Everything GREAT About Knives Out! (Part 2)

And here is EGA Knives Out Part 2!
Everything Great About Knives Out (Part 1): uzgo.info/video/zqd5rXy5YHlgrJg.html
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  1. Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond8 soat oldin

    Please do the song of the sea next!!!

  2. armawillo

    armawillo10 soat oldin

    the little "because you are a good nurse" moment in the theater almost made me cry this whole movie is a masterpiece

  3. Zara Hoffman

    Zara Hoffman12 soat oldin

    I caught all the hints that you mentioned people maybe not catching :)

  4. Kareem Madanat

    Kareem Madanat14 soat oldin

    Can you do Kung Fu Panda 3??

  5. John Smith

    John Smith17 soat oldin

    Can you do a video on the princess bride? So many quotes and memes but I don't think people take a good enough look at it to appreciate the movie for its uniqueness.

  6. SimplySimon

    SimplySimon18 soat oldin

    Do Snatch

  7. Sean Pham

    Sean Pham18 soat oldin

    @cinemawins are you going to do midsommar or is it too brutal?

  8. Gabriel Barrett

    Gabriel Barrett18 soat oldin

    Once you've got that voice of yours back and are doing better, please look at doing Speed Racer as it really deserves some love and I think you could give it that.

  9. Bcham057ismyname

    Bcham057ismyname18 soat oldin

    Do a everything great about Stargirl

  10. vivek subhash

    vivek subhash19 soat oldin

    I have about almost finished watching all your videos.. Its a strange request but have you tried seeing Indian movies? Like baahubali.. It has some really good scores... Also highly recommend doing full metal alchemist brotherhood even though its a series

  11. Elizabeth •` `•

    Elizabeth •` `•19 soat oldin

    I know it might not be your type of movie, but could you review the movie Suffragette? It’s one of my favorite movies and has a lot of emotional appeal. It made me cry at least twice.

  12. David Ray

    David Ray19 soat oldin

    I'm still waiting for you to do Kung Fu Panda 3, as it's been over *_FOUR YEARS_* since it came out.

  13. Caillin Kowalczyk

    Caillin Kowalczyk20 soat oldin

    I enjoyed this movie as it reminded me of episodes of Columbo. You didn't watch to find out who the murderer was, it was to see how Columbo would figure it out.

  14. Vincent Giacalone

    Vincent Giacalone20 soat oldin

    Everything Great About Cars!

  15. Francisco Rivas

    Francisco Rivas20 soat oldin

    I know cinemasins but who is cinemawins?

  16. Avishag Kelhamer

    Avishag Kelhamer20 soat oldin


  17. 行屍走肉

    行屍走肉21 soat oldin

    My only issue with the SJW versus alt right troll thing going on is that it seemed like a very shallow PoV on it from a 40 something year old that hardly understands the internet. It's not like it was worth devoting much time to but the way it was portrayed just made me roll my eyes.

  18. Jennifer Welch

    Jennifer Welch22 soat oldin

    Please do the original Mulan (1998)! Would love to see it winned before the remake!

  19. John DeVoe

    John DeVoe22 soat oldin

    Please do 1917!!!!!!

  20. Leslie Allen

    Leslie Allen22 soat oldin

    Omg please cover ready or not or Juno

  21. Ethan Reilly

    Ethan ReillyKun oldin

    You should do the movie “the king”

  22. BenJemyn Coon

    BenJemyn CoonKun oldin

    Feel better!

  23. Reedy Reed

    Reedy ReedKun oldin

    Harlem Nights?

  24. PhantomWarp

    PhantomWarpKun oldin

    Could you do an "Everything Great About Redline" The anime one? It really deserves some recognition. It is highly underrated and was animated purely by hand for 7 years! You most likely won't see this though, but if you do, please check it out!

  25. doliio volay

    doliio volayKun oldin

    God damn the end of the video with Daniel Craig just saying "donut hole" throughout his whole explanation and the zoom in one Marta's face had me rolling.

  26. Znoozz

    ZnoozzKun oldin

    I just watched the movie Overlord. Thought it was great. Could you maybe to a video about it in the future?

  27. doliio volay

    doliio volayKun oldin

    everyone! 😬

  28. Morgane Gaveau

    Morgane GaveauKun oldin

    Hey!! I'd love to see your take on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!!!!!! Please?

