Don't Judge Me Challenge Compilation Reaction

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Don't Judge Me Challenge Compilation Reaction


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf10 oy oldin

    hiiiii guys would u do this challenge or nah

  2. Nilah And Beyond

    Nilah And Beyond8 kun oldin

    SSSniperWolf I would do this challenge

  3. Phoebe Biggers

    Phoebe Biggers26 kun oldin

    I wouldn’t

  4. Jenni Artinez

    Jenni Artinez2 oy oldin

    I want all your video

  5. EEpicn00bkiller

    EEpicn00bkiller4 oy oldin


  6. miranda björkman

    miranda björkman5 oy oldin


  7. Ellie mae Garbett

    Ellie mae Garbett11 daqiqa oldin

    I have asthma and now he roast me

  8. Jazmine Martinez

    Jazmine Martinez14 soat oldin

    Sniperwolf I agree glasses 🤓 are cute what the problem

  9. MB Love

    MB Love16 soat oldin


  10. Life Of Layla

    Life Of Layla18 soat oldin

    I use Q-tips for my ears

  11. Doge Wolcott

    Doge Wolcott21 soat oldin

    I honestly wish I was ugly I have so many people who like me ewwwwwwww

  12. Ebi

    Ebi21 soat oldin

    I’ve told this story a few times but I don’t care I’m still salty I had clear skin going into highschool until my cousin threw a slice of bacon at my face at thanksgiving

  13. Grisell Jimenez

    Grisell JimenezKun oldin

    I just got roasted bc I have asthma and glasses So I guess that makes me ugly

  14. Jaime Duffy

    Jaime DuffyKun oldin

    i have asthma and i am 9 years old

  15. Tony Barrow

    Tony BarrowKun oldin

    I have asthma

  16. Melissa Vesalainen

    Melissa VesalainenKun oldin

    I have asthma heriasted me🥺

  17. Adra Schell

    Adra Schell2 kun oldin

    Glasses are cute!!!

  18. Adra Schell

    Adra Schell2 kun oldin

    I love glasses 😍 I have glasses.

  19. Madeline Nicholas-southworth

    Madeline Nicholas-southworth2 kun oldin

    😭 I have asthma the is so mean

  20. kkgang Bell

    kkgang Bell2 kun oldin


  21. Miley B

    Miley B2 kun oldin


  22. Ricky Coleman

    Ricky Coleman2 kun oldin

    Yes 😇😇😇👧👧👧👧👌

  23. Kainat Aslam

    Kainat Aslam3 kun oldin

    5:25 she's an Indian tiktoker who makes tiktok and is an Indian actor and her name is avneet and she's with her friend I think

  24. Kainat Aslam

    Kainat Aslam3 kun oldin

    2:23 I'm sure that is a uni brow idk if I spelled it correctly

  25. ItsRavenPCC

    ItsRavenPCC3 kun oldin


  26. Rafaela Montoya

    Rafaela Montoya3 kun oldin

    I’m roasted beacause i have asma

  27. Brylee Hertz

    Brylee Hertz3 kun oldin

    I use Q-tips to clean my rars

  28. Penny Kiendel

    Penny Kiendel3 kun oldin

    I have rosacea too 😅

  29. Zainab Aziziii

    Zainab Aziziii3 kun oldin

    Glasses Make You BEAUTIFUL 😁 THAT VIDEO BROKE SSSNIPER WOLFS HEART-😱😨😰🥺 Like If u Want to slap those who hate glasses😢 👇🏻

  30. Cadence Castillo

    Cadence Castillo3 kun oldin

    I have asthma so I HATE this video

  31. Xiomara Hernandez

    Xiomara Hernandez3 kun oldin

    They probrobly think that glasses make them nerds

  32. Doggy Donut

    Doggy Donut4 kun oldin

    Im 10 and i have acne

  33. Murder Chubby Monkey

    Murder Chubby Monkey4 kun oldin

    I have glasses

  34. JenJen San The cat lover

    JenJen San The cat lover4 kun oldin


  35. Ismahan Mohamed

    Ismahan Mohamed5 kun oldin


  36. arzoo farooq

    arzoo farooq5 kun oldin

    1:51 Rude!! I have asthma and I feel so offended😭

  37. Pakpoom SARAPUN

    Pakpoom SARAPUN5 kun oldin

    I think your pretty in the way you are (please read and like)

  38. David Woytula

    David Woytula5 kun oldin

    Glasses are cute! You may think I'm saying that because i have glasses, but NO I don't

  39. Payzlea Lovell

    Payzlea Lovell5 kun oldin

    I say classes are cute😡😡😡😡😻

  40. Neicy Jackson

    Neicy Jackson6 kun oldin

    I have it😭😭😭😭😭

  41. Kattie Newman

    Kattie Newman6 kun oldin

    She's flex not flexing to show him that we could be pretty without 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭🤣

  42. Kattie Newman

    Kattie Newman6 kun oldin

    I have asthma and it's not easy and I don't care if you're joking sssniperwolf that's offensive fending me fending me it actually hurts coming from a famous UZgor like you 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

  43. Ainsley Bean

    Ainsley Bean6 kun oldin

    I have as a

  44. Hafeez Uddin

    Hafeez Uddin6 kun oldin

    Not okay i have glasses

  45. Hafeez Uddin

    Hafeez Uddin6 kun oldin

    Not okay i have asthma

  46. Emma Bach

    Emma Bach6 kun oldin

    i am a mermaid

  47. Lexie Welch

    Lexie Welch6 kun oldin


  48. Talia Taylor

    Talia Taylor6 kun oldin

    I wear blue glasses how rude😭

  49. 타미민

    타미민7 kun oldin

    *5:24* shes a indian star

  50. Natalya Hollran

    Natalya Hollran7 kun oldin

    I have asma and i was born with it and i an 8

  51. Alayla Carter

    Alayla Carter7 kun oldin

    I use qutips for my ear wax

  52. Yeahiprobablygotoyourschool hEhE

    Yeahiprobablygotoyourschool hEhE7 kun oldin

    Why would you want to pet those animals

  53. Jessica Dreisziger

    Jessica Dreisziger7 kun oldin

    My best friend has asma so screw that dude

  54. Monica Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez8 kun oldin

    I have Asma

  55. Panda Squad

    Panda Squad8 kun oldin

    the guy with asthma is rude cause I know people with it!! YOU ARE RUDE MATE !

  56. griffontourz

    griffontourz9 kun oldin


  57. destiny miller

    destiny miller9 kun oldin

    I have asmea 😭😭😭😭😤

  58. Haley Seu

    Haley Seu9 kun oldin

    That dude that was like asma is ugly I used to have asma and it was horrible thumbs down to him

  59. Jan Patrick

    Jan Patrick9 kun oldin

    And I also have freckles

  60. Jan Patrick

    Jan Patrick9 kun oldin

    I have asthma and I also wear glasses offensive

  61. Jan Patrick

    Jan Patrick9 kun oldin

    I have asthma

  62. shadow wolf coner

    shadow wolf coner10 kun oldin

    I havr real glasses ..... Idk why everyone thinks they are ugly😓

  63. Zara&Summer’s MancherBees

    Zara&Summer’s MancherBees10 kun oldin

    I use them for mah ears

  64. Sarah Curtis

    Sarah Curtis10 kun oldin

    sssniperwolf SAID i look better with glasses. YOU DO

  65. Gerardo Gonzalez

    Gerardo Gonzalez10 kun oldin