this is embarrassing honestly
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  1. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements3 daqiqa oldin

    @emmachamberlain Oh yeah...wjo you calling grandpa? 😡🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Tara Baratte

    Tara Baratte4 daqiqa oldin

    we all know who she likes ETHAN

  3. Gracie Marie

    Gracie Marie22 daqiqa oldin

    Ya’ know...Ethan Dolan skateboards😏😏😏

  4. Faith Vlcek

    Faith Vlcek33 daqiqa oldin

    1:32 her cat went 💨zoom

  5. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements38 daqiqa oldin

    @emmachamberlain Let me guess. You was watching these girls? uzgo.info/video/3l6Es4GeYKymsZQ.html

  6. Black Widow

    Black Widow53 daqiqa oldin

    Emma struggling to speak for 10 minutes and 54 seconds straight

  7. Ty McAlister

    Ty McAlisterSoat oldin


  8. Darnel Anglade

    Darnel AngladeSoat oldin

    He was a boy She was a girl

  9. Nugget Brother

    Nugget BrotherSoat oldin

    Emma: I like a boy who skates Ethan: 😳 JK

  10. Jiya

    JiyaSoat oldin

    Hi literally no one really watches my vids but i love making them so it would mean a lot if you checked put my channel

  11. Yellow

    YellowSoat oldin

    If anyone is on a Emma Chamberlain marathon like if you are, bcz I am so I’m liking my own coment lol.

  12. noodles

    noodlesSoat oldin

    Soo I lost my AirPods.... and decided to watch this video in the living room while I eat breakfast with my family....let’s just say it didn’t turn out well...

  13. Jayden Nieves

    Jayden NievesSoat oldin

    I was hoping to see you fall lmao

  14. madisyn ridenour

    madisyn ridenourSoat oldin

    she needs to tighten those trucks or else she’s gonna get major wheel bite

  15. Alex Corbett

    Alex CorbettSoat oldin


  16. Alanna Travis

    Alanna Travis2 soat oldin

    emma: FUCKING BITCHES *full volume* *mom walks in* me: oop-

  17. UnicornPrincess

    UnicornPrincess2 soat oldin

    8:04 I'm sorry but you look like Rico from Hannah Montana I can't😂

  18. chiyane malandro

    chiyane malandro3 soat oldin

    who’s here because literally all you see in aaron’s tik tok comments is emma’s name 😭😭😭

  19. Crisia Alvarez

    Crisia Alvarez3 soat oldin

    Can you guys go follow my new TikTok, I just made it, thanks 👉🏻 @crisiaalvarez

  20. Lyora_luna

    Lyora_luna3 soat oldin

    Guys she doesn’t like him, she wants to *BE* him

  21. gigi genial

    gigi genial3 soat oldin

    i love ur videos

  22. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear3 soat oldin


  23. Kay1zzz

    Kay1zzz4 soat oldin

    It’s Ethan Dolan he skates

  24. Alyssa Kleven

    Alyssa Kleven4 soat oldin

    Has anyone else been watching since cooking with emma? Just me?

  25. ty wilson

    ty wilson4 soat oldin

    I think she like tony hawk

  26. Gigi S

    Gigi S5 soat oldin

    Ethan skateboards😶🤫

  27. wayofthinkin

    wayofthinkin5 soat oldin

    You are beautiful , Emma. Now it's time to get a real job. Concentrate on the merch, and create something great.

  28. Henna

    Henna5 soat oldin

    4:05 yeah i sure hope it does

  29. Cool Yak

    Cool Yak2 soat oldin

    You got a good eye😂

  30. tvd edits

    tvd edits6 soat oldin

    ok wtf is wrong with people, y'all just let her be happy with whoever she wants.

