I bought a $102,000 AnyLevel F350 for Testing Purposes

You’ve all seen those “PAvemENt pRinCEsses” with huge chrome wheels and fancy powder coated suspension but people rarely put them to work. Thankfully that’s not a problem for me................. #ANYLEVELLIFT


  1. Mike

    MikeOy oldin

    *Who came back to this vid just to see how beautiful this truck ONCE was lol*

  2. Brutus Gregori

    Brutus GregoriKun oldin

    I came back after the concrete episode.

  3. Brian Ngwenya

    Brian Ngwenya2 kun oldin


  4. the fresco

    the fresco3 kun oldin


  5. da fuk

    da fuk4 kun oldin

    Russell Brown that fiesta means nothing to him either

  6. AAtheKing lol

    AAtheKing lol4 kun oldin



    MOTOFIENDXXX7 soat oldin

    What episode shows what you did to the front driver's side wheelwell? You guys KILL ME!!!?

  8. Weedy Weed

    Weedy Weed16 soat oldin

    Buy this truck Ford F-650

  9. Jaythedefecator PVPER

    Jaythedefecator PVPER23 soat oldin

    man im thinking if i had that truck.. soo many bitches soo much speed and fun driving that shit ;( sucks to see it destroyed honestly.

  10. ツSpookyTazy

    ツSpookyTazyKun oldin

    Did anyone see what happen at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> what is that

  11. 100 savage04

    100 savage04Kun oldin

    Y would u destroy that

  12. bike life Will

    bike life WillKun oldin

    I see why he destroyed it what a piece of shit 🤣 brand new and its pissing fuel and oil.

  13. Paul Haynes

    Paul HaynesKun oldin

    But a new fire ranger and turn it to this plz

  14. JubeProductions

    JubeProductions2 kun oldin

    Why didn't you stay in a hotel. I know down there in woodbury there isn't a lot of hotels but you can find some just down the road off rt 295. Hell I livew 15 mins from that shop and you could have stayed with me.

  15. JubeProductions

    JubeProductions2 kun oldin

    I saw your video of that truck with metal wheels in a field and said I gotta find out more about these nut jobs. Then I play this video and see you in Philly which is my part of town, then you cross the Walt Whitman Bridge to see what Dirty Jersey is up to. You should let me know when you're comin to town next time.....I will take you into Philly and you can see some Third World shit, I can even show the spotz in Dirty Jerzey for gettin it Dirty.

  16. MotherPhucker Jones

    MotherPhucker Jones2 kun oldin

    You have got to have the best life in the world. I think you should collab with demo ranch. Do something completely insane with your duramax's and his Gun collection. You deserve all the success in the world. One day your kids will be watching these videos thinking how much of a crazy guy their pops is, in a good way. I doubt you will see this but if you do, stay blessed brother.

  17. Nate b

    Nate b3 kun oldin

    What a piece of shit 😂

  18. the fresco

    the fresco3 kun oldin

    Homeboy said "don't scratch the truck"...😒

  19. luis lopez

    luis lopez3 kun oldin

    That was a sexy bitch


    YEETUS DELETUS2 kun oldin

    Was? It still is

  21. The Danester

    The Danester3 kun oldin

    Not the first video ive seen by you, but you got my in to trucks now. Subbed

  22. Quinn Mullan

    Quinn Mullan3 kun oldin

    Destroy it

  23. AsianWifiFN

    AsianWifiFN3 kun oldin

    Is that a 6.7 lb?

  24. Rex Aloha

    Rex Aloha4 kun oldin

    I bet they regret selling that truck to this hickory doooo lol they seen the aftermath

  25. John Guilford

    John Guilford4 kun oldin

    Hey I wasted 102,000 dollars to look like a dumbass on UZgo! Seriously kid what a damn waste! You were probably breast fed until you were 16. Not amusing and you don't look cool, if you actually worked your ass off you wouldn't waste that kind of money!

  26. Jacob Booze

    Jacob Booze4 kun oldin

    Everyone’s is here to see the truck when it was nice

  27. Tesla Edison

    Tesla Edison4 kun oldin

    Does anyone know how this kid got rich?

  28. Nicolas Bardo

    Nicolas Bardo4 kun oldin

    what a careless and wasteful little shit you are-

  29. Tera Byte

    Tera Byte4 kun oldin

    Lovely truck wasted

  30. viko setiawan

    viko setiawan4 kun oldin

    Rip car🤣

  31. Dillon

    Dillon4 kun oldin

    Wow no wonder why he destroyed it. Its literally half ass put together and falling apart. He probably threatened to sue them or lemon law type of shit. They said okay we'll buy it back you destroy it.

