Key Glock - Look At They Face (Official Video)

Listen to the single "Look At They Face". Out now!
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Official music video by Key Glock performing "Look At They Face" (Official Video) © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE


  1. Víctor g Rodríguez

    Víctor g Rodríguez4 soat oldin

    Bruh this is addicted like broccoli

  2. J Tate

    J Tate4 soat oldin

    Gucci better run him that check for the promo they finna get

  3. Paroxyzm

    Paroxyzm4 soat oldin

    Key MthrFckin Glock

  4. oppekoppe urmom

    oppekoppe urmom4 soat oldin

    Man sounds like blocboy jb.

  5. Dream Sound Rap

    Dream Sound Rap5 soat oldin


  6. The Pansexual Pisces

    The Pansexual Pisces5 soat oldin

    I’m more impressed wit his acting skills lol

  7. Joshua Fenton

    Joshua Fenton5 soat oldin

    THIS.... this shit... is TRASH! 🗑🗑🗑

  8. Dirt McGert313

    Dirt McGert3136 soat oldin

    Jeromey Rome dropped some seeds in Memphis

  9. Natas SXI

    Natas SXI6 soat oldin


  10. Jaylan Reed

    Jaylan Reed6 soat oldin

    its amazing how 1 missing tooth can change the whole appearance of a person. That nigga was ugly as f*** with that missing tooth.

  11. Tomy Brownk

    Tomy Brownk7 soat oldin

    Where this nigga teeth

  12. Sk Mazeratii

    Sk Mazeratii8 soat oldin

    🔥 this is a hit

  13. a gengar with a sexy smile

    a gengar with a sexy smile8 soat oldin

    He remind me of juicy j

  14. Nathan Blades

    Nathan Blades9 soat oldin

    Counting cash 9n the street ya right 😂🤣😂

  15. Dillon Morehead

    Dillon Morehead9 soat oldin

    Bro look like flight react, young dolph n quavo mixed together

  16. Peter F

    Peter F9 soat oldin

    I'd let off a few hollows at that Negro for his chain and leave him in a puddle fr

  17. Dikembe Blackwell

    Dikembe Blackwell9 soat oldin


  18. Cordell Ivery

    Cordell Ivery10 soat oldin


  19. Trackmoney BigTweak

    Trackmoney BigTweak10 soat oldin

    Yea u heard them niggas hatein cuz im up now🤘🤑🏌

  20. Victoria Cordero

    Victoria Cordero10 soat oldin

    Shit weak asf..

  21. Take Notes

    Take Notes11 soat oldin

    This shht fkn hits.... Low key high key Heat

  22. RMB Studios

    RMB Studios11 soat oldin

    Nigga promoted anti bullying lol

  23. RedLab Records

    RedLab Records11 soat oldin

    n.w.a on the neck , fireeeee


    THTGIRLALMONDEE11 soat oldin

    Him playing those characters had me laughing the whole time😂 I love the video !

  25. Tommy Gunz

    Tommy Gunz11 soat oldin

    Dolph jr.

  26. John candy

    John candy11 soat oldin

    Got damn this boi be snappn..hidden gem...keep Killin it...YEA...getthere954

  27. Savagemauro

    Savagemauro12 soat oldin


  28. Skylar Greer

    Skylar Greer12 soat oldin

    dis slide

  29. Reesey Foster

    Reesey Foster12 soat oldin

    Now this bump🔥

  30. Arthur Joualland

    Arthur Joualland12 soat oldin

    It's looks like Friday the movie with Cube de Glace

  31. Logan Bme

    Logan Bme13 soat oldin

    Looking like juvenile’s son

  32. Bob Class

    Bob Class13 soat oldin

    This nigga lookin cool thou

  33. Dylan Chapo

    Dylan Chapo13 soat oldin

    3:45 Glock dont fw bullies 💯🔥 RESPECT

  34. Ayy Lando!

    Ayy Lando!13 soat oldin

    Well we call em floaters now😭

  35. DrewX Cortez S Perez

    DrewX Cortez S Perez13 soat oldin

    Real ballers wear the Gucci clothes that don’t even say Gucci on that shit.

  36. Strategic Music London

    Strategic Music London13 soat oldin

    Lol keyglock

  37. Darshaun McAway

    Darshaun McAway13 soat oldin


  38. Caliando On Da Riddim

    Caliando On Da Riddim13 soat oldin

    Love the Concept This Video Was Fire 🔥

  39. Youngboy Never Broke Again

    Youngboy Never Broke Again14 soat oldin


  40. Dannie Harrington

    Dannie Harrington14 soat oldin


  41. John Dorazio

    John Dorazio14 soat oldin

    🔥 real shit

  42. Tania Lopez

    Tania Lopez14 soat oldin

    “Bitch Im humble Im not shy” 😩💯

  43. Yung E

    Yung E14 soat oldin

    Good Job on the song and visual seem like alot of thought went in to it. 💯

  44. Tannish Brown

    Tannish Brown14 soat oldin

    I’m a fan

  45. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus14 soat oldin

    I’m naming my first born kid Glizzock

  46. Treasure Diamond

    Treasure Diamond14 soat oldin

    South parkway and Lamar?

  47. Treasure Diamond

    Treasure Diamond14 soat oldin

    Cleaborn homes checking in 3rd ward south memphis

  48. Tella Swizzy L-Dot

    Tella Swizzy L-Dot14 soat oldin


  49. Keyezmin Fuller

    Keyezmin Fuller14 soat oldin


  50. Gigi Gasama

    Gigi Gasama14 soat oldin

    Haha!! This shit on fire @100%!! Silver Spring Maryland rocking this!!

  51. Tyler Lewis

    Tyler Lewis15 soat oldin

    this is bad

  52. Keyotia Flynn

    Keyotia Flynn15 soat oldin

    In south memphis bumping this Memphis shit

  53. massiv pp man xddd

    massiv pp man xddd15 soat oldin

    key glock gonna be on xxl freshman list in a few months

  54. vershawn79

    vershawn7915 soat oldin

    This a lil bad muthaaafucka here!!! lmaoooo

  55. Panda Wave

    Panda Wave15 soat oldin

    Has he checked the mirror?

  56. michael yawg

    michael yawg15 soat oldin

    this guy about to blow up yo......get that 90s vibe

  57. the real deal

    the real deal16 soat oldin

    To hard play it back 🎶🎶🎧

  58. zkilla G

    zkilla G16 soat oldin

    Always on point with tha flow nothin but respect ✊🏾

  59. Diana Ajayi

    Diana Ajayi16 soat oldin

    Key glock is everything I love this man something about that tone him and dolph my faves

  60. Banko

    Banko16 soat oldin

    That was hard🖤