Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till Cross Paths Backstage At UFC 244

After Jorge Masvidal beat Nate Diaz and captured the Baddest MotherF**ker Belt, he and former opponent Darren Till ran into each other backstage.
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  1. DimeBagJon

    DimeBagJon2 soat oldin

    Love both of these fighters. People forget that Till actually did well against Masvidal and knocked him down before being brutally knocked out himself. Two great fighters with nothing but respect for one another.

  2. Álex AS

    Álex ASKun oldin

    Darren till is just a classic gentleman

  3. Douwe Dabbert

    Douwe Dabbert2 kun oldin

    Darren is a cool respectful dude

  4. Behelit

    Behelit2 kun oldin

    Both men, nothing but class

  5. Mikee3018

    Mikee30182 kun oldin

    How'd I know this meeting would be night and day from Jorge's last filmed backstage meet with that prick edwards? Jorge and Till, 2 classy guys!

  6. Shelly N

    Shelly N2 kun oldin


  7. rainbirdgpimp

    rainbirdgpimp4 kun oldin

    Respect to both fighters. That's what real men do. Get the crap beat out of you...shake hands and smile about it...move on. Thanks for being a great example.

  8. mmastar925

    mmastar9254 kun oldin

    Pure class 👍🏾

  9. Adam Mendoza

    Adam Mendoza5 kun oldin

    Love the new humble till. Kids special

  10. ZahhaRaMahadev

    ZahhaRaMahadev5 kun oldin

    Ну вот! Дарен циклоп Тилл за метлой следит и все у него хорошо.)

  11. OneCool Gamer

    OneCool Gamer5 kun oldin

    Nothing but respect

  12. rae

    rae5 kun oldin

    masvidal bouta take over the ufc

  13. Albert Ross

    Albert Ross5 kun oldin

    till such a beast

  14. The Elusive Man

    The Elusive Man5 kun oldin

    Two of the greatest fighters walking the earth for sure, two class act warriors.

  15. Miguel 187

    Miguel 1875 kun oldin

    Shit the BMF belt would be super fun if it can be defended 24/7 doring inside the building... Masvidal had a chance to give a 3pc and a soda 🥤 lol 😂 😂

  16. Miguel 187

    Miguel 187Kun oldin

    Mistah AC yea right 😂 😂

  17. Mistah AC

    Mistah AC2 kun oldin

    LOL like the old hardcore title days

  18. Matt Deloff

    Matt Deloff5 kun oldin

    What incredible respect. These 2 dudes are A+ Class Acts. We could all learn from this.

  19. wowzers94

    wowzers945 kun oldin

    Good sports all around. We'll done.

  20. Sometimes RealityIsUgly

    Sometimes RealityIsUgly5 kun oldin

    Jorge is a solid dude...much respect.

  21. Fitness4 you

    Fitness4 you5 kun oldin

    harbzhi shera kurd 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. NorthEast Nugget

    NorthEast Nugget5 kun oldin

    That's how you do it lads, respect each other and set the example. Two great athletes with a mind-set second to none. Good job guys :-)

  23. giftofnothing

    giftofnothing5 kun oldin

    Respect plain and simple

  24. Michael liggett

    Michael liggett5 kun oldin

    What does masvidal say i couldn't understand it

  25. Jeff

    Jeff5 kun oldin

    ........and Colby Covington is a douchebag.......

  26. Personah

    Personah5 kun oldin

    Always someone round the corner

  27. Expr55

    Expr555 kun oldin

    I see everyone is back on the till bandwagon after his win...

  28. Sean Barker

    Sean Barker5 kun oldin

    Leon Scott needs to learn respect like Darren Till has for people

  29. Gee

    Gee5 kun oldin

    These r two bad asses...when your a real mfker u ain’t gotta act like it kudos to these warriors

  30. larry jenkins

    larry jenkins5 kun oldin

    Love both them Great to see Expect nothing but class act from these two warriors Super necessary

  31. Dill n Pickle

    Dill n Pickle5 kun oldin

    That’s dope

  32. We Are Legion

    We Are Legion5 kun oldin

    Till is like one of my fav personalities these days, love this dude.

