I plant 20 000 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)

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Song: uzgo.info/tv-3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng


  1. gators rule

    gators rule8 soat oldin

    Pewdiepie: I love Sven so much I will never forget him. *30 sec later* Pewdiepie: Who is Sven?

  2. Golden Boi

    Golden Boi9 soat oldin

    1:19 pewds: “all my friends are dead” Me “ push me to the edge” Like if you remember that song

  3. Timmeew

    Timmeew10 soat oldin

    if you make a locked repeater from the observer it wont activate itself

  4. Rylee Hanefeld

    Rylee Hanefeld10 soat oldin

    What's the song at the end? Its nice

  5. Cooliokid 956

    Cooliokid 95610 soat oldin

    Y there lots of DKC music you will be copyrighted by Nintendo

  6. danny cotter

    danny cotter12 soat oldin

    What song plz

  7. The Kendal

    The Kendal12 soat oldin

    Quien quiere ser mi suscriptor numero 186♥️

  8. ROBLOX Girl

    ROBLOX Girl13 soat oldin

    You should like give a tour of your whole world houses in mindcraft

  9. Tonio BS

    Tonio BS14 soat oldin

    You be live father to me

  10. I like Jumping on pointy rocks

    I like Jumping on pointy rocks16 soat oldin

    Plants 20 million trees in minecraft makes tree machine from wood

  11. Yiğit Demir

    Yiğit Demir16 soat oldin

    Water Sheep Was Always Right

  12. sufs gaming

    sufs gaming16 soat oldin

    Hmm, pewdiepie, the worst youtuber in the world, I'm just gonna report it

  13. Samson Daadouch

    Samson Daadouch16 soat oldin

    Pewdiepie: the Minecraft movie

  14. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy13 soat oldin

    What this Chanel become.....

  15. Ege Korkunç

    Ege Korkunç16 soat oldin

    Pipi deyil yarrak

  16. Sam T

    Sam T17 soat oldin

    Is it me or does the background music give you video game nostalgia??

  17. AngryŞempaze Gaming

    AngryŞempaze Gaming17 soat oldin

    pews minecraft pet s die :ME NOOOOOOO *pews plants 20 mil tree in minecraft me:Epic tho support team tress my dudes

  18. Omae wa mou?

    Omae wa mou?17 soat oldin

    Push me to the edge + 1:19 = Lil uzi vert x tour.

  19. impacti

    impacti17 soat oldin

    Funziona..Perfetto...Marcello mamma mia


    MUHAMMAD RUSLAILANG20 soat oldin

    5 Billion trees = 5 billion$ But if you agree then -Like- don’t like just reply

  21. Gabriela Gomes

    Gabriela Gomes20 soat oldin

    Damn sven died

  22. Franky Fan

    Franky Fan22 soat oldin

    I think you should build sven statue

  23. ajay magdael

    ajay magdael22 soat oldin

    Felix when seeing a lot of bone meal: DANG GIRL!! DANG! Me:meh

  24. Steven Styler

    Steven Styler22 soat oldin

    I guess its a redstone tutorial video

  25. manwell bread

    manwell bread22 soat oldin

    I can see mumbo jumbo crying

  26. _.Sleepy Ghost._

    _.Sleepy Ghost._23 soat oldin

    The timeline for this series is confusing can someone plz explainnnnn

  27. ильдар тв муз исмагилов

    ильдар тв муз исмагилов23 soat oldin

    *Кто учится в школе оставь лайк*

  28. Uros

    Uros23 soat oldin

    What this Chanel become.....

  29. Sketch601

    Sketch601Kun oldin

    I got a PewDiePie add on This vid

  30. Unstable Bismuth

    Unstable BismuthKun oldin


  31. Tran Khang DANG

    Tran Khang DANGKun oldin

    Trees but no leaves

  32. Eve Solop

    Eve SolopKun oldin

    Remember, remember the 5th of November

  33. i5le

    i5leKun oldin



    JJS GAMINGKun oldin

    Pewdiepie is looser

  35. Trey Fontenet

    Trey FontenetKun oldin

    The fact that you have those animals in a cage shows that you support animal cruelty. Try being a better human being.

  36. PDS

    PDS12 soat oldin

    No u

  37. kraken of the Sea

    kraken of the SeaKun oldin

    Mother 3 sound effects

  38. Kuorwle 2

    Kuorwle 2Kun oldin


  39. Bpro96

    Bpro96Kun oldin

    Donkey Kong soundtrack, this bring up so much memories

  40. Hobbs

    HobbsKun oldin

    Guess avengers endgame really inspired him

  41. Morticia Mourning

    Morticia MourningKun oldin

    20 million trees? Mrbeast did that or is trying to do that but is probably going to fail

  42. TSO Zer0

    TSO Zer0Kun oldin

    Platabush did a animation on this

  43. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouyKun oldin

    Pewdiepie's Computer: Time to play games smoothly Pewdiepie: plays minecraft Computer: WHAT IS THIS LAG!!

  44. Skylar Da Wolfie

    Skylar Da WolfieKun oldin

    so is the minecraft series gonna continue or is it over?

  45. OfficialAspect

    OfficialAspectKun oldin

    Sad he said he made trees remember what you didn’t even see much in piles seemed mostly like a different topic

  46. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouyKun oldin

    YES SVEN IS ALIVE and well done feigii When ever I try build with red stone I usually put two pieces down and go ‘ THATS Enough Minecraft for today!’ ;-;

  47. checkandmate 24680

    checkandmate 24680Kun oldin

    make a sven army

  48. checkandmate 24680

    checkandmate 24680Kun oldin

    get $20m svens

  49. Joeseph Bentayo

    Joeseph BentayoKun oldin

    I really like 20,000,000 trees and who,s abangers like me

  50. Brandon Hartley

    Brandon HartleyKun oldin

    For each subscriber I get in 24hrs I'll plant that many trees💯

  51. Why am I everywhere? ?

    Why am I everywhere? ?Kun oldin

    Sad moment

  52. Ryan Suchy

    Ryan SuchyKun oldin

    What about Mark Rober?

  53. TazIsDark

    TazIsDarkKun oldin

    I understand nothing he did in the video but I appreciate this content

  54. AnimationMemes

    AnimationMemesKun oldin

    He started out with a wooden house...

  55. FortnitesTrash

    FortnitesTrashKun oldin

    What the fuck is he even doing?

  56. Jason the Awesome

    Jason the AwesomeKun oldin

    **Mumbo Jumbo watching this** **Mumbo Jumbo uninstalls Minecraft**

  57. jukemasta24

    jukemasta24Kun oldin

    Song at 0:23?

  58. LuckyShrimp

    LuckyShrimpKun oldin

    Is this the guy who made "Minecraft Series Epic"


    GAVIN GIBSONKun oldin

    15:00 this man literally has no friends

  60. Penguin :3

    Penguin :3Kun oldin

    Me: Hears Donkey Kong Country music☺️ Also me: Realizes that Nintendo probably Thanos snapped his revenue😔 *checks to see if the vid is demonetized*

  61. DHV Vlogs

    DHV VlogsKun oldin

    I watched this vid for the content then for that farm because it’s so much easier than tutorials with dubstep intros.

  62. Jessie MacDonald

    Jessie MacDonaldKun oldin

    YES SVEN IS ALIVE and well done feigii When ever I try build with red stone I usually put two pieces down and go ‘ THATS Enough Minecraft for today!’ ;-;

  63. Arting Is Mapping

    Arting Is MappingKun oldin

    0:44 ukraine... (Казалось бы...,/