I TRIED THE TATI BEAUTY BLENDIFUL here are my thoughts...

Hey Larlees, todays video is a review of the new Tati Beauty sponge. This sponge is supposed to be great for creams, liquids and even powders. SOOO a magic sponge? We shall see :) also sorry my mic was a little loud so it sounds a bit off in some parts. Thanks for watching xo Laura
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  1. Laura Lee

    Laura Lee6 kun oldin

    My earrings are not an extension of my earlobe ... I thought that was apparent, but apparently not. 😂😂

  2. mrs. bee

    mrs. bee7 soat oldin

    No it just looked like it love you though!!!

  3. Kayla Romans

    Kayla Romans19 soat oldin


  4. Jo Honeyman

    Jo HoneymanKun oldin

    Haha.... they do look like very stretched lobes. It’s just that the colour matches your skin 😂

  5. Julie Henschel

    Julie HenschelKun oldin

    Where did you get the earrings?

  6. Heather Heaney

    Heather Heaney2 kun oldin

    The earring and your ear lobes do look like they have melted into each other. Lol

  7. Taylor Ellis

    Taylor Ellis4 soat oldin

    Wow it looks great

  8. Breanna Bell

    Breanna Bell5 soat oldin


  9. Kelly Fiedler

    Kelly Fiedler7 soat oldin

    Laura you're awesome. Your tips on a perfect base have literally saved my life! ❤

  10. Rachel Landry Saunier

    Rachel Landry Saunier7 soat oldin

    Your skin looks flawless!

  11. Patti Parker

    Patti Parker9 soat oldin

    Laura, where did you get your earrings? Love them!

  12. Courtney Dawn

    Courtney Dawn9 soat oldin

    Girl.... I'm gonna trust you. I'm skeptical. But lemme give this a try.

  13. Courtney Dawn

    Courtney Dawn9 soat oldin

    Omg... I can't stop looking at your eating it looks like your ears melted onto them its driving me crazy lol.

  14. Terri L

    Terri L12 soat oldin

    Her voice sounds like she is about to cry all the time.

  15. F F

    F F17 soat oldin

    Ahhhhhh whose a pretty cake.xx

  16. Amy Belle

    Amy Belle18 soat oldin

    I would happily buy this product but I won’t because of who made it.

  17. Oana-Maria Uliu

    Oana-Maria Uliu18 soat oldin

    You're supposed to tap, not swipe.

  18. Kellie Thomas

    Kellie Thomas19 soat oldin

    Love it

  19. FollowNAx3

    FollowNAx320 soat oldin

    Your country accent poking out is so cute!

  20. Giselle Young

    Giselle Young20 soat oldin

    Your so funny 💓💓

  21. Sophie Smithhart

    Sophie Smithhart20 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who forgot why we’re all mad at her

  22. KimChie

    KimChie20 soat oldin

    I'm kinda uncomfy that you're not in the center and your backdrop is kinda slant?

  23. vls slv

    vls slv21 soat oldin

    Fur powder applicator is not new!

  24. Madeline Intravia

    Madeline Intravia21 soat oldin

    Omfg I'm ordering one now so thank you for such an honest, upfront review! Missed you 🙏🏻❤😇

  25. holly Faith

    holly Faith21 soat oldin

    I think I could find the same fabric in my house and make the same blender🤔

  26. Freddy Valentine

    Freddy Valentine22 soat oldin

    got anxiety after you skipped foundation on your right eyelid.

  27. Robin Nieto

    Robin Nieto22 soat oldin

    I’ve never watched you before. Clicked on this video because I saw you were testing Tati’s new product. Girl, you are so entertaining and fun to watch! New subscriber!

  28. Kayla Adonetti

    Kayla Adonetti22 soat oldin

    I want one now for sure

  29. Tiffany King

    Tiffany KingKun oldin

    Love it! ❤❤ just ordered it

  30. Tiffaney Morgenstern

    Tiffaney MorgensternKun oldin


  31. anna k

    anna kKun oldin

    Bought it after seeing this video

  32. Heather Hernandez

    Heather HernandezKun oldin

    Now I want this

  33. jennifer pillot

    jennifer pillotKun oldin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the earrings and the application of the foundation YES FROSTING THE CAKE :)!!!💋😇🙋👍🙌🙏🔥😍😘😄❤️!!!

