Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

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  1. LuckyRaccoon

    LuckyRaccoon5 daqiqa oldin

    Jenna, you should sand them first.

  2. LuckyRaccoon

    LuckyRaccoon4 daqiqa oldin

    It will help the paint stick.

  3. Madi Skarratt

    Madi Skarratt6 daqiqa oldin

    julian being a supportive boyfriend is so cute

  4. Goth Empress

    Goth Empress25 daqiqa oldin

    Jenna, primer, boo. Primer on the shoe first.

  5. Kat Trimble

    Kat Trimble54 daqiqa oldin

    Can you do glam clown makeup next please

  6. L Jaw

    L JawSoat oldin


  7. Queen Dee

    Queen DeeSoat oldin

    I love how julien is constantly hyping up Jenna 🙃

  8. Marisol Morales

    Marisol MoralesSoat oldin

    Hi I am a big fan can I have a sotout

  9. fla la

    fla la2 soat oldin

    Do *STENCILS* with glow in the dark ✨

  10. riley martinezz

    riley martinezz2 soat oldin

    am i the only one who does'nt wear crocks

  11. Jamjamjin Jamjamj

    Jamjamjin Jamjamj3 soat oldin

    Jenna,I love you’re crocs so much,I only have pink shrimpi color

  12. Kait Law

    Kait Law4 soat oldin

    Lemon lime crocs

  13. Jamjamjin Jamjamj

    Jamjamjin Jamjamj2 soat oldin

    Kait Law yeah,I agree

  14. Jamjamjin Jamjamj

    Jamjamjin Jamjamj3 soat oldin


  15. coconut

    coconut4 soat oldin

    i swear i just confirmed $2413 from this tool they're so legit when it comes to hacking through this link: startwinppl.mobi?v63XYs

  16. Alicia

    Alicia4 soat oldin

    You should take sandpaper to the crocs so that the paint sticks better. Just enough to make them not smooth anymore.

  17. E

    E4 soat oldin

    Somehow making Crocs worse

  18. Kaeden

    Kaeden4 soat oldin

    I want a girl who will hydrodip crocs with me

  19. Relaxation Musique

    Relaxation Musique6 soat oldin

    Oh Jenna, how the heck do you pull off crocs so darn well!

  20. Kian Bowen

    Kian Bowen6 soat oldin

    I thought with hydro dipping you have to have a first layer to get the paint to stick and not flake??

  21. cloudypeachtea

    cloudypeachtea8 soat oldin

    Can Jenna make a giant worm on a string for her dogs? They would love it :)

  22. Dana Abu Dbay

    Dana Abu Dbay9 soat oldin

    I love how Jenna actually loves crocs.. and how she actually thinks they're "cool"

  23. Angela Kemp

    Angela Kemp14 soat oldin

    can you make a completely glow in the dark outfit, would be fab!

  24. Greys Channel :3

    Greys Channel :314 soat oldin

    Petition for Jenna to make a full body glow in the dark suit (top, pants, hats, glasses, nails, etc)

  25. Banana Friends

    Banana Friends15 soat oldin

    It is flaking cause you’re surface is really sooth you will need to sand paper it down first so your paint can have a gripping surface like a canvas

  26. 1992kcwolf

    1992kcwolf15 soat oldin

    *Rad Croc Redemption* didn’t quite work out as intended?

  27. frodo my lad

    frodo my lad15 soat oldin

    that “br-“ 0:45 - 0:46 has me laughing so hard bye

  28. Riley Hackbarth

    Riley Hackbarth16 soat oldin

    Jenna , a sealant would stop the flaking. Id love to see another croc dipping video!

  29. Moby Is my dog

    Moby Is my dog16 soat oldin

    Hey Jenna how many chokers are to many?

  30. Peyton Carpen

    Peyton Carpen17 soat oldin

    Headphones = bad choice

  31. Skyler Productions ÒwÓ

    Skyler Productions ÒwÓ17 soat oldin

    At the beginning she forgot the r in crocs XD

  32. Best Bird Buds

    Best Bird Buds17 soat oldin


  33. B3lgian W4ffles

    B3lgian W4ffles18 soat oldin

    Who else wants Jenna to drop her own line of crocs 🙋‍♀️

  34. Ashley S

    Ashley S19 soat oldin

    Julien: I think you should stop Jenna: *groans*

  35. pen0neth

    pen0neth20 soat oldin

    I sit exactly like that. Squatting comfortably. Event perching like that on chairs.


