Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned

Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he's been looked at as a bit of a pariah.
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  1. Antarius Baugh

    Antarius Baugh2 soat oldin

    Damn, His HR department sounds like my UPS job. Fire both of u....

  2. myonie22

    myonie222 soat oldin

    So saddened by this interview. Dude doesn't sound or present himself as he did his first interview on the breakfast club. Regardless if he's lying or not, he is certainly softening himself for the camera, like when convicts wear non-prescription glasses to parole hearings. The fact that he didn't sue ANYONE (not even the airline) dragging his name shows he knows little about business and he probably did sign an NDA with his previous agency which killed any chance of getting the truth out, however he has solidified his career being as bright as Cuba Gooding Jr's. despite both of them being great talents.

  3. Tutu EqualFour

    Tutu EqualFour3 soat oldin

    Don't cancel this young man, support his growth and encourage him to do better!!!

  4. Johnson j

    Johnson j4 soat oldin

    Envy was trying to make sense out of everything Jason was saying...

  5. Serg Milli

    Serg Milli4 soat oldin

    Dancing like Bobby Brown in the Every Little Step video.


    DIVA'S WORLD - CUSTOM MADE4 soat oldin



    DIVA'S WORLD - CUSTOM MADE5 soat oldin

    I was shaking my head the whole time! Ain't nobody gonna make accusations about me that I know ain't no truth to it, NO TRUTH! I'M BROKE BUT YOU BETTER BELIEVE IMMA BE RICH SOON CAUSE IMMA USE SOMEBODY LAWYER TO SUE THE HELL OUTTA EVEYBODY!!

  8. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz6 soat oldin

    Nigha went crazy ever since he played Eazy E

  9. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz6 soat oldin

    I said this man speaks like a capricorn lol he got capricorn traits remind me of tyrese go looked him up n he is a capricorn lol how ironic n imma capricorn n we can be liers lol i kno dis boy lien

  10. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz6 soat oldin

    Nothing really happened.....4rm tht point i knew he was lien n whos the co worker?

  11. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz6 soat oldin

    He reminds me of ot genasis

  12. Trail Blazing

    Trail Blazing7 soat oldin

    Man this one got me. Thought this was Brother Mob aka Scarface for a second on the thumbnail.

  13. sharday ladrae

    sharday ladrae9 soat oldin

    I don't know who prepped him for this interview. But they deserve a raise!!!!

  14. sharday ladrae

    sharday ladrae7 soat oldin

    @Charles Dodson I wasn't saying that to be negative. The man interviews damn good!!!!

  15. Charles Dodson

    Charles Dodson7 soat oldin


  16. Charles Dodson

    Charles Dodson7 soat oldin

    sharday ladrae could he just not be yelling his truth?

  17. Brian Jordan

    Brian Jordan9 soat oldin

    This N$gro is clearly a terrible liar.


    xSFxVALINTLY10 soat oldin

    Hr in a job is hella fake they laugh and be plotting to get yah fired

  19. Ms Phoenix269

    Ms Phoenix26911 soat oldin

    Funny how he gets almost a full hour to tap dance when a lot of other folks only get 30 minutes.

  20. Reddy Love

    Reddy Love15 soat oldin

    He is in denial of his inappropriate behavior! Period!!!😡

  21. cocksmithtaylor

    cocksmithtaylor16 soat oldin

    I believe him..like envy said after all the allegations noone has come out and actually say what he supposedly did..I even tried to google it they just kept saying misconduct but never what he did..yall don't think that's weird?

  22. BrosepherStoned

    BrosepherStoned16 soat oldin

    This dude so full of shit his eyes are brown. His career is done. This is a new era

  23. Joe Rose

    Joe Rose20 soat oldin

    That New Orleans accent definitely came out when he talked about Young Greatness

  24. Atl Peach

    Atl PeachKun oldin

    I'm late. I watched the Lena Waithe interview, then came to see this interview. Truth be told, no one is talking. I am still confused after watching both interviews.

  25. Bigzero

    BigzeroKun oldin


  26. School Shiiit

    School ShiiitKun oldin

    How do you explain that people have been strategically trying to ruin your life since you got into argument on a plane with some weirdo without sounding crazy?