  29. medusa397

    medusa397Kun oldin

    I'm not sure if you said it in this video or the previous one, but "I watched it 18 times in two weeks" was exactly how I felt. I originally rented it here on youtube and proceeded to watch it 4 or 5 times during my 48-hour rental period. I fell in love with this movie. Rian is an excellent writer and director, the tiny details of each character give it so much life. like how ransom's nice clothes are not taken care of, his wonderfully luxurious sweater is full of holes! Marta's cracked phone screen, or the fact she wears the same shoes almost the whole movie! Rian loves his characters so much, most directors wouldn't think of those details. thank you so much for these epic videos, I've never hit the subscription button so fast. (get well soon!)

  30. Shrrgnien az Und

    Shrrgnien az UndKun oldin

    You should do a series on the Mandalorian. This is the Way

  31. Infamous Ryan

    Infamous RyanKun oldin

    Hey once again This is movie is about 10 years old but still you should do Legends of the Gaurdians: Owls of Ga’Hoole.

  32. ExterminatorPoison

    ExterminatorPoisonKun oldin

    Could you do an episode on Blade Runner 2049? That would be dope

  33. Keyser94

    Keyser94Kun oldin

    Maybe because Johnson is a corporate centrist, the ones that does superficial class conflicts and never bark for either side in the case of emigration because he actually doesn't believe in anything, have no principles, values or ideology whatsoever other than making money.

  34. Madeline Whittall

    Madeline WhittallKun oldin

    honestly the reason I love this movie so much is because of most of these reasons, also it's completely different from most murder mysteries that are predictable in this I wasn't sure and the ending was a complete surprise and I loved everything, the cinematography, the lines everything was just incredible

  35. Cologram

    CologramKun oldin

    Please please please do Everything Great About Up

  36. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiKun oldin

    God damn the end of the video with Daniel Craig just saying "donut hole" throughout his whole explanation and the zoom in one Marta's face had me rolling.

  37. Jago Barrell

    Jago BarrellKun oldin

    Do one on JoJo Rabbit

  38. Light Yagami

    Light YagamiKun oldin

    Am I the only one that likes both CinemaSins/Wins? That said, one critique that I have on this channel as a Sins fan is that it only exists merely because people want a daddy positive to look up to because they think that this channel is meant to put the evil CinemaSins in his place or something. It's like this fanbase can't take someone's opinion on a film.

  39. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiKun oldin

    Please do 1917

  40. Dhiyanesh

    DhiyaneshKun oldin

    Please *Rise Of Skywalker*

  41. David Ray

    David RayKun oldin

    I still really want you to do everything great about Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It's long overdue.

  42. crunchycorndogs

    crunchycorndogsKun oldin

    Please do everything great about tangled!! Its got a lot of flaws, people say, but I dont think it gets enough attention. I will be consistent until it happens. Have a great Quarantine, everyone! 😬

  43. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyKun oldin

    God damn the end of the video with Daniel Craig just saying "donut hole" throughout his whole explanation and the zoom in one Marta's face had me rolling.

  44. SillySatyr Productions

    SillySatyr ProductionsKun oldin

    one thing I love about the way the family was written, is that doesn't matter how "correct" or "incorrect" their politics were. When it came to their money, that's all they cared about. And they were willing to hurt an innocent woman, just so they could retain their power and money.


    YOU SAY IT I PLAY ITKun oldin

    Please do everything great about jojo rabbit that movie was amazing

  46. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyKun oldin

    everything great about Rango

  47. Nena Arindrasari

    Nena ArindrasariKun oldin

    Request: Everything Great About WALL-E

  48. Sharon Tiamson

    Sharon TiamsonKun oldin

    Do Everything Great About Birdman (2014)

  49. J M

    J MKun oldin

    Hey so, I'm pretty sure it WAS Marta's mud on the rugs. They made a point to show us Ransom avoid leaving mud prints when sneaking in through the back, unlike Marta who we KNOW left mud prints.

  50. Michael Knapp

    Michael KnappKun oldin

    You should do '9'! Really interested on your opinion on its themes.

  51. maxx loves milk

    maxx loves milk2 kun oldin

    Please do sherlock Holmes🙏

  52. Vegas XD

    Vegas XD2 kun oldin

    Hello hope you are well and safe. i saw cinema sins do all the sherlock holmes and wondered how come you have not done the sherlock holmes movies. i think they are great! Maybe you will get around to them! Have a great one.

  53. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    If possible do you think you can do an everything great about The Town. Legendary movie.

  54. daiin

    daiin2 kun oldin

    maybe one on 1917? i loved that movie and i want it to get some love on this channel

  55. The_ Blacksmith

    The_ Blacksmith2 kun oldin

    Kung fu panda 3 eventually?

  56. Matthew Goldberg

    Matthew Goldberg2 kun oldin

    Please do 1917

  57. ashley sterling

    ashley sterling2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="727">12:07</a> stoakes catch dexter? who is stoakes?

