Kane helps Daniel Bryan take a piece of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020

After “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt emerges to stare down Kane, Daniel Bryan rips a dreadlock from the Universal Champion and joins his old teammate in “Yes!” chants. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Shadow 2025

    Shadow 2025Kun oldin

    That mask Kane is wearing is just terrible LOL

  2. Ohigedid91 XBOX

    Ohigedid91 XBOX4 kun oldin

    Kane the only mic skill still believable, the fiend gimmick is prob the best thing in a looong time, that being said it seems like Kane’s paint keeps Fallin in his eyes when he’s trying to look at the tron lol

  3. audrey 061739

    audrey 0617398 kun oldin

    All we need now is an lee, regular bray Wyatt and Wyatt family, the shield, and you basically have 2013-2015 wwe,

  4. HHHseptic gaming

    HHHseptic gaming8 kun oldin

    i hope the fiend vs kane

  5. Jacko Mercis [MJ Indonesia]

    Jacko Mercis [MJ Indonesia]8 kun oldin

    Fake hair the fiend

  6. Penny Awful

    Penny Awful9 kun oldin

    that's a scary mask bro.

  7. Augustin Villarreal

    Augustin Villarreal11 kun oldin

    You can beat the fiend

  8. Mark Anthony Guerrero

    Mark Anthony Guerrero11 kun oldin

    Im a simple man, I saw team hell no, i clicked

  9. Angel Valverde

    Angel Valverde11 kun oldin

    El porque tiene una mascara

  10. Angel Valverde

    Angel Valverde11 kun oldin

    Bratt y watt no da miedo por que kane es el mejor de la lucha libre kane no le tiene miedo

  11. The Guy From YouTube

    The Guy From YouTube11 kun oldin

    I thought kane's favorite event was Hell in a cell

  12. Świetlik ALFA

    Świetlik ALFA13 kun oldin

    The Fiend trying to scare Kane is like son teaching father how to make kids.

  13. Andrea Jones

    Andrea Jones14 kun oldin

    Bray Wyatt is going after everybody that he's had issues with in the past wait till he gets to Roman Reigns. Undertaker or Brock Lesnar those are going to be great showdowns for Wrestlemania.

  14. Aldrin Caunan

    Aldrin Caunan14 kun oldin


  15. Sam Scott

    Sam Scott14 kun oldin

    Why tf is kane at smackdown when hes a mayor

  16. Shammi Prakash

    Shammi Prakash16 kun oldin

    Bring back slow chemical 🔥

  17. Kaylen Louis

    Kaylen Louis16 kun oldin

    Hi Hi Ava

  18. Baby Ed

    Baby Ed17 kun oldin

    Team hell yes

  19. Spion Silver

    Spion Silver18 kun oldin

    damn .. Husky Harris has evolved a lot :P

  20. guyverjay

    guyverjay19 kun oldin

    Lol Kane still around?

  21. محارب التفاهات

    محارب التفاهات21 kun oldin

    3:56 did you see the glasses ?

  22. LegionDerToten

    LegionDerToten21 kun oldin

    This "Kane" guy reminds me of Glen Jakobs, the Mayor of Knox County.

  23. Berat Topçu

    Berat Topçu17 kun oldin

    I dont know Man I dont think its possible they look nothing alike

  24. Javeon Watts

    Javeon Watts21 kun oldin

    Bray wyatt let us know about the fiend in one video he said let me in

  25. Cyber Valdez

    Cyber Valdez22 kun oldin

    Fiend teleported and so did Kane

  26. Bren Washington

    Bren Washington22 kun oldin

    Hahaha! This segment was awesome

  27. Amjad games

    Amjad games23 kun oldin

    LOL the fiend is what.......? 💩😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Zer0 challenge

    Zer0 challenge23 kun oldin

    I love how Jane is staying here

  29. Lawrence Piotter

    Lawrence Piotter23 kun oldin

    I saw daniel bryan got red marks

  30. Chris Phan

    Chris Phan26 kun oldin

    Kane 2005 wouldve destroyed fiend

  31. CopyKitten217

    CopyKitten21727 kun oldin

    Come on wwe don't ruin the fiend

  32. Maxxe Yosad

    Maxxe Yosad27 kun oldin

    I feel like someone like jeff hardy or aliester black could beat the fiend

  33. Lorena Miguez dacosta

    Lorena Miguez dacosta29 kun oldin


  34. nervous

    nervous29 kun oldin

    He wasn’t even in the rumble .... what was the point of this segment ?!?

