Gray VS Esdeath (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill!) | DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. YoLo4LiF3 As 1f

    YoLo4LiF3 As 1f7 soat oldin

    Glad boom stick put his prefences out on the table... KIller Bee our black ninja rapper would be proud.

  2. Speedy Films

    Speedy Films7 soat oldin

    You guys should try broly vs doomsday

  3. Dice X

    Dice X8 soat oldin


  4. DEMON of awesomeness

    DEMON of awesomeness8 soat oldin

    Ben 10 Battle Royale

  5. Nadine Njowo

    Nadine Njowo8 soat oldin

    Can you do Erza Scarlet vs Cure Scarlet next please

  6. cooldsonic playz

    cooldsonic playz9 soat oldin

    We already know goros gonna woop machamp but i love mortal Kombat and Pokemon so either way im straight

  7. Evan Schneller

    Evan Schneller9 soat oldin

    I just finished akame ga kill

  8. Infinit Laser

    Infinit Laser9 soat oldin

    Gray can eat ice magic so because esdeath time stop its ice magic he ca eat the time stop

  9. Timothy123

    Timothy1239 soat oldin

    In the manga Tatsume and Mine both survive, but others die and others survive. I just hate how the anime had to cut out the Wild Hunt story arc for being to brutal and explicit, shortening over a third of the story and making it seem the last 6 episodes time skip around.

  10. Lyg3rBurg3rz

    Lyg3rBurg3rz9 soat oldin

    Man they're coming up with some weird matchups this season.

  11. Back With Dem Beats

    Back With Dem Beats9 soat oldin


  12. Yiannis Christophi

    Yiannis Christophi9 soat oldin

    John wick vs rama from the raid

  13. George Edmonds

    George Edmonds10 soat oldin

    Handy Manny versus Bob the Builder

  14. ojay Z

    ojay Z11 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> luffy?

  15. joku 28

    joku 2811 soat oldin

    Can u do a vid kratos vs scorpion [God of war] vs [mortal combat]

  16. Amben

    Amben11 soat oldin

    kuzan be like ararararrarara

  17. lindsey robinson

    lindsey robinson11 soat oldin


  18. alexander bovard

    alexander bovard12 soat oldin

    this video is cool and all. But have yall heard about leafy coming back from the dead?

  19. Hayabusa HZSG

    Hayabusa HZSG12 soat oldin

    Oh Goro’s gonna hella stomp

  20. 89FRG

    89FRG12 soat oldin

    Elsa is powerful as esdeath.... BUUUT!!! is not a fighter ¡CHANGE MY MIND!

  21. For Lack of Better Productions

    For Lack of Better Productions12 soat oldin

    Well a running theme in Fairy Tail is how they are stronger as a team, so I guess I'm not surprised. Anyway I want to see a death battle featuring Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index), but I'm not sure who to put him against unless they are willing to use Regulus Corneas (Re:Zero) who is only in the novels so far.

  22. Toxic Studios

    Toxic Studios12 soat oldin

    I make my own super heroes and I need to say all of them could beat her like really they are way to op

  23. Reece Jones

    Reece Jones12 soat oldin

    Gray: I will use the power of friendship. Esdeath: We don’t do that here.

  24. wereguy16

    wereguy1613 soat oldin

    Sunfire vs Endeavor

  25. Reno Sandreas

    Reno Sandreas13 soat oldin

    How about Kujo Jotaro stop time vs Diavolo time skip.

  26. leproso S.

    leproso S.13 soat oldin


  27. Raven Rave

    Raven Rave14 soat oldin

    Lucy vs Nami?

  28. Tristan Faulkner

    Tristan Faulkner14 soat oldin

    William (Nioh) vs Wolf (Sekiro) might be a fun fight to watch

  29. K1N9Y33T

    K1N9Y33T14 soat oldin

    I know this seems like a random matchup but Doom Slayer vs. Kratos come on don't tell me you never thought who would be angrier enough to win

  30. Super Baller

    Super Baller15 soat oldin

    Natsu will probably come slam gray for doing ice shell and be the one to fight esdeath ..

