Google Secrets you didn't KNOW ABOUT

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  1. Jeffery Valeck

    Jeffery Valeck4 soat oldin

    I play snake sumtimes

  2. Tina Weikert

    Tina Weikert5 soat oldin

    I Don't think you can fix Google.🤣

  3. Daniel Brizuela

    Daniel Brizuela15 soat oldin

    I dont like wen googel is broken

  4. Zoey Keller

    Zoey Keller15 soat oldin

    Next time search wizard of oz

  5. Connie Bearden

    Connie Bearden15 soat oldin

    Why would you throw up in a sock?🤮

  6. Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez17 soat oldin

    It’s okay because my friend did that

  7. cassie

    cassieKun oldin

    my mum is 42

  8. Allison Mohr

    Allison MohrKun oldin

    Boomer species 😂😂😂

  9. Loli-potato-

    Loli-potato-Kun oldin

    There was a sonic one you missed- its basically the same as the thanos one

  10. Panda plays gacha

    Panda plays gachaKun oldin

    There is one on a phone for google and it is a cloud does anyone know what I’m talking about?😂

  11. Princess Jamie

    Princess JamieKun oldin

    I tried all of you I will try Google space I tried Google whatever you call it and it works

  12. Princess Jamie

    Princess JamieKun oldin

    I just tried it the Google Google space

  13. William Parker

    William ParkerKun oldin


  14. Sunny Tong

    Sunny TongKun oldin


  15. Mi and ivy Cupcakes

    Mi and ivy CupcakesKun oldin

    Who else has the google tab open

  16. Giraffepotatoheads Ely

    Giraffepotatoheads ElyKun oldin


  17. Marie Downey

    Marie DowneyKun oldin

    Literally everyone knows what the dinosaur game is

  18. Sofia Johal

    Sofia JohalKun oldin

    hey sssniperwolf if you click on the thanos glove thing again the web will come back again

  19. Marital Elk

    Marital Elk2 kun oldin

    The dinosaur Wi-Fi game is 25 million years long

  20. zyw en

    zyw en2 kun oldin


  21. Pearl animates

    Pearl animates2 kun oldin


  22. Edward Shelton

    Edward Shelton2 kun oldin

    Kim's I mean it came from starcraft and an easel rings come out and spell GG as what happened to you

  23. Verina Alexandra Tanwangco

    Verina Alexandra Tanwangco2 kun oldin

    Theres more than Thanos theres also wizard of oz and Joey Trribanni (Spelt it wrong)

  24. Tara Rehar Boskovič

    Tara Rehar Boskovič2 kun oldin

    Atari breakout

  25. Tara Rehar Boskovič

    Tara Rehar Boskovič2 kun oldin

    Doesn’t work

  26. TheGamingDogeYT

    TheGamingDogeYT2 kun oldin

    I tried all of these not all of them work

  27. Kardae Upson

    Kardae Upson2 kun oldin


  28. {Aesthetic Flam}

    {Aesthetic Flam}2 kun oldin

    You: aw man i have no internet.. *cri* A few moments later: taps dino* HEY i could've been playing this earlier if i knew it was a game! Who else liked the dino game?

  29. Potato Cucumber

    Potato Cucumber2 kun oldin

    To play zerg rush just click the dots it worked for me they have tiny health bars

  30. Golden Fanf-Wolf

    Golden Fanf-Wolf2 kun oldin

    There's more so do this again

  31. CPA Lucy J Chepkwony

    CPA Lucy J Chepkwony2 kun oldin


  32. Julia Streeter

    Julia Streeter2 kun oldin

    There’s also another one like the thanos one Just search The Wizard of Oz and click the tornado icon

  33. nevasant persad

    nevasant persad3 kun oldin

    I tried these and it actually worked *COOL*

  34. katie scanlon

    katie scanlon3 kun oldin


  35. Jackie The cute kitten

    Jackie The cute kitten3 kun oldin

    Ahh autocorrect hates me

  36. Jackie The cute kitten

    Jackie The cute kitten3 kun oldin


  37. New You Tube Channel UwU

    New You Tube Channel UwU3 kun oldin

    Dont forget doodle jump.

  38. Kitty Creates

    Kitty Creates3 kun oldin

    Legit i love playing the dinosaur game,it so great😀😁

  39. Melody uwu

    Melody uwu3 kun oldin

    1:17 how do you tell your story

  40. Vannah Allen

    Vannah Allen3 kun oldin

    Lia the thanos one if you click it again all the serch comes back

  41. TheBeginningCHQ

    TheBeginningCHQ4 kun oldin

    0:22 I love how there's just one rapidly spinning away *XD* This is my mother's acc she's letting me borrow it bc she's nice)

  42. Brittney Jaime

    Brittney Jaime4 kun oldin

    Try google underwater

  43. Aleida Bautista

    Aleida Bautista4 kun oldin

    Have you tried the underwater google?

  44. Harry K

    Harry K4 kun oldin

    What about the wizard of Oz one where you tap on the shoes and then the tornado that appears? Reply to this if you play the dinosaur game

  45. Caz Mayo

    Caz Mayo4 kun oldin

    Theres also one where if you search up the wizard of oz you should see a shoe click on it and then it truns it around and makes everything black and white and instead of shoes there should be a house click on it again and it will bring you back to normal search with the colours and the shoes again

  46. Caz Mayo

    Caz Mayo2 kun oldin

    Like if it worked for you

  47. Kylie Cats

    Kylie Cats4 kun oldin

    Omg her story 😂😂😂 I died

  48. Ada María

    Ada María4 kun oldin

    Watta heck

  49. J-dog Potato

    J-dog Potato4 kun oldin

    I’m a guy and I had B2 through C5 what would that be

  50. Rachel Dolan

    Rachel Dolan4 kun oldin

    on my Nokia

  51. Chloe Allingham

    Chloe Allingham4 kun oldin

    most of these worked thanks sssniperwolf

  52. Rose Emily Arrrow

    Rose Emily Arrrow5 kun oldin

    If u wanna get all thanos search results back just click on that hand again

  53. Brent & Joanna Oglesby

    Brent & Joanna Oglesby5 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf: Why 42?!? Me: Only boomers know 😏

  54. Elise Lloyd

    Elise Lloyd5 kun oldin

    Type in wizard of oz

  55. Katrina Newtson

    Katrina Newtson5 kun oldin

    Almost the whole of my grade knows about the dinosaur game and have been turning off the internet to play this game since second grade no one has been caught yet (or the teachers don’t care)

  56. Video Game Memes Inc.

    Video Game Memes Inc.5 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf: went to her friends house in 1st grade Sssniperwolf's parents: *wait that's illegal*

  57. Azalia Grace Casas

    Azalia Grace Casas5 kun oldin

    I love playing snake

  58. NightcoreWolfie 16

    NightcoreWolfie 166 kun oldin

    I paused the vid and i see gucci gang song me like"seirisly get that out of my face right now!!!!(wispers)or i hate u soooo much(un wispers)JUST CUZ U WERE SWEARING

  59. Sophia Luarca

    Sophia Luarca6 kun oldin

    search up "wizard of oz"

  60. Veda Mudunuru

    Veda Mudunuru6 kun oldin

    Another trick is ball pool in Google from mr.Doob. It's not that good though

  61. ling ka kin

    ling ka kin6 kun oldin

    search no internet game and you can be it

  62. Elaina Forward

    Elaina Forward6 kun oldin

    Search up fidget spinner there’s a fidget spinner or something that you can spin