Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks

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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf7 kun oldin

    hey yo stuck at home check

  2. Mckenna Schmiedeberg

    Mckenna Schmiedeberg2 kun oldin


  3. Damian Valerio

    Damian Valerio3 kun oldin

    Little brains are smarter

  4. Bite Size Foods

    Bite Size Foods3 kun oldin


  5. Fluffy Wolfie

    Fluffy Wolfie7 kun oldin

    Hey im at home and can i reply to this sniperwolf

  6. lancee gaming

    lancee gaming7 kun oldin

    Hey yo

  7. Kaylee Myers

    Kaylee Myers7 soat oldin

    likes i have a 6 head

  8. Rochelle Carlisle

    Rochelle Carlisle8 soat oldin

    I have a 3 head

  9. EthanGamer _579

    EthanGamer _5798 soat oldin

    5 head right here # like if you same # a quarter bald sigh


    ITS JUST KK8 soat oldin

    OMG I have a SIX HEAD

  11. Jemma Matthews

    Jemma Matthews9 soat oldin

    it bigger than your face

  12. Helga Noselli

    Helga Noselli9 soat oldin

    I have a three head😂

  13. Blu Calavaza

    Blu Calavaza9 soat oldin

    😨most of there hairlines go back to China and the ones who dont have their hair line it's in another dimension

  14. Charlotte Deeks

    Charlotte Deeks9 soat oldin

    Yo that girl is cute but....she have a big forehead alright.....It’s ok get some more it’s ok get some more

  15. Biggie AJ

    Biggie AJ9 soat oldin

    them making fun of these people with smaller foreheads than me saying they're cone heads really do be making me feel bad about myself tho

  16. Zoe Dykes

    Zoe Dykes10 soat oldin

    dang i remember megamind

  17. Jake Olive York

    Jake Olive York10 soat oldin

    lol, i have a 5 head!!!

  18. Blitz Clan

    Blitz Clan10 soat oldin

    I don't even have a forehead

  19. Juanita Godbold

    Juanita Godbold11 soat oldin

    Corona time

  20. Sara Bannan

    Sara Bannan11 soat oldin

    Is he your brother

  21. Lay Morg

    Lay Morg11 soat oldin

    I'm pretty cute until I reveal my hairline ner ner nerner

  22. elise Hulslander

    elise Hulslander11 soat oldin

    Me and my friend love your videos

  23. Lay Morg

    Lay Morg11 soat oldin

    MY dad has bad hairline when he pulls it back he looks bald

  24. Swi Goes nuts

    Swi Goes nuts11 soat oldin

    Also that guy that took of a hair piece looks like the dad from that old movie that was like the fat kid was bad and ate so much cake if u know what I’m talking about

  25. Brenda Diaz Magana

    Brenda Diaz Magana11 soat oldin

    After watching this all I’m thinking is Jojo Siwa could never...

  26. BTS fangirl 7211

    BTS fangirl 721112 soat oldin

    Jojo Siwa uses hair gel and a toothbrush to kinda stick the baby bangs

  27. wendy olson

    wendy olson12 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> she look like the girl from adams family

  28. Demetria Carter

    Demetria Carter12 soat oldin

    I have a forehead

  29. subair mullurkara

    subair mullurkara12 soat oldin

    That's her who?

  30. Just A Tree branch

    Just A Tree branch12 soat oldin

    I have a 3-head

  31. Amina'adar mohamed

    Amina'adar mohamed13 soat oldin

    It keep going and going it never stops.

  32. CatastropheCorey

    CatastropheCorey13 soat oldin

    omg joojoo

  33. Jessica Turek

    Jessica Turek13 soat oldin


  34. Baneen JaffarAlqassab

    Baneen JaffarAlqassab13 soat oldin

    She cute but she awesome 👏 😎 DONT MAKE FUN OF OUR WOLF

  35. Caitriona Healy

    Caitriona Healy13 soat oldin

    4 head

  36. amilcar nazario

    amilcar nazario13 soat oldin

    i have a 5 fingre head

  37. Lealani King

    Lealani King14 soat oldin


  38. France's Otterbein

    France's Otterbein14 soat oldin

    i have a five head:]

