Filling Aluminum Truck Bed with 13,000LBS of Concrete (twice the max payload)

For some reason people are under the impression that aluminum trucks are weak and can't be put to work. Today we prove them all wrong and then some. Introducing the new DOUBLE PAYLOAD CAPACITY load rating. This is concrete evidence that aluminum trucks can handle huge amounts of weight. #pavementprincess


  1. scott yd

    scott yd2 oy oldin

    I'm 50 years old and this Joker is old school entertaining as hell. It's simple. Say it, And then do it. most people just run their mouth.

  2. monaco chef-vrolet

    monaco chef-vrolet3 kun oldin

    OMG...this boy is really2 hell boy...

  3. Joe

    Joe21 kun oldin

    mckrackin5324 exactly

  4. the Clayton show

    the Clayton show26 kun oldin

    Ric Gibbon you know it

  5. the Clayton show

    the Clayton show26 kun oldin

    mckrackin5324 how can I get in this

  6. Ric Gibbon

    Ric GibbonOy oldin

    When this fad is over he will have a ruined Ford truck and empty bank account

  7. Alberto Domínguez Gutiérrez

    Alberto Domínguez Gutiérrez7 soat oldin

    When your dad sows thousands of hectares of land the cars that matter hehehe

  8. White Ranger Tiger Power

    White Ranger Tiger Power7 soat oldin

    Just speaking ones makes ya go ok alright lol ya got a lot of growing up to do

  9. Hermes Capangpangan

    Hermes Capangpangan10 soat oldin

    better if you spend your money for the poor poeple who needs help

  10. Elliot Diehl

    Elliot Diehl10 soat oldin

    Is there a truck... you might now destroy??? I THINK I knowww the answer 😂😭😭😭😂😂😂

  11. Luis Ruiz

    Luis Ruiz14 soat oldin

    Why don’t u get a Chevy

  12. Bosstoby305

    Bosstoby30517 soat oldin

    I love this truck

  13. STP MG just imagine!!

    STP MG just imagine!!Kun oldin

    Ur super rich guy

  14. lost generation

    lost generationKun oldin

    Хз как вышло у меня в подборке этот парень который проводит бесполезные опыты.........есть русскоговорящие здесь? Для чего он мутит это все? Жипы жалко

  15. L U C I F E R

    L U C I F E RKun oldin

    that farmer is hella dope

  16. Gabriel F.

    Gabriel F.Kun oldin

    I've Never felt such a desire to like and dislike the video at the Same time.

  17. Jesse Petrone

    Jesse PetroneKun oldin

    I was just about yo say what a dick for destroying all these trucks while the video was playing through .. he said who ever dislikes this video is materialistic.. dam homie your right cant take it with you rnjoy man keep having fun

  18. Anthony Gibson

    Anthony GibsonKun oldin

    Will you take a $1 for it

  19. Travis Turner

    Travis TurnerKun oldin

    You should build a ramp and jump a truck

  20. Turkentorque

    TurkentorqueKun oldin

    Ford should use this as a commercial.



    Я в шоке, яб такого не делал

  22. DaBoys DownUnder

    DaBoys DownUnder2 kun oldin

    You are good at youtube

  23. Jorge Cepeda

    Jorge Cepeda2 kun oldin

    Dios le da pan al que no ti3n3 dientes

  24. Wallace Luna

    Wallace Luna2 kun oldin

    Anyone who sells u a truck or builds it for you.... Knows whats going to happen to it. Lmfao

  25. Johnny Go

    Johnny Go2 kun oldin

    Here I am riding my bike to work 2 hour's dreaming of having this truck lol

  26. Alexander Pryor

    Alexander Pryor2 kun oldin

    I knew you were a Buddhist deep down.

  27. Константин Трегубов

    Константин Трегубов2 kun oldin

    Ну это пиздец!

  28. Caleb Shonk

    Caleb Shonk2 kun oldin

    That poor truck is absolutely hating life. 😂


    RUSLAN SIBIRIAN3 kun oldin

    Такую тачку угондошил

  30. XProJect904 Gaming

    XProJect904 Gaming3 kun oldin

    Well, at least it wasnt click bait.