  33. Tee Armstrong

    Tee Armstrong6 kun oldin


  34. James Rosano

    James Rosano6 kun oldin

    🍗 🍗 🍗 🥤

  35. Whoop Whoop

    Whoop Whoop6 kun oldin

    Both of them are sound as a pound found in the ground by a hound.

  36. Al Pacino

    Al Pacino6 kun oldin

    Darren till would beat the fuck out of masvidal

  37. Jinn Chang Yap

    Jinn Chang Yap6 kun oldin

    Who thought he want to give him 3 piece of soda

  38. Joe Stroud

    Joe Stroud6 kun oldin

    I don't understand why people dislike Darren or Gamebread. Both real dudes. A rematch here would be pretty great but I'm glad to see Till fighting at his natural weight class or closer to it anyways. I think Adesanya vs Till is on the distant horizon.

  39. Sean Essex

    Sean Essex6 kun oldin

    This was all fine and dandy but did you know that 10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice?

  40. Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!

    Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!6 kun oldin

    I wonder what they said to each other

  41. Scott Drew

    Scott Drew6 kun oldin

    oh i thought it was gonna be some wwe shit

  42. Kat Yept

    Kat Yept6 kun oldin

    I'm starting to like Darren Till after he said *fk Romero he's a beast, i don't wanna fight him*

  43. Its Abusion

    Its Abusion6 kun oldin

    Always knew till was great guy

  44. nic neary

    nic neary6 kun oldin

    Class act both guys

  45. Edwin Rivera

    Edwin Rivera6 kun oldin

    Darren till super nice guy now

  46. victor valenzuela

    victor valenzuela6 kun oldin


  47. Hercules Steel

    Hercules Steel6 kun oldin

    I was Askren's fan but you've won me over bud

  48. MUSIC GOD streets approver

    MUSIC GOD streets approver6 kun oldin

    the thumbnail is mad suspect, you a""holes, good job dude

  49. Steve Wall

    Steve Wall6 kun oldin

    Refreshing to see Masvidal have a nice backstage interaction!

  50. Edmar Pedraza

    Edmar Pedraza6 kun oldin

    If you see Masvidal put his hands behind his back you know the heat 🔥 is coming

  51. Danny Hodges

    Danny Hodges6 kun oldin

    00:09 Darren Till “ I love you too mate”. I couldn’t make out what Jorge said, but the respect 👌🏼

  52. thanks maybe

    thanks maybe6 kun oldin

    I use to be a hater but damn Jorge grew on me

  53. tomflynn1974

    tomflynn19746 kun oldin

    2 real men showing respect, not like those 2 UZgo cunts KSiI and Logan Paul, what an embarrassment they were. Love to UFC 💪🏻

  54. artattack jack

    artattack jack6 kun oldin

    Bff title

  55. Ally Cupples

    Ally Cupples6 kun oldin

    Darren Till is a top fighter, role model and top guy Respect

  56. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy6 kun oldin

    Masvidal is such a humble dude 👊

  57. Adil Ishaq

    Adil Ishaq7 kun oldin

    Like my boy khabib says! 'Respect Sport!'

  58. Сергей Коренской

    Сергей Коренской7 kun oldin

    Вот реально слёзы наворачиваются, когда вижу такое уважение между бойцами!!! Спасибо за великолепный пример для подражания!!!

  59. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy6 kun oldin

    Masvidal went in to try and get a blow job Till but Till couldn’t get it up!

  60. Rescate 137

    Rescate 1377 kun oldin

    Jorge es un gentleman , Darren , también . Me encantan los dos , estos , están en el mejor momento para evolucionar más y más ... Sobre todo me gustan las personas , luego va el luchador . Un saludo Jorge

  61. Chris L.

    Chris L.7 kun oldin

    Hey Jorge, just wanted to say how much I respect you and let you know I’m a big fan. I’m so glad you decided to put your killer instinct to the forefront and started looking to end fights as violently as possible. Most fighters in the UFC could learn something from watching your career take off this past year. The people have spoken, and we want Gamebred!!! Anyways, much respect, bro. I’m so glad you’re finally getting that shine! It’s well deserved!

  62. Dean the Machine

    Dean the Machine7 kun oldin

    Masvidal vs. Khabib would be 🤤

  63. Joness Villanueva

    Joness Villanueva7 kun oldin

    This is the wholesome content I come here for