Fortnite - Darkfire Bundle Gameplay Video

Heat up the battle with the new Darkfire Bundle!
The Bundle includes the Dark Power Chord, Shadow Ark and Molten Omen Outfits.
Also included are three Wraps, three Backblings, three Pickaxes and the Unification Emote. Grab it in the Store now.
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  1. Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht

    Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht59 daqiqa oldin

    PLEASE give us south African servers😭😭😭

  2. GaMeS KiileR

    GaMeS KiileR5 soat oldin

    How can I get300$

  3. M2vv-i

    M2vv-i13 soat oldin

    I love the music

  4. will

    will14 soat oldin


  5. Mnour kwt

    Mnour kwt17 soat oldin

    ماشاءالله ماقصرتوا وانتوا تروجون حق الماسونيه خرا عليكم وعلى لعبتكم فوقكم تفف بسس when this game will end i want to laugh!!

  6. DaSKun

    DaSKun20 soat oldin

    f for the frozen legends

  7. treidr cz

    treidr czKun oldin

    Unban Jarvis Pleaseeeeeeeeeeease

  8. Isiaha Serrata

    Isiaha SerrataKun oldin

    Do power rangers x Fortnite

  9. Blackraven77

    Blackraven77Kun oldin


  10. RA_N4chito

    RA_N4chitoKun oldin

    Ta re nazi el pak lo quiero💕

  11. Dark Scorpion56

    Dark Scorpion56Kun oldin

    How long will it last?

  12. Spencer Young

    Spencer YoungKun oldin

    Bring back bandage Bazooka

  13. Abdallah Gamer

    Abdallah GamerKun oldin

    حتى فورت نايت فيها ماسونية

  14. pablox12

    pablox12Kun oldin

    Poned otra vez bazuca de vendas

  15. Splashergamer

    SplashergamerKun oldin

    Fortnite give Jarvis a Chance pls pls😭😭😭😭

  16. Fahad Baghdadi

    Fahad BaghdadiKun oldin

    i want to install this game but i dont have any link to install my PC Laptop...

  17. isma 234

    isma 234Kun oldin

    Vortnite ist das geilste film jäder mag es zu spielen und schauen danke

  18. isma 234

    isma 234Kun oldin

    Hallochen an die das coole spiel erwunden haten alle epigäyinz wan werd das im händy gespielt sein ales nur im händy sein und wan werd das im kino film geträt sein als ein komody film und fantasy magy film zauber film märchenfilm

  19. Diss Tracks rules UTTP AVGCP ATJR

    Diss Tracks rules UTTP AVGCP ATJRKun oldin


  20. flarex 248

    flarex 248Kun oldin

    We’re is frozen

  21. zachary jones-walton

    zachary jones-walton2 kun oldin

    I wonder what's the song they used

  22. ThE_aPpLe_GuY 16-BiT

    ThE_aPpLe_GuY 16-BiT2 kun oldin

    Also rift zones for creative

  23. ThE_aPpLe_GuY 16-BiT

    ThE_aPpLe_GuY 16-BiT2 kun oldin

    When will there be a Zero Point prefab be added

  24. Ninja Steven ッ

    Ninja Steven ッ2 kun oldin

    Anyone know the music

  25. Leticia Nicolás

    Leticia Nicolás2 kun oldin

    Ponga n una skim de vendí gratis

  26. mr prided

    mr prided2 kun oldin

    Give me bandage bozzoka

  27. Hady Khatib

    Hady Khatib2 kun oldin

    Fortnight please fix the bandage bazooka problem I’m really mad because like two challenges that has to do with a bandage bazooka and I’m really sad so can you please unplug the bandage musica for me and everyone else is struggling right now because we really really need your bandage bazooka🤕🤒😷🤧🤢🤮

