Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers

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Welcome back to Minecraft Theory, where we do deep dives into anything and everything Minecraft! Honestly Theorists, there is SO MUCH to explore in this game. In my search for theory fodder on Creepers, Endermen, and all other manner of creatures, one thing stood out. The Illagers. You know, the exiled magic folk who seem to be up to some rather... interesting experiments. What are they doing and how might it change Minecraft FOREVER if they succeed in their plot? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. calvin posumah

    calvin posumah9 soat oldin

    This is the 1st of your theories that i actualy agree

  2. calvin posumah

    calvin posumah10 soat oldin

    *Him:* chances of woodland mansion spawnings are really low *Woodland mansion seed:* am i a joke to you?

  3. Joe Thomas

    Joe Thomas10 soat oldin

    Employee:um, should we stop him from figuring our game out? Notch:nah, let him think he's figuring out the lore.

  4. Jarrit Durant Tull

    Jarrit Durant Tull11 soat oldin

    Yess New boss


    IDAREALDOGE !11 soat oldin

    Everybody:The woodland mansion is so rare! Me:spawns next to a woodland mansion every time I start a new world

  6. Help Me

    Help Me12 soat oldin

    *dank* , secluded mansion

  7. JimmyCraft2008

    JimmyCraft200814 soat oldin

    if your an minecraft console player the mansions are EXTREMLY common to find but there are HARD to find for Computer players.

  8. Sylo Entertainment

    Sylo Entertainment14 soat oldin

    Why are they called illagers not pillagers

  9. Fortnite is terriballz

    Fortnite is terriballz15 soat oldin

    Not to mention that at the Pillager outposts, you can sometimes find iron golems trapped in cages. What are they doing with them?

  10. : EclipseTheWolf :

    : EclipseTheWolf :15 soat oldin

    10 minutes later: Mojang: Oh... actually we just ran out of ideas. But that works too.

  11. V4UGHN4N B3UM3R

    V4UGHN4N B3UM3R16 soat oldin

    You meant most common structures. Limited 1.13 wiiu edition worlds have at least 1 and often 3.

  12. Dead Shadow

    Dead Shadow16 soat oldin

    theory: what if one of their experiments somewhat worked and they created herobrine

  13. Travis

    Travis16 soat oldin

    Create Steve? Possible birth of herobrine?

  14. Heyden's videos

    Heyden's videos17 soat oldin

    Noo way I just thought of something so since the evokores made zombies then that's why the builders died out or turned into enderman beacuse the illagers made monsters but hey! That's just a theory !my theory!

  15. Don-Santos Garcia

    Don-Santos Garcia17 soat oldin

    Matpat: Woodland mansions rarely spawn Me, with 3 woodland mansions near my base: ThEy WhAT?

  16. Alx_Tox

    Alx_Tox18 soat oldin

    I mean golems have villeger feachers too and i feel like the beast is Just a golem attemt by the pilagers and i think that is why they Cage the golems To inspect them

  17. Markon The cube

    Markon The cube19 soat oldin

    maybe i ditdnt watch this channel for a long time but the heck happened to matt?

  18. Turtle Studio

    Turtle Studio19 soat oldin

    this gives a whOle new meaning to all those times I evicted the illagers from they're big mansion thing and lived in it when I was a kid

  19. The Jones'

    The Jones'19 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="624">10:24</a> The way he says Lapis

  20. Ethan Ma

    Ethan Ma19 soat oldin

    Look at "Hi im Gib's" Comment because I agree with him. I would want to add onto that because maybe after they created the player character, it escaped and ran out into the overworld? And maybe after we took control we came back to the woodland mansion to punish their reckless magic.

  21. floating_microwave

    floating_microwave20 soat oldin

    any suggestions on how to stay not board during quarantine

  22. Harris Aszani

    Harris Aszani20 soat oldin

    U know I should probably stop watching stuff like this at 12 AM

  23. Mirko

    Mirko20 soat oldin

    "Log number 38: *_Our precious creation ended up betraying us. He ran away, he looked like a zombie but this one was special. His skin was different, it was almost a different creature but we still don't know for sure. We might have to increase security, search for it, fetch it. He can't escape. I will not allow it._* End log 38".