  31. Demigod Shmurda

    Demigod Shmurda15 soat oldin

    I know it's a long shot but...Black Lightning vs Electro?

  32. mc5353t

    mc5353t16 soat oldin

    why wasn't ice devil magic work on her? her powers are base on devil beast?

  33. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander15 soat oldin

    This has been corrected a million times. It's called demon extract in name only. Db even has a text box that states this. All weapons are made from danger beasts. It's called demon extract because it drives ppl insane.

  34. Drophobia

    Drophobia16 soat oldin

    "Another crazy blue haired woman in my life"

  35. •Gabriel •

    •Gabriel •17 soat oldin

    We all knew she would clap him

  36. AtomicFlare57

    AtomicFlare5718 soat oldin

    エスで すSです i am an s. s=sadist

  37. Corrupted X5

    Corrupted X518 soat oldin

    We need todaroki in this

  38. Shino Blitz

    Shino Blitz18 soat oldin

    I predicted Esdeath would win because of the time freeze ability but when I saw Gray in the clip able to move while it was still active I thought for sure he was gonna manage something like fr Akame was able to catch Esdeath off guard with an afterimage. Granted Esdeath already saw the ice clones Gray could produce clones there was no way she could predict the amount he could use especially if 4 of them were able to run through her Calvary with relative easy making his ice creatures better stronger than hers. Back to the cold residence Gray would’ve had far superior resistance to cold than Tatsumi. For one Gray trainee longer with ice and its resistances to increase his own strength. Meaning the stronger he became the more resistant he had to become and he’s been doing it for years. Tatsumi likely trained with his imperial arms for a few months but less than a year and even if it did gain a slight resistance to the cold I don’t think he’s fought against ice users very often for the resistance to even be good enough other then to allow him to not freeze or be completely immobile is regular ice situations. Esdeath definitely should’ve won as her power was greater than Gray’s however the way she won was kinda weak. Gray could’ve easily at that ice attack she threw, created a clone, a barrier, or straight up dodged it, would’ve been better seeing Esdeath use he actual brains in the fight to completely trap Gray before delivering the finishing blow.

  39. Monster Society

    Monster Society19 soat oldin

    “Florida Man” VS. Boomstick (DBX)

  40. Monster Society

    Monster Society19 soat oldin

    Plastic Man VS. Mr. Fantastic

  41. Monster Society

    Monster Society19 soat oldin

    The Atom VS. Ant-Man

  42. ncr trooper

    ncr trooper19 soat oldin

    She will win ez

  43. francis galacio

    francis galacio19 soat oldin

    next ice fight should be Kuzan vs. Toshiro

  44. AnimeGI5 Anime Party

    AnimeGI5 Anime Party20 soat oldin

    OH SHE DID NOT !!!!

  45. FoShoMang

    FoShoMang20 soat oldin

    I already knew where this battle was going considering esdeaths hack powers.


    ZERO NOVA21 soat oldin

    Plzz DeathBattle Do The Research again Gray is way stronger.He fought END Natsu who has no effect on Dimaria time stop and Dimaria can stop the of the world she is the time god.End Natsu was 4th dimensional and Gray was equal to his power and Gray Fullbuster is immune to ice from the start.

  47. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander15 soat oldin

    Natsu isn't 4th dimensional. He had a hax power to ignore time stop. Also time stop its self is a hax it doesnt make a character 4d. Gray equal to natsu doesn't mean the have the same feats just mostly equal strength speed etc basic stuff.

  48. Tarz

    Tarz18 soat oldin

    But it's an ice based time stop, not a time based. And Gray couldn't stop Invel's ice block so this would be just as or more effective.


    ZERO NOVA21 soat oldin

    Plzz DeathBattle Do The Research again Gray is way stronger.He fought END Natsu who has no effect on Dimaria time stop and Dimaria can stop the of the world she is the time god.End Natsu was 4th dimensional and Gray was equal to his power and Gray Fullbuster is immune to ice from the start.

