Deontay Wilder reacts to Errol Spence Jr.'s win over Shawn Porter | PBC ON FOX

Deontay Wilder gives his thoughts on Errol Spence Jr. defeating Shawn Porter by split-decision. He also breaks down what he learned about Spence Jr.
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Deontay Wilder reacts to Errol Spence Jr.'s win over Shawn Porter | PBC ON FOX



    PBC ON FOX17 kun oldin

    Did you expect this outcome?

  2. Aaron Orlando

    Aaron Orlando8 kun oldin

    You sound ignorant. Garcia was a champion at 140... Lol he fought AB and easter at 140... Notice people never sat Floyd "moved up 2 weight classes" to fight Canelo at 154 when he started at 135🤔🤔 yall people a trip

  3. Python Reticulatus

    Python Reticulatus12 kun oldin

    Edward Jones wilder has like 80 pounds on porter he would destroy him

  4. The World

    The World13 kun oldin

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  5. SocalBeautiful Gardens

    SocalBeautiful Gardens7 kun oldin

    This dude Deontay talks out of his ***

  6. Ricky and9

    Ricky and910 kun oldin

    Looks like wilder is getting more feminine. Hope he doesn't lose his way.

  7. don rump

    don rump11 kun oldin

    yup, that knock down was the changing point in the final decision! had that knockdown not happened it woulda been a draw or porter getting the decision!

  8. raycastrosr

    raycastrosr11 kun oldin

    PAQMAN beats EROLL no problem lets do it QUICK !

  9. Beze Nelson

    Beze Nelson11 kun oldin

    Man, everyone talking bout Crawford and Errol! Fucc all that Crawford and Porter...

  10. Marcus Herbold

    Marcus Herbold12 kun oldin

    Danny Garcia's Turtleneck kills me

  11. Blackchain

    Blackchain12 kun oldin

    Spence has the Jon Jones (MMA) mentality. He made the fight closer than it should have been because he tries to beet you at your own game. In this fight he really didn't use his length.

  12. Eric Durrant

    Eric Durrant12 kun oldin

    i hate when he speaks, jesussss

  13. B Scott

    B Scott12 kun oldin

    Spence got worked!!

  14. MalkinDirect Tube

    MalkinDirect Tube12 kun oldin

    wilder has the best words

  15. Grown Simba

    Grown Simba12 kun oldin

    Errol looks like he was born permanently high

  16. Brad Mason

    Brad Mason12 kun oldin

    That Wakanda chain tho

  17. Ken Hollom

    Ken Hollom13 kun oldin

    Porter was robbed

  18. The World

    The World13 kun oldin

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  19. The World

    The World13 kun oldin

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  20. Spiritual Warrior

    Spiritual Warrior13 kun oldin

    Ruiz vs Wilder

  21. Jorge Gaona

    Jorge Gaona13 kun oldin

    Errol Spence is way too overrated. He’s not that good

  22. H R

    H R13 kun oldin

    Wilder almost slipped up. EVERYONE who watched the fight without bias knows Errol chin is suspect. Shawn was hurting and stunning you? SHAWN PORTER??? Oh he might be touching the canvas soon. I see why they protected him from all the punchers

  23. Jimmy Green

    Jimmy Green13 kun oldin

    Is Wilder getting paid to wear them glasses

  24. TheUndefeatedOfTheEast

    TheUndefeatedOfTheEast13 kun oldin

    Give Wilder a little more bass in his voice and I swear he'll sound like Rick Ross.

  25. clemsontigz1

    clemsontigz113 kun oldin

    Errol better thank baby jesus he landed that left hand late or I think Porter would've took them belts

  26. clemsontigz1

    clemsontigz113 kun oldin

    Bomb squaaaaaaaad


    DANIEL WILSON13 kun oldin

    They need to keep a mic out of wilders face. He sounds dumber and dumber every time

  28. Showtimedang

    Showtimedang13 kun oldin

    Did Tay Keith gave him that haircut or im tripping?

  29. ISecureLondon

    ISecureLondon13 kun oldin

    He looks so lonely with just one belt 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ BumSquad!!

  30. Gil Cordis

    Gil Cordis13 kun oldin

    I pick Thurman against Spence jr.

  31. Don Makaveli

    Don Makaveli13 kun oldin

    Who cares what that bum Wilder thinks. He is the fraud of HW boxing!!!! #BUMSQUAD

  32. Leroy Thomas

    Leroy Thomas13 kun oldin

    One of the best fights this year

  33. manu jeffers

    manu jeffers13 kun oldin

    Best fight of the year. Every round went 10/9 until Spence caught Porter in the 11th. Round decided the fight 10/8 otherwise a draw. These 2 warriors deserve to ink a rematch within a year to see if the unified titles will change hands.

  34. David Mendoza

    David Mendoza7 kun oldin

    No it didn't the judge's were ready to rob porter even with out the kd look at the score cards.


    KHUFU KHAFRE13 kun oldin

    Wilder is exactly on point. Take away the knockdown its a draw.

