I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!
Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie7 kun oldin

    Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔 Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come! Stay safe & healthy everyone!

  2. Diane Jacinto

    Diane Jacinto16 soat oldin

    Hi. Where did you buy your Black T-Shirt?

  3. Ibnu Maul

    Ibnu Maul22 soat oldin

    dasar bodoh. bikin konten menyiksa perut sendiri. makan makanan itu yang lezat enak. fuck you

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    Al kadmy الكاظمي2 kun oldin

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    nlemac lil baby mac2 kun oldin

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  6. nlemac lil baby mac

    nlemac lil baby mac2 kun oldin

    Matt.Can you do a "10 Popeyes chicken sandwiches in 45 minutes or less" video one day?

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    Justine LaurentSoat oldin

    I like your video and i com from BELGIUM 🇧🇪 you are great ! 🙏🏼

  8. YOLO game

    YOLO gameSoat oldin

    Phở and bánh cuốn is basic food in vietnamese

  9. Christos316

    Christos3163 soat oldin

    Why the fuck didnt you film yourself eating the rest???

  10. prEtty rEdd

    prEtty rEdd3 soat oldin

    Sooooo 🤔 am i the only one that notice one of his eyes is different from the other?

  11. eddy marenco

    eddy marenco5 soat oldin

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  12. Mark Reilly

    Mark Reilly6 soat oldin

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  13. Slayer X

    Slayer X7 soat oldin

    Bro why you just dont eat the corona

  14. Gabriela Demontigny

    Gabriela Demontigny8 soat oldin

    Stay safe of the corona 🦠😊

  15. sandeep p

    sandeep p10 soat oldin

    Dude's got jaw line of a crackhead

  16. Mr. Maddy

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    Matt goes to the store: Can i get meal for 4 for 1 please??

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    Matthew Meadows11 soat oldin

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    Bị ép Buộc11 soat oldin

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  22. Deformed Alien

    Deformed Alien12 soat oldin

    Cashier: stocking up for quarantine for you’re family? Matt stonie: nope, just for a video Cashier:...

  23. Руслан Женбеков

    Руслан Женбеков14 soat oldin

    Ze best

  24. Kim T

    Kim T16 soat oldin

    Happy quarantine Matt. Stay well.i have an idea. Can u recreate the corona burger? A restaurant in hanoi is doing it. Make a really big one

  25. HaHa

    HaHa16 soat oldin

    How are u still not fat, like i eat as much as you eat but how...

  26. Positive Reality Creator

    Positive Reality Creator17 soat oldin

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    Dark skılls18 soat oldin

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    Quốc Vương Trần18 soat oldin

    From việt nam with love

  30. Leandro López

    Leandro López20 soat oldin

    Too much useless plastic just for one food. Disgusting.

  31. Rian Catalyst

    Rian Catalyst21 soat oldin

    I dont know if u got dis comment already but u look like the PROFESSOR (BBALL)

  32. Lianthangii Chhangte

    Lianthangii Chhangte22 soat oldin

    But you eat many food but why are you not fat

  33. Lianthangii Chhangte

    Lianthangii Chhangte22 soat oldin

    Good luck bro

  34. mitchell montgrand

    mitchell montgrand22 soat oldin

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    Wikktor Sanchez22 soat oldin

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  36. Stech54

    Stech5423 soat oldin

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    You realise there's a ration on right? People a struggling to feed their families because there's nothing in the shops and here you are eating enough to feed an entire family for days in one meal, just to see if you can.😔. Love you man but now is not the time for anything competitive eating related.


    COLD YUNGKun oldin

    Do a collab with quan Tran it would be dope

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