Coronavirus Outbreak: U.S. Is Now the Global Virus Epicenter

Mar.26 -- Global infections from the coronavirus disease are nearing half a million as information from Johns Hopkins University points to the U.S. becoming the next global epicenter of the pandemic. Bloomberg’s Viviana Hurtado reports on "Bloomberg Markets."


  1. Meow The gachatuber

    Meow The gachatuberKun oldin

    China is handling it quite well :\

  2. jey

    jey20 kun oldin

    China is the biggest enemy of the United States.

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  4. G M

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    McKinsey & Company sold out the U.S. and the American people to China for money. Urging companies to move their manufacturing to China, etc. McKinsey & Co. needs to pay.

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    Godbless America...

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  9. Daniel Zheng

    Daniel ZhengOy oldin

    Tell the New Yorkers to stay in their own state. Here inCalifornia we’re getting piles of them in here. Stop spreading your virus because you flee your city. Stay home! and God bless America.

  10. zhen Li

    zhen LiOy oldin

    Dr. Rishi Desai: American hero.

  11. Eli Monk

    Eli MonkOy oldin

    USA,what a country with miracle! lol

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  14. Bugatti Boss

    Bugatti BossOy oldin

    Karma for all the innocent deaths for American war crimes! America Forst! Hahahaha

  15. App Or

    App OrOy oldin

    Get scientists to study those 10,000 dead “flu” patients last year because they probably died of Covid-19 last year.

  16. Bugatti Boss

    Bugatti BossOy oldin

    America Engineered this Biological Weapon

  17. lm

    lmOy oldin

    Except, China is lying:

  18. lm

    lmOy oldin

    Asamia You misspelled intelligence, Einstein

  19. Asamia

    AsamiaOy oldin

    Oh noo US intelegence.. The whole world should believe whatever it says

  20. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    rh+ is immune... but of course, a potential carrier....

  21. Cynthia Hamilton

    Cynthia HamiltonOy oldin

    The president and his cronies release this coronavirus on United States I don't know if he wanted to kill black people I don't know what people he wanted to kill but he did it

  22. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    Awesome, Cynthia. Thanks for designating where blame should be laid to rest.

  23. Gunasekar Annamalai

    Gunasekar AnnamalaiOy oldin

    god please save USA peoples from india

  24. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    We look like one... but genetics tells us otherwise...

  25. Brandon

    BrandonOy oldin

    Coronavirus: New York - Only if you need to be hospitalised! - The Natural Health Stop

  26. Shanu

    Shanu2 oy oldin

    Pls stay at home until they find the vaccine, and also Download link(Skip the ad-ShrinkMe)

  27. hen ko

    hen ko2 oy oldin

    Because mayor of New York even after CDC recommended staying in recommended New Yorkers go out and live life as usual. Talk about that!

  28. Asamia

    AsamiaOy oldin

    He's smart He know how to kill his citizen Less citizen = less complaint lol

  29. abhik kc

    abhik kc2 oy oldin

    i bet the american governement will still say its under control!! no lockdown no strict travel restrictions!!

  30. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideOy oldin

    us is leading every sector in the world😂

  31. Sphenn Stansfield

    Sphenn Stansfield2 oy oldin

    Fake news. Based on official CCP statistics - less reliable than CNN.

  32. Sphenn Stansfield

    Sphenn StansfieldOy oldin

    @Charming nowhere to hide IKR

  33. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideOy oldin


  34. Emperor Vargas

    Emperor Vargas2 oy oldin

    Uh-oh. The US is not far from Brazil, which is the other country in the Americas with a giant amount of people. If Brazil becomes the next epicenter, they are doomed.

  35. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    Unfortunately.... viruses are not God. Each one can only kill so many of us.

  36. hen ko

    hen ko2 oy oldin

    Im sorry about your president did. Well he even didnt care about this pandemia

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  38. Mohammed Borah

    Mohammed Borah2 oy oldin

    This video was poster 5 days ago and it was 480.000 cases and now it's over 800.000, this virus is spreading in a terrifying levels!