  24. Nickpocalypse

    Nickpocalypse21 soat oldin

    If they are so rare how come I had 2 spawn in the same area

  25. Lilyeet 12

    Lilyeet 1221 soat oldin

    Imagine having a a lapiz lazuli in your head and eating a sharpness 5 enchanment book just imagine stabbing people whit your hand that is super sharp

  26. Houston Blankenship

    Houston Blankenship21 soat oldin

    It would be the Vindicators with the lapis in there heads Hence The blue eyes

  27. Rowyn's Arts

    Rowyn's Arts21 soat oldin

    Illigers: **literally trying to play god** Steve: *_haha big spoopy rare house_*


    ITZ_SNAKENATOR21 soat oldin

    What if the pillagers and vindicators were just trying to revive the "master builders" of the past using their dead bodies?


    EVO LIMIT21 soat oldin

    Here’s a theory so Yk how the a creeper is like a bug from a pig so what if they did these “unspeakable acts” on the pig and made a creeper

  30. weird species

    weird species22 soat oldin

    l-last time I found a mansion I only saw villagers?uhhhhh did they fight back for something????

  31. God Of The Vain

    God Of The Vain22 soat oldin

    now I feel more heroic about killing illagers every chance I get

  32. The Orange Diamond

    The Orange Diamond22 soat oldin

    First FNAF now Minecraft. Quarantine really dose change everything.

  33. Mr Sand man

    Mr Sand man23 soat oldin

    matt if evokers created zombies then why do they sometimes spawn in the nether?

  34. Anne-Sofie

    Anne-Sofie23 soat oldin

    I love the fact that he's talking about minecraft in such an eerie manner lol

  35. MingKing Balala

    MingKing BalalaKun oldin

    The totems have green eyes and a long nose

  36. Yusri Peterson

    Yusri PetersonKun oldin

    The blocky creativity survival game about unibrows and normal eyebrows

  37. Bedrock plays Java

    Bedrock plays JavaKun oldin

    Matpat: There are only a certain amount of illagers in a world. Minecraft 1.14: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  38. Jan Willem van den Berg

    Jan Willem van den BergKun oldin

    My grandma always told me unibrows are not to be trusted, SO WHO DO I TRUST NOW!?

  39. RyaNo 321GO

    RyaNo 321GOKun oldin

    How would you explain the illagers pail skin colour? Maybe they are undead too?

  40. C.C

    C.CKun oldin

    “SCARY” Horror fans: LIES

  41. G K Wolfe

    G K WolfeKun oldin

    Have you watched the new video on the hiimmarymary youtube channel? Its alot longer than the previous videos.

  42. Mariam Guendouz

    Mariam GuendouzKun oldin

    he said 'the mansions are very rare' minecraft ps edition: 3 mansion in one world

  43. Allan_mjolnir

    Allan_mjolnirKun oldin

    I once spawned next to 3 woodland mansions.

  44. GoodVibes Tayo!!!

    GoodVibes Tayo!!!Kun oldin

    *Am i the only one surprised he used the classroom of DDLC?*

  45. CommanderBLITZ

    CommanderBLITZKun oldin

    An ancient civilization used to believe that lapis was the tool of gods (or something like that) Finds lapis in the middle of a wool head this must mean that it gives them there power Me: or maybe it means there tools of a god?!

  46. Triada Chatzisavva

    Triada ChatzisavvaKun oldin

    Rare huh? I've been surronded (i know i didnt spell it right ) by them in a survival world.

  47. Christopher Gregory

    Christopher GregoryKun oldin

    Why aren’t there switch light cases

  48. Zoë Jukes

    Zoë JukesKun oldin

    3000th dislike :D

  49. Jayden c

    Jayden cKun oldin


  50. Not_ here05

    Not_ here05Kun oldin

    Oh man, has dungeons really changed the game

  51. Mac Scheck

    Mac ScheckKun oldin

    One day I spawned at least 100 blocks away from a woodland mansion

  52. Pheniox. saga

    Pheniox. sagaKun oldin

    Wait a second- you said their trying to recreate Steve? Then that would mean their not really recreating Steve..would they be remaking the old man himself- Herobrine? The most powerful man himself?

  53. Big_Bagel_Gaming

    Big_Bagel_GamingKun oldin

    Rare ha i found 3 next to each other

  54. BagMan Animations

    BagMan AnimationsKun oldin

    What if they accidentally create herobrine

  55. Jack T

    Jack TKun oldin

    Us doom eternal players know what to do with cultists * cough cough rip and tear *

  56. Toby Dude

    Toby DudeKun oldin

    when he says the mansions are rare and i spawn right next to one

  57. Donut Girl

    Donut GirlKun oldin

    I went to a wooden mansion and I saw 3

  58. Supernova Gamez

    Supernova GamezKun oldin

    Am I the only one that noticed the pick’s name at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a>?

