David Dobrik Confesses His Crush On Natalie In This Sour Candy Challenge | Suck It Up

UZgo stars David Dobrik and Natalie Noel visit Delish to play Suck It Up. David answers "Never have I ever..." questions about his UZgo pranks, vlog squad, if he'll ever change his hairstyle, and his crush on Natalie-all while eating Warheads, Toxic Waste, and the most sour candy in the world: a Delish creation 😈.
“America’s Most Musical Family” premieres Friday, Nov. 1, at 7:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon.
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  1. Delish

    Delish8 kun oldin

    Who's brave enough to try this next?? 👇

  2. mady menzel

    mady menzel6 soat oldin

    bro, make me famous. I'll totally try it XD

  3. DeAd DoC

    DeAd DoC9 soat oldin

    Delish me

  4. TheGossipgirlxoxo69

    TheGossipgirlxoxo69Kun oldin

    I love sour! 🥰

  5. Carlos Cruz

    Carlos CruzKun oldin

    Delish I'm the king of sour please let me try it you won't regret it

  6. Cooper Graves

    Cooper Graves2 kun oldin

    I wanna play this with my crush

  7. Isaac Rosas

    Isaac Rosas6 soat oldin


  8. mike ludwig

    mike ludwig6 soat oldin

    damn natalie looks exactly the same...she danced with half the football team too so u know what that means...wish i went to their school

  9. Vâłêrìė

    Vâłêrìė6 soat oldin

    6:14 and I live by that

  10. Jezze Montes

    Jezze Montes7 soat oldin

    If they were together they’d be UZgo new POWER COUPLE

  11. Starr Carter

    Starr Carter7 soat oldin

    They needa hurry up n get together

  12. Dan Harrington

    Dan Harrington7 soat oldin

    the people who cut the clips together need to learn what the word "purpose" means

  13. Stoppa317

    Stoppa3177 soat oldin

    This is just a worse version of hot ones

  14. Claud

    Claud8 soat oldin

    God damn why is David so adorable 😍

  15. Natalie Harvey

    Natalie Harvey8 soat oldin

    I thought she had a boyfriend..

  16. Ashante The Weirdeist

    Ashante The Weirdeist8 soat oldin

    That was nuts...can you give me another one?

  17. Alex Davis

    Alex Davis9 soat oldin

    18 yr old david was such a frick boi

  18. Alex Davis

    Alex Davis9 soat oldin

    david dobrik is just the new jake paul and thats on trending

  19. rae

    rae9 soat oldin

    i would love to do this because i love sour so much that i just eat lemons. i can just eat a whole thing a toxic waste like it’s normal candy

  20. Muhammad Akbar

    Muhammad Akbar10 soat oldin

    David: spotters are quitters Also David: 7:13 , 8:18

  21. Beanie MSP

    Beanie MSP12 soat oldin

    I want them together so much

  22. Brandon Howard

    Brandon Howard14 soat oldin

    Don't give a shit

  23. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj15 soat oldin

    whispers I’ve heard story’s about these -David 2019

  24. Jacob Foehrkolb

    Jacob Foehrkolb16 soat oldin

    This makes me think of making a sour version of Hot Ones... Sour Ones, super clever I know

  25. Jacob Foehrkolb

    Jacob Foehrkolb16 soat oldin

    Come on David I mean look how gorgeous she looked when she walked out and she didn't even expect to be on camera and she looks that good

  26. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj15 soat oldin

    Everyone already knew that

  27. barnabas

    barnabas16 soat oldin

    Toxic waste is not bad tbh warheads are much worse

  28. Arimode

    Arimode17 soat oldin

    I hate you tuber that makes this shit so dramatic for content. Like damn it’s a price of candy, people eat it cuz it tastes good

  29. postive electron

    postive electron17 soat oldin

    2:23 *when he talks about his crush on Natalie*

  30. Hannah Xx

    Hannah Xx17 soat oldin


  31. Ava Torres

    Ava Torres18 soat oldin

    I love Warheads

  32. nastasiya simms

    nastasiya simms20 soat oldin

    Omg it’s getting annoying, everyone has a crush on Natalie but she just a person. Like Omg go outside for one day and find someone else damn

  33. ItsATwinThing

    ItsATwinThing21 soat oldin

    love him :)

  34. Pizza Plays

    Pizza Plays22 soat oldin

    I still cant get over liza and david..

