Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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    WAFFLES FOREVER19 kun oldin’re weird lol.

  2. Galaxia Is Online

    Galaxia Is Online16 soat oldin

    poop 42069

  3. Jimme

    Jimme16 soat oldin

    poop 8

  4. Gabriella Faith

    Gabriella Faith22 soat oldin

    Poop 1,000,000,000

  5. Minerva A

    Minerva A6 soat oldin

    They're in their 70-80s now...

  6. Zatanna Crock

    Zatanna Crock6 soat oldin

    The guy at 10:11 is saying "Oh, poor old man he works too hard the wives have got nothing to do." might be a little easier for me to understand 'cuz I'm Australian

  7. Joy Eyitsede

    Joy Eyitsede7 soat oldin

    When he said "sheeeit dawg" that took me out 😂😂😭😭

  8. Joy Eyitsede

    Joy Eyitsede7 soat oldin

    College cost like 3 dollars 😂😂

  9. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost8 soat oldin

    Well people who were adults in 50s probably still felt the effects of World War 1 and Great Depression and definitively fought in WW2 both times against Germans, so no wonders they weren't snowflakes back then. They were more blunt and direct. Also, sometimes cultural difference, like Eastern Europeans are usually more direct and blunt.

  10. Dorothy Valter-Brown

    Dorothy Valter-Brown9 soat oldin

    Ok.. it took me WAY too long to recognise the guy being interviewed is like OCKA aussie. Knowing that! What he says is "ah no no no" "why's that" "oh well poor old man works so hard his wife has nothing to do" Oh god that feeling of mental relief, after weeks of fog

  11. 21CenturyHippie

    21CenturyHippie9 soat oldin

    Interesting fact, the majority of these were screened in movie theaters before the featured presentation.

  12. 21CenturyHippie

    21CenturyHippie9 soat oldin

    2:31 my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  13. YogiOabs

    YogiOabs10 soat oldin

    These old videos are great haha

  14. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie10 soat oldin

    This dude is the funniest person on UZgo I swear lmao 🤣

  15. Heliovice

    Heliovice11 soat oldin

    Damn that Contortionist vinyl

  16. Ketchup Overdose

    Ketchup Overdose14 soat oldin

    My biggest takeaway from this video? We DO live in a society.

  17. The Dirty Dweeb

    The Dirty Dweeb15 soat oldin

    "If you don't have skin or a mouth, you're not gonna get a boyfriend." Honestly the best dating advice I ever did hear.

  18. houseofhilary

    houseofhilary15 soat oldin

    Loved this! Mystery Science Theater 3000 covered this short and it’s one of the funniest ones they did. So is “What to do on a date” and “cleanliness”.

  19. Sydney Stevens

    Sydney Stevens15 soat oldin

    It's funny cuz Foldgers is disgusting

  20. Grace C

    Grace C16 soat oldin

    It was an Australian accent so I got it lol

  21. Adam's TruthTrek

    Adam's TruthTrek18 soat oldin

    My god this was funny. One of your best.

  22. sakura hoor

    sakura hoor18 soat oldin

    Hahaha oh brother 🤣🤣😂😂👏👏

  23. sakura hoor

    sakura hoor18 soat oldin

    3 dollars college? I would be considered millionaire if i were in the 50s 🤔

  24. Arabella Lake

    Arabella Lake20 soat oldin

    its like that one episode in the office!!! “see world” or “sea world” lmfaoooooooo

  25. Aaron Davis

    Aaron Davis21 soat oldin

    Making coffee on the stove was for savages....

  26. fockin great

    fockin great21 soat oldin

    Damn that first narrator is a BITCH


    SB GAMING23 soat oldin

    Geez drew is flexing on all of us with the amount of girls he dated. Six that's a big number drew bro u are truly amazing. No wonder u get all the girls

  28. Steve Cortelli

    Steve Cortelli23 soat oldin

    Yes, we do live in a society

  29. wwjbrickd

    wwjbrickdKun oldin

    You're so cute!

  30. doosiekatt

    doosiekattKun oldin

    10:21 you’re welcome

  31. gatorgityergranny

    gatorgityergrannyKun oldin

    thought i was gonna hate this. loved it. i think these "how to" social essays from MY CHILDHOOD (born 1950) are STILL a riot. this was well written and performed, kid.

  32. Flbreglass

    FlbreglassKun oldin

    Drew look at Sprocket Films on Amazon Prime.

  33. Ariel King

    Ariel KingKun oldin

    To translate what the Australian man said: "Poor old man, he works too hard. The wife has got nothing to do". Hi from Sydney

  34. LFalch

    LFalchKun oldin

    Bilmuri anyone?

  35. That One Doesn't Count

    That One Doesn't CountKun oldin

    10:10 How could you not understand that guy? All he's doing is speaking Australian

  36. Heather Billy42

    Heather Billy42Kun oldin

    10:15 I think he said something like “we already work all week, and the wife has nothing to do” idk. The reporter looked so confused, you could tell he also couldn’t understand what he said 😂

  37. Heather Billy42

    Heather Billy42Kun oldin

    5:21 Folgers coffee sucks. I want to see reactions to old videos like this by people that were kids/teens back then. 😄

  38. Kanishk Sarin

    Kanishk SarinKun oldin

    Accidentally watched the video on 1.25 x and didn't even notice till he cut to the sponsor plug lmaoo

  39. Erica Riley

    Erica RileyKun oldin


  40. Selene Melgar

    Selene MelgarKun oldin

    Oh my god it actually is tuesday

  41. Ari

    AriKun oldin

    The guy said something about divorce...

  42. Dee

    DeeKun oldin

    modern day 5minute crafts

  43. KnuckleHunkybuck

    KnuckleHunkybuckKun oldin

    Every woman I've ever been attracted to has had all her skin and an entire mouth.