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idk why i did this
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  1. Deirdre Veldon

    Deirdre Veldon5 soat oldin

    hahahah love thus content

  2. Lucie Xx

    Lucie Xx5 soat oldin

    okay but why are people hating so much? i enjoyed this video because she was just talking to us and vibing you know?😂 ily emma💕

  3. Haaziq Ryan

    Haaziq Ryan6 soat oldin

    This is 2020 new year and she wanted to dye her hair . So that is her new year resolution

  4. kendra prebusheski

    kendra prebusheski6 soat oldin

    i’m honestly, PHYSICALLY, failing, to understand why ppl are so pressed over someone else’s hair. like? why? what’d she even do?

  5. Abi Quean

    Abi Quean7 soat oldin

    i love this video so much don’t even see why it got hate🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Mitchell özkural

    Mitchell özkural7 soat oldin

    I dont get why this video of hers is getting so much hate and being called the worst video, when literally all her videos are like this. Like no hate, this is just her format her style?

  7. óbito sf

    óbito sf7 soat oldin

    why is this emma chairbarlan girl in my recommendations?? 🚮

  8. Lucy-Anne Wilkinson

    Lucy-Anne Wilkinson7 soat oldin

    5% of comments: tHiS wAs ThE woRsT vIDeO EvERrrR 95% of comments: why is everyone hating on emma y’all need to grow up grrrrr Me : 🧐🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Casey Hansen

    Casey Hansen7 soat oldin

    I dont know who you are. I’m just here because its the worst video ever.

  10. Taylor Trotta

    Taylor Trotta7 soat oldin


  11. Izzy Elliott

    Izzy Elliott8 soat oldin

    why is everyone giving her so much hate for this video like you can tell that she put so much effort in to it and everyone’s just bullying her for it. It’s so ridiculous, she tried to die it and it didn’t work and now all your hate comments have made her have to die it again when she clearly doesn’t want to she just had to, to shut everyone up. please just leave her alone! thanks

  12. Riovanna Mcnaughton

    Riovanna Mcnaughton8 soat oldin

    These new comments... keep that same energy

  13. Shyanne Wilson

    Shyanne Wilson8 soat oldin

    I laughed so hard at this video. 😂😂😂 Emma is so funny

  14. Owen Mckie

    Owen Mckie9 soat oldin

    1:58 i was rlly over here thinking she did her edges

  15. Brenda Mafuma Hood

    Brenda Mafuma Hood9 soat oldin

    We love you

  16. kloe nicole

    kloe nicole10 soat oldin

    no offense but this was the same as every other Emma video.. your tripping

  17. Taylorrr1989

    Taylorrr198910 soat oldin

    7:29 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ hunny u gotta keep the bleach in for 45 mins at least to an hour.

  18. Taylorrr1989

    Taylorrr198910 soat oldin

    Hey Emma I just wanna pop in and say this, number one I love u and ur videos and number 2 hi, hello, I’m here to help u girl.. I’m in the middle of my training for cosmetology so I work on all kinds of different hair textures. Cut color and style them whatever the client wants but I just need to say this because it’s gunna bother me if I don’t say it now. Ok first of all ALWAYS use protective gloves when dealing with any kind of hair chemical. Second when ur bleaching ur hair u wanna completely saturate the hair to make sure it has full coverage in order for better results. Third u have to bleach ur hair for at least 35 to 45 minutes (don’t quote me) just depending what kind of bleach it is because some process faster then others so u would leave it in for a shorter amount of time in ur hair so it doesn’t over process and ur hair falls out. Forth, ALWAYS use a SMALL strand of hair but enough hair for the color for bleach to show through. NEVER on the side or by ur face or anywhere near where other people can see it. U always wanna hide the color or strand of hair (whatever ur doing to it) behind and under ur hair so if it looks bad people can’t see it. Love ya girl! Just be careful! Hair chemicals r VERY strong especially when dealing with or working with bleach. If u get bleach on ur hand or skin it WILL burn u. Scrub to skin girl if u ever feel that burning sensation. U may take off a layer of skin depending how hard u have to scrub.

  19. Cici Nicole

    Cici Nicole10 soat oldin

    Ok but this is me really wanting to dye my hair again for no reason but also being terrified to bleach it... Might still do it tho 🤷‍♀️

  20. Sarah Ingraham

    Sarah Ingraham11 soat oldin

    is she turning into ethan when he had that faze with the colored strand of hair 😂

  21. Jazmyn Mendoza

    Jazmyn Mendoza11 soat oldin

    the haters can go shove a knife up their assholes, emma doesn’t deserve this. it’s HER HAIR

  22. ConDor3434

    ConDor343411 soat oldin

    Only found you because of a video saying that this was the worst video you've ever done. I'll throw you a like bc I'm nice

  23. mariela rodriguez

    mariela rodriguez11 soat oldin

    I really watched this whole vid just for her to NOT dye her hair....

