Girl Code vs. Bro Code (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

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  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi11 oy oldin

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  2. Esther Adom

    Esther AdomKun oldin

    Ariana Cimorelli

  3. Patrick White

    Patrick White2 kun oldin

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  5. Ruba Rabah

    Ruba Rabah6 kun oldin

    ليش ما بتحكي عربي

  6. Patrick Kaler

    Patrick Kaler6 kun oldin

    Your the UZgor

  7. Živa

    Živa59 daqiqa oldin

    The people who disliked this are not okay

  8. Banana Gang

    Banana Gang5 soat oldin

    Me: how's it hanging bro My friend: your on speaker and my girlfriend side me

  9. Nova_Eclipes_Gacha

    Nova_Eclipes_Gacha19 soat oldin

    Me: Heyy daddddddddddddddd! My dad: *where's the parents code..?*

  10. Delvon Purvis

    Delvon Purvis20 soat oldin

    Even though I have a

  11. Delvon Purvis

    Delvon Purvis20 soat oldin

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  12. Delvon Purvis

    Delvon Purvis20 soat oldin

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  13. Delvon Purvis

    Delvon Purvis20 soat oldin

    Good morning dad I have to get my dad

  14. Delvon Purvis

    Delvon Purvis20 soat oldin

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  15. Darko Tomic

    Darko TomicKun oldin

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  16. bianca fricker

    bianca frickerKun oldin


  17. Animation Nerd

    Animation NerdKun oldin


  18. Mudhaf Almudhaf

    Mudhaf Almudhaf2 kun oldin

    انت من وين مصر أردن لبنان

  19. Guilene Million

    Guilene Million2 kun oldin

    Hi 🐟

  20. Gácha_Łïzzīė Łīfė

    Gácha_Łïzzīė Łīfė2 kun oldin


  21. Claudia Barrios

    Claudia Barrios2 kun oldin

    I feel bad for Adam he is always getting cheated on

  22. Malak playz

    Malak playz2 kun oldin

    Who didn't know anwar is from Palestine

  23. Eat Good food

    Eat Good food2 kun oldin

    You gotta help me, I'm losing my mind Keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind Thought we were going strong I thought we were holding on Aren't we?

  24. Tingfu Guo

    Tingfu Guo3 kun oldin

    Haha... So funny!

  25. Viktoria Sagatova

    Viktoria Sagatova3 kun oldin

    Why do I actually need the girl code but not for a boyfriend coz I don't have one lol😂

  26. Bell Rose

    Bell Rose4 kun oldin

    This is so funny

  27. chihabrayan riaaya

    chihabrayan riaaya4 kun oldin

    انور انا مغربية بتابعك كليوم

  28. Mykayla Ingram

    Mykayla Ingram4 kun oldin

    Lol xd dis hilarious lol ;)

  29. Zoye 0

    Zoye 04 kun oldin

    We need a part 4 ✊

  30. Heavenly Martinez

    Heavenly Martinez4 kun oldin

    lol i am dead

  31. Johnathan Austin

    Johnathan Austin4 kun oldin

    I like the videos

  32. Gábor Kovács

    Gábor Kovács4 kun oldin


  33. Qsa Haydog

    Qsa Haydog5 kun oldin

    When she coughed I jumped

  34. Jasmine Graves

    Jasmine Graves5 kun oldin


  35. Carl Ragsdale

    Carl Ragsdale5 kun oldin

    Hi Anwar how are you doing

  36. Jodeci Padilla

    Jodeci Padilla5 kun oldin

    Your serious

  37. Sophia Slime The first

    Sophia Slime The first5 kun oldin

    Why did Adam need the bro code if he probably could hear him when he said ice skating

  38. Big artist

    Big artist5 kun oldin


  39. Lamiaa Achemli

    Lamiaa Achemli5 kun oldin


  40. Suzanna Bilsky

    Suzanna Bilsky5 kun oldin

    We should all try to lie less

  41. Omari Francis

    Omari Francis6 kun oldin

    This is so great 😀

  42. Yugal Keshari

    Yugal Keshari7 kun oldin

    You all should have an orgy.

  43. Aryan Mahna

    Aryan Mahna7 kun oldin



    MIATAFANBOIYT7 kun oldin

    The girl code sucks

  45. First Last

    First Last7 kun oldin

  46. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl7 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> the phones upside down

  47. AmvMix

    AmvMix7 kun oldin

    @Anwar Jibawi i want to buy bro code vol1 to 3 pockeet edition pls!

