Mako Mermaids was the weirdest show...

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H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...
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Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Even Stevens was weirder than I remember...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  1. Xanne Smit

    Xanne Smit3 soat oldin

    H2o whas like very cool and mako mermaids is bad 😂

  2. Maureen Aubree

    Maureen Aubree16 soat oldin

    all his thumbnails are the same

  3. Melisshous Exists

    Melisshous ExistsKun oldin

    I survived 5 years in aus

  4. Olivia Vitelli

    Olivia VitelliKun oldin

    This show is pretty good

  5. Lilly Plays

    Lilly Plays2 kun oldin

    Im Australian and i used to watch H20 and mako mermaids but love your channel soo much

  6. Maja maja

    Maja maja2 kun oldin

    Why Zac is black?

  7. Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan

    Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan3 kun oldin

    Just when I thought that shows made in Australia did *NOT* get any recognition in America, I'd like to see him do Home And Away next

  8. Horst von Hinten

    Horst von Hinten3 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">01:51</a> start

  9. kelly person

    kelly person3 kun oldin

    why do you hate everything

  10. Dazzling Dazzler

    Dazzling Dazzler3 kun oldin

    The song killed me

  11. DiamondS 7681

    DiamondS 76814 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="482">8:02</a> This is basically why people say “boys went to Jupiter to get more stupider while girls went to college to get more knowledge”.

  12. Semaj Playz

    Semaj Playz4 kun oldin

    UGH this was just a netflix copy of H20. H20 was actually kinda good. It was like an old early 2000s power rangers except without the explosions cringe

  13. Oz匚卄乇尺尺ㄚ

    Oz匚卄乇尺尺ㄚ4 kun oldin

    you forgot that evie was also a mermaid

  14. Abigail Lewis

    Abigail Lewis4 kun oldin

    Yes the show was weird, but it was most little girls childhood lol😂

  15. Morgane

    Morgane4 kun oldin

    Zach:*falls in the water* Shirt:*disintegrates*

  16. Olivia Crown

    Olivia Crown5 kun oldin

    There is an animated version of mako mermaids

  17. rosymiilk !

    rosymiilk !5 kun oldin

    well fuck.

  18. Sofia Prieto

    Sofia Prieto5 kun oldin

    He spent almost half of his video talking about audible like half of the people watching don’t care

  19. ella mccamley

    ella mccamley6 kun oldin

    so like waking up in Australia on a beach I typical how rude I live two hrs away from a beach

  20. Føxy Gløwwÿ

    Føxy Gløwwÿ6 kun oldin

    I watched this. It’s Worth it

  21. Elena

    Elena7 kun oldin

    I was 1years old when this came out

  22. Elena

    Elena7 kun oldin

    You are wrong mako mermaids is the best

  23. Alice Meliksetian

    Alice Meliksetian7 kun oldin

    any movie/show that involves mermaids make them look like desperate weird whores

  24. Rosexiia

    Rosexiia8 kun oldin

    The title is a lie in my opinion

  25. The American Panda!!!

    The American Panda!!!8 kun oldin

    You know (not complaining) when people sponsor Alex they are basically paying him to watch Netflix.

  26. Trang L

    Trang L9 kun oldin

    "h2o, mako mermaids, is it a great show, or is it the greatest show?" i'm so confused alex omg

  27. Trang L

    Trang L9 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="404">6:44</a> the animation for the fast mermaid swimming i'm crying omg

  28. Katie

    Katie9 kun oldin

    do alien surf girls/lightning point next

  29. Nour Ahmed

    Nour Ahmed9 kun oldin

    For the one of the moon pool that its a big deal in H2O As u see when zac turned into a merman and when evie turn into a mermaid the full moon took control over them just like h2o but over time they learned how to control it But the girls that were originally mermaid they were born to with the ability of controlling it bcz there litteraly there every full moon from when they were younger

  30. Whyyoutouchingmysausage

    Whyyoutouchingmysausage11 kun oldin

    "every guy can do this just not with a faucet" yOu kNoW wHaT i mEAn

  31. oliwier

    oliwier11 kun oldin


  32. Hannah's Creative Corner

    Hannah's Creative Corner11 kun oldin

    I use my mermaid tail in the bath lol I need a new one

  33. Izzy Is bored

    Izzy Is bored12 kun oldin

    H20 and mako mermaids are the best

  34. punsiella

    punsiella14 kun oldin

    h2o > mako mermaids

  35. gomikmay

    gomikmay14 kun oldin

    I liked both these shows (Mako & H2O).The production company also did Ocean Girl.Also a very good show.