  39. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    Just how bad is it M? Still alive to comment?

  40. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown2 oy oldin

    the prophecy, it will change how you see life and the future

  41. CESUR KRAL rahbir lìk

    CESUR KRAL rahbir lìk2 oy oldin

    U r lying no case in US

  42. Asamia

    AsamiaOy oldin

    Are u on meth?

  43. Louise Ferdinand

    Louise Ferdinand2 oy oldin

    The Fall of Western Civilization and The Rise of Asia

  44. J. Karen

    J. Karen2 oy oldin

    US Govt should have taken actions to mitigate the situation in early stage.

  45. sarah left-wing empath free thinker provocateur

    sarah left-wing empath free thinker provocateur2 oy oldin

    In American hospitals you are at high risk of catching a contagious disease like MRSA, ecoli and c-diff. That's because we have a for profit system that puts money over well being . So administration cuts staffs, denies and low balls safety equipment and then blames it on staff. Lol. Welcome to America coronavirus, they get to have a free for all at our expense. I'm not surprised at the least. I'm just happy I'm not working for the skeevy healthcare corporations anymore. Now maybe America can stop blaming doctors, nurses and the first responders for the horrible outcomes. It's the establishment stupid.

  46. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    I liked the inked dot on your cheek... so sorry, to see you go.

  47. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 oy oldin

    the United States! America shall be called Virus Producer!!!

  48. Akshay 28392

    Akshay 283922 oy oldin

    Why do news anchors call videos pictures?

  49. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    @Charming nowhere to hide We should apologize... Charmin.

  50. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 oy oldin

    America was the epicentre of Coronavirus right from the start, as it was originated from America. But, unfortunately, their people were not tested until the early of March, 2020.

  51. MD Proulx

    MD Proulx2 oy oldin

    Numbers are only valid when the same variables are being utilized, first of all, an epicentre is where an event originally occurs, the US is not the origin. Secondly, the number of confirmed cases has a great deal to do with how many people are actually being tested. Each country has it's own way of doing things and this can result in false analyses being propagated. Be careful people are much more awake to some of the news outlets promoting fear. My point is that maybe the US is much more effective in testing facilities and accurately reporting real numbers.

  52. Jay Tomson

    Jay TomsonOy oldin

    Don't confuse the masses MD... they are safe and sound in their indoctrination.

  53. Vasili Panin

    Vasili Panin2 oy oldin

    There is no pandemic this is all bull shit. I don't know anybody with it. I don't

  54. Tuna Bayhan

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  55. Washington Strong arm

    Washington Strong arm2 oy oldin

    Bloomberg = bullshit news

  56. Ella Hosokawa

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  57. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 oy oldin

    us is leading every sector in the world😂

  58. TK HSM

    TK HSM2 oy oldin

    Im sorry about your president did. Well he even didnt care about this pandemia

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  61. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 oy oldin

    Show us the USA situations

  62. Updates kaaa addaa

    Updates kaaa addaa2 oy oldin

  63. Muhammad Hussain

    Muhammad Hussain2 oy oldin

    Is it true that USA has 164,239 cases ?? Because your one UZgor said that there is normal situation and no of cases are so small ,and no hospital has been built up where media is saying that there's two hospitals built up for Corona patient but there was no hospital and no patient of Corona ,,he said on live camera. What's true or what false ,anyone tell me truth💯💯💯

  64. Aseel Ata

    Aseel Ata2 oy oldin


  65. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss2 oy oldin

    Coronavirus will find a home amongst the stupidest people on earth

  66. basant vimal sharma

    basant vimal sharma2 oy oldin

    Call in Benny Hinn asap the Super miracle healer and save billions of dollars on medical gadgets or is he a faker?

