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  1. Prince Ea

    Prince Ea6 kun oldin

    I'm soooo excited to announce my Life School! Looking forward to connecting with you guys there.

  2. Panda Gurl

    Panda Gurl6 soat oldin

    I will enroll 2 ur skool UwU

  3. Whatever Squad

    Whatever Squad6 soat oldin

    @philonetic I know what a job is, I am not stupid

  4. erinda basha

    erinda basha6 soat oldin

    hi I am a normal girl that needed to see this channel .your videos , your words have made me reflect so much and I am saying you thanks for what you do and plz keep doing this

  5. philonetic

    philonetic6 soat oldin

    @Whatever Squad Yeet profile, minecraft videos? Wait until you know what a job is before deciding that life sucks.

  6. philonetic

    philonetic6 soat oldin

    @Fletcher Brady How much are you paid to post this nonsense?

  7. Stick Den

    Stick Den6 soat oldin

    My parents said no when I asked if I can buy it

  8. SilverStar 85

    SilverStar 856 soat oldin

    This man he makes the world a better place

  9. BeastFox Gaming

    BeastFox Gaming6 soat oldin

    Green screen level master

  10. philonetic

    philonetic7 soat oldin

    There is no school, it's a scam. You pay to recieve quotes in text message, he sells the lists to marketing companies. He is a hustler.

  11. ItsEgg TV

    ItsEgg TV7 soat oldin

    I am 100% joining this, btw I love your videos they motivate me to move

  12. Jaylyn M

    Jaylyn M7 soat oldin

    Def joining this school 😎😎

  13. Jaylyn M

    Jaylyn M7 soat oldin

    Three minutes ago and 4.7 k comments. 😮😮😮

  14. Chris Wamer

    Chris Wamer8 soat oldin

    Prince EA already got thousands of dollars coming in and now he ruining the image by charging for texts you can find by googling "inspirational quotes" and then adding a -Prince EA to it. He succumbed to the mainstream.

  15. LIL S1CK

    LIL S1CK8 soat oldin

    I would love to join it but I live in UAE :(

  16. iMythril

    iMythril8 soat oldin

    Ea -lets make a school Also ea- $1 to breathe within lessons

  17. Paul Biju

    Paul Biju8 soat oldin

    For Money? ☹️

  18. Noah E

    Noah E8 soat oldin

    Thought u quit boi

  19. aj sasquash13

    aj sasquash138 soat oldin

    But shouldn't it be free for the people who cant afford 9 dollars

  20. aj sasquash13

    aj sasquash138 soat oldin

    Bro u really need to start a school with a kickstarter people would invest and it could spread

  21. SneakyNela

    SneakyNela8 soat oldin

    Please become a president

  22. Ryan York

    Ryan York8 soat oldin

    Omg! Please do classes for poetry. I've been doing it for some time, but no expert has done a master class on UZgo for it.

  23. Roi Gipot

    Roi Gipot9 soat oldin

    PrinceEA: "Im opening my own school!" All of us: We're about to do what's called a pro gamer move.

  24. BloodOranger

    BloodOranger9 soat oldin

    This school is going to be like heaven

  25. Bashir Aun Nur Mahi

    Bashir Aun Nur Mahi9 soat oldin

    I wish I could make my parents understand and stop me schooling and got to this Ea school. How could I say this? I even got beaten up every results day after my exams just because I got "A-" and "B". I am sorry dude.

  26. the ice ninja/x.

    the ice ninja/x.9 soat oldin

    Scam he just wants money

  27. h a n n a h .V

    h a n n a h .V9 soat oldin

    think what you wanna think

  28. Burek

    Burek9 soat oldin

    I think you're the new Einstein.Like who agrees with me.

  29. Tam A Nguyen

    Tam A Nguyen9 soat oldin

    Can u run for president?

  30. Alicia Lagos

    Alicia Lagos10 soat oldin

    Thank u this is ...comforting god bless u!😊

  31. Desire Plasma

    Desire Plasma10 soat oldin

    Yo sign me up

  32. h a n n a h .V

    h a n n a h .V9 soat oldin


  33. John Dado

    John Dado10 soat oldin

    SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF TIME WHY? you are grade 7 then u climb up to college do you remember all the lesson you make in grade 7?NO then when a exam has come u can see every student memorizing all the answers why? cuz they dont even remember what teacher teach to them thats why we have pointers to review. i almost said to my teacher that why we all wasting time on your voice. and we all ending up on a letter that contains a lesson that u need to review for it. thats all im gonna say

  34. Packachu Gang

    Packachu Gang11 soat oldin

    Damn, i thought this was a public school, not a private school. Y the hell do we need to pay that

  35. Emo Trash

    Emo Trash11 soat oldin

    Do i have to pay for this?

