Dave Chappelle Reveals White People's Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle discusses the trials and tribulations that his ancestors went through and how it took them 400 years to discover white people's true weakness.
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  1. ChrisChin94

    ChrisChin9412 soat oldin

    I know what he's doing! Somebody STOP HIM!!! *hobbles quickly*

  2. Blaz L

    Blaz L14 soat oldin

    Bu hu. 😂😂😂

  3. Tripod Threefoot

    Tripod Threefoot15 soat oldin

    Dave is one hilarious Brother

  4. P Zeid

    P Zeid15 soat oldin

    Jokes are funny if they‘re true. Unfortunately this joke was not true

  5. igo0di

    igo0di16 soat oldin

    He's talking about a few centuries ago :/

  6. Desmund Tan

    Desmund Tan17 soat oldin

    Man he's getting all swole making his head look so small

  7. Mahalael Yahusha

    Mahalael Yahusha21 soat oldin

    Old Dave is back👍

  8. Ya got any Beeman's?

    Ya got any Beeman's?21 soat oldin

    A white democrat created welfare and Urban development that did more damage than the last 200 years to the black community.

  9. Skrew Google

    Skrew Google23 soat oldin

    Dave Chappelle endorses Andrew Yang as president! (so does Elon Musk, Donald Glover and Ken Jeong!) Now just because he's a great comedian dosnt mean you should take his word on politics but why not take a look into Andrew Yang yourself and find out why Dave and so many others endorsed him!! yang2020.com (campaign site) yanganswers.com (common questions) andrewyangintro.com (various clips and interviews) Andrew Yang Not left, not right FORWARD!

  10. Dustin Anderson

    Dustin AndersonKun oldin

    Saddest part is the amount of “all” colors of the people who are still eating the US governments urinal biscuits of divisional propaganda? Wanna really freak out the white mans government? Stop watching the news and just get along! #theywillshitthemselves Ask Chapelle about the income he receives from the CIA!

  11. Jordan Christopher

    Jordan ChristopherKun oldin

    Yang 2020

  12. Keyser Soze

    Keyser SozeKun oldin

    Come on guys, our real weakness is dancing!! 😂😂 The last time I tried, they threw grenades, & I'm from Canada?

  13. TwoGun Tommy

    TwoGun TommyKun oldin

    I love how you will never hear a black American admit their own people sold them lol 😂

  14. TwoGun Tommy

    TwoGun TommyKun oldin

    Well then you better go talk to those people in the Middle East.... they still own y’all and you can buy one for 100$

  15. TwoGun Tommy

    TwoGun TommyKun oldin

    Valore Dramack and 400 years? America didn’t actually exist till 1776... and slavery was abolished in 1865 ..... take your brainwashed ass down to a library and read a book written by a black or white man on slavery .... educate yourself so you don’t sound so damn stupid

  16. Valore Dramack

    Valore DramackKun oldin

    Selling an enemy prisoner of war isn't as evil as abusing them for 400 years. And not all slaves were bought, many were taken, everyone knows this. The worst part of slavery isn't being sold, it's how you're treated while you're in it.

  17. Google Account

    Google AccountKun oldin

    Real life vid funnier than fiction..Dave Chappelle is a genius.

  18. Google Account

    Google AccountKun oldin

    Gasping 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Johnny Mitch

    Johnny MitchKun oldin

    Does the audio suck on this clip or is it my old ears? No really.

  20. DRACO FURY 13

    DRACO FURY 13Kun oldin

    I know what he's gonna do.... STOP HIM🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️

  21. Edo Shehb

    Edo ShehbKun oldin

    Any capt want to explain What kneeling while singing anthem syimbolize?, surrender?,regret?, humilliation?

  22. President NotSure

    President NotSureKun oldin

    Kneeling is disrespectful. Makes his joke all the more hilarious.

  23. Thefallengamer93

    Thefallengamer93Kun oldin


  24. Royal Indigo

    Royal IndigoKun oldin

    He's the goat! So much truth, honesty, storytelling, pain, and happiness in his comedy Every time he speaks I envision a skit on Chapelle Show 😂😂😂

  25. Mystic Kryptic

    Mystic KrypticKun oldin

    Lmao. The sad truth but life is a joke so its best experienced in laughter... despite white people.