  50. Eyebrawler

    Eyebrawler11 soat oldin

    Scaling Gray to Natsu doesn't mean we just give Gray all of Natsus feats. Also, he ain't immune. He's resistant, he can still be sliced up or stabbed by ice.


    ZERO NOVA21 soat oldin

    LOL this must be some kind of a joke right Gray is way stronger.Did DeathBattle Do The Research?????

  52. Eyebrawler

    Eyebrawler11 soat oldin

    Read the AGK manga

  53. trollzorable

    trollzorable21 soat oldin

    I wanna see the Ripping friends vs The fantastic Four that Would be beyond rad

  54. Fairies Flame

    Fairies Flame21 soat oldin

    I'm confused with their calculations here. They say Fiore was over 3000 km and calculated over 27 Gigatons, yet they use a crater that is over 400 km which was calculated over 900 Teratons.

  55. Borislav Borisov

    Borislav Borisov19 soat oldin

    @Fairies Flame yeah i've watched it. Some of the thinks he said can be used on this video as well. The use of the clones for example.

  56. Fairies Flame

    Fairies Flame19 soat oldin

    @Borislav Borisov Definitely want to make some debunking videos on Natsu VS Ace and Gray VS Esdeath. I would make one for Ben 10 VS Green Lantern but Ink Tank already made a very good debunk on it.

  57. Borislav Borisov

    Borislav Borisov20 soat oldin

    @Fairies Flame to be noted i don't really want to blow up my own country, dispite the goverment and others doing so really unreasonable and no thought throughout thing recently and that annoys me.

  58. Fairies Flame

    Fairies Flame20 soat oldin

    @Borislav Borisov You make a very good point.

  59. Borislav Borisov

    Borislav Borisov20 soat oldin

    i said few days ago - the calcs are way off. The size of fiore is way bigger than what they claim. Based on the same map they used other guys calced bigger size based on the statement of dimaria that wall echt must aim at something that is 400km if he wanted to nuke fairy tail with his etherion. The council' etherion in stated multiple times to be able to destroy a country and fiore is actually the smallest on the continent, howerver it seem that the planet in FT seem to be much bigger than our own becuse to destroy fiore the etherion must have energy around 1.5 petaton. 1 petaton = 1000 teratons. Therefore the etherion is 1500 teratons. Fiore was shrinked when eileen used deus semma so it should be 75 teratons, based on the statement it can destroy fiore,but lets assume it's the shrinked fiore and compared to the etherion. I've seen the shikoutaizei's crater to be calced a lot smaller value, but still it the country buster range, granted we don't know the method that deathbattle calced the crater but the difference between the two calcs i saw is around 40x times in favor of that one here and the radius here seems unrealistic. Look at it like that - I live in bulgaria and the maximum distance between the northernmost and the southernmost point of bulgaria is 330 kilometers. if we take the shikoitaizer and nuke it in the middle we will destroy almost all of bulgaria and some small parts of other countries and will achivieve the 400 km raduis, but still look that the maps - bulgaria is not even 1/10 of the size of europe. There is no way an attack that is almost continental level to create such crater and the crater is the only way we can find the power of the attack. Considering the fact that they gave the wrong info for the size of deus semma on right screen i have no reason to believe their other calc as well. On of them is serionsly lowballed and the other is wanked.

  60. Zheyan23

    Zheyan2322 soat oldin

    Tag team Death Battle!!! Mare & Aura (Overlord) VS Caroline & Justine (Persona 5)

  61. Stepho gang!

    Stepho gang!22 soat oldin

    Wrong once again these idiots need to stop

  62. Fábio Castanho Emídio

    Fábio Castanho Emídio22 soat oldin

    Can y'all please stop making the winner the second Fighter to be announced? It's getting predictable

  63. Brian’s Manga

    Brian’s Manga22 soat oldin


  64. Ray Garcia

    Ray Garcia23 soat oldin

    How about zuko from avatar the last air bender against shoto from my hero academia

  65. Asimov Almocera

    Asimov Almocera23 soat oldin

    Hopefully you can do doom slayer vs kratos next

  66. Tokunime lover

    Tokunime lover23 soat oldin

    How about try juvia vs esdeath ?



