I've been Banned from Fortnite (I'm Sorry)

I'm sorry


  1. Jarvis

    Jarvis11 kun oldin

    I’m reading all my comments today and I love you guys so much you all don’t understand how much I appreciate all your support❤️❤️❤️

  2. meryn williams

    meryn williams11 kun oldin

    I'm so sorry.😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Moeez Lahori

    Moeez Lahori11 kun oldin

    Just make a new account we all will sub you

  4. Xxvlog _andyxX

    Xxvlog _andyxX11 kun oldin

    Jarvis it's okay we are trying to let fortnite in ban you

  5. ツツ JULIUS

    ツツ JULIUS11 kun oldin

    Bruh just make a new account

  6. K3 hypebro TTV

    K3 hypebro TTV11 kun oldin

    Jarvis muck love ❤️❤️❤️

  7. susan

    susan5 soat oldin

    People are crying because war is being waged in their country and they are losing their families! so ridiculous your lamentation🤦‍♀️

  8. Actively Anime

    Actively Anime5 soat oldin


  9. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez5 soat oldin

    make a new acc

  10. godTsm_Myths

    godTsm_Myths5 soat oldin

    Fortnite just let him back ik he's wrong but have mercy

  11. reverse-editx

    reverse-editx5 soat oldin

    Use me as a Jarvis finna become a meme botton👎👇

  12. Vankruze

    Vankruze5 soat oldin

    Well done you destroyed your career thank god you're still young.

  13. steven Baez

    steven Baez5 soat oldin

    Damn I I feel his pain. Not the whole fortnite thing but like how he was crying I deadass felt that

  14. LessFade

    LessFade5 soat oldin

    Just play call of duty or something fortnite is not gonna always live some day the game gon get dry and ass

  15. Katherine Sanchez

    Katherine Sanchez5 soat oldin

    england kid cry’s watch jay get banned

  16. Sima Pesic

    Sima Pesic5 soat oldin

    😭😭😭😭 what the 🤬 epic games

  17. Katherine Sanchez

    Katherine Sanchez5 soat oldin


  18. Victor Hugo742GX

    Victor Hugo742GX5 soat oldin

    Play modern warfare forget fortnite games old and Boring trash anyway how laggy it is with unplayable servers sometimes

  19. micosoft crix

    micosoft crix5 soat oldin


  20. creativemobile king

    creativemobile king5 soat oldin

    184k unlike really guy come on

  21. fallen angel 669

    fallen angel 6695 soat oldin

    All you guys are mean what if you guys got banned

  22. Zeelim

    Zeelim5 soat oldin

    Hahahahahahahaahhahaa cry hahahhahaha


    COCONUT JUICE5 soat oldin


  24. Waynersox YT

    Waynersox YT5 soat oldin

    Dollar store lil mosey

  25. Metroboom 767

    Metroboom 7675 soat oldin

    HA HA HA

  26. O3flores

    O3flores5 soat oldin

    fake crying for views danm

  27. CS

    CS5 soat oldin

    Damn i kinda feel really bad for him.

  28. Tru Palmer

    Tru Palmer5 soat oldin

    bro just stop

  29. Parzival _Playz

    Parzival _Playz5 soat oldin


  30. THATDUDE 16

    THATDUDE 165 soat oldin

    Me:*clicks on video* Also me: WHY TF U CRYING OVER A TRASH ASS GAME GET TF ON

  31. Matthew Felix

    Matthew Felix5 soat oldin

    Ur dumb and good go outside go to the mall do stuff

  32. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel Aguirre5 soat oldin

    this makes me not wanna play fortnite any more

  33. Twisted Glitchs

    Twisted Glitchs5 soat oldin

    Man they ban someone better then anyone at the game for making funny content for us promoting THERE game. But they don't Sway for cheating in a World Cup Tournament.

  34. Reece Morquecho

    Reece Morquecho5 soat oldin

    Bro your 17 and crying over a game grow up

  35. Tony

    Tony6 soat oldin

    You can always play Minecraft...

