Mac Miller - "Good News" TRACK REVIEW

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  1. OobleeDooblee

    OobleeDooblee9 soat oldin

    I never really listened to Mac Miller before, but I went and listened to this song. A lot of the people close to me struggle so hard with depression and this song hit me so hard, because I feel like I see their pain in his words.

  2. MathDotYou

    MathDotYou10 soat oldin

    Man I started crying again fuck melon whyb

  3. shooka shook

    shooka shook10 soat oldin

    melon at start of video: 🙂 melon in the middle of track: 🥺 melon at for the rest of the video: 😭

  4. El Arno

    El Arno11 soat oldin

    Anthony crytano RIP Mac

  5. Teeterr

    Teeterr12 soat oldin

    Who gives a fuck about your opinion

  6. iago

    iago15 soat oldin


  7. Tracks Phantom

    Tracks Phantom17 soat oldin

    Better then Eminem's new album.

  8. Blake Von Sanden

    Blake Von Sanden17 soat oldin

    Only heard this yesterday and don’t know his back story but it clicked with me!!!! Beautiful song!!!!

  9. aye bro's

    aye bro's18 soat oldin

    Aye dawg I think you gone like woods to I fucked wit it

  10. Ēnuff said

    Ēnuff said19 soat oldin

    anthony is a fckin dweeb *STR8 ↑↑*

  11. nintendodungeon

    nintendodungeon20 soat oldin

    God, I wish I knew how to cry.

  12. Parker Johnson

    Parker Johnson21 soat oldin


  13. BelowTheClouds

    BelowTheClouds22 soat oldin

    The "Good News" is that Mac Miller cant make music anymore by virtue of being dead.

  14. Jen Marie

    Jen Marie23 soat oldin

    This whole album is a suicide note. He was trying so hard, but he was thinking about what was waiting for him on the other side.

  15. RG

    RG23 soat oldin

    “Man I fkn hated Swimming” *Listens to Good News* *Cries* Loved this little track review, but come on. Swimming was incredible from start to finish. RIP Mac!

  16. SoutheastSneaks

    SoutheastSneaksKun oldin

    It’s tragic to hear Mac sing “There’s a whole lot more for me waiting” knowing that he never got to see it.

  17. Jose Noriega

    Jose NoriegaKun oldin

    Fuck you, melonhead.. I just heard the track and now I'm crying.. in public no less!!! That line, "why does everyone need me to stay?" That shit hit me hard. Suffering from severe depression and drug addiction. I fuckin felt that.

  18. Sutef J

    Sutef JKun oldin

    Had to like for tears RIP

  19. Joe M

    Joe MKun oldin

    Mac overrated and not worth the tears unless you personally knew him.

  20. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth LopezKun oldin

    This album made me bawl my eyes out

  21. Hadraniel Jackson

    Hadraniel JacksonKun oldin

    Anthony: Crying Us: light the blunt chief

  22. Flumpy

    FlumpyKun oldin

    This one was tough. Thank you for sharing melon, love you.

  23. Adam Tel

    Adam TelKun oldin

    Damn. I’ve never seen my man cry. RIP Mac.

  24. Scary Spider

    Scary SpiderKun oldin

    review the album melon

  25. L K

    L KKun oldin

    Crythony Snifftano 😭

  26. Lifeless web user

    Lifeless web userKun oldin

    Enough to make a melon cry

  27. The_Jimboblion

    The_JimboblionKun oldin

    Wanna see his reaction to once a day, that shit hits hard

  28. Random Hero

    Random Hero2 kun oldin

    Keep fake crying for the views bruh

  29. Tavesh

    TaveshKun oldin

    shut the fuck up dude

  30. matthew ball

    matthew ballKun oldin


  31. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez2 kun oldin

    The drum beat is light on the ears - wipes tear away with a single finger-

  32. TuxedoMob

    TuxedoMob2 kun oldin

    Gotta say this is my favorite theneedledrop/fantano video ever. Usually Anthony is so serious/analytical with his reviews, it was really nice to see this side of him. Respect dude.

  33. SoloSheff

    SoloSheff2 kun oldin

    Thanks for sharing Melon ❤️

  34. Dick Dastardly

    Dick Dastardly2 kun oldin

    Thanks Anthony, you're a good dude

  35. Nitish Singh

    Nitish Singh2 kun oldin

    Mans was legit crying 🥺

  36. Laura Navarrete

    Laura Navarrete2 kun oldin

    Shit man. I feel you.

  37. Joe Mac

    Joe Mac2 kun oldin

    At first I thought it was going to be that kind of stoic withheld crying that men do because they're guarded but it was more than that.

  38. Jilliam De la cruz

    Jilliam De la cruz2 kun oldin


  39. Matthew Fodell

    Matthew Fodell2 kun oldin

    Man, I had never gotten into him, and it is surreal for me- just the other day I happened to think about his one song that I’d heard and remembered thinking was quite good ages ago, Best Day Ever, and searched, and only just now found out that he passed. Then immediately found out that this posthumous album was releasing & saw this review minutes later. I’ll have to go listen to the track, but man... As somebody who has dealt with depression/anxiety & some of the sentiments you described in his lyrics here, and someone to whom the fentanyl epidemic is a very personal, loaded issue, I know it’s going to be a heavy experience. I can appreciate really personal and emotionally evocative music, but to somebody who just finds it upsetting or finds that it digs them deeper into their issues, from the sound of it maybe this would be one to skip. : / RIP.

