Customizing Phone Cases

Hey! Today I'm going to be customizing 3 different iphone cases. I'm painting on phone cases with acrylic paint, using some different styles and techniques including abstract design and semi-realism. Hope you like rainbows, cute animals (or demon animals), fruit and desserts!
It's been a trend recently to paint directly on the iphone, but I think I'm going to stick with the cases for now 😂
I really want to learn more about how to customize different items and how to make painted surfaces more practical for everyday use. So if any of you have any knowledge of what kind of techniques or products I can use to prep different painting surfaces, please let me know!
Also, if you guys really love any of the phone case designs, I could work on getting the design printed on actual phone cases to put in my shop! Answer in the poll in the corner of the video if that's something you are interested in 😃

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