Key & Peele - Al Qaeda Meeting

An Al Qaeda member grills his associates on why they've been unable to blow up an airplane in over a decade.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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  1. RicoWildcat

    RicoWildcat2 soat oldin

    They are describing the ultimate TSA agent hero from Get Out in this video.

  2. Killian Barrans

    Killian Barrans7 soat oldin

    The level of effort the quality of the costumes and set pieces in these pieces is incredible

  3. Zolani Hogana

    Zolani Hogana11 soat oldin

    Key is Roger Smith

  4. Abel Bahta

    Abel Bahta13 soat oldin

    Sarcasm level : 10000%

  5. B-rocka 4life

    B-rocka 4life15 soat oldin

    TSA..... now that’s funny

  6. Supreme Bape

    Supreme Bape17 soat oldin


  7. Delusion is an Illusion

    Delusion is an Illusion20 soat oldin

    The damage is incalculable!

  8. Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!20 soat oldin

    There's a video of people doing improv comedy and a white man jokes that the other guy on stage with a terrorist and he flipped the hell out and everybody y in the crowd flipped out for daring to say such but these guys can do this with no outrage not that I'm saying there should be outrage just that white people should be able to do other cultures also without being called racist

  9. Daniel Dow

    Daniel Dow21 soat oldin

    Draxx them sklounst

  10. jerry baloyi

    jerry baloyiKun oldin

    key is awesome damn

  11. Rohit Shinde

    Rohit ShindeKun oldin

    I think they were kinda mocking TSA

  12. Hajra Kajee

    Hajra Kajee2 kun oldin

    I find this offensive!

  13. poponachtschnecke

    poponachtschnecke2 kun oldin

    Omg this made my head explode

  14. Sean Naamani

    Sean Naamani2 kun oldin

    I want to work for the TSA or the DMV. It's like a license to be a dick all day everyday (especially the DMV).

  15. Wet Borgers

    Wet Borgers3 kun oldin

    *_Bold of you to assume that Cave Afghani Terrorists use the Imperial System._*

  16. Drew Andrews

    Drew Andrews3 kun oldin

    The Sarcasm is Brilliant. Makes you think

  17. I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.

    I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.4 kun oldin

    Plot twist, Peele is a secret TSA agent.

  18. Keoni Chicago

    Keoni Chicago4 kun oldin

    Lmfaooo the only two people on this earth that can pull this act off without people getting mad.

  19. Qik G'mr

    Qik G'mr5 kun oldin

    The budgets for these videos must be crazy big

  20. Mr Wolf

    Mr Wolf5 kun oldin

    Taliban vs the world hahahah criticise everything while not believing it,after they search it roots and mind boggling devilish causes,(Islam vs Isreal).

  21. poy poy

    poy poy5 kun oldin

    This is one of my favorite skits

  22. bluewhale18

    bluewhale185 kun oldin

    Haha This is my favourite one!

  23. bobby digital

    bobby digital5 kun oldin

    Fucking travel size gottem

  24. Metamemer 87

    Metamemer 876 kun oldin

    Why they called the TSA

  25. Fight Club Hamster

    Fight Club Hamster6 kun oldin

    The cunning TSA lol

  26. Nathan Cabiles

    Nathan Cabiles6 kun oldin

    Dude they’re just complimenting the tsa

  27. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O8 kun oldin

    Back before we knew peele was a complete racist bigot....

  28. CTAjunior

    CTAjunior8 kun oldin

    “Khalid, Khalid, it’s like you’ve been living in a, well, here..” 😂

  29. Ismail Uwair

    Ismail Uwair8 kun oldin

    bad video

  30. Monty Meatboy

    Monty Meatboy4 kun oldin

    For an Isis die hard it might be

  31. Skullputra

    Skullputra8 kun oldin

    accent so thick i have no idea half they're saying

  32. s3eedoph ٰ

    s3eedoph ٰ9 kun oldin

    You guys are racist ass holes go to hell key and peele

  33. Darsed sun

    Darsed sun9 kun oldin

    Me explaining my mom why is failed the test Daymn that teacher

  34. Letho of Gulet

    Letho of Gulet9 kun oldin

    There's no other choise. Y'all will have to do it Makarov style.

  35. Tatti Man

    Tatti Man9 kun oldin

    What is TSA??

  36. Josh Moracha

    Josh Moracha11 kun oldin

    “the the the damage is Incalculable”😂😂😂

  37. Turquoise Skies

    Turquoise Skies11 kun oldin

    Sooooo I just hope that after watching this, terr o ists videos don't pop up on my feed😬

  38. YourUglygod

    YourUglygod11 kun oldin

    TSA agents now watch this motivational video 5 times before going to work.

  39. CM Jr

    CM Jr11 kun oldin

    Are you kidding me parvez ?

  40. Hasan Atwi

    Hasan Atwi12 kun oldin

    Ummm yeah we are not that stupid😂😂 But btw i liked the idea

  41. Will R

    Will R13 kun oldin

    The adjectives... Oh, my the adjectives... Brilliant, listless, wiley, prophetic... It's an English teacher's dream.