How I rebuilt a 20 year old subwoofer - Tech Stuff Tuesday

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  1. abdelgader mohammed

    abdelgader mohammedKun oldin

    Very nice my brother

  2. Light bud

    Light bud5 kun oldin

    How much you charge to recone a sub

  3. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio2 kun oldin

    @Light bud I don't know much about that sub but I'd guess before shipping both ways it would be $190.

  4. Light bud

    Light bud2 kun oldin

    It's a tezla 1.5k 15"

  5. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio4 kun oldin

    It depends on what the sub is.

  6. Ryan Moore

    Ryan Moore5 kun oldin

    I'd love to recone my Rockford hx2 the tech stuff

  7. KGB2101

    KGB21012 oy oldin

    Awesome build! You definitely improved the excursion on that sub!

  8. RWL2012

    RWL20123 oy oldin

    I have an Alpine SWR-1022D with a hole in the surround. Do you know how I could get a replacement surround...? Thanks :)

  9. 3d Smack

    3d Smack3 oy oldin


  10. joe doval

    joe doval4 oy oldin

    I have an old pair of rockford p2 10s. Can u hook me up with a link for where u got the parts

  11. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio4 oy oldin

  12. kidsavage86

    kidsavage864 oy oldin

    If i want to put a 400oz motor on a ab xfl or ap txxbd4 both 12 inch does a bigger motor mean it is louder with more xmaxx

  13. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio4 oy oldin

    The motor weight doesn't mean anything in regards to strength or Xmax. I did a video on how parts aren't universal you should check out as well.

  14. Rome

    Rome4 oy oldin

    How would you like to do a video of you rebuilding my massive audio DMX 15?

  15. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio4 oy oldin

    @Rome Message our Facebook page or through the contact form on our website and we'll work it out.

  16. Rome

    Rome4 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio let me know when and where to ship to ship or hand-deliver. I'm in Greer so I can get it to you pretty quickly.

  17. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio4 oy oldin

    I could do it.

  18. Travis Gulley

    Travis Gulley5 oy oldin

    Can lanzar max pro subwoofers be rebuilt

  19. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    Any can, if it's worth it or not is up to you.

  20. thebassgeneratorinc

    thebassgeneratorinc5 oy oldin

    I'm very curious due to me having quite a few blown and sagging old gems laying around😊

  21. thebassgeneratorinc

    thebassgeneratorinc5 oy oldin

    on reconing tgesub as you did, doesnt it changes the parameters of the sub eith that coil being not the original and the higher round spider? so this would not be the same as the original, although it may out perform it.

  22. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    If it's not identical it will change the parameters. The coil will be the biggest change because of the electrical side of things, the cone and surround can change a little mechanical but if the mass is different (even more than just the coil) it will also have an effect.

  23. mulubi fred

    mulubi fred5 oy oldin

    whats the nane of the glue and the spray stuff

  24. DIY Audio Guy

    DIY Audio Guy5 oy oldin

    I remember crunch from back on the day. Was it any good back then?

  25. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    Not really.

  26. River Alley

    River Alley5 oy oldin

    @EMFaudio Coyld you do a video on the 0db, -5db, -10db test tones and explain what it is and what there used for in car audio?

  27. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    That would be a very short video. Maybe I could start a segment of several things that don't warrant a long video together in 1 video.

  28. Ian Price

    Ian Price5 oy oldin

    EMF I have a older Kicker solo baric classic single vc 12" I would love for you to rebuild!!!!

  29. Ian Price

    Ian Price2 oy oldin

    I probably be better off buying your lowballer!!!

  30. Ian Price

    Ian Price5 oy oldin

    Yeah I'll have to call or send a email. Thanks

  31. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I could possibly do it, but know it doesn't come cheap.

  32. TheSFFV

    TheSFFV5 oy oldin

    I have a set of Lanzar LP15's that need the same treatment. Do you guys offer this as a service? One of them has a loose coil but would love to replace both with an updated fiber reinforced cone.

  33. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I can do this, but I have to warn you the cost of doing so wouldn't be practical. It would only be worth the value of having working old equipment.

  34. Nelson Mercado

    Nelson Mercado5 oy oldin

    Good jobs

  35. Brooke Leimgruber

    Brooke Leimgruber5 oy oldin

    What's the plan with the fatboy

  36. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    They've already been shipped to the buyer.