  67. Yanqing BaoBudd

    Yanqing BaoBudd2 oy oldin

    America was the epicentre of Coronavirus right from the start, as it was originated from America. But, unfortunately, their people were not tested until the early of March, 2020. As the virus hunter, Ian Lipkin who has also got infected by this virus, said: “This virus is all over the United States!” By the way, the so called Spanish Flu was also originated from the United States! America shall be called Virus Producer!!!

  68. Mr. FroDD

    Mr. FroDD2 oy oldin

    Carona ki vajah se beauti parlour band ho gaye 😩ab zyada deaths hongii ladko ki

  69. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu2 oy oldin

    Because mayor of New York even after CDC recommended staying in recommended New Yorkers go out and live life as usual. Talk about that!

  70. SwingTheDoor

    SwingTheDoor2 oy oldin

    If you think that China with a population of over 1.3 Billion only had 80,000 cases you are either stupid or extremely gullible. Probably more than 10 times that amount or even more is getting closer to the mark with China!

  71. DAV

    DAV2 oy oldin

    Those spring breakers that were asked questions on camera should not ever receive help from the hospitals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu2 oy oldin

    God is not happy with the world

  73. DAV

    DAV2 oy oldin

    Dont bother to even help spring breakers fuck them😂😂😂😂😂💀

  74. ERROR!

    ERROR!2 oy oldin

    he nows gay marriage isn't accepteable by the bible but he permited gay merriage and now he is telling his people to pray for god. very funny . he belive by science so he have to fix it by science. its not appropriate to ask god after all of your sins

  75. Fantastic Tea

    Fantastic Tea2 oy oldin

    Show us the USA situations

  76. Ivan Revaldi

    Ivan Revaldi2 oy oldin

    America turns out to be stupid, I just found out!

  77. Landry M Official

    Landry M Official2 oy oldin

    Everyone please stay home and let’s beat this virus! As a singer-songwriter, I get compelled to make a Coronavirus Edition of this song. Here it is for those who are interested:

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  80. Isabel Diaz

    Isabel Diaz2 oy oldin

    That's what happens when you do biological warfare they dont learn or dont care.

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  82. Kaichen Li

    Kaichen Li2 oy oldin

    America First!!!!

  83. Gai Jin

    Gai Jin2 oy oldin

    You have committed a great sin onto thy lord- vengeance is mine said thy lord

  84. somesh chandankere

    somesh chandankere2 oy oldin

    Why does no one taking it seriously in US ?

  85. cry荷包

    cry荷包2 oy oldin

  86. jerkmon estacio

    jerkmon estacio2 oy oldin

    I think going In the mountains is safer than cities

  87. Gai Jin

    Gai Jin2 oy oldin

    God is not happy with the world

  88. 咚咚豆

    咚咚豆2 oy oldin

  89. Food in Trump’s Economy

    Food in Trump’s Economy2 oy oldin

    idiots, America’s coronavirus cases are appearing to explode because of the sheer number of testing it’s been able to do thanks to President Trump’s response. United States has most cases because it’s done a hundred times more testing than anyone else

  90. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez2 oy oldin

    If I had a button that could blow up all these News stations. I would press it 33 times. Fuck em and their lies. Mark of the Beast 🙅‍♂️🚫

  91. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez2 oy oldin

    I hope I wake up and realize it was all a dream. People can't be this blind. It's all set up. This shit gets deep. The news is run by top Dawgs. They only let you know what they want you to. Ain't it crazy how a massive virus/flu appears every 100 years. Going about 4 centuries back

  92. Zana Balzano

    Zana Balzano2 oy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> sorry for writing about it , but she said dollars instead of people 😂 At Farmers, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two Landlords: Remember rent is due on the 1st Me: April Fools! 🤣

  93. Maximiliano Hespanhol

    Maximiliano Hespanhol2 oy oldin

    People will gradually become immune.