  32. P Tyson

    P Tyson4 kun oldin

    And this it why he can’t have nice things😂

  33. Dalton

    Dalton5 kun oldin

    He made at least double what the truck cost with the truck... So good investment for him lol

  34. Zander Thomas

    Zander Thomas6 kun oldin

    I need a link to the music with the dinosaur in the background for an edit

  35. navindra angatiah

    navindra angatiah6 kun oldin

    I literally came back to see this truck how it was from start....👌👍

  36. Anton Bily

    Anton Bily6 kun oldin

    I kinda wanna buy a truck like this now just to fuck with

  37. kkevinC

    kkevinC8 kun oldin

    "Do not let that extension cord scuff the truck" a few videos later...

  38. Kentucky Bastard

    Kentucky Bastard8 kun oldin


  39. Amazing Ape

    Amazing Ape8 kun oldin

    I want to cry.....

  40. ufoguyspaceman

    ufoguyspaceman8 kun oldin

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> he's smiling in front of his shiny new toy. 3 Months later, not so much.

  41. 7 genko

    7 genko9 kun oldin

    T es un putin de connard mec de casser un véhicule pareil.

  42. Matejcsok Bálint

    Matejcsok Bálint9 kun oldin


  43. MaxDoesThings

    MaxDoesThings10 kun oldin

    What’s the muffler on it?

  44. The Dog Tutor

    The Dog Tutor11 kun oldin

    how do you afford wreckin so many vehicles especially his 1 ?

  45. str8texas7

    str8texas711 kun oldin

    Sad to see these vehicles get destroyed like that. Its like rubbing it in your face saying look what I can buy and destroy,hey keep watching my stupid videos so I can buy more shit to destroy.

  46. Timothy Twa

    Timothy Twa6 kun oldin

    Honestly. So much work went into the truck. I feel so bad dude. Its just so disrespectful..

  47. Cher May i go out hihihi

    Cher May i go out hihihi12 kun oldin

    When i have that i don't destroy that

  48. Texas Toast

    Texas Toast12 kun oldin

    @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> This is your uhh tuner.. WELL NO FUCKING SHIT!!! You DONTTTT SAY!!!!!!!

  49. Deaustin Crockett

    Deaustin Crockett12 kun oldin

    Where the rebuilt truck

  50. Hog Hunt

    Hog Hunt12 kun oldin

    you should have kept the truck nice

  51. gallaoued er maez

    gallaoued er maez13 kun oldin

    HOOOOO Big Monster From francistan the jihadist zone CAC 40 Allah Akbar the shareholders kill européen people 🤮 The bullshit islamic régime state 🇫🇷 The green zone europistan

  52. Alicia Dowling

    Alicia Dowling14 kun oldin

    Me haha

  53. Silvano Barrios

    Silvano Barrios14 kun oldin

    That was a beautiful truck 😢😢

  54. JayProFitness

    JayProFitness14 kun oldin

    I came here after he destroyed the truck and Im so pissed 😤

  55. Texas Toast

    Texas Toast14 kun oldin

    Can tell by them little girl giggles that they couldnt wait to get their grubby hands on this truck and turn it into a Paperweight

  56. Omie 863

    Omie 86315 kun oldin

    I would love to see him destroy another one

  57. cosworthjn2

    cosworthjn215 kun oldin


  58. Crane

    Crane15 kun oldin

    Weird Qurstion, what f-350 is that? The interior is sick!

  59. CulturedCars

    CulturedCars15 kun oldin

    I think it looks better now


    LEMON PUCCA16 kun oldin

    Destroy it

  61. Life With OG

    Life With OG16 kun oldin

    I came to see how this truck used to look before bro destroyed it 3 months later.

  62. Zain Ali

    Zain Ali17 kun oldin

    You r crazy man

  63. Ismael Torres

    Ismael Torres17 kun oldin

    Your gangster and don’t even know

  64. justice mcdaniel

    justice mcdaniel17 kun oldin

    So did you take this truck to SEMA or was it a SEMA build you purchased?

  65. Ismael Torres

    Ismael Torres17 kun oldin

    Dam bro I give u much props for what u do it’s sick

  66. justice mcdaniel

    justice mcdaniel17 kun oldin

    SEND ITTTT...!

