Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

Chris Evans and his brother Scott take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks them questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans


  1. Gayatri.G R

    Gayatri.G R3 soat oldin

    Hahahahah , evans so very jokeee

  2. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei3 soat oldin

    Chris: Dont tell mom!!!! Scotty: tells the whole nation

  3. Gaurav Chandra Goswami

    Gaurav Chandra Goswami3 soat oldin

    I can now never unsee this

  4. Nipa Islam

    Nipa Islam5 soat oldin

    Chris is so hot. I couldn't even watch this segment properly CAUSE HE"S SO HOT!! lol

  5. Redhoot

    Redhoot6 soat oldin

    Dude is obviously coked out or something lol

  6. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei3 soat oldin

    when you know hes gonna guess the poop story and he guesses a different poop story

  7. Russ P

    Russ P7 soat oldin

    Scott sounds like a raspy Jimmy Fallon

  8. b mass

    b mass10 soat oldin

    Anybody else catch chris cheating turning down the phone

  9. New AussieHunter

    New AussieHunter10 soat oldin

    Wow, these brothers are annoying as heck.

  10. Alicia G

    Alicia G12 soat oldin


  11. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui15 soat oldin

    Chris: Dont tell mom!!!! Scotty: tells the whole nation

  12. LSG GuDzQ

    LSG GuDzQ16 soat oldin

    They look nothing alike do anyone find that weird ?

  13. Fran Victor

    Fran Victor16 soat oldin

    Meu deus que homem lindo

  14. Kinta Minami

    Kinta Minami17 soat oldin

    2:48 that smile brighten up my shitty day

  15. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui15 soat oldin

    did anyone see them at 0:01

  16. k*don*

    k*don*18 soat oldin

    When he kept saying the poop story all i was thinking about is he kno how to murder people.

  17. Christian Garza

    Christian Garza18 soat oldin

    I didn't know who he was, (so I thought he was nervous on TV), I didn't know he then was an actor (maybe his first time on something like this), "my boyfriend" (He's gay)

  18. Md Samiul Alom

    Md Samiul Alom18 soat oldin


  19. Media Salahaldeen Mohammed

    Media Salahaldeen Mohammed19 soat oldin

    Man this is funny

  20. Jillian Madrid

    Jillian Madrid19 soat oldin


  21. Daisy B.

    Daisy B.19 soat oldin


  22. Musa Amir

    Musa Amir22 soat oldin

    when you know hes gonna guess the poop story and he guesses a different poop story

  23. WrestlingArcade

    WrestlingArcade23 soat oldin

    “Or why don’t you just murder?” Chris NO-

  24. Mark Pringnitz

    Mark PringnitzKun oldin

    "Don't wanna get you too excited" is Jimmy's best joke ever.

  25. Joseph Reyes

    Joseph ReyesKun oldin

    7:56 onwards. LMAO!!

  26. Nicholas Lui

    Nicholas LuiKun oldin

    Is his brother gay

  27. Bela Blackburn

    Bela Blackburn20 soat oldin

    Nicholas Lui yes i think he is

  28. Billie Davis

    Billie DavisKun oldin

    he looks more like Armie Hammer's brother

  29. Santos Garcia

    Santos GarciaKun oldin

    Do Ben and Casey Affleck

  30. Mike Sanchez

    Mike SanchezKun oldin

    Scott has a boyfriend.

  31. lexi

    lexiKun oldin

    did anyone see them at 0:01

  32. JxNxL vi

    JxNxL viKun oldin


  33. bssni touir

    bssni touirKun oldin

    “I’m so into murder” -Scott Evans, 2K19

  34. TheRunn

    TheRunnKun oldin

    Why do they remind me of jims brothers from the office

  35. Renanda Ayu

    Renanda AyuKun oldin

    Last time they did this it was pretty much the same. Scott wet his pants & Chris did something that made Scott bleeding.. What happened to this family actually? 😂😂😂😂

  36. Allie A

    Allie AKun oldin

    Is everyone really going to ignore the fact that they even pulled their suits at the sAME TIME

  37. bssni touir

    bssni touirKun oldin

    can chris evans have my baby please

  38. Nursema Yilmaz

    Nursema YilmazKun oldin

    i love this sm omg

  39. Karina Montes Gambirazio

    Karina Montes GambirazioKun oldin

    A todos nos suele pasar a mi tambien. Jajaja Karina4ever/la hija del Altisimo

  40. maysyellow sky

    maysyellow skyKun oldin

    2:19 anyone see when he picked up the phone to check the song,,, reminded me of him as cap taking notes for what playlists and songs to listen to in the movie

  41. Harsh kumar

    Harsh kumarKun oldin


  42. Bella Smith

    Bella SmithKun oldin

    Jimmy: no ones going to watch *gets 4.4millon views*

  43. Kate

    KateKun oldin

    I had no idea he had a brother! Love this video, so funny!

  44. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    GetReadyWithMeMammaKun oldin

    How many times can one poop oneself..... poor thing oh my goodness I love him so endearing love him!!!!

  45. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    GetReadyWithMeMammaKun oldin

    Knives out... oh my goodness these two together so funny!

  46. rosina robbie

    rosina robbieKun oldin

    I love chris Evans' brother

  47. Alyssa Vasquez

    Alyssa VasquezKun oldin

    this is the funniest video lmao

  48. Amazing Supergirl

    Amazing SupergirlKun oldin

    He was a great sport lol

  49. POP DATA

    POP DATAKun oldin

    Chris: tells a cute embarrassing story about Scott when he was 5 Scott: tells an even more embarrassing story when he was an adult

  50. Love on the rocks

    Love on the rocksKun oldin

    That Chris guy's makeup is super freakin white!

  51. Sam Scott aka vkook trash!!!!

    Sam Scott aka vkook trash!!!!Kun oldin

    8:00 Chris is me when my siblings tell on themselves

  52. Priscilla Cedeño

    Priscilla CedeñoKun oldin

    can chris evans have my baby please

  53. She Kinah

    She KinahKun oldin

    I've known Scott and Chris were brothers for a long time and I'm still finding any resemblance🤣

  54. Trisha Bhagat

    Trisha BhagatKun oldin


  55. Ash

    AshKun oldin

    are they both on coke

  56. Emilia Holmberg

    Emilia HolmbergKun oldin

    Chris looks so pale compared to Scott and Jimmy

  57. tyreese gayem

    tyreese gayemKun oldin

    7:56 sounds like tom hanks woody

  58. pavan reddy

    pavan reddyKun oldin

    "please don't tell" that's what brothers do in every household

  59. Cyrille

    CyrilleKun oldin

    I was just smiling the whole time

  60. glambyapple

    glambyappleKun oldin

    i love Chris so much omg

  61. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyKun oldin

    This is amazing

  62. Angèle ERDN

    Angèle ERDN2 kun oldin

    who else want to see the Holland brothers do this game? It will be so funny !!!

  63. TelloooGT

    TelloooGT2 kun oldin

    scott looks like sebastian stan imo

  64. Zoey Harmon

    Zoey Harmon2 kun oldin

    They will forever be my favorite celebrity siblings

  65. Mia L | _WORK

    Mia L | _WORK2 kun oldin

    I'm here for Chris's reaction on 7:48 when he started thinking what his brother is referring to, and finally when he remembered what it was at 7:58. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE BEST