    Death Battle please soon i hope please do Eren from attack on titan vs Optimus Prime from Transformers

  68. Gabriel Tuohey

    Gabriel Tuohey23 soat oldin

    Doom Slayer (Doom) vs Sam (Serious Sam)

  69. Fire Love

    Fire Love23 soat oldin

    Naofumi vs. Brago ( rise of the shield hero vs. Zatch bell )

  70. NotWesley

    NotWesley23 soat oldin

    OK why tf does Esdeath remind me of Morag from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  71. malachi burtton

    malachi burttonKun oldin

    Death battles is stupid

  72. Bryce Hampton

    Bryce HamptonKun oldin

    Do Quake (Marvel) vs Black Canary (DC)

  73. Keith Gawain

    Keith GawainKun oldin

    Give me Erza Scarlet vs Archer EMIYA

  74. DJ_in_da_house

    DJ_in_da_houseKun oldin

    How do you turn freezing something into TNT power?

  75. zero

    zeroKun oldin

    You forget gray cant die...

  76. Nosre John

    Nosre JohnKun oldin

    Wasn’t grey extremely accurate when he straight up made a sniper shot

  77. Marcus

    MarcusKun oldin

    Somebody get Sub Zero up in dis bich.

  78. Lotus Moon

    Lotus MoonKun oldin

    Who likes the element of ice. Better than fire

  79. madnesshank01

    madnesshank01Kun oldin

    Mahapadma, do do-do do

  80. Angelo Dimarco

    Angelo DimarcoKun oldin

    That's it! I want a Death Battle between Dio Brando vs Esdeath! Brain vs Brawn!

  81. I only speak the truth

    I only speak the truthKun oldin

    Wow the first people to acknowledge that friendship is a literal power source in Fairy Tail, or more specifically the emotions caused by such circumstances. Also... If Gray was frozen how didn't he just devour it.

  82. ReapMercy

    ReapMercyKun oldin

    With the new information for erza they should do a rematch against zoro

  83. Patrick Lol teemo

    Patrick Lol teemoKun oldin

    Imagine how mush time consumimg it is to pick characters that have a certain similarity find all about their lore and feats calcualting them and then comparing them of who has even the slighest higher chance of winning,animaye the battle and then explain why he/she or it won.

  84. vm141789

    vm141789Kun oldin

    Fairy Tail: No plot armor, no party.

  85. raze bullet

    raze bulletKun oldin

    Esdeath as a nice rack

  86. Angterra Striker

    Angterra StrikerKun oldin

    So she wins. She can stop time and her ice spans a wider range.

  87. Ashley Ferox

    Ashley FeroxKun oldin

    I already put my money on Grey

  88. Sonicfan101

    Sonicfan101Kun oldin

    Spongebob squarepants vs gumball waterson

  89. Jarmai10

    Jarmai10Kun oldin

    Capone Bege (one piece) vs Penguin (DC) w/ crew and henchmen

  90. Zach Mundy

    Zach MundyKun oldin

    So if we are gonna compare their powers to other members feats like they did with Esdeath, we also have to point out that ice magic has almost no effect on gray, he is as strong as Natsu, who time magic has zero effect on which is shown when he moves through time as if it were nothing and pummels a god. Gray wouldnt have gone for ice shell in that scenario nor would he have lost. I feel as if all of these analysis are becoming super rushed and they are overlooking a lot of facts recently.

  91. Tarz

    Tarz18 soat oldin

    But it's an ice based time stop, not a time based. And Gray couldn't stop Invel's ice block so this would be just as or more effective.