Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

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Content featured:
Sailor Moon
Johnny Bravo
Magic School Bus
Pepper Ann
Rolie Polie Olie
2 Stupid Dogs
PB&J Otter
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Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?


  1. REACT

    REACT5 kun oldin

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  2. Jennifer Buchanan

    Jennifer Buchanan9 soat oldin

    You should do an episod on collage cartoons like undergrads, mission hill, the oblongs and clone high!

  3. Devin Giles

    Devin Giles16 soat oldin

    Hey, REACT. For the next React Gaming, have the College Kids play Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. It will be a good exercise routine for them to play as the game is both an RPG and a exercise game.

  4. F-zero91maru

    F-zero91maruKun oldin

    I’m a millennial & I know all these cartoons more than these dummies no offense

  5. LittleCutie ABDL

    LittleCutie ABDLKun oldin

    Coming up to react to cartoons, sign me up! I always confused Cardcaptor Sakura with Sailor Moon...ooops loved the 2 shows as a kid and to now still (idea: could get the elders to react to cartoons from their time and as bonus with their kids (now adults) and other grandchildren - if they have) Much love, (a small YT both ways trying to make it by helping others) - Mila

  6. R F

    R F7 soat oldin

    Rollie Pollie Ollie and PB&J Otter 😭😭😭 sad they couldn't remember because those are classics

  7. Matt Mcgavin

    Matt Mcgavin7 soat oldin

    Tough ages for these cartoons. The teenagers were born in the 2002-05 years. And the parents would be 20-30s when most of these shows were coming out.

  8. Mike Zacharias Girl

    Mike Zacharias Girl7 soat oldin

    Got all of them correct. So basically I surpassed them all.

  9. Casey H

    Casey H7 soat oldin

    Omg I had totally forgotten I used to watch PB&J otter 😂

  10. Casey H

    Casey H7 soat oldin

    This video was the first tip off I've had that I'm not a kid anymore 😂 coz these were all the cartoons I watched... I'm 29 😂 😂

  11. MiKayla Milden

    MiKayla Milden8 soat oldin

    I'm 25 and I feel like I was the target for this. I've watched all of these

  12. Casey H

    Casey H7 soat oldin

    29 and same 😁

  13. MiKayla Milden

    MiKayla Milden8 soat oldin

    How did no one get PepperAnne!

  14. Lisa Jackson

    Lisa Jackson8 soat oldin

    How do I get on this show? I always get everything correct. On this episode I got all the answers correct

  15. Tori Fulcher

    Tori Fulcher9 soat oldin

    At 8:13 the mom said “Im sorry Tori” my name is tori I Felt like she was saying that to me 😂😂😂

  16. シ Salty Lemons

    シ Salty Lemons9 soat oldin

    It hurts to see them get it wrong ;-;

  17. Araceli Mendoza

    Araceli Mendoza9 soat oldin

    I’m 25 and got all of them right, loved to watch all of these back then.

  18. Jennifer Buchanan

    Jennifer Buchanan9 soat oldin

    You should do an episod on collage cartoons like undergrads, mission hill, the oblongs and clone high!

  19. R F

    R F7 soat oldin

    The Oblongs was so underrated. I loved that show.

  20. Platypi007

    Platypi00710 soat oldin

    I knew Johnny Bravo, Sailor Moon, Magic School Bus, and Madeline. Hadn't even heard of the other ones.

  21. Pink Diamond

    Pink Diamond10 soat oldin

    How do they not know Pepper Ann?! What is wrong with these people?! I knew them all.

  22. Aali Guy

    Aali Guy10 soat oldin

    Johnny Bravo, my childhood :)

  23. Tai Wesley

    Tai Wesley11 soat oldin

    Me and my mom would get all of them right since we watched cartoons in the golden years.

  24. Josh Budzinack

    Josh Budzinack12 soat oldin

    If your a kid, who has antenna and watches qubo, you would immediately know madeline

  25. Pink Diamond

    Pink Diamond10 soat oldin

    Josh Budzinack You ain’t even lying. Willa’s Wild Life was a bop!