  27. BrittanyCaprice86

    BrittanyCaprice86Kun oldin

    It sounds to me like these people are messy as hell and he was blessed to be released! 💕💎

  28. Brown Beauty80

    Brown Beauty80Kun oldin

    This interview is cringy asf!!🙈🙈🙈 Btw, its also weird to hear Envy cussing so much😂😂

  29. Chicks with Bawdy

    Chicks with BawdyKun oldin

    He was dating the girl that played Cynthia on Superfly. That's what black men don't get. These chicks from other groups ride while you're high up,but jump ship as soon as it starts to shift. They railroaded Jason Mitchell. As a woman if I got uncomfortable every time someone raised their voice I'd never leave the house. What kind if sensitive sally females are these. I'm not saying his behavior wasn't unprofessional,but a loud talking mf aint running me away from my money. He gets loud,check his ass and keep filming. For his management and everyone to drop as well there's more to this than anyone's saying. He pissed off the wrong white person and they sabotaged him. Yet,Charlie Sheen was still on a top rated show even after exposing women to HIV. Jason is a hood dude from Nola that got his break. They probably wanted him to do some Hollyweird shit too and wasn't with it. He can't say too much because he's probably being advised not to by his new team. There's politics to this shit. This isn't average life. Lesson learned:never party with coworkers. Black people love going hard on each other,but where was this energy whrn Charlie Sheen exposed women to HIV,but still had a tv job? This man sat here and took responsibility for his role in whatever happend. But that stillnain enough. Yet y'all can forgive these dudes beating y'all ass everyday🤦🏾‍♀️

  30. Kevin Cooper

    Kevin CooperKun oldin

    He fucked his Co worker after dropping her off and the bf found out and his Co worker lied and made it like it was something bigger

  31. Datsizer

    DatsizerKun oldin

    My dude just a Nikka who ain't found out how to deal with fame/Hollywood yet... Chris Rock called it nikkerish LOL

  32. Imty Ray

    Imty RayKun oldin

    He done something inappropriate and he should be arrested and charged

  33. Imty Ray

    Imty RayKun oldin

    Listen if two people acuse u of something it normally is a 100 percent true

  34. Imty Ray

    Imty RayKun oldin

    His a abuser man look at how he is going around the questions

  35. Good Mike

    Good MikeKun oldin

    Envy leveled up. JM hiding something. Today is Wednesday, go get that bag!

  36. Dvon Johnson

    Dvon JohnsonKun oldin

    He answered everything seemingly truthfully..I don’t understand what yall are watching

  37. Dvon Johnson

    Dvon Johnson9 soat oldin

    jerseyfluccc what am I supposed to listen to y’all internet detectives? I mean it doesn’t look good why he was let go of two shows but what I don’t get is why nothing has come out yet highlighting what was done or said

  38. jerseyfluccc

    jerseyfluccc9 soat oldin

    LMAOOOO u can't be serious... are u ??

  39. NatalieLeads

    NatalieLeadsKun oldin

    i still love him idc

  40. Ace boogie

    Ace boogieKun oldin

    People believe anything online. Cancel culture is messed up

  41. tabkins

    tabkinsKun oldin

    Side eye

  42. Shadell Summers

    Shadell SummersKun oldin

    I will tell you this, Jason knows how to move the conversation along lol it’s just all confusing. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. Dominica Mitchell

    Dominica Mitchell2 kun oldin

    So funny.... As a Mitchell; I'm not surprised 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  44. A ShoNuff

    A ShoNuff2 kun oldin

    This ninja rite here lying

  45. Leah Tyus

    Leah Tyus2 kun oldin

    i dont believe him...anger issues

  46. Kroger KP2

    Kroger KP22 kun oldin

    If these allegations are false. He should definitely sue, because this affects his livelihood

  47. A Boogie

    A BoogieKun oldin

    If an NDA was signed, there is no law suit that can be filed.

  48. Meaux Gainz

    Meaux GainzKun oldin

    Kroger KP2 depending one the contract, it will be hard. I just came from EXACT situation! I work in healthcare, and HR will never tell you exactly what was said of any situation your involved in. The me too movement is a gift and a curse. I’m all for equality but don’t lie to get equality! They pulled me inter office and asked me about some questions, statements, and conversation with white women about their breast, feet, posture, and other extreme ties. I don’t associated with white women, date white women, talk to white women outside of work related conversations. I asked for clarification on what was said, who was said etc but they said no! I asked for a moment to call my council and when in came back to the office, it was locked! I tried to sue later but If they pay you, it’s considered collateral Damage. When they say statements like: I don’t want you to go home and self medicate You don’t talk like a black guy Your so articulate It leaves you in a situation that can turn deadly leaving no room for a lawsuit.