  48. Jv Boi

    Jv Boi7 kun oldin

    Bros gon be bros

  49. Princess Amira Massri

    Princess Amira Massri7 kun oldin

    I am Arab

  50. Frency Josa

    Frency Josa7 kun oldin

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  51. abdulaziz Alabdulaaly

    abdulaziz Alabdulaaly8 kun oldin

    Girl code Bro code🍓

  52. Random Vids

    Random Vids8 kun oldin

    she was holding the phone upside down.

  53. Joel Zavala

    Joel Zavala8 kun oldin

    Cc bv)(/)4644?

  54. AlgeriaL

    AlgeriaL8 kun oldin

    Wuuuut Lana Rhodes -_-

  55. Quy Tran

    Quy Tran8 kun oldin

    No that gril is maen

  56. Anthony Garza

    Anthony Garza8 kun oldin

    That was 1 day after my birthday

  57. •Heavenxblossom•

    •Heavenxblossom•8 kun oldin

    Let’s play a game girls keep like even Boys keep comments odd

  58. Ava Koepsel

    Ava Koepsel8 kun oldin

    OMG. She makes the most adorable lies.

  59. darragh Farr

    darragh Farr8 kun oldin


  60. Fernando Donat

    Fernando Donat8 kun oldin

    Amanda is so beautiful

  61. Millie Cherry

    Millie Cherry9 kun oldin

    Girl code

  62. Vaskar Tamang

    Vaskar Tamang9 kun oldin

    yo u are 😂FUNNY

  63. Sathish R Nair

    Sathish R Nair9 kun oldin

    Men will be men😎

  64. Alicia Kuziak

    Alicia Kuziak9 kun oldin

    I hope you have a wonderful day today

  65. Reem Al rayes

    Reem Al rayes9 kun oldin

    You can see at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> she has the phone upside down

  66. Max Lon

    Max Lon9 kun oldin

    This is the reality of today's love 😢😢😢

  67. Jodelle Medrano

    Jodelle Medrano10 kun oldin

    I got girl code

  68. Quy Tran

    Quy Tran10 kun oldin

    The gril is so mean.

  69. Ruby Mously

    Ruby Mously10 kun oldin

    Are you Muslim

  70. Lily W0082

    Lily W008210 kun oldin

    How is she the only one who memorized the code? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. N Thayag

    N Thayag10 kun oldin

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  72. Luke Carey

    Luke Carey10 kun oldin

    Hi Anwar

  73. Karla Loredo

    Karla Loredo10 kun oldin

    I love you Anwar

  74. The Eleutheria

    The Eleutheria10 kun oldin

    Bros be like that though

  75. Nur Insyirah

    Nur Insyirah10 kun oldin

    Men:Forgiving Women:Apologetic Muslim men and women:Both apologetic and forgiving.

  76. sophia hayas

    sophia hayas11 kun oldin

    Hey if adam is down there he must have heard that anwar said that they went ice skating but he gotta search the bro code so we can already know they are pretending but the girls are so good in making dramas but the boys need some practice no offense

  77. Drunk Liker

    Drunk Liker11 kun oldin

    They maybe slept each others girlfriend but in the end they're still best friend😂

  78. Jonathan Burke

    Jonathan Burke11 kun oldin


  79. Cookieboi17

    Cookieboi1711 kun oldin

    Tiffany bitches

  80. Rosa Cuate

    Rosa Cuate12 kun oldin

    is this in real life

  81. 「Light _ Mode」

    「Light _ Mode」13 kun oldin

    Bro Code: *Pocket Edition*


    KAYLEEN ERWIN13 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="329">5:29</a> her phone is upside down...😂

  83. ItsCloverYT

    ItsCloverYT13 kun oldin

    Me and my friends Me: *Girls, Freezer* Friends: *On it* Me: *Here’s your Ice Cream*

  84. Fatma Alawy

    Fatma Alawy13 kun oldin


  85. zineb elharech

    zineb elharech14 kun oldin


  86. Kochi Gul

    Kochi Gul14 kun oldin


  87. Aa Bb

    Aa Bb14 kun oldin

    انور جيباوي المفروض حتة متابعينك يزيدون كل فيديوهاتك لازم تترجمهة للغة العربية هيك نتحسف فقط

  88. Marcus Nettey

    Marcus Nettey14 kun oldin

    The most messed up sorry of the century!!!

  89. Jassem Agha

    Jassem Agha14 kun oldin