  37. Satveer Degun

    Satveer Degun5 oy oldin

    Would of not be easier to just turn the terminal around then cross over the leads. If only parts where as cheap in the UK would make a killing on making hybrid budget subs and doing JL subs as plenty cooked ones around

  38. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    You can't "turn the terminal". The positive and negative would be backwards.

  39. Thomas Marshall

    Thomas Marshall5 oy oldin

    I used to have a set of CR15’s. Back in the day, Crunch made some really sweet subs to go with their Zed amps. Oh how times have changed.

  40. Paul Weston

    Paul Weston5 oy oldin

    I hear you brotha. I used to have a pair of CR12's in a custom particle board box. Ports were tuned perfect. Now, same name, thats it.

  41. El Stefaano

    El Stefaano5 oy oldin

    Why cross the wires under the dustcap????? Turn the connection on the "outside" instead.

  42. El Stefaano

    El Stefaano5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio Yes i know the left and right standard. But it was only a way to not having to cross the wires , and get the + and - connetions correct.

  43. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    @El Stefaano The markings are only on 1 side, and they're by color. Industry standard is positive on left, negative on right so I do it the right way. You would never know the difference if I didn't do a video on it.

  44. El Stefaano

    El Stefaano5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio At 11,50 you say posetive on voicecoil is on right side and the connection/teminal/tensillead posetive is on the left side. So you have to cross them. I guess we can agree on that. :) If we dont cross the wires - and + will be wrong on the terminal/outside connection (dont know the english word for it) , but if you turn the terminal/outside connection 180 degrees the markings on the terminal/outside conectins will be correct. And you dont have to cross the wires. When the terminal is turned the + connection/tensillead will also be on the right side at the voicecoil.

  45. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I think I understand what you mean, it just doesn't work that way. The pos and neg are just posts I solder onto. If you don't swap the wires it doesn't change anything but the label.

  46. El Stefaano

    El Stefaano5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio I mean you remove the connection (the goldplated connection on the outside) and turn it 180 degree and mount it back again. Then you can connect the + and - to + and - on the outside connetion without crossing the wires under the dustcap. Hope you understand what i mean.

  47. DeBoSS212

    DeBoSS2125 oy oldin

    can you rebuild the Rockville. with upgraded parts ???

  48. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    @DeBoSS212 I'd have to buy another one to do that, the other is gone.

  49. DeBoSS212

    DeBoSS2125 oy oldin

    EMF Audio yeah I know it wouldn't be a good sub either way. it would have just been fun I guess. but if u can do a sub upgrade and show difference in power handling of any would be super

  50. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I could if I still had it, and it would improve, but it still wouldn't be good.

  51. justforlaughs8988

    justforlaughs89885 oy oldin

    so why didn't you make it into a dual voice coil woofer? I'm guessing you could of but just wanted to keep it original? thanks and I love your work I hopefully be doing this to my old MA audio 10inch woofer

  52. justforlaughs8988

    justforlaughs89885 oy oldin

    OK well thank you very much sir and love love love your videos keep it up!!

  53. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    That's why I recommended they may have what you're looking for.

  54. justforlaughs8988

    justforlaughs89885 oy oldin

    OK where do you get your parts from? my sub is the older version of the ma audio ma100xe it's a dual 4ohm 300watts rms with the 600w stamped on the back of the magnet I believe it's a 2.5inch voice coil but would need to measure it before I by parts however I have never rebuilt a sub but I'm very good with my hands I'm a commercial electrician by trade and I've rebuilt motors and Transmissions so I have steady hands and I can pay attention and I have all the tools I just need to get supplies in material but do not know where are the best selection of a quail or parts would be and that's what I was hoping you would recommend a site to order from

  55. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    @justforlaughs8988 Pictures wouldn't be enough for me to tell you. You can try with measurements you take from what you have and make your best judgement.

  56. justforlaughs8988

    justforlaughs89885 oy oldin

    Could you do me a huge favor sir could I please send you a couple of pictures to an email for you to take a look at and tell me where I could get a recoil kit for my woofer It would be greatly appreciated


    PURESOUND45 oy oldin

    Just curious how the T/S parameters on the new sub compare to the original?

  58. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I didn't bother to break it in and get specs. I thought about it but I've been busy and just wanted to get them done and out the door.