  31. Tina and Flora

    Tina and Flora7 soat oldin

    all the Finn Wolfhard and Jack Grazer fans be like:🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ •btw we are youtubers too!♡

  32. Starjaws AJ

    Starjaws AJ7 soat oldin

    I don't even know who it is but since everyone in the comments is like "Arron Yeeess" ill asume it's them

  33. Lahné Malan

    Lahné Malan7 soat oldin

    You forgot about the nose picking part.. 😂

  34. cry•baby

    cry•baby7 soat oldin

    “ethan has left the chat” y’all know that ethan skates right..

  35. Hope Gray

    Hope Gray8 soat oldin

    or ethan

  36. Crystallize Gacha studio

    Crystallize Gacha studio8 soat oldin

    well for starters, dont tuck ur shirt in LOL

  37. Oliwia Drewicz

    Oliwia Drewicz9 soat oldin

    You should make a vid with the Dolan twins if them teaching you how to skate

  38. Oliwia Drewicz

    Oliwia Drewicz10 soat oldin

    Please tell me it’s Ethan !?

  39. Mikhayla Nicolas

    Mikhayla Nicolas10 soat oldin

    Is it Aaron Hull pls tell me it's him

  40. Deniz Atlantico

    Deniz Atlantico10 soat oldin

    Only One question is there 3M girls out there who wants to learn skateboarding to impress a boy 😬

  41. Sophia Page

    Sophia Page11 soat oldin

    I love how she’s telling us 😘😘😘

  42. C.V .A.C

    C.V .A.C12 soat oldin

    I’ve literally been doing the same thing 💀

  43. Peanut Butter Wolf

    Peanut Butter Wolf12 soat oldin

    Hope this Aaron likes severe acne 🤮

  44. Madhav Pasricha

    Madhav Pasricha13 soat oldin

    she sounds like cody ko while saying whatuppp bitch

  45. PhoebeDweeby !

    PhoebeDweeby !13 soat oldin

    It’s Ethan Dolan

  46. Paisley Ryan

    Paisley Ryan14 soat oldin

    Aaron Hull who

  47. Jenna

    Jenna14 soat oldin

    Real fans remember when she told the full story of the skater boy and the Roxy pants lol

  48. Carly Bourke

    Carly Bourke14 soat oldin

    Bro when she said she had a inchy head I literally inched my head 😂

  49. Suhayb Abdi

    Suhayb Abdi15 soat oldin


  50. *Izzy_Playz _Gacha*

    *Izzy_Playz _Gacha*15 soat oldin


  51. Rachel Chisholm

    Rachel Chisholm15 soat oldin


  52. Chloe Pollert

    Chloe Pollert15 soat oldin

    sis we all know who it is......

  53. Valentina Torres

    Valentina Torres16 soat oldin

    There is a napoleon dynamite show lmao

  54. Valentina Torres

    Valentina Torres16 soat oldin

    Its a cartoon

  55. Smsksksksj Keksosks

    Smsksksksj Keksosks16 soat oldin

    Ask him to teach u

  56. Alexi Hanner

    Alexi Hanner17 soat oldin

    why is this the most relatable video ever

  57. Aria Jones

    Aria Jones17 soat oldin

    Emma saying we all have a type & feels like we're judging her..... But like me with Baseball Players

  58. Gina Stone

    Gina Stone17 soat oldin

    She said that she likes a guy that skate boards and Eathen literally skateboards 😏

  59. Nicole Nierva

    Nicole Nierva17 soat oldin

    Emma's editing skills are getting betterrrr🔥🔥

  60. Taylor Morrison

    Taylor Morrison18 soat oldin

    Yoooooo y’all are all saying eathan left the chat BUT HE STAKE BOAREDDSSZSZSZ

  61. Peachy Pineapples

    Peachy Pineapples18 soat oldin

    When all the skaters are cringing 😬 lmao

  62. miranda rose

    miranda rose18 soat oldin

    people who think she was talking ab ethan🤡(it’s a joke chill i love ethan but it’s pretty obvious she wasn’t talking ab him lol)