  24. Ryan Moore

    Ryan Moore11 soat oldin

    10:03 so she can get monetized... smh😑

  25. Elizabeth Munro

    Elizabeth Munro7 soat oldin

    Obviously it’s her job she needs to get paid like everyone else

  26. Sarah T

    Sarah T11 soat oldin

    can someone make a compilation of every time Emma has ever said “bored”

  27. Aussie Comedy

    Aussie Comedy11 soat oldin

    This video is so disappointing. I expected a far worse video after all the hype :)

  28. Christina Victoria

    Christina Victoria12 soat oldin

    this is your best video the authenticity is soul reviving

  29. Speed Brain

    Speed Brain12 soat oldin

    I do feel bad I felt she didn't rise to what we all come to expect from her but it's like well she's not a performing monkey either,I guess😒still tho that was som boringAss ellie thumann shit😄I think that's why ppl got all pissy

  30. Isi Avalos

    Isi Avalos12 soat oldin

    Actually this is like the best video of her bc this showed me the old Emma, the real Emma lmao who used to actually stop doing things or failed them but it’s fun and she’s just herself lmao idk if this makes sense but ily

  31. Name Here

    Name Here12 soat oldin

    If you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it’s not that big of a fricking deal like wtf don’t you have better things to do? Is your life seriously that sad?

  32. Anette Mendez

    Anette Mendez12 soat oldin

    I love you girl. Are you lesbian ? 🥰🥰🥰

  33. Samantha Perez

    Samantha Perez12 soat oldin

    Just use Overtone it's temporary color conditioner

  34. ɴɪᴄᴏ !

    ɴɪᴄᴏ !13 soat oldin

    8:38 *emma talking about how scary dying your hair is* No one: Me: basically every other week dying it bc of mental breakdowns ✌🏻😗✌🏻

  35. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui14 soat oldin

    Stop hating on her she tried and it didn’t work and y’all need to calm down I think this was a very funny video

  36. Jupiter Sol

    Jupiter Sol14 soat oldin

    She’s so cute to me. I wonder how she would be as a gf. She doesn’t look like she would make a good one but I would date her

  37. Karen Loehr

    Karen Loehr14 soat oldin

    I love this vid people stop being faking salty

  38. kevin S

    kevin S14 soat oldin

    Its gud.

  39. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui14 soat oldin

    Love you emma

  40. Aiden Nealon

    Aiden Nealon14 soat oldin

    but this is a good video.....

  41. Lucazith

    Lucazith14 soat oldin

    I'm new to this channel but the people disliking seem pretty pathetic and petty, she doesn't have to do something if she doesn't want to.

  42. Carly Beckner

    Carly Beckner15 soat oldin

    ahhh. old timer video. i love it

  43. robbie koziol

    robbie koziol15 soat oldin

    emma if you read this I hope you are having an awesome day !!

  44. emily bianca

    emily bianca16 soat oldin

    Emma says: um.. im going to do something dumb..

  45. Elizabeth DesRuisseau

    Elizabeth DesRuisseau16 soat oldin

    “This video is actually sponsored by [product] which is super convenient!” as if the entire video wasn’t built around the sponsorship... okay lmao sure 3:30

  46. Ashley Reynolds

    Ashley Reynolds16 soat oldin

    Lowkey not satisfied w this video

  47. Jammielee Mad

    Jammielee Mad16 soat oldin


  48. Maeve Morin

    Maeve Morin16 soat oldin

    lol why y’all pressed it’s pretty much like all her other videos just it failed and she wanted to upload

  49. Miguel Velasco

    Miguel Velasco16 soat oldin

    I’m sorry but this vid disappointed me like dislike

  50. SKINNY LEGEND. periodtt

    SKINNY LEGEND. periodtt16 soat oldin

    Explain to me HOW 44k people disliked this video...

  51. Me and the Bois Vlogs

    Me and the Bois Vlogs17 soat oldin

    Do a tiddy reveal

  52. Maria Dawson

    Maria Dawson13 soat oldin

    A what reveal?

  53. morgan kimbrell

    morgan kimbrell17 soat oldin

    I dyed my hair 8 times and i'm 12

  54. girls fun

    girls fun17 soat oldin

    it's as if she ran out of ideas and is super tired so she is forced to make a video she doesn't even want to make and bleach her hair while she doesn't want to

  55. issymartindye

    issymartindye17 soat oldin

    Love you emma

  56. hana rose

    hana rose17 soat oldin

    I mean the title does say “fail” so she didn’t lie 🤪

  57. Abby_z 22

    Abby_z 2218 soat oldin

    I don't understand why people were hating on this video :/ I saw nothing bad about it like chill out also for those who call people out for coming to this video after seeing the "Worst video ever" l don't understand why that matters. A lot of us have busy lives and can't always watch a video the second it comes out. shit happens :/

  58. Yo Mamma

    Yo Mamma18 soat oldin

    God I hate acutane

  59. Mia Roof

    Mia Roof18 soat oldin

    me: getting hyped about dying my hair emma: also hyped me: starts dying hair myself alone with no help emma: stops completely after 5 min me: head is pink and there is no return

  60. Kiera Bella

    Kiera Bella18 soat oldin

    who else doesn’t see any hate comments

  61. Marthe De Smedt

    Marthe De Smedt19 soat oldin

    the only bad thing about this video is the sound of the alarm oh my fuck i wanted to throw my computer out

  62. owen

    owen19 soat oldin

    it didn’t dye because it didn’t happen, it’s because she used permanent brown dye, if you use semi-permanent it would’ve bleached

  63. Chloe's Vlogs

    Chloe's Vlogs19 soat oldin

    She should have died two pieces of her hair at the front xx