    NOA SCHOMBERG21 soat oldin

    I love her

  37. Pia Rosseland

    Pia Rosseland21 soat oldin

    You need to sand paper them before you put paint on. Because the paint need to stick to the shoes . Sorry if i have any error I am Norwegian.

  38. MKKid Builder

    MKKid Builder21 soat oldin

    Guys buy clear coat it will bond the paint to the crocs and will look better and won’t flake

  39. Charlie Adam

    Charlie Adam21 soat oldin

    Remember when Jenna spray painted her dogs? I wonder if you can get pet friendly glow in the dark...

  40. Valery Lara

    Valery Lara21 soat oldin

    You need to seal it with mod podge

  41. Claire Dupree

    Claire Dupree22 soat oldin

    Try using sandpaper before dipping and following it with a sealant!

  42. j

    j22 soat oldin

    “Haaail yeh ohh haaail yeah~” hahahahahahhaha

  43. Christina Stagg

    Christina Stagg23 soat oldin

    My crocs came in today ah haha might hydro dip them... JUST KIDDING........ Unless?

  44. Melody Myers

    Melody MyersKun oldin

    Yo please check your dm on insta, I hit you up about doing a pair of custom Crocs for you son, HELL YEAH 😊

  45. Alexis Reid

    Alexis ReidKun oldin

    They have a paint sealer. Go to hobby lobby and ask them for it.

  46. mad honeybee

    mad honeybeeKun oldin

    I made glow~in~the~dark potion bottle necklaces. I sell them at the swapmeet. they are really cute. I love glow~in~the~dark stuff as long as it isn't radioactive!!! Peace!

  47. Sammi Swick

    Sammi SwickKun oldin

    all you need is primer girl ❤️ that’ll keep them from flaking. i would also recommend a nice glossy taco 🌮

  48. yourstrulyyellow

    yourstrulyyellowKun oldin

    Slowly move your furniture towards the center of the house and wait for Julian to notice

  49. Kaeli Ann

    Kaeli AnnKun oldin

    What If you prepare the surface by sanding it a bit?

  50. filet burger

    filet burgerKun oldin

    not to say you should do it again but maybe if you had sanded them a little bit first? cuz the surface doesnt really absorb anything so the texture would help

  51. filet burger

    filet burgerKun oldin

    also i could be wrong idk

  52. Texas baby ktea

    Texas baby kteaKun oldin

    Bringing back the eyebrow stripe! Julian: "How distracting would that be?" Jenna: "AMAZING!" Lol

  53. Beth E

    Beth EKun oldin

    Try sanding the crocs first so the paint has something to grip on to

  54. Raine Staer

    Raine StaerKun oldin

    Zenni actually has glow-in-the-dark glasses

  55. Jon Ward

    Jon WardKun oldin

    You might love Arm knitting a blanket or making a dog bed with the same technique! Look up some videos it’s addictive lol

  56. gabowska

    gabowskaKun oldin

    You HAVE to hydrodip a white hydroflask!!!

  57. Ricardo Iribe

    Ricardo IribeKun oldin

    Jenna Marbles is basically the Leslie Knope of UZgo

  58. court kendell

    court kendellKun oldin

    ok now i need a full on glow in the dark video. glow in the dark everything eyyyy bbbby

  59. Dumb Lil Red

    Dumb Lil RedKun oldin

    I love how they get so excited when they do artsy stuff together

  60. LoneMedusa

    LoneMedusaKun oldin

    "Why're you crying we're just in here looking at our crocs."

  61. Zoe H.

    Zoe H.Kun oldin

    I think I've been on Instagram for too long, because I double-tapped this video

  62. Haley Wood

    Haley WoodKun oldin

    Have you tried sandpapering them and then sealing them when you’re done?

  63. Milagros

    MilagrosKun oldin

    if you want it to stick you might have to rough up the surface with some fine grain sand paper like the girl that gives makeovers to squishys

  64. Alyssa Oreilly

    Alyssa OreillyKun oldin

    Get the croc brand croc shine. That might keep the pain on!!!!