  40. Jim Ben

    Jim Ben2 kun oldin

    Why are you tweeting about “appreciating the good responses” you got for this? This ain’t about you, it’s about respecting Mac. Not about getting you clicks/likes.

  41. Jim Ben

    Jim BenKun oldin

    Misinformed Gaming - why use someone else’s tragedy to shield yourself/someone else from criticism? It’s selfish and controlling.

  42. Jim Ben

    Jim BenKun oldin

    Misinformed Gaming - I think the song is beautiful and it’s tragic that Mac has passed. I’m not sorry for having a different perspective than you. Maybe I can just pick up on/see things you can’t.

  43. Misinformed Gaming

    Misinformed Gaming2 kun oldin

    Why come into a super positive comment section and just find something to get angry about, this is a great example of community and showing emotion and respect for an artist

  44. Rackune

    Rackune2 kun oldin

    If Anthony cried on Good News, imagine how he'll be when he hears Surf.

  45. Ville Lämsä

    Ville Lämsä2 kun oldin

    Anthony imma kill my wife if you won't love me back

  46. J Zilla

    J Zilla2 kun oldin

    I hope melon doesn’t kidnap me and rape me again he has a weird fetish

  47. drayton

    drayton2 kun oldin

    Awww noo anthony

  48. ThatOne Dude22

    ThatOne Dude222 kun oldin


  49. Patrick Wilson

    Patrick WilsonKun oldin

    The album's been out for one day. Give him some breathing room.

  50. logan swartz

    logan swartz2 kun oldin


  51. Qiensave

    Qiensave2 kun oldin

    Almost made me cry too

  52. TexasTakeover

    TexasTakeover2 kun oldin

    Lol pussy

  53. 472017807

    4720178072 kun oldin


  54. Sydney Foster

    Sydney Foster2 kun oldin

    mans only crying because he gave swimming a bad review

  55. scvpegoat

    scvpegoat2 kun oldin

    You have to re-review Swimming

  56. T C

    T C2 kun oldin

    Circles isnt bad its just bland

  57. john kalafatic

    john kalafatic2 kun oldin

    Wtf he’s crying

  58. Hamed Al Amri

    Hamed Al Amri2 kun oldin

    best tears in the game. ✨

  59. Sarah Meemken

    Sarah Meemken2 kun oldin

    I never seen him this emotional damn shit got me :'(

  60. colexmelly

    colexmelly2 kun oldin

    CIRCLES TRACK MEANING’S SURF: It’s talking about how he feels lonely in a crowd but he has one person who he feels really knows him and it makes him feel grounded. CIRCLES: Reminds me of Song of Solomon in the Bible. Image of the seasons and life going round and round. This one though has more of a sense of despair- like he is giving up HAND ME DOWNS: i think it’s about him being honest about his sex addiction, he knows it’s wrong wants to stop but can’t and it’s hell for him inside emotionally THATS ON ME: He’s so lost in this one. He feels bad about something, but he knows no one who knows where we are going. He wants to give this girl happiness and gives an attempt, but really he knows he can’t succeed b/c he himself is lost and turned around. It’s like Jordon Peterson talks about- he has no structure to support his life- no value system. He is operating on pure emotion and he is being tossed around and left at the mercy of his emotions Complicated: is interestingly. The music is upbeat but gets earie at the end-a strange foreboding. He looks happy and winsome in the video. Meanwhile, the lyrics again show despair- that he is fighting to just get through a single day at a time without complications. The impression as is with most of his happy songs is that he is trying to convince himself to be upbeat while fighting depression and despair. I can see: I just did I can see- hear he is lost in existential thought and really begging for someone to pull him out and show him the way. He is lost in himself- thinking in a way thats making him crazy because he is completely self absorbed. A tormented soul Hands: he’s so deep in sex addiction he just says fuck it and it’s despairing but he wishes he could of taken it back but also is aware he’s in too deep

  61. MOJO Jojo Bobo bo bo bo bo bo

    MOJO Jojo Bobo bo bo bo bo bo2 kun oldin

    Its really sad that he started crying but I'm also like..... you didn't like any of his recent albums except good AM. Maybe he realizes that because mac is gone he feels his music more idk it's weird for me. I hated his reviews on mac's albums because he was disconnected from the music it was like he listened to a different album than me, swimming was a personal album for mac and he wasn't appreciating it at all I hope after this he can go back to the albums previous to this one and start to feel them more

  62. Holden Ross

    Holden Ross2 kun oldin

    Do the whole album now!

  63. Nicholas Buccelli

    Nicholas Buccelli2 kun oldin

    He definitely needs to re- review swimming cause that God damn album is a true work of art along with the circles which is continuation of circles "swimming in circles"

  64. rinnegan sr

    rinnegan sr2 kun oldin

    i didnt like the track tbh thought it was meh

  65. Shanky _

    Shanky _2 kun oldin

    Never got to hear Conversations Pt. 2, what a shame...

  66. M A A D

    M A A D2 kun oldin

    this video is a classic