  59. Jayden c

    Jayden cKun oldin


  60. S00s

    S00sKun oldin

    MatPat: *talks seriously* Me: *Laughs uncontrollably because of Lapis Lah-Zuli



    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> that males sense peopke n amcient times would actually ban together n chase away thoes who dabbled n darkness n illagers r thoes individuals they aligned with darkness so as the demons wer cast from heaven by the angels the illagers wer cast out of villages by the villagers

  62. Extra gumz

    Extra gumzKun oldin

    BrO I thought he was gonna say that the illagers used Steves for experiments and the Steve colored wools were the clothing remains😭😭

  63. ToriTorin

    ToriTorinKun oldin

    extra evidence? for the lapis having magical powers in minecraft you use them to enchant your gear

  64. Jacob DeCosta

    Jacob DeCostaKun oldin

    Not to flex but I spawned and had 2 mansions next to me

  65. Powerful KP

    Powerful KPKun oldin

    Lapis Lazzooolee 😂 I’m sorry!

  66. Kenshinxshogun

    KenshinxshogunKun oldin

    it sounds like they are trying to make steve because of what he can do

  67. Kenshinxshogun

    KenshinxshogunKun oldin

    I think vindicators created evokers but then the evoker tried to replicate the mutation by making ravagers just a suggestion

  68. Kenshinxshogun

    KenshinxshogunKun oldin


  69. Jacob Newmarch

    Jacob NewmarchKun oldin

    What about the witches

  70. Nutmeg

    NutmegKun oldin

    Woodland mansions being rare hm? Well one time I got stupid lucky and got 3 in a row as well as like 5 villages near each other.

  71. Brianna Allen

    Brianna AllenKun oldin

    Cyan, Blue, and light blue the blue sisters.

  72. The Flip side Yt

    The Flip side YtKun oldin

    the drowend theroy is FALSE ( No hate :( ) The dround come from zombies that wander into the oceon too long How i know : make a capsle full of water , put a zombie in it cover it so the zombie drowns ,,,

  73. Joey Woey

    Joey WoeyKun oldin

    While its very unorthodox, there may be some reasoning as to how thousands of separate villages form an interconnected society, in the unofficial minecraft Novel series, Gameknight999, by Mark Cheverton, its states that the leaders of each village possess the ability to communicate with every other leader villager of every other village. Implying that even the base of the Illagers, the villagers, may possess a slight magical property, that the illagers took advantage of.

  74. Stargazer 199

    Stargazer 199Kun oldin

    Listening to this while playing Minecraft

  75. Thunder

    ThunderKun oldin

    I found one of those mansions when I created a world, but I blew it up

  76. Elegant Phoenix

    Elegant PhoenixKun oldin

    I've had quite a few of these mansions spawn in one of my worlds. I think there were three?

  77. damn Daniel

    damn DanielKun oldin

    This is dumb

  78. Jacob Smith

    Jacob SmithKun oldin

    Nobody: Illagers: *thinks about the monsters they created* It is what it is

  79. Eve

    EveKun oldin

    Alex = green Eyes of the illagers = green :D

  80. Justin Damsker

    Justin DamskerKun oldin

    I wanna see Notch react to this series

  81. Aidcrazy Sol

    Aidcrazy SolKun oldin

    You know what odd the only three mods the evokers, vindicator, and pillagers attack are iron golems, villages, and the player, they don't attack the undead or peaceful mobs but what even odd is they instant attack without a doubt they attack, another thing is, why, if there not many of them why do they instant attack you and relentlessly attack you? Think about that Matpat

  82. Aidcrazy Sol

    Aidcrazy SolKun oldin

    A couple more things is, do they attack enderman? You said they were trying to make you, what if they succeeded and it had disasters affects, and that why they attack? Because they afraid? Sacred? Try to end something? Cover something up(heroine?or maybe they helped make the wither? And maybe killing off the race, too make sure it never happens again or stop word of there involvement?)? What do you make of this?

  83. Eve

    EveKun oldin

    The ravager ate a baby villa