  31. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto Hernandez3 kun oldin

    When you get paid for doing stupid things what can stop you

  32. Mohammed Qutu

    Mohammed Qutu3 kun oldin

    Your home is materialistic why don’t you destroy that

  33. Jacob Brunette

    Jacob Brunette3 kun oldin

    Well i can tell you right now an f-350 has a bigger payload than a 250....they are not the same lol

  34. Linas Vaičiukynas

    Linas Vaičiukynas3 kun oldin

    - Soo what you do for a living? - I am a farmer - What are you growing? - I grow UZgo views...

  35. Devin Bankett

    Devin Bankett3 kun oldin

    Why does this guy feel the need to defend himself every other video?

  36. Макс Борисов

    Макс Борисов3 kun oldin

    Good truck. Real heavy duty. I need heavy duty.

  37. Charles Zepeda

    Charles Zepeda4 kun oldin

    This is what it means to get paid 100s thousands $$ for the damm UZgo channel. If he made his money getting a pay check, he’d never ruin this truck. He said it himself “rich bratt”

  38. Weirdo

    Weirdo4 kun oldin

    he didn’t close the window and let the interior get dirty, that hurts

  39. Юрий Буяльский

    Юрий Буяльский4 kun oldin

    Ford не возможно убить!!!!!👍

  40. Cole Stoerger

    Cole Stoerger4 kun oldin

    Who destroys a 100k truck??

  41. Jacob

    Jacob4 kun oldin

    it hurt me to see all the concrete on the ground idc about the truck

  42. The Skinner

    The Skinner4 kun oldin

    So i have 6 lil girls and could never afford a truck like that so it hurts to watch but god bless ya for being able to have fun and try this crazy shit out. Meep it up bud

  43. женя каскевич

    женя каскевич4 kun oldin


  44. arose460

    arose4604 kun oldin

    Marshalltown hand float I knew you was a concrete finisher

  45. The Kino P Show

    The Kino P Show4 kun oldin

    How to turn 100 thousand dollars truck until 600 hundred dollars in 5 seconds. God bless you sir lol

  46. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez4 kun oldin

    Lo que daría por tener una camioneta así y ustedes que pueden tenerlas las destruyen asi💔

  47. Hector Lugo

    Hector Lugo4 kun oldin

    Lol all this wasn't meant to get wet? How about the truck bed isn't supposed to be filled with all that concrete!

  48. Tostend Official

    Tostend Official4 kun oldin

    Sell ​​Vleg Width of Cars in Which video? and what site? and what is the name veleg? thank you

  49. Steven Burns

    Steven Burns4 kun oldin

    Smartest person I’ve ever seen in my life

  50. Chillzy

    Chillzy4 kun oldin

    That truck gettin abused. It got feelings

  51. pipeman470

    pipeman4704 kun oldin

    Quite impressed the level of horsepower

  52. Joseph Sollender

    Joseph Sollender4 kun oldin

    Welcome to the channel??? Where the hell am I?? I do enjoy seeing the abuse.....

  53. Jonathan Williamson

    Jonathan Williamson4 kun oldin

    This is so painful to watch these extremely awesome expensive trucks be brutally abused... I would die to have that truck

  54. Josh Graber

    Josh Graber4 kun oldin

    This is so stupid,

  55. Anthony Sloan

    Anthony Sloan4 kun oldin

    It’s a shame to see this truck wrecked for content.

  56. lbtours lbtours

    lbtours lbtours4 kun oldin

    U r How can I contact you? My email is send me a message.

  57. ToriiGirl《

    ToriiGirl《4 kun oldin

    Stupidity at its finest! We know it's a good truck, don't have to tear it up to find out! 🙄 but some people have money to BLOW I guess!

  58. ToriiGirl《

    ToriiGirl《4 kun oldin

    @hardcoretam Not sure if it's for fun or for more money/views on UZgo ! I know he's making the money back, but it's still a waste to me!

  59. hardcoretam

    hardcoretam4 kun oldin

    Is it stupid if he's having fun though?


