Lacey Evans takes out Sasha Banks ahead of clash: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020

Before their anticipated in-ring showdown, The Sassy Southern Belle blindsides The Boss and sends a brutal message to her rival and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Aaron Abbett

    Aaron Abbett2 kun oldin

    It's been a year since you got hurt

  2. John Rovick Doble

    John Rovick Doble8 kun oldin

    Just me or Wwe switch Sasha and Alexa's persona? I'm confused....

  3. Chauncey Wallace

    Chauncey Wallace10 kun oldin

    Lol!it looks like Lacey beat both of them up!,lol

  4. lenilza Tavares

    lenilza Tavares14 kun oldin

    Kkkkkkkk o a sasha

  5. Akisdflolqueen :D

    Akisdflolqueen :D15 kun oldin

    Mmm alguien me puede decir lo que pasó? Xdxd

  6. Ayoub Benmezoughi

    Ayoub Benmezoughi16 kun oldin


  7. Ayoub Benmezoughi

    Ayoub Benmezoughi16 kun oldin


  8. Ayoub Benmezoughi

    Ayoub Benmezoughi16 kun oldin


  9. Камила Тасенова

    Камила Тасенова17 kun oldin

    Тупые Бейли и Саша! У Лейси ребенок, а они ее избивают. Еще и на глазах ее ребенка!😠😠😠 Ненавижу их!

  10. Doreen Jericho

    Doreen Jericho20 kun oldin

    Hahahah😂😂😂😂sasha what you scared huh bayley you think that huh I might broke you butt off your body or broke your dace off your head or put it in your butt

  11. shirin omar

    shirin omar24 kun oldin

    You guys want Bayley to still be SmackDown Women’s Champion or Lacey Evans

  12. Games Videos

    Games Videos26 kun oldin

    Take lacey Evans with handicap match Sasha and bayley vs lacey

  13. Kath Manogi

    Kath Manogi26 kun oldin

    I wish to meet you in real life this is to the best superstar sasha banks and thank you for making myself believe and never give up and I hope you come to nz again 😃😃😃😃

  14. Keonta Willingham

    Keonta Willingham27 kun oldin

    She didn't take out Sasha 😂 that's what they want us to think. Closely, Sasha was already "injured" before all of this

  15. Jeremy Hurst

    Jeremy Hurst27 kun oldin

    But I’m not putting my line on the line tonight 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. warhero99

    warhero9928 kun oldin

    Who was that guy?

  17. StaciePlays_

    StaciePlays_29 kun oldin

    Is Sasha banks Injured?

  18. Elizabeth Garcia

    Elizabeth Garcia29 kun oldin

    Wow on my birthday lacy ruined it

  19. Zanaya Kornegay

    Zanaya Kornegay29 kun oldin

    Sasha need to beat her up

  20. sangeeta singh

    sangeeta singh29 kun oldin


  21. Vanessa Amaya Does ASMR

    Vanessa Amaya Does ASMROy oldin


  22. Brent Davis

    Brent DavisOy oldin

    Fine no belt on line

  23. Brent Davis

    Brent DavisOy oldin


  24. Brent Davis

    Brent DavisOy oldin

    Makeing music

  25. Brent Davis

    Brent DavisOy oldin

    🐱 fight let them fight

  26. chepkorir faith

    chepkorir faithOy oldin

    Thank bayley

  27. Tatum Fortino

    Tatum FortinoOy oldin

    Sasha is pathetic and so is bayley

  28. Piero TR

    Piero TROy oldin

    I love you Sasha ❤️

  29. Katherine Amila

    Katherine AmilaOy oldin

    SASHA the f***** besttttt!!!!! I LOVE SASHA BANKS!!!!!! SASHA All the wayyyyyyyy💕💕💕💕💕

  30. Robzgamingxtreme

    RobzgamingxtremeOy oldin

    What I noticed is that they are setting up for Bayley to lose the title to Lacey which then means we will get the match between Lacey and Sasha and then when Sasha wins we will get a Bayley vs Sasha rivalry

  31. J Estrada

    J EstradaOy oldin

    Bayley is so ugly like seriously she's so ugly . Now Lacey is so beautiful

  32. Gunawan Sasmita

    Gunawan SasmitaOy oldin

    Film cilikanku

  33. Rehan Qureshi

    Rehan QureshiOy oldin

    street fight would do better 😝😝 Raw or smack down, out is d letter

  34. Vadim Boss

    Vadim BossOy oldin

    I hate what sd womens division making sasha. Sasha isnt even scared facing nia and Charlotte but scared the hell of lacey evans? Stupid story lines

