I Vlogged My Colonoscopy

After celebrating his 50th birthday for a full year, Will gets serious about his health and heads in for a colonoscopy. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
For more information about all cancer screening tests, visit the National Cancer Institute’s website here: www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/screening/screening-tests
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  1. Miguel Chavez

    Miguel Chavez5 soat oldin

    Dios lo bendiga😖🙏

  2. brooklynforever1990

    brooklynforever19906 soat oldin

    Wills doctor is awesome! Her entire demeanor is wonderful 👏🏾

  3. Betty Slawinski

    Betty Slawinski6 soat oldin

    How messed up that people think anything is ok...you are people like me..he is just like us people...DUHHH...

  4. Betty Slawinski

    Betty Slawinski6 soat oldin

    Omg I'm only 9:48 in....🙃

  5. Betty Slawinski

    Betty Slawinski6 soat oldin

    Love the guy with the toilet/faucet line...💛

  6. Betty Slawinski

    Betty Slawinski6 soat oldin

    Dammit Will you are still full of poop!!!! I knew it!!!💛lol💛

  7. Samini Gunasagaram

    Samini Gunasagaram6 soat oldin

    Health is our greatest wealth...nothing more

  8. Samini Gunasagaram

    Samini Gunasagaram6 soat oldin

    Good wan..

  9. Betty Slawinski

    Betty Slawinski6 soat oldin

    Sorry Will but this was my favorite...I'm a 50 year old woman that had this done 4 years ago and it was so so so hard.......ugh....glad yer good man....💛💛💛💛💛they said no important decisions to me too!!! Love you and your family Will

  10. Terrence Linder

    Terrence Linder7 soat oldin

    Got mine two years ago, had one polyp but everything else was fine. Lotsa people won’t do it because it’s an invasive procedure.

  11. Ady Peñate

    Ady Peñate7 soat oldin

    Hola Will me encanta tus películas y tú forma de ser saludos desde México

  12. D I a b e t u s J u I c e

    D I a b e t u s J u I c e8 soat oldin

    Yo Will Smith Looks like he l as te 30zm

  13. Scorpion Queen

    Scorpion Queen10 soat oldin

    Will Smith I got mine too in 2017 or 2018 but they put you to sleep. The prep is irritating the fluid you have to take and you cant eat anything. I know!

  14. Kimberly Pastén

    Kimberly Pastén10 soat oldin

    Mucha fuerza Will Smith!! te mando todo la buena vibra, vas a estar bien (Y)

  15. Albert Triumph

    Albert Triumph10 soat oldin

    your channel has just been blocked

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  17. Myriad

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    Man I been with you since the Fresh Prince and this is hard to take

  18. Reyna Carolina Flores Mendoza

    Reyna Carolina Flores Mendoza12 soat oldin

    U r amazing

  19. jhony chaves

    jhony chaves12 soat oldin

    Will is a big fan of yours, not to the point of being sick, but you do me good! I watched all your movies, you don't know anymore I'm a friend of yours, I know the possibility of meeting you is 0.001%

  20. jhony chaves

    jhony chaves12 soat oldin

    I'm from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I would love to meet my favorite actor

  21. jhony chaves

    jhony chaves12 soat oldin

    1% chance to meet you will, and more than enough friend, a hug from your fan! Hope you read, stay with God

  22. jhony chaves

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    I really want to meet you Will one day I hope to be part of your friendship !; I live in Brazil I hope many news your hug a friend you still do not know stays with God!

  23. Tony Grant

    Tony Grant14 soat oldin

    Will did you feel thoroughly erased? LOL

  24. David GS

    David GS16 soat oldin

    My prayers for Will Smith, I hope he is well and can get out of his illness, hopefully nothing serious, God bless him and take care of him right now ☹️

  25. Olive Emmanuel

    Olive Emmanuel16 soat oldin

    May God preserve your health in Jesus name.

  26. Olivia Bibiano-Moreno

    Olivia Bibiano-Moreno16 soat oldin

    I am so happy Will shared his whole experience with us. Not a lot of actors do this. He is so brave, and this video will definitely have men go get this procedure done....

  27. Álvaro Bardón

    Álvaro Bardón16 soat oldin

    uzgo.info/video/3Z6jyKyun5uXz2U.html 😀😀

  28. DK ϟSuperhs

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  29. Diego Vera

    Diego Vera18 soat oldin

    Wow, this has more views than his last movie!

  30. Puji Wati

    Puji Wati20 soat oldin

    Foot boll Match PSG Vs PERSIB BANDUNG

  31. TheMusicYT

    TheMusicYT21 soat oldin

    Pueden hacer subtitulos al español?

  32. Yaritza Fuentes

    Yaritza Fuentes21 soat oldin

    wiiiiillll te quiero muchoooo

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    Hello ben umut

  35. Denise K

    Denise KKun oldin

    Got in a car accident. The concussion specialist sent me to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. Turns out that have pigmented spots in my eye which can be a sign of colon polyps. So... I’m getting my colonoscopy too! Imagine!

  36. trimitium oficial

    trimitium oficialKun oldin

    Yo solo espero que todo este bien

  37. Rob Sinbob

    Rob SinbobKun oldin

    Listen to your Dr. but if you are low risk ColoGuard is a non invasive in home test.

  38. Sergio Ethan Vera Briseno

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    Weeey nooooo

  39. Jane Onipko

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    Thank you! We love you)

  40. dora alicia ramirez mendez

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    Hla querido amigo co a grasia de dios padre hijo y espiritu santo todo saldra bien animo saludos y bendisiones

  41. Josmer Suero

    Josmer SueroKun oldin

    I'm 19, I might need to have a Colonoscopy, I'm still scared but not as much.

  42. Poop Loop

    Poop LoopKun oldin

    I can’t Believe that he was my old neighbor in Philly.

  43. WampiritaKS7

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    Todo bless you Will, you are a great Man and example for all. Kisses!

  44. Zeli

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    I’m glad he caught it!

  45. juan Pérez

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    No te entiendo ni madres pero DIOS te proteja muchos años desde valle de chalco MX.

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    Hi will i love you and i really want to see you and abbey together again.

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    Algum br

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    I love you my beautiful brother keep up the Fantastic work will💪🏾

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    Cómo está mi compadre Will espero se recupere pronto ánimo dios esté con usted y la familia

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    My best wishes for you, gettings from Mexico

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    Algo en a la español

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    This dude operates on higher vibration levels. Love his spirit.

  61. Gabriela Zenteno

    Gabriela ZentenoKun oldin

    I'm 20 years old and a few months ago I had my first colonoscopy, I've suffered of colon irritation since I was 15. They found me a little hemorrhoid but nothing that bad. The process was totally different of what I thought, and I dont have all the economy resources of the world. Some people told me it was a horrible experience and I was afraid. It was the cheapest place and the attention was absolutely AMAZING. I didn't feel nothing, I just fell asleep and then I woke up. I think if somebody dont have enough money to do this exam, searching in different places, comparing prices and stuff is the way. I'm from Chile, the health system here is expensive as hell.

  62. King Am

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    Espero que te recuperes pronto

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    Will Smith I usually don't do this but can you help me in my family out with some money I just need a boost in life bills are too much car note is too much I can never win