    C:\DEAD\PIXEL4 kun oldin

    I love seeing a ford get destroyed +1 m8


    C:\DEAD\PIXEL3 kun oldin

    @VeganMikedizzle Funny thing is they always bring out the dodge to save the day xD

  62. VeganMikedizzle

    VeganMikedizzle3 kun oldin

    While the Chevy or dodge sits in a garage.....btw, it didn't get destroyed.

  63. SUBIE4estr XT

    SUBIE4estr XT4 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="621">10:21</a> when he ripped off the fender and lifted it like some kind of hatch or door killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Olaf Gołąb

    Olaf Gołąb4 kun oldin

    Cement truck.

  65. Olaf Gołąb

    Olaf Gołąb4 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="708">11:48</a> -> Highlight of the video

  66. Dave Camoro

    Dave Camoro4 kun oldin


  67. Luis Barraza

    Luis Barraza4 kun oldin


  68. Anthony Strunk

    Anthony Strunk4 kun oldin

    That poor truck but hey you gotta do it for the views which he is almost at a million subscribers, I bet people at Ford watch this like how much abuse can he throw at this truck 🤷🏼‍♂️

  69. Dirtscooter Nation

    Dirtscooter Nation5 kun oldin

    Man that daddy money has got to be nice

  70. VeganMikedizzle

    VeganMikedizzle3 kun oldin

    You must be new here.

  71. Mister Me Too

    Mister Me Too5 kun oldin


  72. Mister Me Too

    Mister Me Too5 kun oldin

    Dude you don’t have to explain yourself... keep up the good videos... FTW they just haaaaaaatiiiiiiin!!!!!

  73. Ignacio Talavera

    Ignacio Talavera5 kun oldin

    That’s it!! I’m getting me an F350 that truck is just indestructible....

  74. Shortboy Kennels

    Shortboy Kennels5 kun oldin

    Don’t let this guy borrow your truck to move 🤨

  75. Brian Eagle

    Brian Eagle5 kun oldin

    That's nothing pulling weight for that truck but in the bed that's another story

  76. Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman5 kun oldin

    I like how he washed it so you can clearly see the damage

  77. chrisdabrit123

    chrisdabrit1235 kun oldin

    this is "almost, kind of" what these trucks are made to do, i think a 1990's toyota pick up truck would handle this pain ok, but would NEVER have thought a modern SUV kinda looking ford pick up would do that well ..... I'm amazed! Well Done Ford *thumbs up*

  78. J S

    J S5 kun oldin

    Can you donate one truck to me


    UN SIMPLE LOBITO5 kun oldin

    Si" subtitularas los vídeos en español Tendrías millones y millones de subscriptores

  80. Jose Fernando Chein

    Jose Fernando Chein5 kun oldin

    Number one reason to never buy a used truck...

  81. spencer fellows

    spencer fellows3 kun oldin

    Ya because inspections are not a real thing. Also how much does that truck cost new. Smart comment

  82. Ринат Ринат

    Ринат Ринат5 kun oldin

    Как написать по английски что он идиот , хотелось бы донести до него. Круче ваз 2121 ничего нет и не будет. И точка

  83. Dean H

    Dean H5 kun oldin

    Who is watching this after they sold the truck

  84. Hammock Hiker

    Hammock Hiker6 kun oldin

    Nice Chevy

  85. Steven Nelson

    Steven Nelson6 kun oldin

    Ok I’m a fan. I don’t care where your money comes from you broke a crazy setup then keep going harder. Classic

  86. Steven Nelson

    Steven Nelson6 kun oldin

    You guys filming this on a cell phone?

  87. Clinton Beirowski

    Clinton Beirowski6 kun oldin

    Ford really means it when they say built tough 😁

  88. Вадик Семак

    Вадик Семак6 kun oldin

    Ты конечный, такую тачку убиваешь

  89. bauyr bauyrjanov

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  90. Вячеслав Хитров

    Вячеслав Хитров6 kun oldin

    specific dolbyob from usa greetings from RUSSIA

  91. Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee7 kun oldin

    Thats how them texas boys get the back of the yee-yee trucks slammed lmoa