  35. Hunter Reader

    Hunter Reader23 soat oldin

    Dude I felt the warhead

  36. Ranger.XD_ Trixy

    Ranger.XD_ Trixy23 soat oldin

    you all came here for 2:19 Your welcome

  37. Doge Doge

    Doge DogeKun oldin

    b- but what about liza :(

  38. Kriszel Vismanos

    Kriszel VismanosKun oldin

    Uhmmm who started to disliked seeing the caption ....

  39. hafsah Loukili

    hafsah LoukiliKun oldin

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  40. Liz Cardoso

    Liz CardosoKun oldin

    am I the only one who's mouth go watery? I like sour candy.

  41. Brandi vasquez

    Brandi vasquezKun oldin

    Everyone already knew that

  42. Christopher Vasquez

    Christopher VasquezKun oldin

    Bro davids lucky af he gets all that sour candy. I frickin love sour stuff

  43. Sean Horgan

    Sean HorganKun oldin

    The sour ones

  44. Stephanie Greenwood

    Stephanie GreenwoodKun oldin

    Spitters are quitters- David Dobrik


    KARLA GARCIAKun oldin

    David gagging is like Jonah gagging in like every vlog lmao .

  46. bigatron 223

    bigatron 223Kun oldin

    I ain’t got a crush but I do got funny videos check them out uzgo.info/video/0KuwlmWafJmWyKA.html

  47. Grey

    GreyKun oldin

    I love that David just kept spitting the candy on the floor 😂

  48. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyKun oldin

    Everyone is talking about David & Natalie and ignoring the fact that we almost had a David Dobrik Netflix show.....

  49. Sophearak Meas

    Sophearak MeasKun oldin

    My cutie girl Natalie ❤️

  50. Stephanie M

    Stephanie MKun oldin

    I’m only here for NATALIE🤗

  51. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyKun oldin

    Hook up with this fan please

  52. Natalie Rand

    Natalie RandKun oldin

    I feel awkward watching this😭

  53. Natalie Rand

    Natalie RandKun oldin

    I feel awkward watching this😭

  54. Claire Banecker

    Claire BaneckerKun oldin

    1:27 why does David look like wreck it Ralph😭

  55. pvcollectives

    pvcollectivesKun oldin

    Isn’t Natalie his gf?

  56. Destiny Davis

    Destiny DavisKun oldin

    Who else kinda died when they saw this bc you still rly rly want him and Liza so so sooooooo bad to be the power couple again 😭😭😭😭

  57. Ava So Spicy

    Ava So SpicyKun oldin


  58. lily larasega

    lily larasegaKun oldin

    What about Liza I'm late on them dating so I'm attached to liza

  59. Shaggy Dill

    Shaggy DillKun oldin

    I don't mind if david and Natalie don't get together cause I wanna date her gorgeous ass😍😍

  60. Cammy Emmons

    Cammy EmmonsKun oldin

    I want to know how your taste buds feel the next day.

  61. Ola Hedberg

    Ola HedbergKun oldin

    great ripoff of hot ones

  62. Cheezitz011

    Cheezitz011Kun oldin

    Whoa, he gain some weight 😊

  63. Keira Fowler

    Keira FowlerKun oldin

    Love how the caption is he admits he has a crush on Natalie but the thumbnails him gagging

  64. San Jacobs

    San JacobsKun oldin

    It's like a pink version of Hot Ones with terrible editing

  65. alois hermida

    alois hermidaKun oldin

    Try that on a spanish person we love sour

  66. Kenna McAuliffe

    Kenna McAuliffeKun oldin

    Hook up with this fan please

  67. JUST

    JUSTKun oldin

    I knew this and I don't even watch their shit