  26. MinPeri

    MinPeri12 soat oldin

    As a mother who graduated high school in 95. I got all of them right. They are classics. I wish that I was in this video.

  27. ChunyGurl

    ChunyGurl13 soat oldin

    The only one I didn’t know was “2 Stupid Dogs”, the rest I knew.

  28. IceQueen975

    IceQueen97513 soat oldin

    OH MY GODS I HATED 2 STUPID DOGS! But for some reason I'd keep watching it...

  29. brooklynu2be

    brooklynu2be9 soat oldin

    Same lol, cow and chicken too

  30. tenchimuyofreak90

    tenchimuyofreak9013 soat oldin

    i knew every single one of them instantly lol

  31. Kate V

    Kate V14 soat oldin


  32. Matt Mcgavin

    Matt Mcgavin7 soat oldin

    Most of these kids were born in the 2003-07 years.

  33. Siyeon Trash

    Siyeon Trash12 soat oldin

    I watched it every single morning before i got on the bus lmao

  34. tenchimuyofreak90

    tenchimuyofreak9013 soat oldin

    for real though

  35. Bryan Terry

    Bryan Terry14 soat oldin

    They brought back the memory of Madeline that I completely forget i built

  36. Reginald Jones

    Reginald Jones16 soat oldin

    Black Dad grew up without cable. XD

  37. Weeping Koopa

    Weeping Koopa13 soat oldin

    @IceQueen975 Saw girly shit and instantly changed the channel?

  38. IceQueen975

    IceQueen97513 soat oldin

    Sailor Moon actually aired on a non-cable channel at the start, then got moved. Trust me; I didn't have cable when I was young but I still saw Sailor Moon. So there's no excuse tbh.

  39. BlackFireBoi 32

    BlackFireBoi 3216 soat oldin

    Is Initial D in this

  40. MilkTheCouch

    MilkTheCouch15 soat oldin

    BlackFireBoi 32 No!

  41. SailorMoonGirl206

    SailorMoonGirl20616 soat oldin

    Lmao Sailor Moon is not a cartoon, nor is it forgotten 😂

  42. Finger MeNow

    Finger MeNow16 soat oldin

    I love how Don acts.

  43. Angela Grace

    Angela Grace17 soat oldin

    Definitely do more of these 90’s cartoons. Loveeeee.

  44. jodie dowle

    jodie dowle17 soat oldin

    I didn't know the last two never even seen thwm wonder if they was shown in the uk. The rest i knew straight away. I was raised in the 90s.

  45. AJ Franciss

    AJ Franciss17 soat oldin

    This was my childhood :(

  46. Alice Sharp

    Alice Sharp17 soat oldin

    "Forgotten" as if no one remembers the magic school bus or Johnny Bravo.... OKAY THEN.

  47. Jarrell444

    Jarrell44417 soat oldin

    Exactly what I was thinking lol

  48. agenttheater5

    agenttheater517 soat oldin

    How exactly is Sailor Moon 'forgotten'?

  49. Lps pikachu tv

    Lps pikachu tv18 soat oldin

    I burst out laughing when the guy said polka dot family

  50. Awkward JP

    Awkward JP18 soat oldin

    This hurts me. I can't finish watching this 😂

  51. Luis Cota

    Luis Cota20 soat oldin

    Calls Sailor Moon a Cartoon... Weeb Hate Wave incoming!!

  52. Silver Grey Skies

    Silver Grey Skies20 soat oldin

    Luis Cota Exactly!!

  53. Martin Kreps

    Martin Kreps20 soat oldin

    I remember watching 2 Stupid Dogs all the time when I was little on Cartoon Network.

  54. Kimberly84

    Kimberly8421 soat oldin

    Jayka: "Lake Who-Ha?!?!" 🤣🤣🤣 I was dying!!!