  26. Hal Moore

    Hal MooreKun oldin

    where was the tiny part of who kidnapped "your" people, it wasn't the plantation owners, it was the muslims who did that part then they sold them across the globe, those they didn't keep for them selves, the irony of this is now their great great grandchildren are converting to the religion of their captors - how's that for a twist of fate..

  27. A

    AKun oldin

    Love DC but it's getting a bit old about the slaves. It's like women, they want to be equal but they still act weak in order to get the most $ out of child support and alimony. There is no such thing as true equality because people don't want to be equal and told what to do. Just keep watching what happens next.

  28. purple tea

    purple teaKun oldin

    I wish he stops smoking during his show. I mean I want to buy a ticket fir his show but I dont want inhaling those second hand smoke throughout the entire time

  29. William khostovan

    William khostovanKun oldin

    Colin Kaepernick will be remembered as a brave American that fought against racial injustice and inequality. Those of you who despise him will be remembered for teaching your children to hate all black Americans.

  30. Phillip Schneider

    Phillip SchneiderKun oldin

    This is the same mentality that the alt-right has. Identifying with your race and the history or your race, not yourself as an individual.

  31. timothyfloogle

    timothyfloogleKun oldin

    The folk of chapelle dealt with tragedy and travesty, dude never lost his humor, nor should they have had to go through that. We all should blame.the brits.

  32. mbolduc

    mbolducKun oldin

    You can thank Democrats for Jim Crow and the state of inner cities in 2020. You know, your friends the Democrats. Happy yet?

  33. Al Goodie

    Al GoodieKun oldin

    Lol !

  34. THOR6471

    THOR6471Kun oldin

    Black codes and Jim Crow, courtesy of the democratic party.

  35. stu Art

    stu ArtKun oldin

    Apparently it's OK to be racist if you're black...

  36. G C

    G CKun oldin

    Don’t get me wrong or take anything wrong. But unfortunately facts of history state black folks were sold by tribe elders in Africa and not kidnapped this is false.

  37. Gary Taylor

    Gary TaylorKun oldin

    Really didn't realize having respect for your country and stand for the national anthem was just a white thing lol. Wonder why the separation continues LMAO! Great comedy love ya bro! But really? We all need to come together and stop this shit, ask yourself, would Dr. King be happy with the communities and the 70% single mother rate in those communities? Think not.

  38. Arvand Afsanehbaf

    Arvand AfsanehbafKun oldin

    The other weakness is the fact that Jesus was a jewish Syrian immigrant. 😂🤪

  39. Blue Sky

    Blue SkyKun oldin

    I can’t stand stiff people in the front row of a comedy show. Sit your dead as* in the back! Lifeless weirdos

  40. GEMfanatica

    GEMfanaticaKun oldin

    What's so funny? He's speaking truth

  41. John Krasman

    John KrasmanKun oldin

    Also I love this place and everyone here

  42. John Krasman

    John KrasmanKun oldin

    That's not true, black people were all around the world, even in the states before they were states opening businesses, trading, living,...along with all of the natives "Indians" and mexico used to own california so probably with hella Hispanics as well lol most of that slaves off the boat stuff is incorrect and if it was true blame your ancestor's enemies back from where they lived who most likely were black dudes as well, capturing and selling other black dudes....I'm a foreigner btw and I'm a fan of Dave but his history isnt all correct or he's a sell out after all...and the truth will never come to surface if this type of fake history spreads past our elementary school books and onto youtube by famous people with a mass following...once again I'm a fan but I'm also ready to argue with anyone who's gona say im "trippin" or im "crazy" or I'm on "drugs" lol I'll just respond with saying you're "stupid" and "ignorant" or assume you're a "troll" watching me thru my selfie lens as we speak lol..i know for sure that whites from europe came here on a boat and I can see they run shit out here like they do out there, each state has it's own borders and rules, it's own government just like lil countries in Europe and the only thing that makes the states United is the federal government hahaha 🤯 slaves off a boat beaten and forced to build the country lol doesnt that sounds like it'll create racial tension that will keep this country divided forever, maybe they just didnt fight back back in the day hoping to avoid getting exterminated like most of the native Indians so they submitted which is a trait black have, getting beat into submission on the other hands whites can have anger issues like the devil itself lol cuz everywhere we go we blow shit up and take over...everywhere we go we take over! One day we'll all be dead and our grandchildren will read history books that say arabs were brought to the middle east on boats from Africa or on boats from india hahaha and that oil filled land will be ours we'll find a use for it even if the whole world goes electric lol I make myself laugh hopefully u did too, dont be mad dont hate me just prove me wrong let's talk about it