  58. Kelohmello

    Kelohmello2 kun oldin

    I can't say I think Rian Johnson plays the middle of the road with regards to a political stance in this movie. While it works as a smaller scale story about one rich family's wealth squabbles it seems pretty clear it's an allegory for modern Americans and their relationship to their own country. These rich people who've been exploiting their old kind patriarch for money that they consider to be unconditionally theirs don't particularly care for an outsider having any piece of it, and that's wrong of them whether they're left leaning or alt-right. Like you said, Meg is only a social justice warrior until the target of her social justice threatens her degree. Harlan saw through all of it and decided they don't deserve a single cent, because even in their principles they don't earn it, they just think they should have it just because they're in the Thrombey family. So with this immigrant coming in and receiving it, because she's smart and a good person, I'd say his stance is put forward right there: If you're a good person with a kind heart you deserve america. If you're a vulture who takes what they have for granted, you deserve to be kicked out of the house.

  59. Kate Kritanta

    Kate Kritanta2 kun oldin


  60. kye thepie

    kye thepie2 kun oldin

    He Needs To Do Movies From The Cornetto Films Like This So He See It (Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz and Worlds End)

  61. Mira El Achhab

    Mira El Achhab2 kun oldin

    This will probably be the first of many requests from me for this movie: Please win Inglourious Basterds

  62. Philisophical Plebian

    Philisophical Plebian2 kun oldin

    everything great about Rango

  63. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi2 kun oldin


  64. Major Malichi

    Major Malichi2 kun oldin

    Do kung Fu panda 3

  65. Natalie Wong

    Natalie Wong2 kun oldin

    Everything Great About The Croods, please? It has Alan Silvestri, Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, and Emma Stone?

  66. Jaleel Bennett

    Jaleel Bennett2 kun oldin

    Can you please do Balto

  67. Jaleel Bennett

    Jaleel Bennett2 kun oldin

    Can you please do Balto

  68. Jaleel Bennett

    Jaleel Bennett2 kun oldin

    Can you please do Balto

  69. Jaleel Bennett

    Jaleel Bennett2 kun oldin

    Can you please do Balto

  70. Jaleel Bennett

    Jaleel Bennett2 kun oldin

    Can you please do Balto

  71. Kat Flores

    Kat Flores2 kun oldin

    This was perfect and made me love the movie even more than I already do. My #! favorite.

  72. Archie Gardiner

    Archie Gardiner2 kun oldin

    Do Good Will Hunting next, please!

  73. stevesy3

    stevesy32 kun oldin

    I actually switched to your channel from Cinema Sins. Both are quality channels that allow me to relive my favorite movies while learning about how movies/plots/etc are constructed. I made the switch because CW is overflowing with much needed POSITIVITY. I look forward to every video, whenever it gets posted.

  74. Lucas Brunette

    Lucas Brunette2 kun oldin

    Thank you so much for typing the note that Linda gets from Harlan haha. I've seen this movie multiple times and have never had enough time to read it.

  75. Martin Harvey-Olson

    Martin Harvey-Olson2 kun oldin

    Please do Hulk

  76. Lydia Mazza

    Lydia Mazza2 kun oldin

    Katherine Langford is not a win she’s the ultimate win

  77. A Kirin Tale

    A Kirin Tale2 kun oldin

    Do everything great about A Bug’s Life!!

  78. HolyCheese007

    HolyCheese0072 kun oldin

    Can you do Your Name. Its honestly one of the greatest animated films ever made

  79. Chris the Leavittman

    Chris the Leavittman2 kun oldin

    Hope you feel better soon, Lee!

  80. Chris the Leavittman

    Chris the Leavittman2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="892">14:52</a> I understood that reference.

  81. Jordan Chung

    Jordan Chung2 kun oldin

    got the wrench reference (GWH) , always love these little nuggets

  82. drusus51

    drusus512 kun oldin

    The lawyer: Harlan wills all of his property to MARTHA Cabrera... Walter: Why did you say that name? Why did you say that name?!

  83. _ jeromethegreat

    _ jeromethegreat2 kun oldin

    This channel keeps me going. I try to be as positive as I can to counteract how shitty I feel at times, and this channel reminds me that I'm not dumb for liking things. I love almost everything I watch, and the giddiness that overtakes me when I see that he's covered a movie I love is second to none. I'm glad I found this channel however long ago that was. I want to do something like this one day so that some kid in the same boat as me sees it and type a similarly long, admittedly self-indulgent comment about it and goes on to do something this cool and hopefully just make somebody happy.

  84. misolou fout

    misolou fout2 kun oldin