  35. Chandan Sharma

    Chandan SharmaOy oldin

    Really WWE is getting bored because of Bayley she looks totally stupid i think if Lacey wins that WWE SmackDown womens title from Bayley it'll be great

  36. Maria Nolan

    Maria NolanOy oldin

    So Sasha & Lacey can jump someone and it's ok. BUT when it happens to them they whine like 3 year olds. Sasha singing and videos yea right probably low rated films/videos. Bayley couldn't even help Sasha when Lacey knocked her out. Did Sasha forget that Bayley just stood there and pouted. Won't be much longer till they turn on each other!!!


    FAMILY at DESERT LAND 2Oy oldin

    how can sasha be liked again: turn heel to bayley

  38. Devraj Dr

    Devraj DrOy oldin

    Till 00:24 I was trying to find out comments about wwe write wrong title of this video

  39. L Shankr

    L ShankrOy oldin

    Beley u can loss your champ from lesey

  40. العراقي مهدي

    العراقي مهديOy oldin

    كلجن كحاب

  41. Spook Warning

    Spook WarningOy oldin

    Bayley can't cut a promo to save her life can she

  42. Adalia Francisco

    Adalia FranciscoOy oldin


  43. Kaya Ingham

    Kaya InghamOy oldin

    I don't care if Sasha and Bayley are heels I STILL LOVE THEM!

  44. Nemy Lara

    Nemy LaraOy oldin


  45. A WrestlingFan

    A WrestlingFanOy oldin

    Twice Sasha said she'd screw Lacey! Oh my

  46. A WrestlingFan

    A WrestlingFanOy oldin

    Sasha is making a music album? :-O

  47. A WrestlingFan

    A WrestlingFanOy oldin

    The Revival need a change.............possibly to go Elite........

  48. stray85

    stray85Oy oldin

    Is Sasha pregnant? Notice you didn't see her take any shots in that segment or this 'rap album' hiatus.. All of this missed ring time looks a little fishy. I mean since when does one of these women just sit there not taking any shots? Looks like she's avoiding physical contact...who knows..

  49. J. Swann

    J. SwannOy oldin

    Sasha is so fine 💙💙💙

  50. devion davis

    devion davisOy oldin

    So when Sasha and bailey were fighting bailey said that Sasha is the boss and the star and Sasha said in this video

  51. Tamario Martin

    Tamario MartinOy oldin

    Forget about Braun Strowman, Lacy Evans is the QUEEN of throwing hands.


    INTER SEMPREOy oldin

    Sasha precisa se aposentar .. está envergonhando seus fã uma surra atrás da outra .

  53. Drew Divinagracia

    Drew DivinagraciaOy oldin

    When Sasha said that’s not my fault it’s. Stuck in my head

  54. kurt ordona

    kurt ordonaOy oldin

    Thats my idol sashabanks

  55. AJ RX

    AJ RXOy oldin

    That's nice that she didn't have to put her line on the title.

  56. Gotu Umraniya

    Gotu UmraniyaOy oldin

    This is the real manager who was giving orders from behind, not hornswaggle

  57. Dipjyoti Neog

    Dipjyoti NeogOy oldin

    Sasha is heel

  58. Overhaul ́

    Overhaul ́Oy oldin


  59. DarthLord 5000

    DarthLord 5000Oy oldin

    I agree

  60. Paul Abbene

    Paul AbbeneOy oldin

    Not for nothing but isn't Lacey Evans getting the better of Sasha? Gee Sasha gets knocked out by Lacey Evans,Bayley is standing there(and did nothing).Lacey attacks Sasha and Bayley is helping Sasha but what does Bayley get out of this,a match with Lacey Evans(I bet Sasha was smiling about that). Do you think in the coming weeks there could be a dissension between Sasha and Bayley,I think so.

  61. DarthLord 5000

    DarthLord 5000Oy oldin

    Bayley will redeem herself at the royal rumble when she retains her title

  62. James in Chainz

    James in ChainzOy oldin

    Sasha lookn lyke a dish sittn there😍😋

  63. Chava Music

    Chava MusicOy oldin

    Did I miss something? Who tf is this guy making matches???