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  1. molynne1123

    molynne112327 daqiqa oldin

    May I be a bridesmaid in the wedding orrr

  2. Justine Hong

    Justine Hong2 soat oldin

    This relationship is goals😍🥰 Heath and Mariah look so happy together

  3. Aaliyah Mesa

    Aaliyah Mesa4 soat oldin

    im in love w/ their love 🥺

  4. Rachel w

    Rachel w4 soat oldin

    this is the best thing

  5. Gulalai M

    Gulalai M5 soat oldin

    Mariahs body ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Tia C

    Tia C10 soat oldin

    who - and i can't stress this enough - disliked this??????

  7. Dalia vorojnin

    Dalia vorojnin11 soat oldin

    You should start a UZgo channel together

  8. Kimberley Massey

    Kimberley Massey11 soat oldin

    I would LOVE to see Heath on DWTS. Holy crap. He'd win for sure just because he's so charming and charismatic and everyone would love him. Also boy can throw it back, but we been knew.

  9. Tyler Bates

    Tyler Bates13 soat oldin

    Are we gonna overlook how Mariah's ass looks rally great in those shorts lol? Anyways, they do make a great couple and I wish I had a girl as inspiring as her.

  10. Megan Burtscher

    Megan Burtscher16 soat oldin

    Omg! I freaking love you two!!! Such a positive relationship!! You both have so much patience with one another! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  11. Rowan TreeDesigns

    Rowan TreeDesigns16 soat oldin

    😧you are losing weight good gob

  12. Jessica Millar

    Jessica Millar17 soat oldin

    Couple goals !!!

  13. Jessica Millar

    Jessica Millar17 soat oldin

    I love heaths enthusiasm

  14. imantonija w

    imantonija w17 soat oldin

    Wow I'm super impresed❤😘

  15. Allyk Cook

    Allyk Cook17 soat oldin

    Why are they Soo perfect?!! Seeing Heath get legitimately Soo excited throughout this whole thing with each move new move is Soo freaking cuuuute

  16. Grace Perreault

    Grace Perreault20 soat oldin

    Your videos together always make me laugh so hard! You two make me so incredibly happy, I'm so glad to have your videos to watch during this time of isolation❤

  17. krustykarissa

    krustykarissa21 soat oldin

    When they get married this better be their first dance at their wedding 💯

  18. Sebastian Hoots

    Sebastian Hoots21 soat oldin

    The positive energy that radiates from this video heals me

  19. bianca balderas

    bianca balderas22 soat oldin

    I love this 😭

  20. Andreita Perez-Gaytán

    Andreita Perez-GaytánKun oldin

    I can not tell you have much I laughed in this video, this was genuinely one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched

  21. Reine Nyinang

    Reine NyinangKun oldin

    This is the type of context I love UZgo for. Hunter, creativity, and Love!

  22. Lisa McCollum

    Lisa McCollumKun oldin

    Favorite UZgo couple! I love you guys and the dance. Video idea---- get the dance up to tempo,have cute outfits,film the dance again.Oh and maybe get your friends to react to the dances video.

  23. Sabi Rodriguez

    Sabi RodriguezKun oldin

    That was so good omg

  24. cheyanna derr

    cheyanna derrKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="726">12:06</a> Maria: okay! We’re done! Gimme Five! My heart: 🥺

  25. The Lovely Chelsey

    The Lovely ChelseyKun oldin

    they are like everyone’s favorite aunt and uncle at family get togethers 😂😂

  26. Libby Davis

    Libby DavisKun oldin

    is this my favorite video on the internet? maybe. will I get married if I can't find somebody who fits me this perfectly? no.

  27. taylor boo

    taylor booKun oldin

    so mf cute

  28. Sphinx gaming

    Sphinx gamingKun oldin

    HEY heath so this comment is going back on one of your videos with tfil the water park where Elton broke the sprinkler um someone can actually die and choke on a tablespoon of water so yea

  29. Regan Miner

    Regan MinerKun oldin

    Amazing guys!!!

  30. •Gisela •

    •Gisela •Kun oldin

    That was legit so wholesome 🥺

  31. Lilian Hamper

    Lilian HamperKun oldin

    I loved this so much. Love y’all. Power couple! I hope to one day find something as pure and amazing as this

  32. Sabrina Taylor

    Sabrina TaylorKun oldin

    This was so funny & cute 😁🌹

  33. Janine Burt

    Janine BurtKun oldin

    Took forever to watch this video , had to keep rewatching halarious moments within! Damnnnnn Mariah! That Boy can Dance ! Xo

  34. Maria Muller

    Maria MullerKun oldin


  35. Kristen Baker

    Kristen BakerKun oldin

    I wish my boyfriend would do some sh*t like this with me... 🥺 you two are so good!! I’ve danced my entire life but could never go anywhere with it. Watching this made me feel so inspired tbh! ♥️♥️

  36. Llama Cebu

    Llama CebuKun oldin

    Funny how he was reading off his advertisement bit and then noticed to get the gift you need to spend over 30,000

  37. nicky smith

    nicky smithKun oldin

    Why are they so perfect for each other😭💜💛💙

  38. Vivian Holder

    Vivian HolderKun oldin

    I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to let me teach him ballet. Now I’m just gonna show him this and hope that he’ll want to try 😂

  39. Ne li

    Ne li2 kun oldin

    they treat each other SOO good and they’re so sweet to each other it MELTSSS my heart

  40. Celeste T

    Celeste T2 kun oldin

    This so the cutest video I've ever seen in the history of UZgo and I absolutely love it

  41. Kelly Werkmeister

    Kelly Werkmeister2 kun oldin

    So good!