  39. Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty

    Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty14 soat oldin

    Sorry I can't smash like I have a three head

  40. gary mooreinfk k. ni

    gary mooreinfk k. ni14 soat oldin


  41. France's Otterbein

    France's Otterbein14 soat oldin

    my fourhead is waay taller then yours

  42. Spacerz

    Spacerz14 soat oldin

    Wolfie you don’t have a big forehead but you are REALLY pretty

  43. Spacerz

    Spacerz14 soat oldin


  44. Savage Cabbage

    Savage Cabbage14 soat oldin

    I have a 5 head

  45. Fick Oats

    Fick Oats15 soat oldin

    I have four And I'm only 8 years old

  46. Stormi Honeywell

    Stormi Honeywell15 soat oldin

    I'm a UZgor to. I'm a 5 head

  47. Mirielle Betts

    Mirielle Betts16 soat oldin


  48. LilWarrior

    LilWarrior16 soat oldin

    I have 6 fingers long head and i am 9

  49. _Sebastian049_

    _Sebastian049_17 soat oldin

    Ksi's hairline will never be defeated

  50. Riley Havard

    Riley Havard17 soat oldin

    That my ex but im gay

  51. Victor Belmont

    Victor Belmont18 soat oldin

    don't be shy take some more

  52. Kermit Lasagna

    Kermit Lasagna18 soat oldin

    I’m thinking bout Vegeta and Sakura

  53. Victor Belmont

    Victor Belmont18 soat oldin

    laughing at someones for head when u realise that yours it twise the siz

  54. Violeta Logina

    Violeta Logina20 soat oldin

    I have 4 had

  55. Get Yeeted Boi

    Get Yeeted Boi21 soat oldin

    Digital Nex: I've always worn beanies Me : *blue shirt,red beanie,always wear beanie* There is only one explanation,Mr.Smee from PetEr PaN

  56. Jennine Crosby

    Jennine Crosby22 soat oldin

    SSSniperWolf barley hits him on his for head... No one:...... Him: OWWWWWW

  57. Peachy xangel

    Peachy xangel23 soat oldin

    i have an 6 head lol

  58. zay albaugh

    zay albaugh23 soat oldin


  59. DayInTheLifeOf_Miraa

    DayInTheLifeOf_MiraaKun oldin

    Pulling your hair up does this to you 🤣

  60. Llama Academy

    Llama AcademyKun oldin

    I have a three head

  61. Jacky jiggly

    Jacky jigglyKun oldin

    All of these big forehead roast can’t bring down her big ego or her big forehead

  62. Lunar Skies Gacha

    Lunar Skies GachaKun oldin

    You can’t see Jojo’s hairline cuz it’s prehistoric

  63. Cookie Girl

    Cookie GirlKun oldin

    Hey sniper wolf you should do a vid on wow

  64. Potato Squad

    Potato SquadKun oldin

    18 head

  65. xXGacha GirlXx

    xXGacha GirlXxKun oldin

    I'm a 6head

  66. Thuy-Tien Phan

    Thuy-Tien PhanKun oldin

    I have 6 head as a 8 year old lol

  67. Ira Williams

    Ira WilliamsKun oldin

    I have big boy brain

  68. Arianna Martin

    Arianna MartinKun oldin

    I have a 5 head

  69. Neko Is me

    Neko Is meKun oldin

    I got a 5 head

  70. Lili Sandra

    Lili SandraKun oldin

    I am a five head -_-

  71. ThatOneQartveli

    ThatOneQartveliKun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="242">4:02</a> very cursed so cursed i cant even sleep ;-;

  72. Mattie Walden

    Mattie WaldenKun oldin

    Do more videos with digital

  73. Maria Delgado

    Maria DelgadoKun oldin

    I have a 3 head

  74. Brooklynn Csiki

    Brooklynn CsikiKun oldin

    I got big forehead 👧🏻

  75. XxGalaxy QueenxX

    XxGalaxy QueenxXKun oldin

    Your soo pretty i want to look like you when i grow up!

  76. Liam Holbrook

    Liam HolbrookKun oldin

    They forgot about Sakura

  77. Random Person

    Random PersonKun oldin

    3 head

  78. Brooke Mckenna

    Brooke MckennaKun oldin

    Me need six fingers and I IO

  79. princess payton

    princess paytonKun oldin

    I'm5 in head I'm special

  80. pro killer

    pro killerKun oldin

    Why there hairline look like an m or deku

  81. Renay Colligan

    Renay ColliganKun oldin

    2 head

  82. Think Ink

    Think InkKun oldin

    Bru i have a 5 head

  83. Eduardo Lopez

    Eduardo LopezKun oldin

    lia and digatal: oOOOoooOH AAaAAhHHAHhHAHH

  84. Emily Arlitt

    Emily ArlittKun oldin


  85. Cøtten

    CøttenKun oldin

    Weave snatched