  94. m&m w&w

    m&m w&w2 oy oldin

    Taiwan tester take only 15 min. to get the result on coronavirus.

  95. m&m w&w

    m&m w&w2 oy oldin

    mask off= death, mask on= live.

  96. Juan Batista

    Juan Batista2 oy oldin

    The difference in the death rate between Italy and the USA even though the US has more infected is Ventilator availability . In Italy they are just letting anyone over 60 die because they give any ventilator available to younger people or the rich and connected . This is the great brave new world of Globalism at work , sacrifice the old for the young .

  97. Mirozen

    Mirozen2 oy oldin

    Another video with a title that is misleading and to be blunt is simply incorrect. The correct title should be that "the United States now REPORTS more cases of the virus than China REPORTS". China is not honestly reporting the number of people suffering from the virus. Regardless of their reasons for doing so the numbers reported by the Chinese government cannot be trusted as they are not representative of reality. For example, as of March 28, 2020 the Chinese government reports the following... Hunan Province reports 0 Active cases, 1014 Recovered cases, 4 Fatalities. Chongqing reports 2 Active cases, 570 Recovered cases, 6 Fatalities. Jiangxi Province reports 1 Active cases, 934 Recovered cases, 1 Fatalities. Anhui Province reports 0 Active cases, 984 Recovered cases, 6 Fatalities. Henan Province reports 2 Active cases, 1251 Recovered cases, 22 Fatalities. Shandong Province reports 13 Active cases, 752 Recovered cases, 7 Fatalities. This list goes on. Based on these numbers the Chinese government is either lying about the status of the virus in China - or they have developed a cure that they are withholding from the rest of the world. Occam's Razor tells me that they are simply lying. Bottom line is that information on the virus that we get from China is pretty much worthless. Unfortunately the chances are that it's far far worse in China than we are being told and that's a shame. The question is how can they be made to release valid information that the rest of the world can use to help address the pandemic!!!

  98. waleedlove dost4u

    waleedlove dost4u2 oy oldin

    Free People of Kashmir, Palestinian and Syrian , and stop fake war against innocent peoples, World will free from all type viruses and Caronavirus, Israelians and Indians government policies are anti-humanity and the main reason now a days angriest nature of God Allah One. For God sake stop cruel and free innocent babies , women's ,elders and all families you made Hostages , And Pray to Allah forgiveness about your Sins , World will free from hospitals and live your happy lifes !! It's challenged and respond Quickly ,

  99. Uncomfortable Truth

    Uncomfortable Truth2 oy oldin

    No. No it isn't.

  100. Mike Breler

    Mike Breler2 oy oldin

    China should definitely not be allowed to PR and BS their way out of their communist party deception and cause of the death, suffering and financial destruction around the world and in the US. They absolutely need to be made to never forget the price of not being completely open and honest at the first sign of something so lethal. As many Doctors have commented, this is not the flue. Its no conspiracy theory to strongly suspect that this was a biological weapon brewed in their biological warfare lab due to risky and sloppy handling while breaking international laws about biological warfare. If they accidentally shot a nuclear warhead that was headed toward New York wouldn't they be expected without a moments hesitation to warn us about it's nature and location even if only by a few minutes in order to help our military shoot it down? Or should after 300.000 deaths and wiping out of a whole cities, accept their denials that it was not their missiles. Their arrogant attitude of denial and warning us about considering shutting down their supply of drugs and med's to the US is stunning! How can we expect anything to change while we embolden them by letting someething so horrific slide? Words alone are meaningless, even a sincere apology would not be enough. We need to tally up our human and financial costs just as a liability lawyer would by monetizing pain suffering and death and notify China that the entire amount will be subtracted from our loan debt to them. They will still need to make us loans to us because they are making huge fortunes on the interest. But, even if we never borrow another dime from China, the debt reduction. will be a massive break for American taxpayers.

  101. sauronazul

    sauronazul2 oy oldin

    México need to close the border