  36. Sister Shook

    Sister Shook14 kun oldin


  37. McKenna Loften

    McKenna Loften14 kun oldin

    are we mammals?

  38. Melanie Fernandes

    Melanie Fernandes14 kun oldin

    😂😂😂This was really funny😂😂😂 " All the guys can do that, i mean without the faucet " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Kathy K

    Kathy K14 kun oldin

    I always thought the straps on the mermaid's tops was bacon

  40. mayaa

    mayaa15 kun oldin

    i was SHOOK when i found out zac was a real merman and he didn’t just become one from the moon pool

  41. Micheyna Jean baptiste

    Micheyna Jean baptiste15 kun oldin

    This show is so amazing

  42. Jesse Fulton

    Jesse Fulton15 kun oldin

    Now you’re all pregnant and Jesus is crying! 😆

  43. Jesse Fulton

    Jesse Fulton15 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> had me rolling and almost 🤮from laughing so hard!

  44. ebanker1

    ebanker116 kun oldin

    "He falls into the water and guess what happens?" His shirt magically gets off when he jumped in the water *cue cinema sins ding*

  45. TJ and Logan GANG

    TJ and Logan GANG16 kun oldin

    You should review siren it’s on free form

  46. Kaitlyn T

    Kaitlyn T16 kun oldin

    Ironic a guy who watches so much tv is sponsored by a reading company

  47. Ahmed Bisevac

    Ahmed Bisevac16 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> while filming the episode, did he have a b- nvm

  48. israa ahmed

    israa ahmed16 kun oldin

    H20 just add water was made before i was born it was made in 2006 not telling when i was born

  49. Heightzz

    Heightzz16 kun oldin

    Wait these actors are in the originals😂😂

  50. musical ho

    musical ho16 kun oldin

    I remember when I was 9 me and my cousin pretended we were these mermaids and I almost drowned

  51. Nicola Gill

    Nicola Gill17 kun oldin

    I'd love you to watch Roswell there was a reboot on the CW, but the original is all on prime. It's right up your street.

  52. Cha Lisa

    Cha Lisa17 kun oldin

    I think so.

  53. DogObsessed Gaming

    DogObsessed Gaming18 kun oldin

    I have one question..... HOW DO THEY WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER GOING TO THE BATHROOM!? (Probably tmi but whatever)

  54. Mikaila Jeans

    Mikaila Jeans18 kun oldin


  55. Isabella Buchheit

    Isabella Buchheit18 kun oldin

    Hey i was wondering if you might try a different show genre like historical dramas. A lot of them are wack an .ight help break the moninity of another teen romance. Shows like the crown, Victoria, Outlander, and washington spies are all kind of out of the box options which could bring some new blood to your channel. Lots of love

  56. xcloudlyy

    xcloudlyy18 kun oldin

    bro mako mermaids was my JAM

  57. cherrysoo

    cherrysoo18 kun oldin

    the fourth season was my favorite.

  58. Anime Nut

    Anime Nut18 kun oldin

    I read The Power of Habit which was pretty good. It basically explains how a habit works. But if you are interested in how to build them I would recommend Atomic Habits after reading The Power of Habit.

  59. Raging Monkey Critic

    Raging Monkey Critic18 kun oldin


  60. Yonas

    Yonas18 kun oldin

    Were these Mako Mermaids Hojo’s creation?

  61. Keep On Truckin

    Keep On Truckin18 kun oldin

    😭😂 where are the chicks

  62. Danielle Sutter

    Danielle Sutter18 kun oldin

    Okay lets get this straight! This IS A GOOD SHOW!! This is you if you say that!!!!!!