  28. Ben C

    Ben C2 kun oldin

    fortnite can you make a another twitch bundle

  29. Jacob Polovina

    Jacob Polovina2 kun oldin

    Bring back fish stick please

  30. Jacob Polovina

    Jacob Polovina2 kun oldin

    Fortnite please

  31. Emily Oritz

    Emily Oritz2 kun oldin

    Free jarvis

  32. Mecha Meme Leader

    Mecha Meme Leader2 kun oldin

    Shut up and readd the bandage bazooka I still need it for challenges

  33. shadow_34 Hunter

    shadow_34 Hunter2 kun oldin

    Where is the bandage bazooka

  34. JC32Gaming

    JC32Gaming2 kun oldin

    *Do you want 0 ping (like to activate)* *👇 (I’m gifting my next 35 loyal subscribers🤑🤩)*

  35. Boxmanderek

    Boxmanderek2 kun oldin

    Hey I know the Fortnite creators won’t see this but Fortnite should at least for every season they give back all the refunds back who agrees

  36. MyHands LookWeird

    MyHands LookWeird2 kun oldin

    Who tf thought it was a good idea to remove the patch notes from the game?


    MASON ELROD2 kun oldin

    Hey epic sorry I rude but can you ban cj48money because he is being rude to my friend how I know is because he told me and just pls ban him because this one of the report player ask's

  38. Manuel Buenrostro

    Manuel Buenrostro2 kun oldin

    in band Jarvis he is my favorite person to watch and there is know more videos because he is band un band him please I been playing Fortnite for as long it’s been out

  39. وعد الخيراتي

    وعد الخيراتي2 kun oldin


  40. Benjamin Camacho

    Benjamin Camacho2 kun oldin

    Hey can you guys put back the Bandage bazooka so I can do my challenge

  41. Benjamin Camacho

    Benjamin Camacho2 kun oldin

    Plz put it back on plz plz plz plz my username is LiL_Benjamin08

  42. وعد الخيراتي

    وعد الخيراتي2 kun oldin


  43. Kebab Sauce

    Kebab Sauce2 kun oldin

    Fortnite you have officially gone and done it you removed the bandage bazooka which means people can’t complete the mission or get the Toxin style so please just give people the style please p.s. please reply

  44. Andara X

    Andara X2 kun oldin

    # fortnite oppo

  45. LegendA

    LegendA2 kun oldin

    Please bring the sale back I wanted to get lease it was such a good sale please if you love your community please bring this back please

  46. Max Rankin

    Max Rankin2 kun oldin

    Being back breach assault

  47. Noahs Noah.h

    Noahs Noah.h2 kun oldin

    Fortnite fix your game how are you supposed to heal teammates with bandage bazooka if it's vaulted

  48. Gael AG

    Gael AG2 kun oldin

    FORTNITE please get out of the game the bots, we prefer de b.r.u.t.e.s than the bots. (Help me to make this comment famous)

  49. Brandon Rivera

    Brandon Rivera2 kun oldin

    I need a code but the game stops sold out 😭😢😓😩🥺

  50. Vanessa Guardado

    Vanessa Guardado2 kun oldin

    Unban jarvis

  51. messyourseld 7277

    messyourseld 72772 kun oldin

    F*!! You

  52. Sherman Lowery

    Sherman Lowery2 kun oldin

    Bring back bandage bazooka

  53. Xscorpion stingX

    Xscorpion stingX2 kun oldin

    When will Brite bomber come back in the item shop

  54. Joiion

    Joiion2 kun oldin

    0:01 Illuminati confirmed

  55. M2vv-i

    M2vv-iKun oldin

    Joiion I love Fortnite

  56. banana kid

    banana kid3 kun oldin

    Fortnite bring back the Howard the alien dance

  57. Funtime foxy

    Funtime foxy3 kun oldin

    Did you guys vault the bandage bazooka or something of all he supply drops I’ve opened in team rumble I can’t find one.

  58. Noah GHG

    Noah GHG3 kun oldin

    I dont can play it im Android A40

  59. IcemanDN11

    IcemanDN113 kun oldin

    Danke das ihr meinen lieblings skin für x bot raus gebracht habt

  60. Friedrich 5

    Friedrich 53 kun oldin


  61. Friedrich 5

    Friedrich 53 kun oldin

    Badaschen bazoka ist weg

  62. Garu845yt

    Garu845yt3 kun oldin

    Cuando volvera la fusion de cuentas?

  63. ツZoltan

    ツZoltan3 kun oldin

    Unbanned jarvis!!