  55. Aidin Softić

    Aidin Softić21 soat oldin

    With all the crap kids spend their time watching on the internet, you'd think they'd get curios about some older entertainment. Idk maybe I was cool when i was a teenager.

  56. Aidin Softić

    Aidin Softić19 soat oldin

    @Alejandro Briceño never said there wasn't good new stuff. Just said kids spend their time watching crap. I mean Filthy Frank made it big bro, that's disgusting.

  57. Alejandro Briceño

    Alejandro Briceño20 soat oldin

    There's good old stuff, there's good new stuff. Chill dude

  58. Lil Toyo

    Lil Toyo22 soat oldin

    Sailor moon is no where near forgotten

  59. SchnitzelBerry 13

    SchnitzelBerry 1322 soat oldin

    Is it normal that I was born in 2006 and there were only two that I didn't know?

  60. powerspyin2

    powerspyin223 soat oldin

    Clean sweep. And I didn't watch three of those shows

  61. Erin Eubanks

    Erin Eubanks23 soat oldin

    I watched way to much tv when I was younger because I got everyone of these right

  62. hppyB

    hppyB23 soat oldin

    5/8: I'd seen some episodes of PB and J Otter, didn't remember the name of the show just that they're otters; I actually do remember watching 2 stupid dogs but didn't know the name of the show; and Pepper Ann I remember watching some episodes but never really liked it so didn't remember the name.

  63. Annie Berardino

    Annie BerardinoKun oldin


  64. SchnitzelBerry 13

    SchnitzelBerry 1322 soat oldin


  65. Ismail Benjamin

    Ismail BenjaminKun oldin

    React to Selena Gomez new album ‘rare)

  66. Ertwin123

    Ertwin123Kun oldin

    Disappointed by the lack of Gargoyles.

  67. Kayla Correa

    Kayla CorreaKun oldin

    How the fuck does nobody not know two stupid dogs💁🏻‍♀️

  68. Bad Tem

    Bad TemKun oldin

    Who doesn't remember Johnny fucking Bravo

  69. Confused Coconut

    Confused CoconutKun oldin

    Why does Tyler look like gabe from the office

  70. Cure Love

    Cure Love20 soat oldin

    Confused Coconut oh my-

  71. Yalana Allen

    Yalana AllenKun oldin

    I'm mad no one knew Pepper Anne!!!! That was my ish!!! I used to watch it religiously every Saturday morning.

  72. peachofcake

    peachofcake20 soat oldin

    I really thought Pepper Anne was KnD 😅 the style looks real similar


    MISS ANONYMUSKun oldin

    Sailor Moon, was and still is my "mostest" favourite cartoons of my life.

  74. Jessica James

    Jessica JamesKun oldin

    No one EVEEEER remembers pepper anne!!!

  75. D Gwal

    D GwalKun oldin

    Omg...her dad didnt know magic school bus? He must not had a tv growing up or not into cartoons. They showed that at school, PBS, fox and other little networks.

  76. Miao Li

    Miao LiKun oldin

    Chinese 90s generations childhood:Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, Bakusou kyoudai Let's & go MAX, Pokémon, Digimon ....

  77. HamPrince

    HamPrinceKun oldin

    Forgot? All these cartoons have been on my sunday cartoons since I was a kid. The ONLY one I haven't watched is Pepper Ann. Roly Poly Ollie was the SHIT.

  78. Miao Li

    Miao LiKun oldin

    HamPrince now your 30?

  79. One Peace

    One PeaceKun oldin

    Sailor moon? Forgotten? Joke? 😑

  80. KR_XII

    KR_XIIKun oldin

    Sailor Moon (゚ο゚人)) 🌙

  81. Sashann Williamson

    Sashann WilliamsonKun oldin

    I knew every single one 😅

  82. A S

    A SKun oldin

    2 Stupid Dogs used to be on after Swat Kats on TBS every Sunday morning.