  67. Brad B

    Brad B18 kun oldin

    Anyone else wonder where this kid got all his money?


    TEXASPAYBACK2 kun oldin

    Cartel money lol

  69. Boston Blues

    Boston Blues6 kun oldin

    I'm thinking his family owns a farm or something

  70. Dav Bxbshe

    Dav Bxbshe10 kun oldin

    Obviously worked for it lol

  71. Born 2 Win

    Born 2 Win14 kun oldin

    He’s got almost a million subscribers..

  72. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi18 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a> dude looks like Randal from Monsters Inc

  73. Chen Si

    Chen Si18 kun oldin

    What song did you use for this video

  74. 4kvn

    4kvn18 kun oldin

    What’s the point of buying a 102k truck if your just gonna reck it :/

  75. Orochi C

    Orochi C16 kun oldin

    Because he makes that back in 10 videos and anything after that is pure profit, it’s pretty much a business expense, gotta spend money to make money

  76. todd nelson

    todd nelson18 kun oldin

    I cant believe he had the 0001 edition and destroyed it :(

  77. Cody Pinson

    Cody Pinson19 kun oldin

    You should be grateful to even be able to purchase that truck when people out here are fighting for there lives and would love to have something like that and u just go out and destroy what American people have put there hearts and tears into this vehicle not including busted nuckels and the buety of this truck next time u want to destroy a beuty like that just give it to me and I'll give it a wonderful home and give you a page we're my family appreciated the donation because we love our country and the vehicles that come with it I can see you destroying the old ford that was destroyed anyway but there are people out here that would give about anything to be able to have a vehicle like that or even the money for homes . So why don't you start a page to we're you give to the poor and take from your rich pocket because it's just wrong what you do to make a seen .God bless love all Amen. Ps you should be ashamed of what your doing to the climate and the way you destroy vehicles that could be given away on your page and I bet you would get more likes and even building the vehicles just saying I'm one of those people who believe in the people that don't have it as well as you do so stop destroying the vehicles and just have a giveaway for people and see if that don't help your page better than what your doing because there's people out there that would love to see a person that would help the people who don't have the luxury of spending a 100grand on a truck and then destroying it they would like to have a chance to own it or auction it off to help the veterans and the needy . Help the wounded and warriors project.God bless love all Amen

  78. Zachariah Heiss

    Zachariah Heiss19 kun oldin

    This is the truck he destroyed??😪😔

  79. Brendan Hagan

    Brendan Hagan19 kun oldin

    Lol that truck was beautiful but it was worth every da- second!

  80. Alex Schwarz

    Alex Schwarz19 kun oldin

    Had to come back, forgot how it looked without the custom flat bed and specialized powdercoated wheels

  81. DickBillHill

    DickBillHill21 kun oldin

    1 908 455 5070 call the fuck out of that number should have blurred it

  82. Brunin Queiroz

    Brunin Queiroz21 kun oldin

    Slc eu com uma dessa ia mala tudo

  83. doudt47224

    doudt4722421 kun oldin

    We all see what these “testing purpose” mean..

  84. lalo

    lalo21 kun oldin

    that was #0001 of limiteds that year 😭😭😭

  85. Anthony Balmoja

    Anthony Balmoja22 kun oldin

    I'm really satisfied how the truck is now being thrashed but I'm kinda bummed it didn't stay clean and perfect


    JEFF_ROTTMAN23 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="595">9:55</a> you're welcome

  87. John Riederer II

    John Riederer II23 kun oldin

    What stocks do you invest in ? If you don’t mind me asking

  88. Ladosligese

    Ladosligese23 kun oldin

    He is clearly not man nor mature enough to drive that truck .. but for some lame reason .. either spergs on youtube .. or daddy`s / Mommy`s wallet .. able to afford it .. and IDIOTIC enough to trash it .. once he hit 40-50 .. hopefully he will be broke .. and think back regretting wasting all that money on shit like this, oh well at least he will be broke and bald at that time .. bald i get by the current state of his hairline

  89. Rawdyrider

    Rawdyrider24 kun oldin

    Ho house on wheels!

  90. Chris Mayo

    Chris Mayo24 kun oldin

    Looks better all beat up

  91. Brendan S

    Brendan S24 kun oldin

    I’ll buy it for $1 if you deliver it 0’s are extra numbers

  92. Joseph Caresio

    Joseph Caresio24 kun oldin

    This truck took too long to shine-wax anyway.