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  1. Simply Nailogical

    Simply Nailogical19 kun oldin

    All the dislikes are from the drug store

  2. Olivia Lambert

    Olivia Lambert14 kun oldin

    Such Language!

  3. Esther Cotter

    Esther Cotter17 kun oldin

    Maybe the dollar store that has the same polish for a dollar.

  4. sXgacha loveXs

    sXgacha loveXs17 kun oldin

    @Whistle Fletcher why would you not like her its not her fault

  5. Whistle Fletcher

    Whistle Fletcher17 kun oldin

    I want to not like you because you bash my president, but I’m not going to lie, I want your nail polish & can’t stop watching your channel because you and Beyn are entertaining 🤣damnit My minds telling me nooo, but my nailsss are telling me yeaa.

  6. sXgacha loveXs

    sXgacha loveXs17 kun oldin


  7. Mahisha Perera

    Mahisha PereraSoat oldin

    *"I don't go to parties, my nails are the parties"*

  8. MsPunkRockk

    MsPunkRockk2 soat oldin

    Ben is such a trouper

  9. Tyler Gold

    Tyler Gold5 soat oldin

    I haven’t bought nail polish in years and this 20 min video has convinced me to break my bank account for all of what she has to sell me

  10. GenderbenderNik

    GenderbenderNik6 soat oldin

    Sooooooooo my girlfriend loves you and your page...and we just ordered this set floor her bday... needless to say she's ecstatic...thanks for being an awesome UZgor person you 🎸 😁😁😁

  11. Sylvia Crafts

    Sylvia Crafts8 soat oldin

    Ben is such an amazing boyfriend and dad🤗

  12. Sylvia Crafts

    Sylvia Crafts8 soat oldin

    "for the ho ho ho in your life" 😂

  13. Phara Herine

    Phara Herine10 soat oldin

    intensive green with golden holo? golden green? oooooooohhhhhhh

  14. Darling DDy

    Darling DDy11 soat oldin

    I need matte top coat Cristine Weewwwww

  15. tkaish

    tkaish11 soat oldin

    I'm sure my words will be lost to the depths of this 14,000-comment thread, but I would love a set of creme polishes in, like, crayon colors. There are millions of nuances of pink/red/coral/redcoral/pinkyred, but I have a hard time finding a *quality* grass green or bright (but not neon) purple. Or something like brown. But not like sexy taupe sandalwood nonsense, just like crayon brown. A set of one-coat crayon colors would be awesome. You can skip the red crayon.

  16. Gab’s Life

    Gab’s Life16 soat oldin

    Just went and asked my dad for rainbow snow, as well as the light blue who's name I have forgotten love your vids and wish you luck with your company. I've been watching you for three years now but am not an old person.

  17. Margaret Crew

    Margaret Crew16 soat oldin

    When you live in the same city as Cristine but her nail polishes are made in the US so you still have to wait for international shipping :(

  18. Emily Rossmeissl

    Emily Rossmeissl17 soat oldin


  19. London Miller

    London Miller17 soat oldin

    21days until Christmas like if you love Christmas

  20. Danielle Balgowan

    Danielle Balgowan19 soat oldin

    Where can I buy this in Australia?

  21. Kawaii _kiwi90

    Kawaii _kiwi9019 soat oldin

    You should make edible holo nail polishes for holo taco uwu

  22. Wanda Steeves

    Wanda Steeves20 soat oldin

    I love ur product, just got it had to let it warm up, I ordered more lol

  23. Holo

    Holo20 soat oldin


  24. TheLozzie88

    TheLozzie88Kun oldin

    When I put on nail varnish I always wait until its dry but I get colour bleeding/smudging when I put on the top coat. What am I doing wrong?

  25. iisqdtearsii

    iisqdtearsiiKun oldin

    I remember when she hated make up and she was super bad at it now I’m just like whoah

  26. Miss Linny

    Miss LinnyKun oldin

    I brought the frost light and rainbow snow and did a gradient and finished with the glossy taco. And omg its amazing. Fast delivery aswell considering I'm in the UK. Thank you so much cristine!!! Looking forward to the next set.

  27. Chew Yu run

    Chew Yu runKun oldin


  28. Munchken Shay

    Munchken ShayKun oldin

    Who else is watching this after they bought the collection

  29. Cailey Johnson

    Cailey JohnsonKun oldin

    Oh my god they are so prettty!

  30. Valeria Mendoza

    Valeria MendozaKun oldin

    We have the same zodiac sign ♎️

  31. Heather Kavanagh

    Heather KavanaghKun oldin


  32. Lari Chan

    Lari ChanKun oldin

    I cant stop looking how her cat enter his bad

  33. Sienna Watson

    Sienna WatsonKun oldin

    She protect, she attack, she a nail art hack 😂

  34. ItzAndii

    ItzAndiiKun oldin

    How are you an ben not married? Like-...what?

  35. Alexis Shank

    Alexis Shank2 kun oldin

    love how her jacket matches the holoday nail polish collection

  36. Brooke Alexis

    Brooke Alexis2 kun oldin

    0:10 oml cristine that laugh? Scream? Idek but this is why we love you 😂

  37. Eternity

    Eternity2 kun oldin

    How to get theseeeee from ph

  38. Nita T

    Nita T2 kun oldin

    I LOVE THIS SET but have a question: Does anyone/should I cure the peely base coat? I LOVE how well it works, but mine slips off in the shower or with slight pressure a few hours after all the coats are dried. Should I just not shower for a few hours after application. Help! Thank you!

  39. GoddesSilverRose

    GoddesSilverRose2 kun oldin

    I do hope I can buy it! I hope you do a deep plum holo glitter. That would be my two fav things together.

  40. Celeste Rouna

    Celeste Rouna2 kun oldin

    Ahhhh I got my box today and I'm so excited and happy and I'm so glad I had extra money this time to get this box because I was so sad that I didn't last time! Ahhhh thank you Cristine!!

  41. yheillsyy rima

    yheillsyy rima2 kun oldin

    Favorite colors indigo with holo👌

  42. adam timberlake

    adam timberlake2 kun oldin

    I don't go to parties because I am not invited

  43. Shikha Negi

    Shikha Negi2 kun oldin

    I want holo taco in India. ☹️

  44. Rose3231

    Rose32312 kun oldin

    I think it's time for holo taco polish mountain lesss gooooo!

  45. Katelyn Clark

    Katelyn Clark2 kun oldin

    Paint an ornament with 💅🏻 nail polish 💅🏻!!!!