  36. Jack Konopisos

    Jack Konopisos6 soat oldin

    This is so sad... not cuz I feel bad for him but because an 18 year old is crying over fortnite

  37. Mar Aya

    Mar Aya6 soat oldin

    Jarvis: *wakes up* Such a lovely day, in Fortnite!- Epic games: Your band, gEt oUt Jarvis: •~•

  38. R'mani_ Rookie

    R'mani_ Rookie6 soat oldin

    Stop being a little bicth man

  39. Oscar Noyola

    Oscar Noyola6 soat oldin

    🤣🤣🤣 my mans is actually crying because of a game 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Jig

    Jig6 soat oldin

    Is he serious?

  41. i hate snakeu

    i hate snakeu6 soat oldin

    Now to move on to mimecraft :D

  42. Jacob Maines

    Jacob Maines6 soat oldin

    That’s what you get you muppet

  43. Kathy Lizarraga

    Kathy Lizarraga6 soat oldin

    Good luck bro you will be better

  44. Casandra Watson

    Casandra Watson6 soat oldin

    Don't know why it has my mom picture but u are really good don't give up jarvis u are the king of fortnite when I think fortnite I think u I look up to u keep hanging in there u will come up to the light and if u still bad play Roblox and u can play with me my username is wolfboy3346 u might not see this but I just won't u to know this

  45. coolkids clan

    coolkids clan6 soat oldin

    I know this may be rude but you could play apex legends

  46. Bob S

    Bob S6 soat oldin

    I hope you get back on Ivan woch eny one to woch people play fortnight 😭😭😭

  47. WOLF BR

    WOLF BR6 soat oldin


  48. ugo_eo

    ugo_eo6 soat oldin

    You’re crying because of a game

  49. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green6 soat oldin

    he has that Laura Lee apology

  50. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green6 soat oldin

    if you sit there and think about it ITS A GAME... A FREE GAME

  51. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green6 soat oldin

    so are you gonna be a tfue and be a no skin?

  52. MistaSupreme 10x

    MistaSupreme 10x6 soat oldin

    😂 should have never used aimbot

  53. No Name

    No Name6 soat oldin

    I’m just thinking of Ziff or whatever his name it and how he HACKED DURING A QUALIFIER and only got banned for a short amount of time And you.. play solo and playground.. and get perm banned

  54. WÍLD_ cabbage

    WÍLD_ cabbage6 soat oldin

    Anyone talking about his favorite thing in the world is fortnite no offense I'm love it to

  55. Swatty

    Swatty6 soat oldin

    4:44 when my phone gets taken away

  56. No Name

    No Name6 soat oldin

    Hope you get unbanned bro 🙏🏽🙏🏽👍


    I RESULUTE6 soat oldin

    He said he need to do more content of course you do lol or else you finna be broke be thankful they didn’t atleast take your money

  58. chris lindborg

    chris lindborg6 soat oldin


  59. Luke Day

    Luke Day6 soat oldin

    You are everything that went wrong with online gaming Jarvis,

  60. Bob Bush

    Bob Bush6 soat oldin


  61. Jonathon Tofts

    Jonathon Tofts6 soat oldin

    Him makes a sad vid of him crying: cri cri Him editing the video: I'm asking my mum if I'm a mistake


    I RESULUTE6 soat oldin

    lol ima keep real with you why did you cheat and etc bro like you new there was consequences so now deal with them bro

  63. What a journey

    What a journey6 soat oldin

    Jarvis: Oh man, I can't believe I'm using aimbot! I might get banned bro!! *Gets Banned* Jarvis: 😭 😭

  64. It’s Chlones

    It’s Chlones6 soat oldin

    If u though u deserve a ban but not permanent ban like 1-2week(s)

  65. Sharky Life

    Sharky Life6 soat oldin

    Leave the kid alone he’s punished that’s all he needed