  36. me wa

    me wa11 soat oldin

    *looks at description and sees the link* Ok let’s do this

  37. TommyGaming 2314

    TommyGaming 231411 soat oldin

    Only for 9$😉

  38. Mar Vill

    Mar Vill11 soat oldin


  39. august

    august11 soat oldin

    School doesn't teach you everything you need to know, so you have to pay 9$ per month to learn it...

  40. Ashi Buddhdev

    Ashi Buddhdev11 soat oldin

    WE HAVE TO PAY?!?!?!??

  41. Ashi Buddhdev

    Ashi Buddhdev11 soat oldin


  42. Kirito03060304gaming lol

    Kirito03060304gaming lol12 soat oldin

    i really wanted to join bud i am pretty much poor so yeah that sucks ;(

  43. Salem Curtis Jr

    Salem Curtis Jr12 soat oldin

    What if you create an app for your followers please

  44. Baby TschaTschu

    Baby TschaTschu12 soat oldin

    Money 9€

  45. Stirling Pitt

    Stirling Pitt12 soat oldin

    you should run for president, that 'sorry' video spoke well to me I watched it ages ago when I was in school and back then I thought it was a joke, but now... now I know where your coming from

  46. Spedicitus Control

    Spedicitus Control12 soat oldin

    I wanna go to your school!!

  47. Attitude Pirates

    Attitude Pirates12 soat oldin

    I belong to very poor family I tried to sign up but I don't have money 😞 Sorry prince Ae! Your beautiful videos are enough for me

  48. random potato

    random potato12 soat oldin

    My exact words when I read the title: "Yes!"

  49. Spirtualunlocker

    Spirtualunlocker12 soat oldin

    good subscribed

  50. StopHackingUNub

    StopHackingUNub12 soat oldin

    Watch the whole usa population come to prince ea

  51. X Lenda

    X Lenda13 soat oldin


  52. Franz Absalon

    Franz Absalon13 soat oldin


  53. Viper X

    Viper X13 soat oldin

    Will there also be dick picks sent?

  54. 10k subs with No content

    10k subs with No content14 soat oldin


  55. Tae Tae

    Tae Tae14 soat oldin

    This dude.. This dude is amazing.. You help me a lot with your videos and understand that i am not alone. Thank you❤️

  56. Flip Flopp

    Flip Flopp14 soat oldin

    Paying 9$ a month just to get a automated sms saying how important training is.. No thank you

  57. Robotic

    Robotic14 soat oldin

    I bet that in this school you'll learn more about life in one day than in normal schools for 9 years...

  58. siblings gang

    siblings gang14 soat oldin

    Me:umm.... Ma can I get this school Mom:what is it Me:it's a UZgor haveing this school Mom:honey u know you won't learn anything but social media right Me:ma I'm serious this dood is like a therapist (. _.)

  59. Khotsofalo Shale

    Khotsofalo Shale15 soat oldin

    I checked out the link and i am pretty happy but there are those of us without a bank account to pay for this and our parents think that this i usless so how do we pay for such

  60. Fortnite news

    Fortnite news15 soat oldin

    Open one on lebanon

  61. Killidakaos 22

    Killidakaos 2216 soat oldin

    I'm home schooled sorry but I can't................. obviously joking but the thing that is not a joke is that I am home schooled.... yyyyesssss

  62. JZ13_G4M1NG FR0M YT

    JZ13_G4M1NG FR0M YT16 soat oldin

    If you have a school in Philippines I'd rather to start a class on your shool instead of mine just you like said many schools doesn't teach us in how to be successful in future 👍👍👍

  63. Grandmaster Bond

    Grandmaster Bond16 soat oldin

    Can anybody tell me who is he, I cant understand by his contents, is he a motivational speaker or what?

  64. Chloe Paul

    Chloe Paul17 soat oldin

    I can't afford to pay for it 😭

  65. ZJ Gaming

    ZJ Gaming17 soat oldin

    Sad, needs money to be in it

  66. Avez

    Avez17 soat oldin

    Ngl, though Will Smith uploaded this lol

  67. Жандос Кайратов

    Жандос Кайратов17 soat oldin

    Брат пишу по русский потому что хочу попросить по больше русских субтитров в видео.. Ты во многом прав в своих видео. Но жаль что я большенство твоих слов не понимаю)