I'm a Dad now!

Our Baby Boy Asher was born on the 5th January. We will not be sharing his face on UZgo or social media to protect his privacy so please respect that. I will be back soon!
Twitch : www.twitch.tv/DanTDM
Twitter : DanTDM
Instagram : DanTDM


  1. Xanz X

    Xanz X7 soat oldin


  2. owo uwu

    owo uwu7 soat oldin

    I know this is late but can you make Larry the snowman in the next winter and show Asher an old friend

  3. mr. Nacmatac

    mr. Nacmatac7 soat oldin

    Hey dan it’s hell with a kid I know cause I have little sister, she is a baby

  4. therainbowalicorn 88

    therainbowalicorn 887 soat oldin

    eeeyyy dadtdm comin in now

  5. Deniz Tibet Çerman

    Deniz Tibet Çerman7 soat oldin

    This is the proof for people who think dan spends his whole life playing

  6. therainbowalicorn 88

    therainbowalicorn 887 soat oldin

    congrats, and ofcourse i understand that you need family time but i also cant wait till you make videos

  7. MiCH3AL J0HN

    MiCH3AL J0HN7 soat oldin

    Petition to change your name to Dadtdm

  8. Dennis Tran

    Dennis Tran7 soat oldin

    Damtdm is now dad?

  9. sonic seconds

    sonic seconds7 soat oldin


  10. Color_ ation

    Color_ ation7 soat oldin

    Your my childhood hero.

  11. Zahra Zahrai

    Zahra Zahrai7 soat oldin

    Dan are you ever going to post any video???

  12. makeira duggan

    makeira duggan7 soat oldin

    Bruh dat my sis bday

  13. Light Warrior

    Light Warrior7 soat oldin

    asher: hey dad you shoud make a youtube dan: ...............

  14. _O O F_

    _O O F_7 soat oldin


  15. Worthington Family

    Worthington Family7 soat oldin

    Dan... you were my Childhood hero after so many years YOUR A DAD NOW YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY 👦👦👦

  16. Chrovon

    Chrovon7 soat oldin

    My little brother has the same birth date! :D

  17. Sylvia Clausen

    Sylvia Clausen7 soat oldin

    I- I feel old now

  18. stevanus gunawan

    stevanus gunawan7 soat oldin

    Ey dan Cook something

  19. david martinez

    david martinez7 soat oldin

    Wait what

  20. blizzard virus

    blizzard virus7 soat oldin

    Did not think dan would actually have sex with his wife

  21. BTCHR

    BTCHR7 soat oldin

    Congrats dan

  22. JR Peralta

    JR Peralta7 soat oldin

    Dan there is a Draw a stickman epic 3 now!!

  23. tropical type

    tropical type7 soat oldin

    Hi person reading my comment

  24. Rachel Urban

    Rachel Urban7 soat oldin

    My brother was born 1 year ago! 😃💎💎💎

  25. Rafaelgames2004

    Rafaelgames20047 soat oldin

    Atleast stay playing minecraft bc this was my childhood

  26. tarik be

    tarik be7 soat oldin

    Omg Dan has a baby Dan have a nice time Dan and a hope u and your family has a good life it's a present from god🎁❤️❤️👪😊❤️

  27. Lasila Udith

    Lasila Udith7 soat oldin

    im happy for you btw theres a new avengers game u could play and make dad jokes

  28. martin smith

    martin smith7 soat oldin

    I feel happy for you dan

  29. Vr with Franky

    Vr with Franky7 soat oldin

    You are the best congrats

  30. Victoria Sloa n

    Victoria Sloa n7 soat oldin


  31. Deadpool 7136

    Deadpool 71367 soat oldin

    Cool name

  32. the cool kids2244

    the cool kids22447 soat oldin

    I wached him in 2014

  33. Grace TheGamerGalaxy

    Grace TheGamerGalaxy7 soat oldin

    aww cute its not dantdm its dadtdm lol

  34. Akib Zaman

    Akib Zaman7 soat oldin

    Dannnnnnn I just became a Brother yaaaaaayyyyy

  35. Pippa Canning

    Pippa Canning7 soat oldin


  36. Anime Weeb

    Anime Weeb7 soat oldin

    My question is........ Why are there dislikes?

  37. ジャンリーアークス

    ジャンリーアークス7 soat oldin

    you're my childhood fav youtuber

  38. tae youg

    tae youg7 soat oldin

    Good for you

  39. Zoey Moss

    Zoey Moss7 soat oldin

    Dan deos this mean your queting UZgo😫💔

  40. IsaacATTACK

    IsaacATTACK7 soat oldin

    omg thats amazing

  41. Dark Side

    Dark Side7 soat oldin

    Congrats man! Congratulations!🥳🥳🥳

  42. McKason PHAYNID

    McKason PHAYNID7 soat oldin

    I'm ur fan

  43. Eloisa Mendez

    Eloisa Mendez7 soat oldin

    I hate you 😡😡

  44. Yusuf Ali

    Yusuf Ali7 soat oldin

    Hed amazing

  45. Yusuf Ali

    Yusuf Ali7 soat oldin


  46. Yusuf Ali

    Yusuf Ali7 soat oldin

    I hate dan

  47. Heba Alsayed

    Heba Alsayed7 soat oldin

    Dan please continue make videos please

  48. Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren8 soat oldin

    Do a tour in australia again

  49. FoodWorks Riverstone

    FoodWorks Riverstone8 soat oldin

    Noooooooooo! Im happy for u dan but im sad ur quitting pls dont ur the best😭😢

  50. Luke M

    Luke M8 soat oldin

    Dantdm maybe it should be dadtdm

  51. Galaxy Turtle21

    Galaxy Turtle218 soat oldin

    Dan there’s a little nightmares 2

  52. Kalinskald Jr

    Kalinskald Jr8 soat oldin

    Congratulations DanTDM

  53. Frigid

    Frigid8 soat oldin

    it should be, "Im a Dan now"

  54. dostan 8766

    dostan 87668 soat oldin

    Dan just show us the baby but blur or censor his face

  55. Nico Christofi

    Nico Christofi8 soat oldin

    You need to change your name to DadTDM now

  56. Jaidz Brian

    Jaidz Brian8 soat oldin


  57. Narcissa Malfoy

    Narcissa Malfoy8 soat oldin

    A day after my birthday ❤

  58. Casper Dickson

    Casper Dickson8 soat oldin

    Super dad dan😎😎😎

  59. Rohan Balfe

    Rohan Balfe8 soat oldin

    I am really happy for you Congrats

  60. FLAMING_LION 123

    FLAMING_LION 1238 soat oldin

    Btw don't expect dan to be as active as he was HE WILL NOT GET ANY SLEEP