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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolfYil oldin

    LIKE this video for more YESSICA

  2. Poisonous Origami Rose

    Poisonous Origami Rose23 kun oldin

    I Like Your Hair The Color Is So Pretry!

  3. Just Divine pg3d

    Just Divine pg3dOy oldin


  4. Talia Senekal

    Talia Senekal2 oy oldin

    I am born in 2010 and i am 8

  5. Piccolo

    Piccolo2 oy oldin


  6. Myrav51

    Myrav513 oy oldin

    How do you deal with this is fustraits me ?

  7. jayvo300 and little Mickey 300

    jayvo300 and little Mickey 30023 soat oldin

    Hey sssniperwolf

  8. Marizel Smuts

    Marizel SmutsKun oldin

    My name is dumb it is dumb its dumb just dumb my name is Marezél like really dumb..

  9. Hibaaq Abdisalan

    Hibaaq AbdisalanKun oldin

    Hi Jessica 😄

  10. S.W.A .T.

    S.W.A .T.Kun oldin

    The first one with the hair straightener was fucking hilarious

  11. Olga Kiscika

    Olga KiscikaKun oldin

    I LOVE Yessica!!! She look gorgeous!!! And you suit her GREAT!!!

  12. #spew It’s me Hermione

    #spew It’s me HermioneKun oldin

    Who else has not watched Star Wars? Only me? Yep…

  13. Isabella Gallini

    Isabella GalliniKun oldin

    I was born in 2010 and I'm 9

  14. Digital Nova

    Digital NovaKun oldin

    Whos watching in 2020??

  15. Ramona Schmitz

    Ramona SchmitzKun oldin


  16. Xavier Travis

    Xavier TravisKun oldin

    I need to regain my braincells

  17. Xavier Travis

    Xavier TravisKun oldin

    Y e s . E v e r y b o d y. L i v e s. In. America. I. Am. A. Australian. It’s false

  18. Ben Miller

    Ben MillerKun oldin

    Wait the u.s was in the u.s ... b$&@h what the f#@k

  19. Bonnie Bonbon

    Bonnie BonbonKun oldin


  20. video lover

    video loverKun oldin

    Im in 2020

  21. Edilberto Fernandez

    Edilberto FernandezKun oldin

    orrtam and autumn have 6 numbers so whats the difference

  22. Saniyya Singh

    Saniyya SinghKun oldin

    Btw I haven’t seen starwars

  23. Sabrina’s Play land

    Sabrina’s Play landKun oldin

    I was born I’m 2010 in 2018 I was 8... why would u think that like literally!

  24. And I noop

    And I noopKun oldin

    *The first one made me lose it XD*

  25. Gianna Contigo Life

    Gianna Contigo LifeKun oldin

    (Orrtam)autumn Dugh

  26. Johonna Leon

    Johonna LeonKun oldin

    I have a walkmin soooo yea! (I can't spell)

  27. Zachary Fleurimond

    Zachary FleurimondKun oldin

    That laddie who put the hair straightener on her tung she sounded like a demon when she screamed

  28. Marek Hannibal

    Marek HannibalKun oldin

    Hello yassaca

  29. kenneth voiles

    kenneth voilesKun oldin

    thats a tower that holds up power lines not a cell tower.

  30. Skittle Pockz

    Skittle PockzKun oldin

    Me: Mommy? Mom: yes honey? Me: I need a new phone Mom: Why? Me: smashed a like then smashed my phone. Mom: Never. Watch. SSSniperwolf. Again.

  31. Evinka Yainne

    Evinka YainneKun oldin

    Imagine the same dumbasses in the video watching this

  32. XXxUnicornloverxXX

    XXxUnicornloverxXX2 kun oldin

    hilo yessica

  33. Isabela Ussery

    Isabela Ussery2 kun oldin

    The eat candle actually works no joke I use it all the time

  34. Laney Brielle

    Laney Brielle2 kun oldin

    Hello yessica😂

  35. Samantha Murphree

    Samantha Murphree2 kun oldin

    That’s dumb

  36. Saran Kaba

    Saran Kaba2 kun oldin

    The pergant one can really happen you swich docters with out knowing cause your usual doc is not here and then the sperm saple that going in to somebody else is going in to you did u watch jane the Virgin

  37. Lynsey

    LynseyKun oldin

    Doesn't the flu shot go in your arm? How could that make you pregnant?

