtonKun oldin

    I feel bad for this lady

  49. TheSilentMarauder

    TheSilentMarauderKun oldin

    Okay but the caskets are so gorgeous like I want my casket to be from this place

  50. Abigail Gonzalez

    Abigail GonzalezKun oldin

    That’s the thing with life no one makes it out alive

  51. Nohelia Espinoza

    Nohelia EspinozaKun oldin

    I wanna see the casket

  52. Alina Star

    Alina StarKun oldin

    Cemeteries are an inefficient use of land.

  53. CosmicBirb

    CosmicBirbKun oldin

    This man needs to give a TED talk

  54. Leigh Boyett

    Leigh BoyettKun oldin

    Wait, when can we see the damn thing?! Guys! Do we really have to wait a week to see it?

  55. Pvo Pop

    Pvo PopKun oldin

    She smiles like a crock everytime she gets free advertisement

  56. Alison L

    Alison LKun oldin

    Mark grabbed her hand so aggresively omg

  57. NeoStarKat z

    NeoStarKat zKun oldin

    this poor woman she doesnt understand what these two crazy men are all giddy looking at coffins

  58. Phos4us

    Phos4usKun oldin

    how old was he? 26. RIP guy who doesn't exist. We'll miss you.

  59. Jakeeynick

    JakeeynickKun oldin

    What Scp is like that glue machine tho

  60. /CM/ T1t4n

    /CM/ T1t4nKun oldin

    ''I don't want my casket to be too comfortable,I'd like to stay alert.''-Mark