  35. Amos Jr

    Amos Jr29 kun oldin

    Good ..

  36. Syn Shadows

    Syn Shadows29 kun oldin

    Why there's no Kane at royal rumble???

  37. Jen_ _A_Purr420

    Jen_ _A_Purr420Oy oldin

    Omg the fuckn Mayor helps his best frienemy Daniel Bryan!!! Thank you Kane!!!

  38. BluSpykz

    BluSpykzOy oldin

    3:56 - where did the glasses come from?

  39. Michel

    MichelOy oldin

    Bray:wait if you’re picture is on here then you an him got it on Me and my perverted mind: WHAT DID YOU SAY

  40. SaratogaCV03 YT

    SaratogaCV03 YTOy oldin

    Glenn Jacobs wins Universal title against The Fiend and Kane wins the rumble and will face Glenn Jacobs in WM

  41. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi

    7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhiOy oldin

    " What Took you So Long " 🔥🔥🔥 Welcome BaCk Kane , Always Good to have him

  42. Royal Joker

    Royal JokerOy oldin

    Still in great shape!

  43. Jake Flannery

    Jake FlanneryOy oldin

    So the main heel is a fat slob who runs and hides.. yeah gay.

  44. Shahnaz Asim

    Shahnaz AsimOy oldin

    3:00 Kane teleported

  45. MainEvent

    MainEventOy oldin

    I see Michael Cole is still ruining every Fiend appearance..

  46. X D

    X DOy oldin

    Remembering when kane was talking eith that helper of voice idk the name

  47. Ashley J

    Ashley JOy oldin

    The fiend: *crawls ouy of ring* Daniel bryan: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH The fiend: OOF OOF OOF OW EEF OOF OW Daniel bryan: *eats his hair* Kane: YES YES YES YES YES NO NO YES

  48. Carol Karani

    Carol KaraniOy oldin

    Let the demon Kane bengies

  49. Shadow 2025

    Shadow 2025Oy oldin

    Kane in the 90’s was way much better especially the mask!!

  50. Alexis Fernandez

    Alexis FernandezOy oldin

    Tam Hell No

  51. Yameh Meh

    Yameh MehOy oldin


  52. abie PH

    abie PHOy oldin

    Omg daniel bryan look moret hondsome on his look

  53. Simon Read

    Simon ReadOy oldin

    Corporate Kane, incoming...

  54. TheOldMPClub

    TheOldMPClubOy oldin

    The Fiend should eliminate Kane from the Royal Rumble by ripping open the canvas and dragging him out. Then everyone has to avoid the hole for the rest of the match.

  55. DoomaceIsHere

    DoomaceIsHereOy oldin

    As usual ever since 2009, Kane was made fun of his character. Meh, nothing new up WWE's sleeves.

  56. Warrior316THFC

    Warrior316THFCOy oldin

    Just go under the ring and pull the punk out

  57. Trevin Le

    Trevin LeOy oldin

    3:37 me nowadays when i see monsters in nightmares

  58. WildTiger119

    WildTiger119Oy oldin

    The Fiend stalks kane Kane:What took you so long Bryan beats down the Fiend Me:Why are you running?!

  59. 3 am

    3 amOy oldin

    The crowd is full of kids now wwe isn’t the same😖

  60. E Moneyaye

    E MoneyayeOy oldin

    Who here before smack down

  61. SMP2390

    SMP2390Oy oldin

    No matter how many Demons Brey let in Kane is still the Devils favorite so use your fear on someone else.