  43. Gilberto Lopez

    Gilberto LopezKun oldin

    When He speaks I try to visualize a skit back in The Chappell Show. Great storyteller

  44. thomas Glasscock

    thomas GlasscockKun oldin

    Amazing combination of caricatured history, racist abstractions, excellent insight, great storytelling and the best comedic timing ever.

  45. SingPray Luv

    SingPray LuvKun oldin


  46. gullyroad

    gullyroadKun oldin

    funniest muthafucka alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Ngb Spade

    Ngb SpadeKun oldin


  48. john mausteller

    john maustellerKun oldin

    My legs is broke .....

  49. chris moghalu

    chris moghaluKun oldin

    Dave was right on the money! But white privilege and supremacists here will pretend they didn't hear that. Smh

  50. SsSs RoBbSs

    SsSs RoBbSs2 kun oldin

    Dave Dave Dave, I'ma need to stop you right there. Loved your comedy ever since I was a kid and still do, but your joke history less was just a tiny bit off, not to mention, ya know, basic common sense. You didn't damn near fear yourself for a looooonnnng list of reasons, but most importantly here, because THAT WASN'T YOU. No one called YOU lazy, YOU ARE NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE. Yeah yeah, just jokes so who cares but its this very idea that keeps everyone so divided..

  51. Whyinem

    Whyinem2 kun oldin


  52. bodybalancer

    bodybalancer2 kun oldin

    Dave Chapelle endorsed Andrew Yang! 👍 #yanggang

  53. tall0362

    tall03622 kun oldin

    His comedy is nothing short of brilliant.... Dave is the man ... so riveting... so hilarious....

  54. George 81

    George 812 kun oldin

    Talk dat truth babeh

  55. Shitty Bill

    Shitty Bill2 kun oldin

  56. Amethyst752

    Amethyst7522 kun oldin

    Dave Chappelle. Eternally funny, eternally wise.

  57. arborcidal maniac

    arborcidal maniac2 kun oldin

    Dave your history education comes from lies pal and jim crowe alone should have made you look into things further and look no farther than the democrat party dipshit.

  58. Thug Love

    Thug Love2 kun oldin

    “Wuuuuu taaaaang”

  59. Mr. Hucood

    Mr. Hucood2 kun oldin

    Fuck big worm

  60. DAG

    DAG2 kun oldin

    Man he's ripped these days

  61. Persian Warrior

    Persian Warrior2 kun oldin

    Actually the biggest weakness of white ppl is that they're scared of black ppl... It's so dumb!

  62. Laertes Indeed

    Laertes Indeed2 kun oldin

    While Dave Chappelle is hilarious elsewhere.... this clip was just plain boring and ridiculous. Nobody who thinks of themselves as consciously synonymous with thousands of other people can be taken seriously. Nor can it be taken seriously when that person imagines tens of millions of people with a similar skin color but no relation nor any connection to someone who did something bad are somehow being punished by a jackass kneeling to show hatred of a country. Not a single person in my ancestry for 12,500 years ever owned a slave of any race whatsoever... but Dave doesn't have any fucking idea who I am or how I got here.

  63. Peach Boy

    Peach Boy2 kun oldin

    From drama to comedy at the turn of a hat. He’s a legend for sure