  36. Lex Marinez

    Lex Marinez14 kun oldin

    That black panther chain dope af 🔥🔥🔥

  37. bakz89

    bakz8914 kun oldin

    i havnt watched it yet but i bet hel say "oh mose definitely"

  38. Eric H.

    Eric H.14 kun oldin

    Man oh man that fkn SHIRT ! You can tell that mthrfkr is COUNTRY. SMH

  39. Phantom P

    Phantom P14 kun oldin

    Sound worse than Floyd on the spot 😂

  40. 1of1

    1of114 kun oldin

    Wilder needs media training

  41. great vengeance

    great vengeance14 kun oldin

    Beyonce wilder!!!!

  42. Nick Wilson

    Nick Wilson14 kun oldin

    Lmfao lost viewers from that interview. I know I’m not the only one who feels embarrassed by the way this man communicates. A child speaks better. No shame in being an idiot. Funny part is that he thinks he’s smart.

  43. king cobra

    king cobra14 kun oldin

    Never seen Spence face looking like that after a fight Shawn did a great job hope to get a rematch Shawn deserves it

  44. Stukenny46

    Stukenny4614 kun oldin

    "When I say domination I dont mean one sided"....

  45. will jf

    will jf14 kun oldin

    He’s like that idiot in the family that’s a little slow who trying to sound smart

  46. Fast Money

    Fast Money14 kun oldin

    In all this was a really good fight boxing ain’t the same no more so it’s good to catch a fight like this it’s good to see 👊🏽💪🏽💯

  47. Kenny Rodgers

    Kenny Rodgers14 kun oldin

    Errol is not ready for PAC.......he would need to seek advice from Floyd Mayweather before fighting Pac

  48. Cj Armour

    Cj Armour14 kun oldin


  49. Pita Tua

    Pita Tua14 kun oldin

    Oh most definitely...

  50. Tyger King of kings

    Tyger King of kings14 kun oldin

    This fight was a draw and there should've been a rematch.💯

  51. Postno Billgates

    Postno Billgates14 kun oldin

    Those balls swelling black boy!

  52. Neil L

    Neil L14 kun oldin


  53. Dion Goston

    Dion Goston14 kun oldin

    Wilder is "The" "Heavyweight Champion of the World". All challengers will touch the canvas...Daaamn, I love boxing 🥊🥊✊🏿👍🏿

  54. Comb In His Headpiece

    Comb In His Headpiece13 kun oldin

    Still no undisputed heavyweight champion

  55. Dion Goston

    Dion Goston14 kun oldin

    We all see Terrible Terry Norris out there...daaamn, I wish he was still fighting. He'd clean up at 147 & 154. This crop couldn't f*** wit him...Spence vs Porter, great fight!!! Can't wait for the rematch 🥊✊🏿👍🏿

  56. Benjamin

    Benjamin14 kun oldin

    wtf is deontay even saying

  57. Ralf Ronel Ayes

    Ralf Ronel Ayes14 kun oldin

    Pacquiao will eat Errol alive.

  58. Jun Mandapat

    Jun Mandapat14 kun oldin

    Shawn Porter was robbed. Look at Spences face compared to Shawns. Nobody has ever beat up Spences face like that. Biased press and network.

  59. T Co

    T Co14 kun oldin

    Wilder just spoke for 2 minutes and said nothing.

  60. Mathius S

    Mathius S14 kun oldin

    "Until this day!"

  61. Eric Toomer

    Eric Toomer14 kun oldin

    It wasn't a split decision though, more like unanimous

  62. Eric Toomer

    Eric Toomer10 kun oldin

    @Xavier the Boxing Nerd Okay Sir Thank You, you have a nice night!

  63. Xavier the Boxing Nerd

    Xavier the Boxing Nerd11 kun oldin

    Eric Toomer, your eyes don’t score unanimous, majority, or split decisions. All they can do is give you a rough estimation of who you thought won

  64. Eric Toomer

    Eric Toomer11 kun oldin

    @Xavier the Boxing Nerd Duh, I'm talking about from my eyes

  65. Xavier the Boxing Nerd

    Xavier the Boxing Nerd12 kun oldin

    Eric Toomer, do you know what a unanimous decision is? Here’s a better question, do you know how to score a fight? You sound stupid, split, unanimous, and majority decisions are decided by the scorecards that the three OFFICIAL judges decide. Someone can score a fight for a certain fighter, but they can never have any of those decisions as their outcome.

  66. Eric Toomer

    Eric Toomer12 kun oldin

    @Xavier the Boxing Nerd I'm talking about when you see the fight itself, it was clearly Spence by Unanimous Decision!

  67. Sunbreaker J

    Sunbreaker J14 kun oldin


  68. Randy C

    Randy C14 kun oldin

    Bruh stop trying to give a lecture every time you get asked a question, just give it to us straight DAMN! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  69. Elvine Hewitt

    Elvine Hewitt10 kun oldin

    Randy C rrr

  70. tim nic

    tim nic14 kun oldin

    Wilder keeping it real. Wilder is saying he dont know who won the fight because it was too close.... that is my opinion too, it could be easily a draw. Respect to Wilder for being honest. you dont see that very often in this business.

  71. Red Lavish

    Red Lavish14 kun oldin

    This reminded me of rocky vs Apollo and porter was rocky lol