I Found The PERFECT Lamborghini Huracan Project At Copart! (I'M BIDDING ON IT?!)

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Today I visited my local Copart with my friend Sam to see what they had, and immediately we saw a perfect Lamborghini Huracan project. I really want it. Should I get it?
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  1. Rick Hayner

    Rick Hayner22 kun oldin

    The Volvo, the Volvo, the Volvo, without a doubt!

  2. Matthew D

    Matthew DOy oldin

    That Pontiac is a vt commodore

  3. Starz Thanowave

    Starz ThanowaveOy oldin

    Buy it or I will remove your knees and eat them

  4. Tareq Jawdat

    Tareq JawdatOy oldin

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="259">4:19</a> means don't fork it and fork lift signs on the ground

  5. Jacob Brown

    Jacob BrownOy oldin

    No dont sell any of your Lamborghinis

  6. Justin Shepherd

    Justin ShepherdOy oldin

    Get the dunk

  7. BLooD 4 GeeK

    BLooD 4 GeeKOy oldin


  8. Leland Podoll

    Leland PodollOy oldin

    Get the Volvo

  9. Noah

    NoahOy oldin

    Get it and then put an Air suspension on it

  10. Morry Mayhem

    Morry MayhemOy oldin

    VOLVO is way better

  11. paul sabin

    paul sabinOy oldin

    buy the volvo P1800

  12. flaagan

    flaaganOy oldin

    God that P1800. Tavarish, you NEED to stop doing silly projects and LS (or something) swap a P1800 (not the ugly ass ES station wagon version though). I still regret letting one in good shape get away from me.

  13. Richard Beman

    Richard BemanOy oldin

    Go for the Lamborghini, just sell a car

  14. Jesse Harrison

    Jesse HarrisonOy oldin

    Liked because you had Sam on the vid ;P

  15. Frederik Fonnesbech

    Frederik FonnesbechOy oldin

    Samcrac and Tavarish are basically the same person

  16. Jeremy Entriken

    Jeremy EntrikenOy oldin

    I hope you bought the 6 Litre Monaro!!

  17. Samuel Neij

    Samuel NeijOy oldin

    man I want that p1800...

  18. apaisiotatos

    apaisiotatosOy oldin

    GET the volvo.. its a really manly lovely car!!



    The P1800 is a 1961!

  20. Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken Pot PieOy oldin

    The hoopty tho! I actually really like that, kinda ashamed to say it, but I wouldn't mind seeing a build on that, especially the audio side, you should partner back up with EMF Audio and redo the system, looks like there wouldn't be any subs in there, but it does appear that the bandpass box is still intact so it shouldn't be too hard.

  21. Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken Pot PieOy oldin

    Bro, dat P1800 thooooo! I'd love to see a rebuild of one of those

  22. DubTato

    DubTatoOy oldin

    Either the P1800, Caprice or the Hyundai 😂😂😂

  23. Rafa Valdes

    Rafa ValdesOy oldin

    My first car was the Durango in the back

  24. Osiah Riggs

    Osiah RiggsOy oldin

    The part when they got to the rusty Hyundai tho🤣🤣😂

  25. ranvir kaler

    ranvir kalerOy oldin

    Lol the bit where he said yes made me laugh soo hard

  26. Alex Graham

    Alex GrahamOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="780">13:00</a> that'll buff out...

  27. Stu F

    Stu FOy oldin

    Yawn - not another generic lambo build

  28. Stu F

    Stu FOy oldin

    Sam the copart gutter rat!!

  29. Helen Sousa

    Helen SousaOy oldin

    Hi I like your channel. I love everything you do so keep up. Also I would like to see you wed a Audi r8 for me now don't is the most exciting car on the world. Good luck with your channel keep up.

  30. Stuntmannetje

    StuntmannetjeOy oldin

    Buy the Volvo P1800,and do a rengine swap with an Volvo 5 cillinder from a T5-R or a 6 cillinder 2.8 turbo. They are both very capable as for sound the 5 cillinder is the nicest.

  31. Riley Da Best

    Riley Da BestOy oldin


  32. Sander Tønnesen

    Sander TønnesenOy oldin

    Yes lambo

  33. Drive it like You stole it

    Drive it like You stole itOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> German temporary license plates?! Is that a German Car?!

  34. Antonius Tyaswidyono

    Antonius TyaswidyonoOy oldin

    Get the P1800!

  35. brandon hall

    brandon hallOy oldin

    you should buy and fix the GTO! wish we had more for sale in Canada.

  36. Griffin Totty

    Griffin TottyOy oldin

    Get the P1800

  37. Drey White

    Drey WhiteOy oldin

    Get the volvo

  38. daghrb6

    daghrb6Oy oldin

    I would have bought the lambo for 60grand. Just fix the front with diy fiberglass instead of buying original part out of carbon fibre for 100grand..