  49. Chrissy b

    Chrissy b2 kun oldin

    And he's still fine af

  50. Kroger KP2

    Kroger KP22 kun oldin

    I think it's more to this than he's telling us

  51. Juawan Scott

    Juawan Scott2 kun oldin

    Man I thought his ass was lying too until I just seen that Lena interview and she said “she has to believe women”

  52. Mari Addis

    Mari Addis2 kun oldin

    Horseshyte!!! So this ninja loses job(S) and is dropped from a major agency after he allegedly did what any respectful man would do in a similar situation. However, don't nobody know and has given any information on any events that led up to the actions taken against him.🥴😒 Damn! He's not even worth a more fathomable K.Hart set up.

  53. Tanesha Watts

    Tanesha Watts2 kun oldin

    He is problematic af. I see right through his stories

  54. Tanesha Watts

    Tanesha Watts2 kun oldin

    Yes! He’s leaving the stuff he says and does out of this interview!!! How do you get slapped because somebody wanted to get into your convo??? Staappp

  55. Dominica Mitchell

    Dominica Mitchell2 kun oldin

    Low-key manipulative and abusive possibly.... Great actor so he lies well💁🏿‍♀️

  56. Quinton Colston

    Quinton Colston2 kun oldin

    If I’m telling truth I’m going into severe detail definitely when it come to stuff like that... and his interview makes me feel like he’s hiding something

  57. James Grant

    James Grant2 kun oldin

    I'm with you my brother.. coming from New Orleans.. I totally understand him.. I knew he clicked out on all of em.. ppl view me the same at my work place.. and a lot white ppl, I've come encountered , feel if your not smiling something is wrong

  58. Shrimpchipz 11

    Shrimpchipz 112 kun oldin

    “She was listening too hard.” Da fuk does that mean. That’s no reason for putting hands on people.

  59. Kori Cammo

    Kori Cammo2 kun oldin

    Maaan y’all keep saying he dancing around these questions, but if he says the wrong thing that’s ammo for anyone to open a case , right now all they can do is accuse him and it’s only been 2 incidents and with some women if you snap on they ass they will quickly find a story to tell . I feel like he keeps trying to be a good guy in Hollywood but what he need to do is get that Samuel L Jackson and Wesley snipes attitude he doesn’t talk to anyone even if he’s on set with them

  60. smith housen

    smith housen2 kun oldin

    for all of ya'll who clowned him for not saying much... now go and watch lena waithe interview.. still no clarity therefore he might be telling the truth. all you fake ass internet investigators..

  61. Bre Nospmoht

    Bre Nospmoht2 kun oldin

    Trevor said, "Call an Uber."

  62. BrownPaperDoll

    BrownPaperDoll2 kun oldin

    He doesn't come off like people have made him out to be. He seems really sweet. I also feel like he's saying very little because everything done and said as a celebrity seems to be scrutinized.

  63. Porsha Edmun

    Porsha Edmun3 kun oldin

    For all y’all saying he lying. How? He doesn’t know what he is being accused of they just saying misconduct the only thing he thinking of is the last interactions with them when he got loud, aggressive and cursed them out etc. that’s the issue but he doesn’t know exactly what he being accused of bc Hr doesn’t specify that for retaliation. Case closed.

  64. MrReedStanley

    MrReedStanley2 kun oldin

    Exactly. In the entertainment industry so many are hit with "We've decided to go in another direction..." without any explanation required. That's the basis of at-will employment.

  65. Annette Parker - Haynes

    Annette Parker - Haynes3 kun oldin

    i call bullshit!

  66. Porsha Edmun

    Porsha Edmun3 kun oldin

    I need to get that shirt dude got an IG

  67. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy3 kun oldin

    Ole girl slapped you for NO REASON. Lmao come on Jason.

  68. Charles Dodson

    Charles Dodson7 soat oldin

    JasmineSkyy, he said what he believed she slapped him for. Damn, did you listen to the interview?

  69. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy3 kun oldin

    Envy is asking the hard questions!!! And the buffoon Jason Mitchell said “oh I have to take the L”. Who takes a false L? Lmao shut the hell up.

  70. Jennifer W

    Jennifer W14 soat oldin

    To be fair, look at the prison system...plenty of people take false L's. I mean it's obvious he's either lying or at least not telling the whole truth. But pressure will make the strongest people fold 🤷‍♀️

  71. docnyqll

    docnyqll22 soat oldin

    It's called a disclosure with full pay

  72. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy3 kun oldin

    Where is Angela Yee?

  73. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy3 kun oldin

    Tiffany Boone left the show because of you Jason!!!