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  1. Zeuz Corner

    Zeuz Corner10 soat oldin

    Emma looks like they are having an allergic reaction

  2. Abdulkadir Özgün

    Abdulkadir Özgün10 soat oldin

    I do this in minecraft

  3. Abdulkadir Özgün

    Abdulkadir Özgün10 soat oldin

    Why so complicated it's just a drink 😓 i was stressed when i was watching

  4. Ąňýą Ķîm

    Ąňýą Ķîm11 soat oldin

    Can you please make subtitles in Russian🙏🇷🇺

  5. l u v ._. m o o n a e s t h e t i c

    l u v ._. m o o n a e s t h e t i c11 soat oldin

    me being a dirty af minded 11 year old and trying my best not to think of a different kind of "nut milk"

  6. Elizabeth Trahan

    Elizabeth Trahan11 soat oldin

    “amond melk” hehe

  7. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish11 soat oldin

    Can we just talk about "me editing" is kinda back

  8. timmy t

    timmy t11 soat oldin

    this video would be so weird if out of context.

  9. Harry Tribe

    Harry Tribe13 soat oldin

    You’ve shown me the nut milch datway + ur fkn hilarious Emma💜🔥🇬🇧🇺🇸

  10. Zulkeira Rodriguez

    Zulkeira Rodriguez13 soat oldin

    I want to make it now!

  11. Not WILSON

    Not WILSON13 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> Deez Nuts

  12. Kate's Dad

    Kate's Dad14 soat oldin

    Just me or is EC living in a locked Time & Space Continuum... Clock is permanently on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="760">12:40</a> !!!

  13. Pau Eme

    Pau Eme15 soat oldin

    si sois de España, pasaos por mi canal

  14. ruby boyer

    ruby boyer15 soat oldin

    I really liked this video and I don’t know why but yay Emma and her nut + oat milks

  15. Samuel Nguyen

    Samuel Nguyen15 soat oldin

    Emma in the beginning of the video : *dances* Me : *dance with her*

  16. Giovanni Salvatore Bayas

    Giovanni Salvatore Bayas17 soat oldin

    You are liking it because it has A TON of sugar, obviously. Who wouldn't?

  17. oreo kookies

    oreo kookies17 soat oldin

    try dalgona coffee

  18. Taliyah _

    Taliyah _17 soat oldin

    I love cooking with Emma!!

  19. Elle Clunie

    Elle Clunie17 soat oldin

    i want the sister squad to get back together so frolicking bad

  20. Таисия Широкова

    Таисия Широкова17 soat oldin

    Если бы у Брайна была дочь, которая живёт в Америке

  21. Mia Yeager

    Mia Yeager18 soat oldin

    i like how during video how she saying nut milk she is not laughing i mean i would Emma making new friends friends: so want do u like to do with ur free time Emma: make nut milk friends: ummm..... okay Emma: yup thats my free time friends: mhmm

  22. Brooklyn Christian

    Brooklyn Christian18 soat oldin

    Ok I wonder how different almond and cashew milk taste from cow milk because I don’t like cows milk so I wonder if I’d like it better

  23. Hoohieokala

    Hoohieokala18 soat oldin

    anybody know what sound she uses in the background of her videos?

  24. reagan paxton

    reagan paxton18 soat oldin

    Just started a youtube channel... no post yet bc just made it buttt... ya go subscribe...ok

  25. Bhatti TV

    Bhatti TV18 soat oldin


  26. Little Ryland

    Little Ryland18 soat oldin

    why do i feel like shes never gonna make this again even tho she said she was gonna

  27. Little Ryland

    Little Ryland18 soat oldin

    anyone notice her nails shirt and hydroflask all match

  28. Brianna Davis

    Brianna Davis18 soat oldin

    next thing we know, emma's gonna have her own nut milk company

  29. Joanna

    Joanna18 soat oldin

    “I ate too fast and now I feel like I’m gonna vomit” that is the most relatable thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life

  30. Makenzie Simon

    Makenzie Simon19 soat oldin

    wtf happened to your lips

  31. kelsey grace

    kelsey grace19 soat oldin

    why did i laugh at all of the dez nuts jokes

  32. Happy Nuggets

    Happy Nuggets19 soat oldin

    Damn,I want to drink it Soo bad

  33. Joanna

    Joanna18 soat oldin

    There’s an edit or a zoom in every two seconds lmao and now the overly editing is all I can focus on.

  34. o k

    o k19 soat oldin

    Emma’s initial reaction to her oat milk is my perpetual mood

  35. Bailey Grace

    Bailey Grace19 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a> has me giggling

  36. prruger

    prruger20 soat oldin

    Check 4 @MiracleMario on Tik Tok while drinking some nut milk!


    GAME CHANGER20 soat oldin

    You should do #dalgonacoffee

  38. Ellie Horne

    Ellie Horne20 soat oldin

    Girl i just listened to your new podcast and dont listen to all those haters on that video you are the prettiest person i have seen and that is a fact!! I love you Emma, i hope you'll feel better after reading this. LOVE YOU!! :)

  39. Paola Solís

    Paola Solís21 soat oldin

    I love you🥺

  40. Alexis Baker

    Alexis Baker21 soat oldin

    Emma I love you but you don’t have to put chapstick all the way up to your nose bby

  41. Ava Grace

    Ava Grace21 soat oldin

    Nut milk sounds funny

  42. Nino .R

    Nino .R22 soat oldin

    am i the only one who thinks this was prefilmed cause of her hair?

