I Bought The First 10 Things I Found While Blindfolded!

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Yooo! Wassup playas?!? JoIn uz en todayz vId3o, wH3re wE ShoP aR0uNd on Am@zon WhILe bEiNg bLiNdfold3d!! W3 Cr3@t3d A gIAnT wIshLIst fuLL oF Pr0duTz v@RyiNG w/ DiFF3r3nt PrIc3 PoiNTz. ThIS 3ntir3 VIde0 iz a Gambl3 CAusE wE D0n'T Kn0w Wh@t We'r3 GuNnA GeT! IF Y0u EnjOYed THis VIde0, bE Sur3 2 Sh@re It w/ a Fri3nND Who Y0u THiNK wILL EnjoY It aS w3ll!

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  1. Lucky Wes

    Lucky Wes19 daqiqa oldin


  2. Sara Carman

    Sara Carman34 daqiqa oldin

    Luna actually means moon in slovenian language ❤

  3. Cassie Johnson

    Cassie Johnson2 soat oldin

    DONE 😄😃❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. xavier martinez

    xavier martinez4 soat oldin


  5. Orange Fox

    Orange Fox4 soat oldin

    When Dope or Nope gets a cheap product: Mathias: Luna would love this! Tanner: Do I have to wear this? Micheal: We’re going to end this whole man’s career.

  6. angelina zamboni

    angelina zamboni4 soat oldin

    pro skillz!

  7. Mr Toast

    Mr Toast5 soat oldin


  8. Judy Contreras

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  9. Brayden Martin-Harrell

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  10. LetsCubePlayz

    LetsCubePlayz8 soat oldin

    knifel tower

  11. Yaser Barakat

    Yaser Barakat8 soat oldin

    DONE :0 :)

  12. Tomas Betancourt

    Tomas Betancourt11 soat oldin

    Rose please no fake supreme 🥺😔 there’s no crop top supreme shirt

  13. Henry Hoo

    Henry Hoo11 soat oldin


  14. lore garces

    lore garces12 soat oldin

    Their lying it didn't take 3monthes it says for rectal sea on the tolipaper

  15. julius cote

    julius cote15 soat oldin

    yas tanna

  16. Onan Santos

    Onan Santos16 soat oldin



    MARCUS SANDY17 soat oldin

    Wa cao

  18. James Curran

    James Curran17 soat oldin

    # hashtag

  19. Silent1o9 dot

    Silent1o9 dot17 soat oldin

    Luna is moon is Spanish.

  20. Santiago Parra

    Santiago Parra18 soat oldin

    on first item I picked all 3 of the answers on a thousand other accounts(I have alot of accounts

  21. Brian Meligan

    Brian Meligan19 soat oldin


  22. Brian Meligan

    Brian Meligan19 soat oldin

    Is she a gamer Gamer and comes up and said are you a gamer?

  23. Yehudah Goldstein

    Yehudah Goldstein22 soat oldin

    Right past "P is for Pterodactyl"😔

  24. Shabby Addy

    Shabby Addy23 soat oldin

    you should watch mr.kate she has a son named Moon

  25. ilovecandy344

    ilovecandy344Kun oldin

    I'm a Jessica

  26. Eloise Turner

    Eloise TurnerKun oldin

    I think tanner is wearing a Cowboy Bebop shirt, so i like it.

  27. funny jelly

    funny jellyKun oldin


  28. Simon Olson

    Simon OlsonKun oldin

    Sam and Tanner has real chemistry, or is it just me? 8)

  29. A Michael

    A MichaelKun oldin

    My mom is a doctor and she has patients with the names money, cash etc...

  30. chris Antoine

    chris AntoineKun oldin


  31. Parker Cleveland

    Parker ClevelandKun oldin

    The guy who got cut in half 😂😂 the first thing on my mind LT. dan you ain’t got no legs

  32. Alvianno 28

    Alvianno 28Kun oldin

    20:52 can we just say that tanner is a CSGO player

  33. Emil y Rapp

    Emil y RappKun oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about when micheal put the rectal sticker on tanner he said you’re not wrong

  34. The Red X

    The Red XKun oldin

    Why are all your videos 24 minutes

  35. Jules S

    Jules SKun oldin


  36. Ruby delores Martinez

    Ruby delores MartinezKun oldin

    I wish tanner would go on a date with me 💙💙💙💙😊😊😊😊😊

  37. Gannon Brownell

    Gannon BrownellKun oldin

    #relatable AND #moneygang AAANNNNDDD #tractortricks

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  39. pango the pagiun

    pango the pagiunKun oldin


  40. Lunatic Games

    Lunatic GamesKun oldin




    Tanner: is she a gamer. Anoro inhaler ad appears

  42. Evan Sailor

    Evan SailorKun oldin

    Tanner: PLZ GET LACES!!!

  43. Missy Betres

    Missy BetresKun oldin


  44. Evan Sailor

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  48. Alex Guerrero

    Alex Guerrero2 kun oldin

    I wanna meet you guysone day

  49. Alex Guerrero

    Alex Guerrero2 kun oldin

    Where do you live

  50. Alex Guerrero

    Alex Guerrero2 kun oldin

    Opps i ment to put you guys rule

  51. Alex Guerrero

    Alex Guerrero2 kun oldin

    You guy suck

  52. Sami Ul haq

    Sami Ul haq2 kun oldin

    DONE thanks but I did not get any thing😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭1like=1prayer

  53. Victor Galvez

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  54. Abdurahman Daniels

    Abdurahman Daniels2 kun oldin

    Marky sparky

  55. RW A

    RW A2 kun oldin

    Where is the join button

  56. Edrian Dob

    Edrian Dob2 kun oldin

    The guy with a axe looks like a viking

  57. Lewis Haynes

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    DONE :)

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