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  1. Liliana Xoxo

    Liliana Xoxo12 soat oldin

    I don’t understand how people don’t know how to draw y’all stupid asf

  2. Liliana Xoxo

    Liliana Xoxo12 soat oldin

    I hope papa rug kills him self stop putting him in challenges he Dosent need the money he can ask for money from Brian whenevevr and get it

  3. Migudale

    Migudale12 soat oldin

    Faze rug is literally a millionaire 1000 is pocket change

  4. Matthew Fowler77724

    Matthew Fowler7772413 soat oldin

    I am your camera man

  5. Hussain Ameen

    Hussain Ameen13 soat oldin

    I'm craving hottest wings!

  6. xXFusionXx_

    xXFusionXx_14 soat oldin

    Who ever wants to eat it like

  7. Celeste ricee

    Celeste ricee14 soat oldin

    I’m weak asf

  8. Shadman Alvi

    Shadman Alvi14 soat oldin

    5:36 PapaRug wrote after hearing Brian’s answers 😂😂

  9. Emma Stout

    Emma Stout19 soat oldin

    Anyone else hear Anthony around 8:46 "get the fuck away from me" I thought it was funny asf

  10. ZoVa_ BTW

    ZoVa_ BTWKun oldin

    At 6:24 Anthony's like oh hell no

  11. Michelle lovee

    Michelle loveeKun oldin


  12. Suzan Moore

    Suzan MooreKun oldin

    I would have won this challenge

  13. Suzan Moore

    Suzan MooreKun oldin

    I would have won this challenge

  14. Pavel Nedved

    Pavel NedvedKun oldin

    Water just makes it worse

  15. Ya Boy

    Ya Boy2 kun oldin

    Idk how Devin Booker doesn’t find it strange that this man actually is obsessed w him. Thats gay as shit

  16. J.J. _.SQUÃD

    J.J. _.SQUÃD2 kun oldin

    Bro I'm craving wings and I just ate wings

  17. 3kids On ice

    3kids On ice2 kun oldin

    Clay sucks

  18. Shaunt Arslanian

    Shaunt Arslanian2 kun oldin

    Brandon stop UZgo you are not good anymore bruh

  19. Adam Waheed

    Adam Waheed2 kun oldin

    That elephant looks like a rhino

  20. Chris Luna

    Chris Luna3 kun oldin

    Dude id eat these for a dollar

  21. BAM BAM playz

    BAM BAM playz3 kun oldin

    faze rug iphone 11

  22. Jasnoor Maghera

    Jasnoor Maghera3 kun oldin


  23. TeddyNova

    TeddyNova3 kun oldin

    Your dad is so f****** hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Kringe Kaden

    Kringe Kaden3 kun oldin

    Who older Faze rug or u

  25. JayGotCurlz

    JayGotCurlz3 kun oldin

    brian $1000 is like $1 to you

  26. Dina 2017

    Dina 20173 kun oldin

    Omg Anthony changed sooo much he was so skinny

  27. James burke

    James burke3 kun oldin


  28. Always_lee.lee

    Always_lee.lee3 kun oldin

    Yo I still have screenshot from when Brandon made his elephant

  29. Audaz

    Audaz3 kun oldin

    Yo some of those are drumsticks

  30. Gloria Ramirez

    Gloria Ramirez3 kun oldin

    Poor Anthony

  31. Goalie30 Savage

    Goalie30 Savage3 kun oldin

    Water is not good for hot things it spreads it around your mouth.Milk is good

  32. Bobert Berry

    Bobert Berry3 kun oldin

    I never knew they were related 😧

  33. Kell

    Kell3 kun oldin

    18:47 rug touching sum woahhhh.

  34. Kell

    Kell3 kun oldin

    Bryan cameramen looks just like him

  35. Kell

    Kell3 kun oldin

    11:07 is sherman pregnant

  36. Kell

    Kell3 kun oldin

    Brawadis:1,000 MrBeast: 10,000

  37. -u-

    -u-4 kun oldin

    I feel so bad foe papa rug for some reason

  38. MR. Banana -.-

    MR. Banana -.-4 kun oldin

    The drawings 😂😂💀

  39. Carlena Baughman

    Carlena Baughman4 kun oldin

    Why are you mean to 😂😂 😂 Anthony

  40. Sharee Venditte

    Sharee Venditte4 kun oldin

    Faze rug won 100%

  41. Jason Zee

    Jason Zee4 kun oldin

    Win 1k get a hole in your gut.

  42. Meep

    Meep4 kun oldin

    I love your videos Brandon but they exaggerated so much I’ve tried them and there not that spicy

  43. ITS Xavier

    ITS Xavier4 kun oldin

    Fuc* u and fuc* da mole

  44. Murtadha Altawami

    Murtadha Altawami4 kun oldin

    #fuck the moe

  45. Enrique Melchor

    Enrique Melchor4 kun oldin

    I am carving to eat hot wings

  46. Rylee 311

    Rylee 3114 kun oldin

    Can you buy me an iPhone 11?😂 I want one so bad


    MR.T GAMING CHANNEL4 kun oldin

    Rug a pussy🤣🤣🤣

  48. Warvan Ball

    Warvan Ball4 kun oldin

    I like how in 2:17 when brwadis takes $1,000 out brain makes this fake face as if it’s allot for him bruh he gives $10,000 to the winner in his challenges😂😂😂👌🏻

  49. PinappleKu Kidd

    PinappleKu Kidd4 kun oldin

    That's nothing lol spicy is fucking bommb

  50. Devin Booker

    Devin Booker4 kun oldin

    7:14 lol

  51. Lil Fake

    Lil Fake4 kun oldin

    Is faze rug your brother?

  52. Ryan Bryan

    Ryan Bryan5 kun oldin

    they look so good

  53. XD_ExtinctDevilz

    XD_ExtinctDevilz5 kun oldin


  54. BoyBoyGaming100

    BoyBoyGaming1005 kun oldin

    Inmagine, **Anthony eats hottest wing with one of the hottest sauce** **takes a shot of vodka and drinks out of a sunnyD galon** IM GOOD!

  55. TouchMyPpDOTcom

    TouchMyPpDOTcom5 kun oldin

    damn face rug had to mention to out shine you with giving 10,000 in his video. Hes trying belittle you and show off cause he gets no love. I'm sorry but your brother going to be single the rest his life cause he cant even find himself. Social media got you and you brother fucked up except your mom and pops. You can tell they know themselves and ya just trying to do and film what ever makes ya money ya be looking corny and dumb most to the time. Show me your fan base and Ill bet they 10 and younger

  56. Mary Turner

    Mary Turner5 kun oldin

    I’m left handed!

  57. Powe ll

    Powe ll5 kun oldin

    chil-dish lol

  58. Aidyn Burrough

    Aidyn Burrough5 kun oldin

    Every time i watch you guys i smile and u guys just make my day

  59. Tavia Lopez

    Tavia Lopez5 kun oldin

    You should do a challenge like this with Devin Booker

  60. Andres

    Andres5 kun oldin

    Can I Do The Same Challenge. Nothing Spicy to me 😋