  38. Gracie Frey

    Gracie Frey2 kun oldin

    I'm ten and I know what a cassette is. P.S. I have nine cassettes and four records.

  39. Melinda Bell

    Melinda Bell2 kun oldin

    I still use casets

  40. Depressedxlonely and pain

    Depressedxlonely and pain2 kun oldin

    10:56 Me: ohmigod that’s so relata- wait never mind. I don’t have no friends

  41. St34lth Hiren jeyakanth

    St34lth Hiren jeyakanth2 kun oldin

    Hello yessica

  42. MeMe land DOGE

    MeMe land DOGE2 kun oldin


  43. Room 27

    Room 272 kun oldin

    Hello 👋🏻 yessica 🤓

  44. Midnight Moonlight

    Midnight Moonlight2 kun oldin

    Love your hair sssniper wolf

  45. mykaysha palmer

    mykaysha palmer2 kun oldin

    Hi yessaca

  46. Bear Bracket

    Bear Bracket2 kun oldin

    No I’m only 8

  47. What A Crazy Life

    What A Crazy Life2 kun oldin

    Why is nobody talking about how that one pic shows the USA AND canada is inside the USA

  48. Rebecca Odle

    Rebecca Odle2 kun oldin

    No i was born in 2010 and i am 8

  49. Teresa Holliman

    Teresa Holliman2 kun oldin

    Hi Yessica👋👋

  50. McKayla Pecile

    McKayla Pecile2 kun oldin

    1:56 when I was younger I thought the same thing... I was always like, why r there so many Eiffel towers... lol

  51. Ervinas&Eigvirdas

    Ervinas&Eigvirdas2 kun oldin

    Wait what means im 811 yr old" woah i think im on crack"

  52. Sean Buck

    Sean Buck2 kun oldin

    Im born in 2010 and im 9

  53. Gacha doom

    Gacha doom2 kun oldin

    Hey yessica girll.

  54. Julz Simion

    Julz Simion2 kun oldin

    What on Earth who does that lol wow🤦👌😆🌈😏😏

  55. samuel smedley

    samuel smedley2 kun oldin

    Dang I was born in 2010 and I know what a cd is and what a vs tape is

  56. PixelAlpha UwU

    PixelAlpha UwU2 kun oldin

    I love your snowy light purple hair! I swear, I had a dream about a girl with that exact color... Also, at the beginning with the blonde girl: DAMNNN YOU DUMBASS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

  57. Simon Ghost Riley

    Simon Ghost Riley2 kun oldin

    Whats a cd

  58. Vayda Cowdray

    Vayda Cowdray2 kun oldin

    I was born in 2010 and im 9

  59. Luz Roman

    Luz Roman2 kun oldin

    Sniper wolf : these are the dumest people ever girl with blonde hair puts hair straightener and did it on her tonuge when she was screaming it sounded like a turkey XD

  60. Stephanie Valadez

    Stephanie Valadez2 kun oldin


  61. izzy b

    izzy b2 kun oldin

    That one piece of hair chillin on the inside of her glasses pissed me off for the whole video

  62. LaTasha Coleman

    LaTasha Coleman2 kun oldin

    Smarter u mean frustrated

  63. Kimbella Marquez

    Kimbella Marquez2 kun oldin

    Hi Yessica

  64. Cupcakes 4

    Cupcakes 42 kun oldin

    That was so hilarious when they were like omg all my friends had birthdays this year I thought I was dumb

  65. always waching weird things idc tho

    always waching weird things idc tho2 kun oldin

    Hello yessica

  66. Paola Grolli-Cole

    Paola Grolli-Cole2 kun oldin

    I was born in 2010 and its not real. I'm nearly a teen..!