  43. Nina Mcphee

    Nina Mcphee22 soat oldin

    “You guys are amazing and beautiful and sexy and don’t ever forget it” whilst I am squeezing blackheads from my nose an inch away from my mirror 😅

  44. tela a

    tela a22 soat oldin

    "youre all beautiful and sexy and don't ever forget it" thanks emma 🥺

  45. Bridget Amato

    Bridget Amato22 soat oldin

    Emma, I love you. You make me laugh every time I watch one of you're videos. Stay safe and healthy with fresh almond milk:)

  46. Alícia Nepomuceno

    Alícia Nepomuceno23 soat oldin

    i really wanna try cashew milk right now

  47. Hanna Readman

    Hanna Readman23 soat oldin

    just ordered cheese cloth im gonna try it

  48. Jasmine

    Jasmine23 soat oldin

    There’s an edit or a zoom in every two seconds lmao and now the overly editing is all I can focus on.

  49. Christine Shen

    Christine Shen23 soat oldin

    Just posted my first video!! It’s a japan travel vlog 🥰🇯🇵

  50. On Your Face

    On Your Face23 soat oldin

    "Bone apple tee"

  51. Bri Bri

    Bri Bri23 soat oldin

    No hate but I would not eat from her


    MIA TARASCHI23 soat oldin

    i love coffee to but i was wondering what happen to the dolan twins and james aka sister squad but i love your channel and i like you joke plus i probably used and to much sorry

  53. Positively Brittany

    Positively Brittany23 soat oldin

    I know this isn’t related at all and maybe I’m just a dumbass, but where is the blonde in her hair??

  54. Renata Truso

    Renata TrusoKun oldin

    Did she roast the almonds first?

  55. it’s JESS

    it’s JESSKun oldin

    who’s gonna drop the link for the almond milk recipe

  56. kendell crain

    kendell crainKun oldin

    Thank you so much for opening up on you last podcast. It was extremely relatable and helped me a lot with my own struggles. You are so humble and have grown into such an amazing young woman, KEEP IT UP!!!

  57. Katie Houle

    Katie HouleKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> "bone-apple-tea"

  58. Julia Graveson

    Julia GravesonKun oldin

    i love this

  59. ryan chan

    ryan chanKun oldin

    what computer program does she use? i wann edit like her

  60. Jim Easton

    Jim EastonKun oldin

    hey foxy!

  61. Grace Elizabeth

    Grace ElizabethKun oldin

    I love you!!!!!❤️😘💕

  62. Tori Sav

    Tori SavKun oldin

    emma plz make a video on how to pose because I look like an awkward baboon trying to take photos 🥺

  63. Carter !

    Carter !Kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="583">9:43</a> was a moment tbh

  64. Jenna Williams

    Jenna WilliamsKun oldin

    I and Ethan and Grayson never make videos anymore and y’all are never together anymore I don’t know what’s happening I miss yalll u Ethan and Grayson and James Charles y’all all. Used to hang out can u make a video explaining why u Grayson an Ethan don’t make videos anymore and why u Grayson and Ethan and James Charles don’t hang out anymore 😁🥺😭😢🦋

  65. HeeyItzJaz

    HeeyItzJazKun oldin


  66. kim

    kimKun oldin

    I love it I drink it I love it It’s just.. I love it

  67. Mr Nice

    Mr NiceKun oldin

    If you like making nut milk, try making strawberry horchata

  68. Evelyn B.

    Evelyn B.Kun oldin

    I'm really living for the Arthur outfit :P

  69. Jenny Reynolds

    Jenny ReynoldsKun oldin

    whos gonna tell emma oats aren't nuts

  70. Aliah Segura

    Aliah SeguraKun oldin

    What happens to the sister squad with James and the Dolan twins

  71. Nathan Jung

    Nathan JungKun oldin

    Have you ever wondered why you get so much hate

  72. Adam Chavez

    Adam ChavezKun oldin

    Boy that sounds like it hurts

  73. Jamie Ouattara

    Jamie OuattaraKun oldin

    I was eating when you burped 😖. Table manners 🍽🧐

  74. Lillith666

    Lillith666Kun oldin

    Woah what’s wrong with her mouth, the left side looks all red and irritated

  75. Katarina Majstorovic

    Katarina MajstorovicKun oldin

    right before i watched this i watched her old burrito qna and daMN...shes changed (in a good way) also emma in yellow >>>>>>>

  76. Caitlyn Bothel

    Caitlyn BothelKun oldin

    would love seeing you making flavored nut milks too... like chocolate or strawberry could be fun

  77. Roman Korvinus

    Roman KorvinusKun oldin

    nut milk...that's funny.

  78. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristKun oldin

    Cringe 😬

  79. sophe palacios

    sophe palaciosKun oldin

    love this

  80. Chelsea Brause

    Chelsea BrauseKun oldin

    My favorite human

  81. Matthew K Nel

    Matthew K NelKun oldin

    Thank you Emma I always wanted to know how to make almond milk