  34. Vera

    VeraKun oldin

    Mine already tore and I only used and hand washed it twice. 🤷

  35. wellsparker

    wellsparkerKun oldin

    Eat rings are beautiful. Anybody know where to get them.

  36. hai dai

    hai daiKun oldin

    You're beautiful. xo

  37. Patricia Graham

    Patricia GrahamKun oldin

    Hello Beautiful 💋 Laura my Blendiful just came in the mail and you just done a amazing example of how to use her thank you💜💜💜 I'll keep watching 👀👀 your friend Pat 🙋🙋💋

  38. vellichxrr

    vellichxrrKun oldin

    Y’all still support her after she said the n word.. yes that was old but still

  39. vj elliott

    vj elliottKun oldin

    It's going to be a good review, but before you tried it. It's a make up puff, she didn't reinvent the wheel here. It was a cash grab pure and simple.

  40. Maryela Torres

    Maryela TorresKun oldin

    You forgot to put foundation on one of your eyes 😂 I love youuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Becca Marshall

    Becca MarshallKun oldin

    I am always bored and whin I see you and your family you bringing joy to me as well as my friends I love you

  42. nina sainyan

    nina sainyanKun oldin

    why are you so out of breath? lol

  43. S Kazmi

    S KazmiKun oldin

    What shade are you for the ciate foundation?

  44. Ali B

    Ali BKun oldin

    Your face is so smooth! 😍🔥🔥

  45. Ashley McNair

    Ashley McNairKun oldin

    Because of this video I just ordered Blendiful! Thanks for the review

  46. asda

    asdaKun oldin

    I was worried about this product cuz i thought it was gonna fail but it didn’t and now i need to get one😳

  47. ashley jones

    ashley jonesKun oldin

    Omg I need this!!

  48. Alison Roettenbacher

    Alison RoettenbacherKun oldin

    Well I want it.

  49. Kayla D

    Kayla DKun oldin

    Do you have to wash it everytime you use it?

  50. dawnynp

    dawnynpKun oldin

    I wasn’t going to buy this and then I saw your review and I’m sold! Your makeup looks amazing!!!

  51. Nat L

    Nat LKun oldin

    Wow I didn’t think I needed one of these but it worked SO WELL I might have to go buy one immediately

  52. Thune Sett Myo Oo

    Thune Sett Myo OoKun oldin

    Are u still alive?

  53. Madison Dilley

    Madison DilleyKun oldin

    The fact that she calls it a sponge bugs me

  54. Regan Beltran

    Regan BeltranKun oldin

    I thought I was watching jon solo for a second there

  55. Corasis Guerrero

    Corasis GuerreroKun oldin

    Ok, but all that dragging around of the sponge 🧽 in her face gave me anxiety!!😭

  56. prncss sls

    prncss sls22 soat oldin

    Corasis Guerrero oa

  57. Gina Tiernan

    Gina TiernanKun oldin

    Must have!

  58. Ta Ma

    Ta MaKun oldin

    Woah I’m so impressed!! That’s incredible. So precise fast and really beautiful finish!!

  59. Shan A

    Shan AKun oldin

    I need this YESTERDAY!!

  60. Regina Marie Garcia

    Regina Marie GarciaKun oldin

    You sold me ...I just ordered it 🤗😘😉🤙

  61. sundriedfried

    sundriedfriedKun oldin

    She looks so youthful throughout this video. Also I am actually so intrigued

  62. Nelida Flores

    Nelida FloresKun oldin

    wow.. that would cut down all the brushes u pack when u travel 😳 this is so so cool

  63. Cynthia Rosario

    Cynthia Rosario2 kun oldin

    Everyone is loving this. All the reviews are positive, actually that I have seen their makeup is looking beautiful

  64. Ben_jamin

    Ben_jamin2 kun oldin

    I feel like this rubs against the skin too much.

  65. Hellen P

    Hellen P2 kun oldin

    Now I want this! It looks soft and the mini one is a HEART

  66. jvp8880villegas

    jvp8880villegas2 kun oldin

    Ok, I'm back following her, she is funny!