  42. soccer queen 29

    soccer queen 292 kun oldin

    At the end when is said we are hero's tonight they should've seen if health could have lifted Mariah like she was a super hero

  43. Kimberly Schmidt

    Kimberly Schmidt2 kun oldin

    Mariah is so nice and you two have always been the best vlog squad couple

  44. Barry Si

    Barry Si2 kun oldin

    damn Mariah got that cake

  45. ItzVxke

    ItzVxkeKun oldin


  46. Roshan Bisht

    Roshan Bisht2 kun oldin

    That wet dance !! .LMAO

  47. Eve Dunlap

    Eve Dunlap2 kun oldin

    I hate Scott

  48. Angela

    Angela2 kun oldin

    Love this! You both did AMAZING!!!

  49. Noah Mulder

    Noah Mulder2 kun oldin

    That was soo good, literally good chills. Love you guys!♡

  50. Jazmine Wright

    Jazmine Wright2 kun oldin

    Are we not gonna talk about how the final dance is FLAWLESS 😂🥰‼️

  51. Kaelie Holstine

    Kaelie Holstine2 kun oldin

    Goals 🥺♥️

  52. caleb keanu

    caleb keanu2 kun oldin

    I can't wait for Heath to propose to Mariah one day 😭😭😭❤️

  53. Maegan McConnell

    Maegan McConnell2 kun oldin

    every 5 seconds they do something and I'm like HAHAH OMG I need to thumbs up this video but I already did as soon as the video started playing. How do you like more than once. Why is that not an option?!

  54. Maegan McConnell

    Maegan McConnell2 kun oldin

    "don't flip your wrist like this" is what I've needed to hear my entire life. CEO of not being able to do the wave move

  55. Gracie Blankenship

    Gracie Blankenship2 kun oldin

    “You alright down there?”as he continues to pull her up 🤣

  56. Honeymoon Avenue

    Honeymoon Avenue2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="611">10:11</a> Heath and Mariah casually still learning a dance routine and Heath almost falls Me: laughs like a hyena im probably an awful person but then again lol 😂 it was funny

  57. Daniella Volpe

    Daniella Volpe2 kun oldin

    I love them but when Mariah first told heath to do the body roll....pissed my pants laughing

  58. Tess Wheller

    Tess Wheller2 kun oldin

    I'd love to see Heath try and join one of Mariah's dance classes and see if he can keep up with the kids lol

  59. Katie Sue Escher

    Katie Sue Escher2 kun oldin


  60. kelly beganovic

    kelly beganovic2 kun oldin

    Dame that was amazingly the best thing

  61. Collin Paley

    Collin Paley2 kun oldin

    They are not staying 6ft apart 😬

  62. Eilish Comaskey

    Eilish Comaskey3 kun oldin

    the SWEETEST ugh love you guyzzzzz

  63. Dawn LeFevre

    Dawn LeFevre3 kun oldin

    Amazing LOVE YOU TWO!!!! XOXOXOXO :)

  64. k8tlyn

    k8tlyn3 kun oldin

    this is so cute i cant handle it .

  65. Alyssa Lopez

    Alyssa Lopez3 kun oldin

    Is it me or their hands and feet look whiter then there body

  66. Ty Hill

    Ty Hill3 kun oldin

    Im OBSESSED with the enthusiasm

  67. Shelby Montague

    Shelby Montague3 kun oldin

    this made my birthday so much better

  68. Amy Fallon

    Amy Fallon3 kun oldin

    The wholesome content we all needed ♥️

  69. No Name

    No Name3 kun oldin

    This was actually so good lol... Didn't expect that lmao

  70. Dean Jutras-Ouellette

    Dean Jutras-Ouellette3 kun oldin

    That was really good.

  71. Katie Milillo

    Katie Milillo3 kun oldin

    Mariah needs to do so you think you can dance. She's awesome

  72. cheyenne payne

    cheyenne payne3 kun oldin

    I can’t wait til you guys get married, that first dance will be amazing! Heath please propose to her!

  73. Chilli Dawg

    Chilli Dawg3 kun oldin

    Imagine being so full of yourself to think anyone actually cares

  74. Kyeriel Loveless

    Kyeriel Loveless3 kun oldin


  75. Michelle Ruggles

    Michelle Ruggles3 kun oldin

    I love how you guys are. I just got out of relationship yesterday but this made me smile but made me cry

  76. Joao Tavares

    Joao Tavares3 kun oldin

    Awesome, awesome, awesome the song and de moves.

  77. J B

    J B3 kun oldin

    Mariah is so good at non judgmental teaching and letting Heath be comfortable to explore this and I am LIVING FOR IT

  78. Adam Chavez

    Adam Chavez3 kun oldin

    You still can't

  79. natalie perez

    natalie perez3 kun oldin

    I will never not click on a Heath and Miriah video, I just finished my shift at the hospital surrounded by craziness and I literally needed this to make me smile again, thank you ❤️

  80. Kelly Amaturo

    Kelly Amaturo3 kun oldin

    We need WAAAAY more content like this 😂😂😂

  81. Chelsey Castro

    Chelsey Castro3 kun oldin

    Mariah always coming through with the great editing