  39. Eric Ilchenko

    Eric IlchenkoOy oldin

    PLEASE i beg of you, buy that impala with the spinners

  40. anis talbi

    anis talbiOy oldin

    hello im dan if u want to help a poor kid read my story on gogetfunding.com/1-doller-can-save-a-life/ please support


    Bob PATTERSONOy oldin

    Yes I would

  42. Lars Novas

    Lars NovasOy oldin

    The Volvo P-1800 is a wonderful find. I think it would be a great project car for your channel. If it has engine issues a performance engine transplant would be cool.

  43. IHaveNFS

    IHaveNFSOy oldin

    Should have checked the trunk

  44. Ethan Petersen

    Ethan PetersenOy oldin

    Please buy a Volvo P1800

  45. Casper Sørensen

    Casper SørensenOy oldin

    Volvo please

  46. Anne Gunn Mesel

    Anne Gunn MeselOy oldin

    Sell the bently and buy the huracan

  47. Rich Perez

    Rich PerezOy oldin

    Go for the Pontiac

  48. chris king

    chris kingOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="960">16:00</a> that is not a Pontiac that is an Australian made Holden Commodore vx monaro with an upgraded engine bc they come with the 5.7 but when Holden give them to Monaro strait off the lot they do them up with interior power and other features just a pointless fact. also still disappointed we sold Holden / Shevy for you Americans.

  49. Buka enukidze

    Buka enukidzeOy oldin

    Build volvo 4wd and lambo biggest engine you can get inthere

  50. afnan ali

    afnan aliOy oldin

    Sell the Gallardo bro to get the hurricane

  51. Jonas Andersson

    Jonas AnderssonOy oldin

    Buy the Volvo P1800 As Long as its not too rust eaten, it's a sweet little car. Easy to work on and the parts are cheap

  52. Jackson Rohrbach

    Jackson RohrbachOy oldin


  53. Logan Phillips

    Logan PhillipsOy oldin

    This would be perfect time to work on a project car during quarantine

  54. shadyvito

    shadyvitoOy oldin

    I'm flipping out because a 78 Dodge Aspen SC was my first car!

  55. Jared Colwell-Sharp

    Jared Colwell-SharpOy oldin

    Sam looks like Adam sandler

  56. Drake Jenness

    Drake JennessOy oldin

    I wonder if you will ever do a video with Doug Demuro

  57. Elizabeth Mapa

    Elizabeth MapaOy oldin


  58. Elizabeth Mapa

    Elizabeth MapaOy oldin


  59. Mark Graham

    Mark GrahamOy oldin

    Love the channel but how about finishing a project

  60. Hector Keezy

    Hector KeezyOy oldin

    Yes. You should go for the Horrorcan. 😊 Sell some of your inventory, and go for it. I would love to see you, repairing that car,and drive it. 😊🙋🏻‍♂️🇩🇰

  61. Hector Keezy

    Hector KeezyOy oldin

    WoW ! I would buy that P1800, and sail it back to Scandinavia. That model is supercool. The crometrim is perfect. Maan, it’s the car of my dreams. 😊🙋🏻‍♂️🇩🇰

  62. Wx l

    Wx lOy oldin

    ID like to see the new lamborghini :']

  63. Derek Turner

    Derek Turner2 oy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="962">16:02</a> Australian car

  64. Victor Lai

    Victor Lai2 oy oldin

    The donk car more cooler for project car

  65. Izaac Greenberg

    Izaac Greenberg2 oy oldin

    get the impala \

  66. locsipocsi1

    locsipocsi12 oy oldin

    man it is too much fun listening to you guys. i'd like some more colabs! you two are awesome!!

  67. Vareck Beerball

    Vareck Beerball3 oy oldin

    Yes b

  68. Business Chicken

    Business Chicken3 oy oldin

    XJ please!

  69. Roe Young

    Roe Young3 oy oldin

    Volvo forsure

  70. Jimmy McNamara

    Jimmy McNamara3 oy oldin

    So spoon the volvo

  71. Jey ES

    Jey ES3 oy oldin

    I'm laughing so f bad at the Hyundai


    IS THAT A SUPRA?!3 oy oldin

    Hey that Volvo is from my area! Greetings from Germany ^^

  73. Stephan Redelinghuys

    Stephan Redelinghuys4 oy oldin

    Get that Volvo and hotrod the hell out of it. Please

  74. aces541

    aces5414 oy oldin

    Ive been watchin your videos now for some time... and all I see is you buying busted up shit you cant fix... so WTF man?

  75. Jose Mendoza

    Jose Mendoza4 oy oldin

    How do you fix salvage title

  76. Iljalein

    Iljalein4 oy oldin

    This Volvo is from Germany...how did it get there?

  77. Michael McGeary

    Michael McGeary4 oy oldin

    Build the GTO for the strip!

  78. Branden Jones

    Branden Jones4 oy oldin

    I know this video is old and someone has probably said it but the front wheels aren't the same on that caprice . The fronts are Lowenharts I believe. The backs are dub trump floaters.

  79. Hamburger 3838

    Hamburger 38384 oy oldin

    Also don’t buy the orange things

  80. Hamburger 3838

    Hamburger 38384 oy oldin

    Buy the volvo