  63. vinteage \\

    vinteage \\18 kun oldin

    this is unrelatable, but I am currently watching The 100 and Ilian always looled SO FAMILIAR. Then I looked the actor up on google, and when I saw the title "Mako Mermaids" I let out the loudest gasp. ILIAN WAS A MERMANJEHDHEHDB

  64. Tyler Preston

    Tyler Preston18 kun oldin

    I have a few questions: 1.) If there aren't male mermaids, how do they reproduce? 2.) Does Atlantis exist? So do the Greek Gods? 3.) Why can't the mermaids just buy the island if they want to keep their secrets? 4.) How did mermaids survive so long in secret if they're that incompent? 5.) What's stopping mermaids from revealing themselves to humanity? 6.) Does this mean Lovecraft's stories are real? 7.) Are kelpies real? The Kraken? 8.) How do mermaids in other countries operate? 9.) What's the biology for mermaids when they transform their tails into human legs and vice-versia? 10.) What do mermaids eat? 11.) Do they have gills in order to breath underwater?

  65. Mischa Kirk

    Mischa Kirk19 kun oldin

    I love this show so much and I'm Australian and after I watched this I went and watched H2o and mako mermaids lol

  66. Life of Talise

    Life of Talise19 kun oldin

    I grew up with Mako Mermaids but I’ve watched and rewatched H2O just add water like 6 times

  67. Hybrid

    Hybrid19 kun oldin

    This is the one guy who watch girl teen shows. Very manly

  68. CrystalMoonStar

    CrystalMoonStar19 kun oldin

    May I suggest covering Disney Channel's The Thirteenth Year at some point? It's about a teenage boy who's experience of puberty is turning into a merman. It aired back in 1999.

  69. Meiyan Laforme

    Meiyan Laforme19 kun oldin

    Bro, mako mermaids slapped

  70. Belanca Rosier

    Belanca Rosier21 kun oldin

    I genuinely want to watch the whole thing just for the Rikki cameo

  71. Queen of All Random

    Queen of All Random22 kun oldin

    Am I the only one that thought about the fact that he obviously had to watch the show to know this stuff P.s. He is so good at animating🤯❤

  72. Louis Marinucci

    Louis Marinucci23 kun oldin

    Amy Ruffle who played Sirena from Mako Mermaids seen this video and was heard laughing to it on her Instagram.

  73. Leia Goudeau

    Leia Goudeau24 kun oldin

    Oh sweet Lord! Do u see the abs on this guy?! He can swim in my moon pool anytime. 😂😂😂

  74. paz puiggros

    paz puiggros24 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="389">6:29</a> sH0oKeTh

  75. Drawing Maniac

    Drawing Maniac25 kun oldin

    Ok so I’m gonna rant a lil bit about the season and how weird it is. So, spoilers for season 1 and 2 So season 1 was like, ok I guess? But the next season LYLA AND NIXIE JUST DISAPPEARED?! And Serena was joined by like these 2 other random mermaids and one of them has a merman love interest. And his name is Eric, and he’s like the Creepiest dude!? It’s like so weird. Oh also I guess the show got bored of the current zack kind of thing, and then Evie, (his girlfriend) turns into a mermaid for like, NO REASON?! And if I’m being honest Alex was right, the show makes no sense. Also have you seen those graphics?!

  76. Sashy Sushi

    Sashy Sushi26 kun oldin

    When I first watched this I thought it was a masterpiece

  77. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry26 kun oldin

    I loved H20, all three seasons, but I just could not get into Mako Mermaids. Maybe it was the age difference, since I was significantly older when Mako came out. I still go back to rewatch H20 every once in a while though.

  78. Anna Margaret Jordan

    Anna Margaret Jordan26 kun oldin

    who else thinks he should watch scales

  79. Oli Bear!

    Oli Bear!26 kun oldin

    you should do the movie scaled mermaids are real I saw danny Gonzalez do it it was hilarious

  80. Valkyrie Feirro

    Valkyrie Feirro26 kun oldin

    I like the way Cleo says Reefs like they’re going to kill you