  59. cookiemonsta212

    cookiemonsta2125 oy oldin

    I had a crunch fat boy 15 that I blew a few weeks ago, Isn’t fully blown but just sounds terrible :(

  60. Kevin Burzynski

    Kevin Burzynski5 oy oldin


  61. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross5 oy oldin

    I'm curious to why if you are using a DVC coil then why not convert the sub into a DVC sub. I'm figuring that adding another set of terminals would be easy enough.

  62. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    It wouldn't keep it original though. I could have more easily just used a new dustcap too.

  63. Hayden Windmiller

    Hayden Windmiller5 oy oldin

    Hey can you repair shifted motors? Would be happy to send them in.

  64. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    We are not equipped to do that.

  65. Alan Hilder

    Alan Hilder5 oy oldin

    The subs in my car are over 20 yo with no problems, been in .many different cars, same subs. Converting to a single voice coil, if the individual coils are 4 ohm, you wanted a 8 ohm speaker, not a 2 ohm. You could have specified what the coils are and reminded viewers for system matching.

  66. Alan Hilder

    Alan Hilder5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio thanks. It wasn't in the vid and I just wanted clarification

  67. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    The sticker on the motor says "4 ohm" so a dual 2 was used. Believe it or not, I know what ohms law is.

  68. Anton Albert

    Anton Albert5 oy oldin

    cool build, I still wonder why you crossed the leads on the coil to the leads on the spider instead of swapping the input posts on the basket..

  69. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    Yes, always. Look at EVERY speaker, pos and neg are always in the same spot. That still wouldn't change how the terminals are labelled, which would have been backwards. I'm a fan of doing things the right way, not the quick or easiest way.

  70. Anton Albert

    Anton Albert5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio "always" nope .. it's a good guideline or a rule of thumb, but I'd never have considered crossing the leads under the dustcap with all things considered just to keep that as a guideline.. 😉

  71. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    Because then the terminals would be wrong. Positive is always on the left, negative is always on the right, and they're labelled as such.

  72. 1trucavalier

    1trucavalier5 oy oldin


  73. Cristian Zaina

    Cristian Zaina5 oy oldin

    Mesmerizing to watch

  74. Jeremiah Montgomery

    Jeremiah Montgomery5 oy oldin

    Weren't them bolt on push terminals could you have just swapped the them around instead crossing the wires in the dust cap

  75. Jeremiah Montgomery

    Jeremiah Montgomery5 oy oldin

    I understand know

  76. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    The idea was to keep it original as possible. Swapping wires would make the terminals wrong.

  77. Zachary Stevens

    Zachary Stevens5 oy oldin

    Do you sell parts for people to do this at home? I have 2 jl audio w4-4 I want to rebuild with newer parts so it can have the most excursion and handle a little bit more power

  78. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    We do not.

  79. Encrypted BuNny

    Encrypted BuNny5 oy oldin

    Fantastic video I'm glad I subscribed long time ago 👍👍👍👍

  80. ashton tuttle

    ashton tuttle5 oy oldin

    @EMF Audio you didn't have to cross the leads from the voice coil you could have just switched the push terminals on the outside so you didn't have to worry about them touching so much, just a friendly tip

  81. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I could have, but then negative would be on the left and positive would be on the right and that's the opposite of industry standard, it would also be backwards of how it's labeled. I'd rather do it the right way than the easy way.

  82. Daniel Yepez

    Daniel Yepez5 oy oldin

    Anyone knows what the black glue and accelerator's name is? I would like to get it here in Mexico, because we don't have specialized speaker shops.

  83. Glen Webster

    Glen Webster5 oy oldin

    would it not be/have been easier to reverse the polarity at the connecting post on the basket

  84. KGB2101

    KGB21012 oy oldin

    To add to what Sean already pointed out and you answered your own question. Reverse polarity.

  85. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    It would have been easier, and wrong.

  86. kierrasdaddy

    kierrasdaddy5 oy oldin

    Is that the same sub you used in the FLXX Audio thermal test video?

  87. kierrasdaddy

    kierrasdaddy5 oy oldin

    EMF Audio, let’s you know how long I have followed You. I remember that whole “FLXX Audio” thing, sorta like Rockville

  88. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    @kierrasdaddy If it was a Fatboy, it was that one or the other one I rebuilt (not on video).

  89. kierrasdaddy

    kierrasdaddy5 oy oldin

    You used that sub in the video, maybe not that exact one but another identical one

  90. EMF Audio

    EMF Audio5 oy oldin

    I don't even remember what's in that video, it was forever ago.